How Do I Get Unbanned From Bumble?[5 Ways To Get Unbanned]

How Do I Get Unbanned From Bumble

Bumble is a great app but like many other apps like Tinder and Hinge, getting banned is a pretty occurrence. Sometimes there is a reason for getting banned, but other times it comes out of nowhere. So here is how to get unbanned from Bumble.

Getting unbanned from Bumble is a hectic job but not impossible. You can try to remove the banned tagline by:
1. Appealing a request to Bumble.
2. If that doesn’t help, create another Bumble account. While creating another new account, it’s better to use a new number or different email address.
3. Use A New Google Play/ Apple ID
4. Uninstall The Bumble
5. Contact Bumble Support
6. Use A New Email Address

Let’s take a deep look at how to get unbanned from Bumble by briefly studying the article below:

How Can I Get Unbanned From Bumble?

If you are banned from TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social media site because you broke their terms of service, you try contacting them and requesting a review; that is the same with Bumble. You need to contact Bumble. This only works if your suspension was unintentional, you did nothing wrong, and no one has ever reported you.

When your Bumble ban is justified, and you have no other option, the other method for getting access back to your banned account is more challenging but effective. Make sure you don’t use any login information when you establish a new account since Bumble won’t let you sign up again because your account was blocked, and they couldn’t link your previous banned account to the new one.

5 Ways To Get Unbanned from Bumble

Here we present to you the five ways how you can get unbanned from Bumble.

Setting Another Bumble Account After Getting Banned From Bumble

This is the simple and first process to unban your Bumble account. The first step is to delete the app and its data from your phone. And the second is to make a new email account or use one you haven’t used before for Bumble.

You can also use a different Facebook account if that works better for you. Then the third step is to simply download the app again and use your new Facebook or Email to sign up. However, there is a problem, Bumble needs a phone number for account verification.

Moreover, you cant use the old phone number that was used in the banned account, so this will take an additional step before you are officially back on Bumble and swiping section.

A New Phone Number

This method also can help your Bumble account to get unbanned. Make sure to get a new phone number if you want to learn how to get unbanned from Bumble. Getting back on a dating app could seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t that difficult. There are essentially only two options available to you.

The first and more challenging method of changing your phone number is to purchase a burner phone or prepaid sim card. This is effective, however getting these costs money, and getting a phone number for free is far simpler.

Try Not To Get Ban On Bumble

You were most likely banned because you were reported by someone after a brief conversation or date. Therefore, let’s talk about a pan to avoid becoming banned in the first place rather than attempting to figure out how to get unbanned from Bumble.

Limiting your use of the app is the best method to reduce your risk of being banned. By stepping away from the Bumble chat as soon as you can, you can accomplish this with great success. The objective is to text or switch to Snapchat as quickly as possible.

Reach Out To The Bumble Support

One of the authentic ways to get your account back. If you haven’t violated any Bumble rules yet your account is banned then you can reach out to Bumble Support. While getting unbanned is rare, Bumble might reactive your account in some situations.

Visit Bumble Help-Search in a web browser and fill out the form to create a support ticket. Let Bumble know the reason why you believe your account was banned in an error and attach proof to support your claim. You can also contact Bumble support on Twitter.

While you don’t want to be pushy, you do want to start messaging your match within a few texts. After doing this, you de-match your match and carry on the conversation on Whatsapp, Snapchat,iMessage, or Text.

Apply For Bumble Ban Appeal

Make a courteous plea to the Bumble support team for help if you need to be unbanned from Bumble. You only need t get in touch with the service and request the unbanning procedure to learn the reason the account was suspended.

Simply contacting the helpdesk will result in the restoration of your bumble account. You should then send the ban screenshot you took. You can also ask Bumble to remove the ban from your account if the thing you did was so significant that you won’t have a chance to fix it.

How To Get Around Bumble Ban?

Simple message-sending limits are what Bumble bans are. Bumble bans come in a variety of varieties. The most frequent one is when someone has received excessive reports. But others exist.

If someone sends a specific kind of communication too frequently, they will get restrictions on Bumble. Or for being overly pessimistic, threatening behavior, routinely making disrespectful remarks, etc. The idea is that people who break the rules on Bumble will get their punishment occasionally. Then, until they are unbanned, they cannot send a message.

Then how do you escape these kinds of limitations? It’s pretty easy: simply lie. You are honest about what you were doing, but you omit any information that would alert the Bumble censors to any wrongdoing.

4 Methods to Make A New Bumble Account Without Getting Ban

Many people are happy with Bumble’s services and can’t imagine using anything else. The subsequent phase would be to create a new account if that person is prohibited and tries unsuccessfully to revive their banned account.

