Can You Rematch With Someone On Bumble?

Ladies, I know how hard it is to send the first message. Especially if the person you have matched with seems nice. Wanting to open the conversation with a perfect first liner is great, but if you take too long, your 24 hours are gone in a flash.

You can rematch with someone on Bumble, but you have to wait for your match to expire, or you can just Rematch instantly with Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium.

Accidentally swiping left isn’t the only way to miss a match. Bumbles feature where you have to make a move within 24 hours after the match can get very annoying, especially when you don’t receive a text or get a text back. Read along if you want to know how you can rematch with someone on Bumble.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get A Rematch?

Rematching is a long waiting game if you don’t have Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost. Rematching on a free account can take anywhere from a week to never. But your chances of seeing the same profile are very high if your area is small. Since Bumble tracks your location, the profiles you see are always close to you.

You can use Backtrack when you accidentally swipe left on someone’s profile. Before, Bumble had this feature for free, and you could use it thrice a day. Unfortunately, Backtrack is no longer free, so you have to pay for it. Using Backtrack, you can instantly undo your mistake and swipe right.

In the situation when you have matched with the person. You have 24 hours to initiate a conversation, and after this period, your match is expired. Ladies, it is hard to initiate a conversation and even more devastating when they don’t reply. On the other hand, maybe they were busy, and you want to give them a second chance. Unfortunately, you will only be able to rematch if you didn’t send the first message. So if you have sent the first message, all you can do is wait.

What Is Bumble Rematch?

Bumble Rematch is your second chance to message them so you can break the ice with a killer opener. Maybe you were busy or nervous picking that perfect pickup line. Unfortunately, you looked for a bit too long. Bumble’s feature only allows the ladies to text first in a heterosexual relationship, but in same-sex relationships, both parties are allowed to text first.

If you didn’t text first, you could initiate a rematch instantly after 24 hours. The expired match is shown in your match queue, and their circles are silver in color. To rematch with them, tap their circle and choose Rematch. You can only rematch if you have Bumble Premium or Bumble Boost.

However, if you did text first and the other party didn’t reply, you cannot initiate the Rematch since the connection expires if both parties don’t reply within 24 hrs, so if you texted first and the other party didn’t send their message. So all you can do is hope they will Rematch with you instead.

Can You Rematch With Someone On Bumble?

Sometimes do you wonder how your dating life would have unfolded if you had texted that person first? Our lives are full of what-ifs, and dating is no exception. Have you lost someone on Bumble and desperately tried to figure out if you can rematch? The odds might not be in your favor, but at least you’re not alone.

Yes, you can rematch with someone after your connection expires on Bumble. However, if you instantly want to rematch, your money will do the trick. Although love doesn’t have a price, it does have a subscription fee. The cheapest rematch subscription will cost you GBP 5.99 for a week, Bumble Boost.

But if you don’t want to spend money, you can extend your match on a single profile daily. Then you will have an extra 24 hours to make your first move. But this will only work when you still have time remaining to chat. So it would be best to extend when you only have an hour left. So you can fully take benefit of the 24-hour extension.

How To Rematch With Someone On Bumble?

Rematching with someone on Bumble is easy, but you can only initiate the Rematch when your match has expired. So this is like giving the person you matched with a second chance to text you. You can reconnect with an expired match on both Bumble Date and Bumble BF.

Now that you know that you can rematch with someone on Bumble. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open Bumble

Open Bumble on your phone and log in using your username and password if required.

Step 2: Go To Your Match Queue

Go to the bottom right of your screen and click the chat icon. Now you will see your chat screen with all your matches. Your expired match will appear in your Match Queue as the silver circle will frame their profile photo.

Step 3: Purchase Bumble Premium or Boost

Tap the expired match and then select Rematch below their profile photo. If you haven’t already purchased Bumble Premium or Boost, a screen will appear, showing you all the bumble subscription plans.

Step 4: Rematch

Select the plan you want to purchase and click Continue. Now give your credit or debit card information. After upgrading, you can instantly rematch and use other premium features according to your selected plan.

You can only Rematch if you didn’t text first, meaning you missed the 24-hour deadline. If your match didn’t write to you within 24 hours, they wouldn’t appear in your match queue.

What Is Bumble Backtrack?

Sometimes you have one of those moods where you keep swiping left on the profiles. And then you accidentally swipe left on that one person you didn’t mean to. You’re just screaming on the inside because they could have been your soulmate. You never know. The odds of finding them are slim, but it’s not impossible.

