How Long Does A Bumble Profile Stay Active?

How Long Does A Bumble Profile Stay Active

Bumble began as an online dating platform in the USA in December 2014 by Whitney Wolfe Herd. Bumble is the perfect and safest dating app, especially for ladies. But if you’re also bored with the app or haven’t met someone of your choice, then you want to set back and not use it. But the question is, how long does a Bumble profile stay active?

A Bumble profile remains active for 30 days from the last login. However, if the profile remains inactive for 30 days, it will no longer appear as active, but it won’t be removed. It’s important to note that Bumble does not provide indicators for users online status, such as visible cues or indicators of activity.

You’ll know your match is online when they reply to your text right away in seconds. In the below article, we will talk about how long a Bumble profile stays active.

How Does Bumble App Work?

In 2023, Bumble had a user base of 12.3 million monthly users, with 63% of them being under the age of 35. Bumble is a safer alternative to Tinder and offers a unique feature for finding new friends, not just dating matches.

New Bumble users receive a “New Here” badge on their profile for a certain period. If you decide to stop using the app, deleting it will still show your profile as active for 24 hours.

On Bumble, swiping right indicates that you like a profile, while swiping left means rejecting it. When both users swipe right on each other’s profiles, it results in a match.

If you’re female, you can make the first move and have a conversation, but if you’re a guy, you might have to wait for your match to initiate the conversation. And also, if the woman doesn’t send any texts within 24 hours, you’ll no longer be matched.

What Is The Bumble Algorithm?

As of 2023, Bumble is one of the leading and most popular online dating applications.

Talking about starting a conversation, only females can start the conversation in heterosexual matching, while in the context of same-sex matches, either one can text the other person.

Just like any other dating app, bumble hasn’t stated how its algorithm exactly works. But people have assumed their algorithm.

According to them, the Bumble algorithm is a mathematical formula, a kind of matching system that decides the type of profile that appears on your swipe section.

However, talking about people’s experiences and overall, here are some Bumble algorithms:

  1. If you swiped someone right, your profile will appear on their swiping desk.
  2. If your profile is quite popular or many people have swiped right, then the chances are your profile will be.

Can Uninstalling The Bumble App from Your Device also Remove Your Account?

Uninstalling the Bumble app from your device does not permanently remove your account. Unlike other apps, deleting or uninstalling the Bumble app will not delete your account. Even after uninstallation, your profile will still be visible to others for several months.

However, when you uninstall Bumble, your profile may not appear at the top of the app’s hit list like before. Inactive accounts are usually pushed to the back and don’t show up first on the list when someone is using the app.

It’s important to note that nothing happens to your profile when you uninstall Bumble. Your profile remains the same as before, and you can pick up where you left off when you reinstall the app. Your messages and matches will still be there unless the other person chooses to unmatch you.

Does Bumble Show Inactive Profiles?

Bumble displays both active and inactive profiles. Active profiles within the last 30 days are shown on Bumble.

To avoid viewing inactive profiles, you can easily set your account to “Only Me” mode. This feature ensures that you see only active and online profiles.

However, Bumble does showcase inactive profiles on your swipe page.

To prevent feed clutter, Bumble automatically hides profiles after a certain period of inactivity.

Inactive profiles are displayed for approximately a week. If someone hasn’t appeared on your radar during that time, it’s safe to assume they are no longer active on Bumble.

How Long Does A Bumble Profile Stay Active?

According to a Bumble representative, the app doesn’t have a feature to indicate if someone is currently active. However, you can be certain that anyone visible on Bumble has been active within the past 30 days.

New Bumble users receive a temporary “New Here” badge during their initial days on the platform.

While you can’t determine if a match has used the app recently, if they text immediately, it suggests they are online or not available at the moment.

Regardless of knowing their recent activity, sending a compelling message is the best approach to catch their attention and initiate a lighthearted chat when they do open Bumble.

Will Your Profile Still Be Active If You Have Deleted The Bumble?

The answer is yes. Your account might appear on other profiles, and they can swipe right or left even when you’ve deleted the Bumble app.

Bumble has clear clarifications that it aims for a positive user experience, which entails showing users profiles that are currently active. Bumble started in a blog post: “

We prioritize potential matches who are both active and active at the same time.

Deleting or uninstalling the Bumble app doesn’t necessarily delete your profile. You may not be on the top hit list, but your account will be showcased.

Nothing happens to your profile until and unless you delete your profile from Bumble. Deleting the Bumble won’t delete your Bumble profile.

Does Bumble Deletes The Inactive Profiles Or Their Accounts?

The simple answer to question No.

Bumble does not delete inactive profiles or their accounts.

In simple words, when you uninstall the Bumble app from your device, that does not mean that the account you were using is gonna get deleted.

Even when you stay for a long time without using Bumble, the account is not deleted.

Moreover, even with the app uninstallation, the data of the profile or account remains in the system of Bumble.

Bumbles’ goal is to provide users the freedom to handle their accounts independently.

Additionally, the program has a robust data system that keeps track of inactive accounts or profiles.

