Is Your Snap Score Visible To Others?

Is Your Snap Score Visible To Others?

Have you ever wondered what the number below your Snapchat name means? It’s called your Snap Score and provides a quantitative measure of your app usage. But what does this number represent, and how is it calculated? Are you the only one who can see your Snap Score, or is it visible to others, too? This article will explain the mystery behind Snapchat scores and whether others can view your engagement level on the platform.

Yes, your Snap Score is visible to others on Snapchat. The Snap Score, which tracks the number of snaps sent and received, is displayed on your profile so your friends can view it. While you can’t hide it, privacy settings allow you to control who can see your profile stories and contact you on the app.

If you have ever been in trouble figuring out your snap score or your friend’s snap score, please go through this article in detail. You can also find ways to hide your Snapchat scores from the content written below in this article. We have also tried to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions handpicked from the internet.

Is Your Snap Score Visible To Others?

Your Snap Score is visible to any friends you have added on Snapchat. It displays your username on your profile. The Snap Score is a running total of all snaps you have ever sent or received through the app.

This includes photos, videos, text, or drawing snaps exchanged back and forth between you and your connections. While you cannot hide this number, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can view your full profile containing your Snap Score, view your Story uploads, and contact you directly through chat.

For example, you may allow only friends you have known for years to see your profile and recent Story posts, limiting exposure of your Snapchat account activity to a smaller circle.

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How Is The Snap Score Determined?

There are many speculations about how a Snap Score is determined. It is mostly believed that it is determined by calculating single points for every snap you send and receive. Many Snapchat users have been lodging an issue: the Snap Scores usually don’t add up to the sum of sent and received snaps. The score is not even determined with the addition of the number of stories posted.

Hence, the way Snapchat depicts your Snap Score is quite mysterious. According to Snapchat, the determination of Snapscore is determined by various factors. By meaning other factors they may be the use of filters, creation of filters, geo-filters, and many more. Still, the rules are quite a mystery.

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How To Find Out Your Snap Score?

Snap Score is a sort of ranking given by Snapchat on the basis of your usage of the app. Well, there are various factors that determine this number, as seen above. Here are some steps that might help you to find out your Snap Score.

Step1: Open Snapchat

Open Snapchat and log in if you have not logged in before.

Step2: Go To Your Profile

Click on the profile icon, which lies in the upper corner on the right side.

Step 3: You Can See Your Snap Score Just Below Your Username.

The number below the username of your Snapchat is the Snap Score that you have earned.

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Benefit Of Snap Score

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms amongst teens and young adults in recent years. While sharing fun pictures and videos with friends is the primary purpose of using Snapchat, many users are also focused on increasing their Snap Score – a metric that shows how actively a person uses the app.

This obsession with high Snap Scores stems from the various advantages and recognition it brings:

  • Fame on Snapchat: A higher Snap Score makes you look like an active and veteran Snapchat user amongst your friends. It can increase your popularity and status on the platform.
  • Gaining More Followers: People often follow others on Snapchat based on their Snap Scores. A high-engaging score helps you attract more followers and grow your friends list.
  • Snapchat Verification: Maintaining a consistently high Snap Score over time also helps with getting your Snapchat ID verified, which is a badge of authenticity.
  • Trophy Rewards: Snapchat used to reward high-scoring users with special trophies and emojis next to their names as achievements. While this feature has been removed, the competitive spirit remained.
  • Fighting Fake Accounts: A low Snap Score could create an impression of being a fake or inactive account. New users aim to distinguish themselves by displaying growth in this metric.

In the end, the social incentives driven by Snap Scores have made them a sought-after currency amongst Snapchat’s young demographic. Though just a number, it offers recognition and status, which fuels further engagement on the platform.

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How To Increase Snap Score?

No one knows the exact formula behind the determination of Snap Scores. Still, there are some factors that have a certain amount of contribution to Snap Scores. If you are a regular user of Snapchat, then you can use some of the ways listed below to increase your Snap Score.

Post A lot Of Stories.

The stories you post on Snapchat are for a certain extended period of time. So, you need to post as many stories as you can to make your username active and engaging. You can post stories about your day-to-day events to make it look appealing to gather views from your friends.

Make Friends

You need to make friends on Snapchat and cannot have a high Snap Score if you don’t have people to send you to snap and receive one, and you cannot operate the features of Snapchat smoothly without adding friends. You are required to add friends to boost your Snap Score.

Maintain Streaks

Streaks are also a metric term used to measure the number of snaps sent between friends on Snapchat. You need to maintain your number streaks with your friends by day-to-day exchange of snaps. You need to use Snapchat daily for communication among your friends to maintain your Snapchat streak. Maintenance of streak shows your engagement in the app. This engagement also denotes you being an original account rather than a fake, inactive account.

Send Snaps

According to some people’s speculation, the number of snaps you have sent plays a huge role in your Snap Score. There is no valid theory based on this topic, but still, sending snaps plays a major role in showing the activeness of your account.

