How To Clear Cache On Bumble [iOS And Android]

How To Clear Cache On Bumble

If you are a Bumble user, you must notice that using the app takes up more of the device’s storage. This is because of the Cache stored when you use the Bumble app. The Cache is any temporary duplicated files stored in your device to make the functioning of the Bumble app easier. If you have problems running your Bumble app and the features are malfunctioning, it can be because of excess Cache in the system. So, here is a guide on how to clear the Cache on Bumble. Stay calm, and we will help you fix the cache issue in your life.

To clear the cache on Bumble, uninstall the app from your device, which removes all temporary files stored by the app. You can then reinstall Bumble and log back in with your account data intact. Clearing the cache frees up device storage space without deleting personal information.

Moreover, remember that clearing your Cache does not affect the app data in your Bumble account in any way. So, let’s dive into the ins and outs of the app cache in your Bumble account, starting with what is stored in the Bumble account cache files.

What Is Stored In Bumble Cache

Before we get into how to clear the Cache from your Bumble account, you may have queries as to what is stored in your Cache.

The Cache is a temporary storage area in your device that the Bumble app uses where data or instructions are held to be accessed more quickly. It is located close to the processor, which allows the processor to access the data or instructions more quickly.

The Cache is often used to improve performance by allowing the app in your device to continue working while data is being retrieved from slower storage devices. It also helps reduce power consumption, as the Cache can be powered down when unnecessary.

Bumble app uses cookies in your device and browser to store data. Your app cache takes up storage space in your device. The app cache includes pictures, interactive clicks, videos, duplicated files, and information on the actions performed within the app. In your cache files, there is no personal information or any information that will affect the overall functioning of your Bumble app.

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Is Keeping Cache Important

Keeping a Cache can be beneficial, but despite its multiple benefits, it can also have drawbacks. Keeping a Cache is important to make your app function better. The benefits of keeping Cache are as follows.

  • Your app performs better and loads quicker because the app does not pull the required info from the server.
  • Content will be preloaded so the load time gets reduced.
  • Data from the web pages you visit are kept in Cache.

On the other hand, if you keep the Bumble app cache, some drawbacks are as follows.

  • If the page is updated on the server, the user might still see the old version if it has not reloaded.
  • Sometimes, if the cached data has personal information accessed by the wrong people, it can cause privacy issues.
  • Too much Cache will cause the features on the app to lag and not work efficiently.
  • Using private browsing mode will not save the Cache.

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How To Clear Cache On Bumble

So, if you want to create more space in your device and clear the Bumble app cache, follow the given steps.

How To Clear Cache In iOS Device On Bumble?

Follow the steps to clear the Cache in an iOS device of your Bumble account.

Step 1: Go To Bumble In Home Screen

You need to locate the Bumble app on your device’s home screen.

Step 2: Long Press App

From there, long press on the app until a pop-up option appears.

Step 3: Delete App

Tap the option to delete the app, and your app is removed from your device. Your app cache will immediately be removed from the device storage.

To use your Bumble app again, re-install it from your App Store and log in using your credentials. Your app will be the same once you log in to your account.

How To Clear Bumble Cache On Android?

Next, you can follow the steps to clear Cache from the Bumble app on an Android device.

Step 1: Go To Bumble App In Your Device

First, go to the Bumble app on your device by locating it on the home screen.

Step 2: Long Press App

Then, long press on the app until a pop-up message opens up.

Step 3: Tap On Uninstall

From the options, tap on the Uninstall option on the right side.

Step 4: Tap To Confirm Action

A confirmation pop-up will open up if you want to confirm the action. Tap on it to uninstall the app from your device.

Once you uninstall the Bumble app, all the stored Cache will be deleted. You can then install the app again from the Google Play Store and log in using your credentials to use the app again. None of your personal information is affected when deleting the app, not the account.

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Is Deleting The App The Same As Deleting My Account?

No, deleting the Bumble app from your device is not the same as deleting your account. When you delete the app, it only removes the app itself and clears the cache stored locally on your device.

Your Bumble account, including matches, conversations, profile details, and photos, will remain intact and stored securely on Bumble’s servers. To delete your Bumble account, go into the app’s settings and choose the “Delete Account” option.

This disconnects your account profile and data from Bumble’s system entirely. So, in summary, deleting just the app clears the cache to free up space while retaining your account, but deleting your account erases all data but leaves the app installed on your device. The app and account are separate, so deleting one does not impact the other.

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Does Deleting Your Account Clear Bumble Cache

No, when you delete your account, then the Cache in your device is not deleted. You need to uninstall the app from your device so the Cache gets removed from your device altogether. The app cache will still be present until the app is removed entirely from the phone.

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What Happens When You Clear Bumble Cache

All temporary files in your device storage that help load the Bumble app better will be removed. No personal information, including your login information, will be deleted. All the conversations in the app will also be intact. Your account will be the same, except your activity will have to create a new cache again.

Your app data gets deleted only when you delete your account entirely. Only deleting the Bumble app cache or deleting your app does not remove information from your account.

Moreover, once you clear the Cache, you get logged out of your account and must log back into your Bumble account.

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Is Clearing Bumble Cache And Clearing App Data Same

Clearing the app cache and clearing the app data are completely different. Think of it this way: When you clear the Cache, you can log back into your account using your login credentials. All your app data, including your matches and the conversations with the matches, are intact. However, deleting your app data entirely is completely different. That means you cannot even log in to your account because it is the same as deleting it.

So, do not clear out your app data if you only plan to clear the app cache and create more storage in your device.

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How To Use Bumble Less Without Deleting Account?

If you want to take a break from Bumble without losing your account, use the “Snooze” feature. Snoozing temporarily hides your profile, so you won’t appear for matches or get notifications.

To snooze, go to Settings > Account > Snooze My Account and choose 24 hours or one week. Your profile won’t be visible during that time. Snoozing pauses your activity without deleting conversations, matches, or personal info. Your account stays intact but goes dormant.

When ready to use Bumble again, find Snooze in Settings and choose to resume your account. Snoozing lets you take a break from the app without fully deleting your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to clear Cache on Bumble are below.

Is There A Way To Reset Your Bumble Account

If you want to reset your Bumble account, you need to delete the account entirely. To delete your account, go to the settings in your Bumble app and choose the delete account option from the bottom of the page. Once you delete your account, all related information will be removed from the device. You can contact the Bumble support team if you have any problems figuring this out.

Does Deleting Bumble Delete Data

Unlike other apps, deleting the app from your account will not remove the account data entirely. You need to manually delete your account to ensure all the information in your account is deleted.

How To Reset Bumble Without Deleting

If you do not want to delete your Bumble account and still want to use it less, then you can choose the Snooze feature. This feature is similar to logging out from the account entirely. Your matches will not see you, they cannot send you push notifications, and it will seem like the app does not exist on your device. Using this feature can help with using the app less as well.


In conclusion, clearing the cache on the Bumble dating app is a simple process of uninstalling and reinstalling the app. This removes any temporary files that have built up, freeing up valuable storage space on your device. Importantly, uninstalling Bumble does not delete your account data, matches, conversations, or personal information.

After reinstalling Bumble from the app store, you can log back into your account and pick up where you left off. Periodically clearing the Bumble cache can help keep the app running smoothly if you experience performance issues or lagging. Remember that clearing app data, rather than the cache, will completely erase your account.

So be sure only to uninstall Bumble if you want to clear the cache, and avoid deleting app data if you want to keep using your account. This quick action can optimize the app and give you the best Bumble experience.

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