Following all those weeks of inactivity, you will still be able to find the account when you reinstall the app, even if you uninstalled it, misplace your phone, or switch to a new one.

How To Check Whether Your Bumble Match Is Active Or Not?

Sadly, Bumble doesn’t have an option that shows who is active or who is not. However, Bumble only matches you with active people, which means you have nothing to worry about.

The snooze feature will be activated by those who choose to take a break. As a result, only people who are prepared to converse will be matched with you.

In order to avoid stalking concerns, Bumble takes extra precautions with its user’s privacy.

However, Bumble has made another significant move in order to safeguard the interest of its loyal users.

A user will be removed from the swiping list if they haven’t used their account in more than 30 days, and Bumble will deem their profile “inactive.”

Bumble removed its active features as the users did not like being shown.

But if some users want the feature back, then they can get in touch with Bumble via email, Facebook, or Twitter so they can record this feedback.

How Can your account get shadowbanned?

Over the years, several users have pointed to a mysterious Bumble shadowbanned and its impact on their engagement and reach. Getting shadowbanned can limit your reach and who can see your profile.

Shadowbanning happens when your profile is not reaching another swiping option. No one will be able to see your profile except you.

As Shadowbanned is not a direct, explicit error on Bumble, yet it happens. Shadowbanning is real.

One of the reasons for your account to get showdown maybe not follow the community guideline rules and regulations.

The reason for your account to get shadowed can be a violation of the set of rules.

However, getting shadowban is different than getting blocked on Bumble.

How can you avoid getting shadowbanned?

If your account gets shadowbanned, then it becomes invisible to other users.

Only you can see your profile, and it becomes like a shadow. It can also be quite stressful for you to not be able to interact with anyone on Bumble.

There can be several reasons why your account is shadowbanned.

As shadowbanning can be a real thing on Bumble, here are some tips to avoid getting shadowbanned:

  1. Completely try to avoid violating the Bumble community guideline.
  2. Don’t send insensitive texts.
  3. Respect each other on the Bumble app.
  4. Don’t use banned hashtags.
  5. Limit your Bumble swipe.

How To Delete Your Bumble Account Permanently?

If you have found your perfect partner and no longer want to be seen on Bumble, then it’s best for you to delete your account.

Deleting Bumble is different from deleting your Bumble account. However, if you are looking for other means of finding the right one, do not delete the app first.

Here are the steps for you to delete the Bumble account. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Open The Bumble App

The first step is to obviously the Bumble app from your device.

Step 2: Tap On The Bumble Profile Menu

The second step you need to follow is to tap on the Bumble profile menu.

Step 3: Tap On The Gear Icon

From the Bumble profile, you now need to tap on the gear icon in the top left corner of your screen.

Step 4: Click On The “Delete Account” Option

You will get several setting options to select from. Scroll all the way down, and you will find the “Delete Account: option, tap on it.

Step 5: Click On The Delete

Now you will be provided with a list of reasons to delete the account. Click any of the reasons to delete your profile and proceed to delete the app. Tap on the Delete.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions that are related to Bumble.

How Do You Know If Someone Is Active On Bumble?

There are a few ways to tell if someone is active on Bumble. The first is to check the person’s profile.

If the profile is updated within the last day or two, then the person is likely active on Bumble.

Another way to tell is to look at the person’s conversation history.

If the person has been chatting with others within the last few days, then they are likely active on Bumble. Here is a full article on whether you can block someone on Bumble before matching.

How To Find Someone On Bumble By Name?

If you’re looking for someone on Bumble by their name, the bad news is that Bumble doesn’t have a search bar option to search for or find a specific person.

Despite not having a search feature on Bumble, you can still find them.

For more information, click on how to find someone on Bumble by name.

Is There A Hidden Mode On Bumble?

By initially hiding your profile from other users and then only displaying it for those you have swiped right on, Incognito mode enables you to swipe secretly.

Please be aware that in some areas, Bumble Premium is not an option, and Incognito mode is not presently offered on Bumble Web.

Will There Be A Charge Or Penalty If I Delete And Recreate My Bumble Profile Again And Again?

Well, talking about penalties, you might get shadowbanned from the app if you delete and recreate your account over and over again.

Your account may seem suspicious to the creator.

Can You See Last Seen On Bumble?

The correct answer is “No.” When you were matched with someone on Bumble, you could view the last time they used the app.

This is because the “last active” information on Bumble and other swipe-based websites ultimately contributed to some stalking-type behavior.

Does Bumble Show When You Were Last Active?

Honestly, there is no one way to know if the person you match on Bumble has also used the app within the past 24 hours, but we can assure you that the people you’re seeing are active on the app within the last 30 days.


The dating app isn’t only just for dating but also helps you to connect to more people, build a friendship with others and make new friends circle.

I hope this article about ‘How Long Does A Bumble Profile Stay Active’ was helpful and useful to you.

I also would like to say thank you for reading up to the end of this article. If you have any queries then you can write the question down in the comment section.

For more helpful guidance on Bumble, click on Bumble Tips from our official website page Online Help Guide.

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