How To Turn Off A Business Account On Instagram?

How To Turn Off A Business Account On Instagram?

How to turn off a business account on Instagram? Are you a business account owner on Instagram? Wondering about turning off business accounts and switching to personal accounts? You do not know how to turn it off. This article is for you. You have entered the right website. Over here, we will discuss some important terms and solutions to your queries. You have to keep in touch till the end of this topic. So let’s start now.

You can turn off a business account on Instagram:
1. Open Your Instagram App
2. Log In To Your Instagram Account
3. Head On To Your Profile Page
4. Tap On Three Lines Icon
5. Select Settings From The List
6. Tap On Account
7. Choose the “Switch Account Type” Option
8. Turn Off Your Business Account

Instagram has two different modes of account type. One is a personal account, and another one is a business account. You can choose any of them and switch from one type to another from time to time. However, the users may not feel any variation between the two account types. So, it would be better to return to a normal personal account.

What Is A Business Account On Instagram?

A business account on Instagram is an account for one involved in business purposes. It gives you a business profile and the access to promote your business through posts, advertisements, etc. This type of account is best in those cases if you are thinking of growing your business online.

Nowadays, most people spend their time on social media platforms. Among them, Instagram is of the top apps used by people. You can grow your business and get good results by running a business on Instagram. The one who runs their business through Instagram will always earn profit. Whether running a local, national, or international business, you can easily create a business account on Instagram. It would turn out to be so helpful for you.

Facebook and Instagram are connected. So, there is also a business page on Instagram for the same activities. So, you can link your Instagram to your Facebook business page.

What Is The Purpose Of A Business Account On Instagram?

This business account on Instagram has a great purpose for users involved in any business. It is not required for users who normally want to get entertained, chat, connect, etc. Therefore, this account is not for them.

The business account mainly allows users to promote their business and progress. Not every user may be in search of offline shops, where they have to travel to buy an item. In this case, they will search for online shops.

In the same way, Instagram is the platform for buying and selling purposes. So, you can make your business profile and sell your products. You will get an upgraded bio on the Instagram app. In addition, your products, shop, name, etc. can earn good progress.

The advertisement you make related to your products may go viral and increase the popularity among people. It will create a high demand for your product.

Earn a lot of benefits and get busy the whole day with your business work.

How To Turn Off A Business Account On Instagram Within Three Minutes?

No one knows everything about the world. So searching for your queries and getting answers to them is one of the best things.

So, here is a guide to easily turning off a business account on the Instagram app. It will take you 3 minutes to complete the following steps. Please consider in a step to step way. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Firstly, turn on your mobile phone. Then, go to your mobile app list. Scroll the list and look for the Instagram app. Now, Launch the Instagram app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Log In To Your Instagram Account

When you enter an Instagram app, you will get a login page first. Type your email and password of your account correctly. Then, tap on the login button. You will get access to your business account.

Step 3: Head On To Your Profile Page

Take your eyes to the bottom right corner of your screen. Over there, you can see a small circle with your Instagram profile picture in it. It is the gateway to your Instagram profile page. So, click on the icon and enter your profile page.

Step 4: Tap On The Three Lines Icon

Look at the top right corner of your screen. You will see three horizontally arranged lines. Then, Click on it, and you will get a list of options.

Step 5: Select Settings From The List

Now, Instagram will open a page with a huge list of options. At the first number of the list, there is a settings icon. You have to tap on that icon and enter inside it.

Step 6: Tap On Account From The List

Then, tap on account from the available options.

Step 6: Choose “Switch Account Type” Option

You can see a settings page with a list of options. So, scroll down the list and reach the end line. You will see “switch account type” marked in blue at the second last option of the same list.

Step 7: Turn Off Your Business Account

Click on the blue-colored “switch account type” option. When you click on it, you will get a popup menu as ‘ switched to a personal account.’ It means you have successfully turned off the business account.

Using these seven easy steps, you can get it done what you are looking for on Instagram. Now, you have switched to a personal account on Instagram.

You can also learn how to turn on/off vanish mode on the Instagram app.

Will Insight Data Get Erased If I Switch The Account?

Yes, of course. As previously discussed, personal and business accounts are available on Instagram. So, if you confirm switching from one account to another, all your information and data get cleared out. Unless you switch accounts, Instagram won’t touch any of your data. But, once you switch, you will lose every activity you have done on that account.

So, before you switch or turn off your business account on the Instagram app, be confirmed that you do not want any insight data anymore. It is the terms and conditions that Instagram has mentioned clearly. You can go and check it out. Instagram warns you before you switch the account type.

You can not regain or restore the insight activities of your business account. For example, the posts or advertisements you have done on that account might get deleted. Also, you can follow up with your close friends, family members, siblings, etc., and learn something from them.

Try to learn from everyone around the world without hatred. The experiences people have around Instagram will teach you a lot.

Why Still My Instagram Account Did Not Switch Back To My Account?

Even after following all the steps carefully, some users may not get to switch to a personal account. In this case, you must be sure that the problem is within your mobile phone or your connection.

It would help if you made some changes now so that your Instagram account switches back to your account. Here are some of the tips you should do to fix the problem:

Check Your Internet Connection

As you know, Instagram requires a good internet connection to run its activities smoothly. So, at the very beginning, you will need to go and check your wifi connection first. If your mobile phone has lost the internet connection, you must wait until it connects back. Only after getting a connection go and start switching the Instagram account again.

If the wifi connection is good, and other apps are running properly, you need to check out another problem.

Log Out, Then Log In to Your Instagram

Instagram may also have some glitches or jams in its server. But, again, you can wait a few minutes and check if the account switches or not. Go and log out of your Instagram account. Then, again move back to the Instagram login page. Insert all of the details that Instagram asks for. Then, get access to your Instagram account.

Look if the account has switched to a personal account or not. If yes, you need not move toward the next problem managing section.

But, if it does not work, there is still one option for you. Leave the Instagram app and then head on to the next option.

Check For The Latest Version

Social media apps keep on updating their features. So, the users must always keep their eyes on its updates and latest version. Get back from the Instagram account and head on to the Google play store for android devices and the app store for iPhone users. Search for the Instagram app over there and check if there is an update option or not. If yes, you will see an update option in place of open.

Update the app successfully by tapping on the update button. It will take a few minutes to install the latest version of the Instagram app. Try the above steps again to turn off your business account and switch to a personal account. You have to keep on trying all of the given methods.

Apply the same methods serially in case of other problems on Instagram. Users mainly face problems when they do not check the above three things.

It is possible to fix Instagram music not working, fix Instagram stories not showing up, etc., on the Instagram app.

Stop continuing the process at the right time when you see your account getting switched to a personal account.

Can I Delete An Instagram Business Account Instead Of Turning It Off?

Yes, you can delete an Instagram Business account, but you won’t get your account back.

When you switch your business account, it keeps your business account aside. As a result, you may get interrupted by the notification of the business account. Always think twice before you act. You can never get the business account back, even after requesting a lot to Instagram. They have mentioned it in their terms and conditions.

If you are not running the business anymore, you do not want to get involved, etc., you can directly delete it. There is no mind-changing option you should know. You may have doubts about your choice. So you may want to have a business account again in the future days. Go and deactivate it.

If you want to close or shut down the whole business and never want the insight data back, go and confirm to delete permanently.

Is It Possible To Make A Business Account Private?

Yes, it is possible to make a business account private.

You can do so by going to your profile page. