How To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen?

How To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen?

How to stream Netflix on discord without a black screen? Thinking about sharing the screen of your Netflix with your friends on discord? Getting to see the black screen every time to share discord? You are here to get rid of the black screen every time you share your screen, right? You are here at the right place. This article contains an ultimate answer to all of the questions you are having right now. Keep in touch till the very end of this article.

You must follow some steps to stream Netflix on discord without a black screen. They are as follows:

1. Launch a mobile browser on your screen.
2. Head on to the mode settings.
3. Select hardware acceleration as a mode from the options.
4. Click on the mode.
5. Confirm to turn it Off.
You will see a green color on the right side of the mode. You just have to click on it, and it will turn out to be a grey color. You have turned off the hardware acceleration mode on your device.

Netflix is the greatest platform to watch wonderful international movies. It becomes more fun to watch those movies with friends and families. Along with it, there is a discord app. Discord allows everyone to share their screen and watch movies together. But, there is a problem when you stream Netflix on the discord, which is a black screen.

Why To Stream Netflix On Discord?

Netflix requires a subscription pack before you think of using it. You must purchase the premium and pay a few dollars for your use.

Every person around the world may not have the ability to purchase Netflix. But, everyone wants to watch the latest and most amazing movies on this platform.

Discord is a platform that allows you to gather up with your friends and family members. Streaming Netflix on discord has certain benefits which you can enjoy.

You can spend a lot of precious time with your friends and family by watching Netflix movies together.

There won’t be any kind of interruption such as lagging and buffering of movies when you stream Netflix on discord. The reason is that discord has the highest network stability compared to other social media platforms.

If you have made a subscription to a limited data pack on Netflix, discord is the best platform to stream movies as it saves way more data and gives you time to complete your movies.

Reason Behind Black Screen While Streaming Netflix On Discord

Most people worldwide may have faced this black screen whenever they try to share or stream Netflix on discord. Watching the latest movies with your friends living in different places is quite fun, right?

Friends usually meet in discord as it is a suitable platform for such a purpose. So you may have planned to watch a Netflix movie together on discord. But, you may get a black screen every time you tend to stream your Netflix screen on discord.

Seeing a full back screen whenever you share your Netflix screen is one of the most common problems discord users face worldwide.

The problems are usually of two different types. They are hardware problems and windows configuration problems. These are the main problems for such reasons.

Apart from two of these, there might also be other problems related to your device.

But, fixing these two problems may give you a better result.

All of those problems arise from your web browser. You may not have noticed, but the root cause is from your browser. This is not because of your fault. But, it is the settings required just and only to stream Netflix on the platform of discord.

Is It Legal To Stream Netflix On the Discord App?

Yes, streaming Netflix on discord is illegal. But only in those cases if you tend to share it publicly on the discord platform.

You should be aware that how you make a discord server public. This is to prevent your account from getting banned. You can prevent it only if you know how your stream becomes public.

Not only on discord, sharing any of the movies publicly on any of the social media platforms is not allowed. It is regarded as an illegal act.

Performing such an act may cause you to pay a huge amount in return. Police may even arrest you for copyright purposes.

The laws regarding copyright on social media are very strict when you come to know about it. Better not perform such activities.

When you share or stream your Netflix movies and videos with certain friends on discord is not illegal. There is no such problem with this act.

If you are thinking of sharing Netflix on a discord app, you will need a public copyright license from the app’s owner.

But when you stream Netflix with your friends on discord, you also get a black screen problem.

How Can I Stream Netflix On Discord?

Before you think of fixing the black screen problem while streaming Netflix on discord, be sure your process is correct. You should always check if the way you are streaming Netflix on discord is correct or not.

You would want a guide to stream Netflix on discord, right? So here is a guide for you to stream Netflix on discord. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Netflix App

Turn on your mobile phone. Go to the app list and search for the Netflix app over there.

Launch the Netflix app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Look out for your favorite movie on the platform and play it on your device.

Step 2: Head On To The Discord App

If you are done with minimizing and playing on the movie you want to share with your friends, get back from Netflix.

Search for the discord app and then launch it on your device.

Step 3: Click On The Settings Icon

Look at the bottom corner from your left-hand side. You will see your discord username.

Below the username, you can see a gear-like icon. It is the settings of the discord app.

Click on it, and you will be guided toward the next page.

Step 4: Select Activity Status

You must scroll down the set list until you find the activity setting.

