Why Firestick Remote Not Working 2022 [10 Fixing Methods]

Firestick Remote Not Working

Amazon fire Tv stick is a game-changing media streaming device that you can use on your normal TV to stream unlimited videos and channels, play music and games, install various android apps. This is the best way to convert your regular TV to spectacular smart TV. However, sometimes, Firestick remote not working without any reason.

The main cause of Amazon Firestick remote not working, connecting, or paring is because of wrong Bluetooth connection, low battery, shorter distance between fires TV stick and remote. Moreover, you may also have damaged remote buttons, or you didn’t have paired your remote to fire stick properly. 

Whatever the reasons it might be that prevent your fire TV stick from working or connecting, you can fix it with our 10 working solutions. Can’t wait to see the Amazon Fire TV stick remote working again?

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How to Fix Firestick Remote Not Working?

Firestick remote is everything which we need to control our TV properly. Without it, you can’t imagine running streaming videos without your cable connection. When it comes to fix Amazon Firestick TV remote, you can check your internet connection whether your device is connecting correctly or not.

But, if the problem is with the Fire Stick itself, then you can’t do anything about it, except to buy a new pair of devices or call for support. However, there still some methods which you can try to fix Fire TV stick remote before throwing it away and purchasing a new one.

So, if Amazon Firestick remote not working at all on your TV, then you can try out the following methods.

Check Remote Batteries

The first thing which you need to do whenever your Firestick remote stops working is to check your remote batteries. If your battery is run out of power, then you can’t connect your remote to Amazon Fire Stick.

You can also check your Fire Stick remote battery life and its current status from the Amazon Fire Stick battery settings. There, it will show a condition of battery health, from where you can determine whether you have to change it or not.

Now, to check Fire Stick remote battery health, follow the following few steps.

  1. Go to the Fire TV Stick and head to the settings.
  2. Next, choose Controller & Bluetooth Devices option.
  3. After that, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes option.
  4. Under the battery section, if you see an “OK” status, then your Firestick battery is fine, which means you don’t have to change it. However, if it says “Offline” then there is something wrong with the battery.

Now, in case you see an “Offline” battery status of your Amazon Fire Stick, then try to remove your battery and re-attach it. If that does work but one time, not another time, then change your Amazon Firestick battery. Remember, only follow this option if Amazon Fire TV Stick remote status is offline or not good.

Plug-out and Re-plug FireStick

When you didn’t properly attach the Fire Stick power cable to the point where it is supposed to be, then you will find it difficult to connect the Firestick remote.

Just think about how you can control your normal TV without even plugging or stating, right?

So, once check your Amazon Fire Stick power cable whether it was properly connected or not. In case you didn’t have connected correctly, then do it first and try to control it using its remote.

If re-plugging the Fire Stick TV cable doesn’t work, then move to the next methods mentioned below.

Take Remote Closer to FireStick

Whenever you are using any type of remote to control its device, then you should always remember to maintain a close distance between them. Remotes have a certain range limit where they can only work within that range.

It also implies on Fire Stick remote; it works within a 30 feet range. If you try to control your Fire Stick TV outside that range, then it will not work. So, if Firestick remote not working or pairing, then take your remote closer to the Amazon Fire Stick device.

You can also try some other things to improve the range of the Fire Stick remote.

  • Remove any things that come between Fire Stick remove and its device.
  • Don’t place your Remote inside a TV closet or something like that.
  • Don’t put the Fire Stick device into the next room.
  • Face Fire Stick remote towards the device.
  • If remote only works while facing towards device the, use Fire Stick extension dongle in order to adjust or change the device.

Pair Your Remote to Fire Stick

When you purchase a new set of Amazon Fire Stick devices and remote then both of the devices are already paired. You don’t have to do anything additional; just enjoy your live streaming channels or videos.

However, sometimes the company forgets to pair both devices. If that’s the case for you, then you have to pair Fire Stick remote and device. By doing this, you can solve Firestick remote not pairing and working issue.

Now, how to pair Fire Stick remote or Fix Firestick Remote not Paring Issue?

  1. Set up Amazon Fire Stick device properly.
  2. After that, wait for minutes until Fire Stick TV is completely booted.
  3. Place your Remote near to Fire Stick device.
  4. Next, press and hold the middle Home button on your remote.
  5. Hold it like for 15 seconds and release it.
  6. Now check whether the remote is working or not. If it still doesn’t pair, then repeat the same process several times. Sometimes, you can’t pair or connect the remote to the Fire Stick device in one attempt.