Bumble Backtrack is a feature of Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. This system allows you to backtrack after swiping at least once in each direction. So, for example, if you accidentally swipe left on someone, you can reverse it and correct your mistake.

You can only Backtrack when you swipe left, so if you swipe right by accident, you cannot undo it. Nevertheless, this is a very useful function as you can do it as much as you want.

How To Rematch With Someone On Bumble Using Backtrack?

Rematching is different from Backtracking someone on Bumble. Backtracking is when you accidentally swipe left on someone and wish to reverse that. As stated above, you can only reverse your decision when you swipe left on someone on Bumble.

Backtracking doesn’t work when you accidentally swipe right on someone. So if you accidentally swipe right on someone and you match, you can just unmatch. To Backtrack, go to the top left of your screen and click the left-facing curved arrow after swiping left. But to do this, you will have to buy Bumble Boost or Bumble Premium.

You might not get matched even after you swipe right, so you should have a complete profile to increase your chances. Make sure you have plenty of prompts and include a conversation opener in your profile to make it easier for ladies to break the conversation.

Will You Ever See Your Potential Match Again?

Has your match expired? Even after breaking the ice and giving a killer first liner, they didn’t reply? It’s sad, but if you are sure they are your soulmate, you can still keep your hopes up. As studies show, 30% of US adults use a dating app. If you use more than one dating app, you can find them elsewhere.

Bumble will show expired matches on your dating hive, so if you swipe through enough profiles, you will likely see them again. If you remember their names, you could search them on other social media platforms. But if they didn’t even bother to give you a reply, maybe you are better off without them.

Bumble dating app provides a unique experience. In a sense, you can say that the roles are reversed. Where women find out how hard it is to start a conversation and men find out how boring some of these opening texts are. Even if men were doing these same things, like sending uninteresting texts, they could see how women feel about these texts. And women find out how rejection feels.

Is The Person Notified If You Rematch On Bumble?

If you are wondering if the person you have rematched on Bumble gets a notification, the answer is YES. So imagine you go out of your way to rematch, and they don’t even know about it. Seems like a waste of time, right.

Thus not only do they get a notification when you initiate a rematch, but they will also get a notification when the Bumbles time limit is near. So if they haven’t started a conversation even after your effort, you should also back out.

Dating apps can make you question yourself when you don’t get any responses. But don’t question yourself if it is meant to be; it will happen. And if fate is on your side, you might just find your soulmate.

Can You Backtrack on Likes?

Suppose you accidentally swipe right on a Bumble profile. As stated above, you will not be able to reverse your likes on Bumble. Most of the time, you won’t even be sure if you get a match or how long it will take to get a match on Bumble. So you won’t have to worry about the result of your likes.

To sum it up, you cannot backtrack on likes. But if you regret swiping right on someone, the most you can do is Unmatch after you get matched. So don’t worry about it, as Bumble users don’t know who liked their profile unless they are a Premium member.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have more questions about Bumble? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Does the Guy Know You Swiped Right on Him?

Bumble users will not know if you swipe right on their profile. Instead, Bumble users will get an estimate on how many likes they are getting on their profile but are unable to their profile. As Bumble will only show blurred images of the profiles, you cannot see any further information. To see who has swiped right on you, you need to unlock Bumble Premium.

How Does the Messaging Process Work for Same-Sex Matches?

The messaging process is slightly different from heterosexual matches, where you had to wait for the woman to text you first. In a same-sex relationship, both parties can send each other messages. And the text has to be replied to by both parties for the match to be validated.

Can I Find Someone On Bumble By Name?

It is impossible to find someone on Bumble using their name as there is no search function on the app. But you can use other methods to find someone on Bumble. For example, you can try and customize Bumble filters to find that someone specifically. The more information you know about them, the better.


Dating is hard, and online dating is another can of worms. Online dating has made it easy for people with similar interests to connect and bond over. But as much as it comes with benefits, you must be aware of catfishers, scammers, and bad people in general whom you would have never encountered in real life.

Finding “the one” has a price, and rematching on Bumble might not always get you the desired results. So keep looking; the best advice you can take from here is to keep moving. You’re a great catch, and if they can’t appreciate it, you’ll find someone who will, and you’ll wonder why you thought dating was hard, to begin with.

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