Once you find it out, tap on it. You will again see activity status.

Step 5: Tap On Add It

When you get inside the activity status, you will see something like “Not seeing your game?”.

Next to the above question on the page, you will see add it as an option. So, just tap on it.

Step 6: Choose The Browser And Add Game

You can see a list of browsers you have on your device. You must select the browser on which you have opened your Netflix movie.

Then tap on the add game button as shown on your screen.

Step 7: Click On Stream Icon

Next to the browser you have recently selected, you will see a monitor like an icon.

It is an icon that symbolizes streaming. So tap on it.

Step 8: Arrange Your Frame

Now you will see an option to customize your streaming channel, quality, resolution, frame rate, etc.

Set all of those as per your wish and end up with your settings.

Step 9: Choose To Go Live

At the bottom corner of your right-hand side, you can see an option to go live with a purple background.

Click to go live, and your Netflix movie gets streamed on discord among your friends.

Using these nine easy steps, you can share your Netflix screen on discord. You can now enjoy your favorite and amazing Netflix movies with your friends and beloved ones.

However, you may get to see a black screen on discord. It is because of a few technical problems.

So head on to the next section of this article to get rid of the black screen whenever you share your Netflix on discord.

4+ Ways To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Black Screen

Every time you make a plan to watch Netflix with your friends, you fail, right? Discord always shows you a black screen but not a Netflix movie.

There are different solutions to get rid of the black screen every time you share your screen on Netflix. Here are the best ways you can use to stream Netflix on discord without a black screen.

So let us get started with our ways to solve the main problem. You will need to consider every point very carefully. They are as follows:

Add Your Browser To Discord “Activity Status”

The most used browsers worldwide are firstly Google chrome and then secondly Opera Mini. So the steps you would require to add your browser to the discord activity status are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Browser And Go To Settings

Launch your discord app on the screen of your device.

Then tap on the gear icon, which is beside your discord username.

Step 2: Select Activity Settings

Now then, scroll down the list of setting options until you reach the activity settings.

Inside of the activity settings and select activity status.

Step 3: Click On Add It

A small popup will appear on your screen as you add it!

You have to click on it and add you will get a search bar.

Search for your mobile browser where you opened Netflix.

Tap on the desired browser and successfully add it to the discord list.

But one thing you should remember is that your browser is running in the other tab of your device. Be sure you make it before using the above steps.

Disable Hardware Acceleration Mode

This is one of the main reasons behind the black screen when you stream your Netflix on discord. Even if you are the owner of Netflix, you may not get to see the screen.

The browser of your device may have this option enabled or turned on. So let us begin with the steps to disable or turn off the hardware acceleration mode on the browser. They are as follows:

Step 1: Launch The Browser On Your Device

Turn on your device and head on to the app list. Scroll down the list to get the browser on your screen.

Open the browser and display it on your screen.

Step 2: Click On The Three Dot Icon

You can see three vertically arranged dots at the top right corner of your screen.

You will get a vast list of different options available in your browser.

Step 3: Tap On The Settings Option

Take your eyes directly to the bottom line of the list.

You will find settings on the third last line from your list. So select it, and you will be guided toward the next section.

Step 4: Select Advanced From The Menu

A page will open where you can arrange your photos and information on the browser.

Scroll the list for a few seconds, and you will see advanced as an option.

Again inside the option, tap on the icon like a screwdriver.

It is symbolized as a system on browsers. So choose it to get hardware acceleration.

Step 5: Disable To Use Hardware Acceleration

You will get a list of three options. But you just have to focus on the middle one.

In the middle, you can see hardware acceleration when available. On the right side of it, you may see a blue coloration.

Click on the blue coloration icon, and it will turn out to be a gray color.

It means you have now successfully disabled or turned off the hardware acceleration on your browser.

Go and enjoy your latest Netflix movies with your friends in discord.

Update Your Discord App

Getting late for the latest updates on apps also layer layers. So you have to check for the updates of all the necessary apps you have on your play store.

Go to your play store, search for the discord app in the search bar and check for the updates. If you get to see an option to update, do not get late for it.

The latest version on your discord may include the feature of streaming Netflix videos on discord. So without updating the app to its new version, you will never get access to the feature.

So, whenever you feel a kind of restriction or do not get access to any feature, directly head on to the play store and check for updates.

Also, the app may have automatic updates. So do not get late to refresh the app even once. You need to click on Ctrl+R, and your discord app automatically updates.