However, you just can’t go ahead and to the Bumble account. These are steps to take to avoid bans or repeated bans.

Uninstall The Bumble

Delete and uninstall the Bumble app from any device that you have been using. To do it, clear your device’s cache.

If Bumble still detects your illegal activity, you won’t be able to unblock your account, and everything will be lost. It’s one of the causes for your desire to uninstall it and begin again.

Contact Bumble Support

You can speak with customer service and explain that you wish to create a new account, promising to behave yourself this time.

It could be very challenging to receive helpful support. Most of the time, they are hesitant to assist users in reopening blocked accounts or granting them access to create a new account. So you might have to take independent action by getting in touch with them.

Use A New Email Address

You shouldn’t use the same email that you used to access the blocked account in your new account. Bumble will recognize you and once more ban you. This implies that a disposable email address or phone number may be to blame if you try to create a new Bumble account and are immediately banned.

Your new Bumble account cannot be connected to the same email as your previously banned account. Start a fresh message if you’re trying to reconnect to Bumble by email. You shouldn’t log into your new account using the same email address that you used to access the restricted account. You’ll be recognized by Bumble, who will ban you once more.

This suggests that a disposable email address or phone number might be to blame if you try to open a new Bumble account and are promptly blocked. Your previously banned account’s email cannot be used to sign up for a new Bumble account. Start a new message if you’re attempting to contact Bumble by email as well.

Use A New Google Play/ Apple ID

Bumble knows who you are since your google account/ apple Id collects the data, using the same google account/Apple ID to download the app again. Bumble deactivates your device but does not disable your Google or Apple ID. This means that if you’re trying to regain access after restrictions, you need a new device.

Avoid repeating the errors that led to your ban. A new Bumble account offers the chance to start over, but if you continue to make the same faults that led to the ban of your former account, your new account will also be terminated.

What Makes My Account Get Banned From Bumble?

Do you ever wonder what exactly can get you banned on Bumble? Aside from the obvious, there are a few things you could do by mistake that will land you with a ban.

Here are some mistakes that you do that can make your account get banned from Bumble.

Commercial Activity

Commercial activity is strictly banned on Bumble. You aren’t allowed to do anything that the Bumble staff considers to be done for financial gain.

Therefore, refrain from asking for money, keep your Venmo or Paypal account information out of your bio, avoid trying to sell anything (including subscriptions to your OnlyFans), and refrain from soliciting or enlisting in the adult entertainment industry.

It’s important to remember that Bumble doesn’t like it if you use the app to increase your Instagram following, even if it’s not for financial gain. Therefore, if you’re trying to become an influencer, you’d best look elsewhere for them.

Rude and Abusive Behavior

Some users might not want to connect with every person you see on Bumble, and that’s okay- Bumble asks their users to treat everyone they come across with respect. Bumble has a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, slurs, racism, misogyny, or bullying, and they’ll get you banned from Bumble immediately.

What if you and a girl have been texting for a while? You’re flirting with her, you’re drunk, it’s late at night, and she’s gorgeous.

Using Third-Party App To Gain Followers

Bumble encourages its users to link their Instagram and Spotify accounts so matches know what they’re all about. However, Bumble asks its users don’t simply use Bumble to gain followers on their other social networks. That means your bio should have more in it than your Twitter or Instagram handle, and users cannot spam matches with messages like,” Follow, You rarely check this.”


You must appear in all images, and they must all display your face. You should be aware of a few extra guidelines related to the images you upload.

No images of minors without an adult, no pornography, no shirtless mirror selfies (no matter how amazing your pec tats look after that pump, bro), and most crucially, no pictures of youngsters with guns.

Deleting And Recreating Your Account Repeatedly

Recreating your account multiple times can negatively impact you and the users around you. Therefore, Bumble encourages you to keep the same account for as long as possible. If you want to take a break from the app, Bumble recommends using Snooze mode.

Bumble doesn’t allow users to circumnavigate permanent blocks by creating new accounts, but once your profile has been banned, you are no longer permitted to use bumble.

Does Bumble Ban The Device You Are Using?

Bumble will disable your email, phone number, and device. Bumble has the right to ban that device and your other data, even if it is brand-new. The takes note of your device ID and bans your device as well, such as your phone.

You must either factory reset your smartphone, obtain a new, distinctive device ID, or purchase a completely new phone/device in addition to getting a new email address. Your device’s ID is a representation of all that. Its composition of special numbers and letters makes your device stand out.

It will be challenging to go over Bumble’s ban on your email, phone number, or device because they have a good reason for doing so. You can do nothing to prevent your ID from being blocked when your account is banned.

What Happens When You Are Banned On Bumble?

Bumble ban is one of the ways the company expels anyone who disobeys its policies.