Check Firestick Remote Buttons

Sometimes, there can be a fault, or a company sends a defective remote in the box. Saying that, all the buttons cannot work properly.

Do you have a habit of checking your remote after purchasing? If not, then you should. Check all the Fire Stick remote buttons to ensure that all of them are correctly working. In case, some of the buttons don’t work, then you can call the distributor from where you have purchased a Fire Stick TV and remote.

Keep Wireless Devices Aside

Do you have other wireless devices at your home? If so, then think about it before connecting to your new wireless device.

Firestick works through Bluetooth, so when you are connecting with your remote, then it can interface the connection. That’s why you can either turn off your other Bluetooth devices for a while and check your Amazon Fire TV stick remote. If it does work through this method, then keep aside your other wireless devices away from Fire Stick.

Check the Remote Compatibility

There are lots of Fire Stick and its remote out there, which are manufactured from time to time. Not all the remote works on Amazon Fire Stick even though the product is same. There can be a compatibility issue you can find on a different version of Fire Stick devices.

Saying that, if Firestick remote not working then maybe your remote is not compatible with the Fire TV stick device. So, you can check a various list of Fire Stick TV devices and remote on Amazon to ensure both of the devices can able to perform together.

Reset Fire TV Remote

As I already mentioned earlier, there are lots of versions of Fire Stick devices out in the market. One device may not work with another device. So, if Amazon Fire Stick remote not working at all or on TV, then you can reset the Fire TV remote. This means unpair your remote and re-pair it once again.

For that, you can press and hold the circle left button, back-ward arrow button, and three horizontal lines button at the same time. Hold it like 15 minutes until you see a blue blink light on the remote.

If you are using the 1st generation Fire TV Stick remote, which doesn’t have a dedicated volume button, press and hold the circle left button and menu button at the same time for like 15 seconds.

Now, pair your Fire Stick device by following the 4th method and check the remote.

Reboot Fire TV Stick

If none of the above methods words to fix Firestick remote, not working problem, then you can hard reboot your Amazon Fire Stick device. The problem can also lie within the Fire Stick device rather than on the remote.

When Fire Stick has some internal bugs, errors, or glitches, then it will not respond to its remote command. There you have to reboot the device and move the device settings to default.

Now, to reboot the Fire TV Stick, remove its power cable completely and re-plug in. Make sure the light is completely on in the Fire Stick device.

Use Firestick Remote App

You should remember that you can also use a Fire TV Stick virtual remote to control the device. In other words, you can Fire Stick remote app as a replacement for physical remote and control it with your Smartphone.

The virtual Firestick remote works the same as a physical one. So, you can command all the functions without any problem. If you don’t have a pair set of Fire Stick remote or you have lost it for some reason, or it doesn’t work, then your mobile phone can be a remote.

Fire Stick Remote app is available on both Android and IOS devices. You can download it from the app store and fix the Firestick remote, not working problem in no time.

Firestick Remote Control App for Android

Firestick Remote Control App for IOS

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Buy Only Firestick Remote?

Yes, you can just buy a Fire Stick remote on Amazon. A replacement remote is the best version of the Alexa remote to control the Fire TV Stick.

Can I Use Phone As Remote For Firestick?

Yes, you can use your phone as a remote for Firestick. For that, you have to download Firestick remote control app from the play store for Android and the app store for IOS.

What to Do If I Lost My Fire Stick Remote?

If your Firestick remote is lost for some reason, and you can’t find it, then you can use Firestick remote control app on your phone. It provides all the same features which you can find on the physical Fire TV Stick remote.

Can You Use Fire Stick Without Remote?

No, you can’t use Amazon Fire TV Stick without using a remote.

Can You Control Volume With Firestick Remote?

Yes, you can control your Fire TV Stick device with a remote.


Finally, if you can’t connect the remote to Fire TV Stick or Firestick remote not working, then follow the above-mentioned methods. However, if it still doesn’t work, then either a remote or Fire Stick device is damaged. But, you can buy 1st gen Firestick for $29.99 and 2nd gen Firestick for $29.99.

Besides, if you don’t have enough money to purchase one from Amazon, then you can also use your mobile devices like a Fire Stick remote by downloading Firestick remote control app.

If you have any other Amazon Fire Stick queries, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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