If you do not see any changes after the discord updates or your play store lacks the update option, you have to reinstall the app. Due to some glitches, these kinds of problems occur.

You can also restart your mobile phone or desktop and clear out the unnecessary things on the app.

If you have only one phone number, you can easily use the discord phone number which is already used for the next account.

Finally, you have to go and check if you can stream Netflix on discord or not.

Clear Out The Cache Of Your Discord

You might be thinking how to clear discord cache, right? Clearing out the cache of your discord will remove all of the viruses and obstacles that the app has. Your discord will run smoothly without any kind of lags and bugs.

Your discord app will get back to its default settings. You may get freed up by some of the app’s issues. Black screen while streaming Netflix is also a kind of issue.

Follow the below steps to delete the cache of your discord app. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Settings

Turn on your device and go to the app list. Search for the settings app.

Launch settings on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click On The App And Notifications

When you are on the settings platform, you will see a list of options.

Scroll down the options for a while, and then you will find out the option.

Click on the app and notification option to get into a new section.

Step 3: Select The Discord App

Go to the recent app section, and you will find discord apps very easily.

Tap on discord, and it will display you every information about it.

Step 4: Choose To Clear Cache

You can see clear cache as an option in the third line of the given list.

Also, you can see how much cache is available on your discord app.

It won’t take a minute to clear out all of that unnecessary cache. It will free up the space on discord and give some more space to other existing features.

Go and check if discord has given you access to stream Netflix on this platform or not.

The choice is yours, so you can select any of the ways which you prefer. You can also select all of them and try to see which method works for you.

You will get rid of the black screen for sure and will be able to stream Netflix with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You are here in the question and answer section of today’s topic. Over here, we will discuss the most asked questions by people worldwide.

We provide the answers to all of the below questions from our research. Please make time to spend in this section as well. They are as follows:

Can I Stream Netflix On Discord Using Mobile?

Using a desktop and laptop to stream Netflix on discord is better. Your mobile device may sometimes not support both apps at the same time. There is a DRM limitation in mobile phones.

But this may run smoothly in the case of iPhones, tablets, and some kinds of expensive mobile phones. The apps are providing updates continuously.

Surely, you will get notifications such as your app not responding. It will be hard for your phone to support high-standard apps at once.

Is It Possible To Stream Netflix On Discord Without Sound?

Yes, it is possible to stream Netflix on discord without sound. Make sure you have made your discord updated to its latest version. When you are in the process of streaming Netflix on discord, you will see settings among the options. You need to select the voice and video section.

You will need to confirm to mute the sound from the movie. Then finally confirm to go live on discord. Also, lower or higher the sound effect of the movie. Only the one who started streaming Netflix can do this, and others can not.

Does Netflix Block Discord Streaming?

No, discord does not block Netflix streaming. Surely, you may get some hurdles in the middle of the process. But very soon after some arrangements in the browser, you can easily share or stream your favorite movies on discord. If discord shows you are blocked whenever you try streaming Netflix, you should focus on your device. Go and switch the process using other devices. Multiple efforts from the same device, even after a warning, may get restricted. Find out the real cause behind it and enjoy Netflix afterward.

How To Watch A Netflix Stream On Discord?

The server connection between you and your friend who is streaming the Netflix movie matters a lot. Check out your server connection. If it does not match with your friends, change it and try to match it out. Until you do so, you can not watch a Netflix stream on discord due to a far distance.

You will see the option to join live when you fulfill every required process. Agree on what discord has said, and finally join the live stream shared by your friend. Enjoy the latest Netflix movie with your friends.


Netflix with discord sounds something amazing, right? Two of these are the greatest platforms in today’s world. As people are mostly involved over here cutting, entertaining, and involving themselves.

When you think about combining the advantages of both of them, you will get obstacles at first for sure. But such a black screen problem is way too easy to get rid of. Just by turning off or disabling something can give you a better experience of Netflix movies on discord.

I hope you have completed reading today’s article. I make sure that you can now stream Netflix on discord without a black screen. The methods are very easy and simple to use.

Still confusion in your head? It won’t last a few more days as our comment section is open for you guys. Please ask whatever you have in your mind through that section.

Thank you for being here and reading this article. Keep on loving and supporting us.

As this is the very end of today’s topic, we would like to end over here. Soon there will be another pop-up article on this same website.

Until then, stay tuned for getting notifications about a post.

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