You will no longer be able to log in or use your account. Typically, a Bumble ban is a decision to stop you from accessing the services again due to your actions.

So, if you break Bumble’s guidelines, you’re kicked off the platform.

Can Ghosting Get Your Account Ban?

In simple words, No, Ghosting cant get your account banned from Bumble. Ghosting is a pretty gross thing to do to someone. But it’s a fact of modern life and won’t get your account banned; believe us.

In fact, in some scenarios, Bumble even recommends its user’s ghost people. Others dubious hurt a ban, but they can hurt how the algorithm connects your account. Spam is an illustration. If you send the same message again, Bumble’s algorithm won’t like it and will connect you with unattractive profiles.

The same is true when uninstalling and installing the program again. The “new user bump” is now widely known, and apps are aware of attempts to manipulate it. Regularly deleting and reinstalling won’t get you banned, but it devaluates your reputation.

Can I Make A New Bumble Account After Being Banned?

You definitely can make a new Bumble account after being banned. To be relatively sure Bumble won’t identify your old account with your new one, wait at least 24 hours to download Bumble again and set up your new account.

You can create a new account after your ban on Bumble. However, you need to use your desktop instead of the app. And also, use a new email and fake phone number.

How Long Does It Take Bumble To Unban Your Account?

Bumble can take minutes to days to review your appeal, depending on your history with the app or website. If you have just recently joined Bumble, then the review will only take a couple of minutes to put your profile together and confirm your profile is not fake.

When you are banned from Bumble, you are trying to get back in. Then Bumble can take up to a few days to weeks to review your new account.

How To UnBan Your Device From Bumble?

If you don’t have many technical skills and can’t afford to change your device, then you can try using Bumble on the web with a new phone number. Bumble Bans Your account when you open with the same old banned number.

Bumble bans your account when you open it with a new email or number which is in use. Also, Bumble can recognize your device, especially if something wrong happens when you use an old device; it also could mean you are using a friend or a family member’s email, device, or number.

You have got a disposable email or phone number, and your phone number was previously used by someone else to open your Bumble account. You also need a new device as giving the same information that you gave in your previous will get you banned again. Use Bumble responsibly and avoid bot-like behavior.

How To Report A Problem On Bumble?

You can get in touch with Bumble to report any issues with your account or any shady activity on it. You only need to go to the website.

Here are the steps to report a problem to Bumble.

Step 1: Open The Bumble App

The first step is opening the Bumble app on your device.

Step 2: Tap On Profile

Once you open the app, tap on the profile on the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Click On The Hamburger Icon

Then you need to tap on the hamburger icon (≡) in the top right of the screen.

Step 4: Select “Settings And Privacy”

From the icon, you need to select now “Settings and Privacy”.

Step 5: Follow The Given Steps

Now, all you need to do is follow the instruction on your device’s screen.

What Is Bumble Shadow Ban?

A Bumble application may punish users who break the rules by applying a “Shadow Ban” on their account. Have you got any doubts about Bumble Shadowban letting you log in? If the response is affirmative, you are free to log into your profile, see and swipe through the profiles of others, and check texts, except that you won’t receive any new Bumble matches.

In this case, the distinction between a bumble shadowban and a permanent ban is that during a bumble showdown, you are still able to use all of the app’s features other than finding new matches. In contrast, a permanent ban will result in complete blockage of your access to bumble and all of its features.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)s

Here are some questions on Bumbleban.

Are Bumble Bans Permanent?

Yes, Bumble bans are permanent and not for a short period. This represents Bumble’s final decision. You won’t be able to get your account back, even if you believe the ban is unreasonable.

Other users reporting profiles trigger the majority of the bans and blocks. As a result, you must ensure that you send texts and alter your profile in a manner that does not offend others and the privacy policy of Bumble.

Does A Bumble Boost Subscription Help In Getting A Bumble Ban?

No, you won’t receive a free get-out-of-jail pass just because you have a Bumble Boost subscription. In the short term, increasing the number of paying clients is not as crucial for Bumble as keeping the creeps out. Here is a full article on how to cancel Bumble’s subscription.

Can You Appeal For Bumble To Unban Your Account?

Yes, you can attempt to do that, but most of the time, they won’t unblock your account simply because you have asked politely. If they have banned your account, they must have pretty compelling justifications for doing so. Here is a full guide tip on how to recover or restore your deleted Bumble account.


I hope after reading this article, you can solve all your problems regarding the Unbanned of your Bumble account.

I would like to say thank you for reading up to the end of this article. If You have any queries then you can write the questions in the comment section below. Here are 9+ methods on how to find someone on Bumble by name. Some people also search for can I browse Bumble without an account?

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