Receive Snap

You need to view the received Snapchat as well as others’ stories. There is also a point calculation for every snap that you receive, so it may also count in your Snap Score. Moreover, it is a way to make your account more engaging.

Keep Your App Up To Date

You always need to be up to date regarding the updates on the app. It is because the use of new filters, geo-filters, and features also determines your engagement in the app. You need to be handy with the new updates.

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How To Find Out Your Friend’s Snap Score?

Likewise, your friend’s Snap Score is also seen in their profile. If you want to know the Snap Score of your competitive friend, here is a step-by-step method that you can follow to find out your friend’s Snap Score.

Step 1: Launch Snapchat

Open Snapchat On Your Phone

Step 2: Click On Search Icon

Tap the Search Icon That Is Present On The Page

Step 3: Search Username

Search The Username Of Your Friend

Step 4: Tap The Profile Icon

Tap The Profile Picture Of A Friend Whose Snap Score You Want To Find Out

Step 5: Watch Snap Score

You Can See the Snap Score Present In Their Profile

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How To Hide Your Snap Score?

Some Snapchat users are not fond of having their Snap Scores public. There are people who enjoy using Snapchat without the pressure of maintaining Snap Scores and judgments from other people. This is mainly because people prioritize their accounts on Snapchat in accordance with the number of scores on Snapchat.

There is no exact way to hide Snap Scores from everyone. But you can select and set the privacy settings for a certain selected amount of people to see your Snap Score.

So here are some ways if you are willing to hide your Snap Score from strangers or some specific person.

Hide A Snap Score From A Friend

If you have some friends that you are insecure about and want to hide your Snap Score, then you can follow the guide below.

Step 1: Open The Snapchat App

Open the Snapchat app and log in if you have not done it before.

Step 2: Remove Friend

Find the person and tap on their profile. Click on the three dots alongside their profile.

Then select Remove Friend or Block Friend.

In this way, you can stop your friends from seeing your Snapchat activity, mainly your Snap Score.

Hide A Snap Score From Stranger

Snapchat has one of the best features that help to get rid of exposure of your account, and that is the Privacy Feature. If you want to hide your Snap Score from strangers and save yourself from random judgment, you can follow the given guide.

Step 1: Open Snapchat

Open the Snapchat app and log in if you have not logged in yet.

Step 2: Go To Snapchat Setting

Tap the gear-shaped icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to access the setting.

Step 3: Scroll Down To Who Can Section

Select Contact Me and change your profile visibility by selecting My Friends.

After this, your Snap Score will be only visible to your selected friends, not to every stranger who stalks your account. In this way, you can hide your Snap Score to some extent from people you dislike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are taken from the internet. They include questions about whether a Snap Score is visible to others. You can go through them to gather more information about the related topic, including if and how a Snap Score is shared publicly.

What Are Other Numbers On Snapchat?

There are other numbers on Snapchat, such as streak with your friend, number of views on your story, number of friends, number of followers, and number of snaps you have shared with your contact.

What Is The Highest Snapchat Score?

Snapchat user Dion-19 has the highest score on Snapchat, with over 237 million. It is currently an ‘active score account’ in the world.

What Does Your Snapchat Score Say About You?

Snapchat score defines how much of an active person you are on the app in quantitative measure. Snapchat score defines how much Snapchat you are. It denotes how much of a veteran you are on Snapchat. Snapchat Score shows your fame on Snapchat.

How To Get Verified On Snapchat?

Being verified on Snapchat means you get a blue tick on the side of your username. It means you are officially regarded by Snapchat itself as an important person on the platform. In simpler terms, we can say you are regarded as a celebrity.

Here are some of the tips you can follow to get verified on Snapchat

  • Average 50,000+ views on your story.
  • A significant amount of followers.
  • Get Snapchat-verified batches.
  • Design lenses and filters for Snapchat.
  • You need to have an original account to get verified.

How To Get My Hacked ID Back?

You can get your hacked ID back if you report the hacking as soon as you know. You can also threaten the hacker who is blackmailing you by reporting to the nearest Cyber Bureau.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Snapchat?

If you block someone on Snapchat, you are unable to go through their Snapchat activities. You cannot send them snaps, receive one, or view their stories. Your account is unavailable to another person whom you block on Snapchat.


Snapchat has become a popular social media platform, especially among younger users. One unique aspect of Snapchat is the Snap Score, which quantitatively measures how actively a person uses the app.

This article discussed what the Snap Score represents and how it is determined. It explored whether a user’s Snap Score is visible to others on their Snapchat profile. As discussed, a user’s Snap Score is default visible to others on their Snapchat profile. While a user cannot directly hide their Snap Score, they do have some privacy options to control who can view their full profile and Snap Score.

So, in summary, unless adjusted, a user’s Snap Snap Score remains visible to others on their Snapchat profile for others to see.

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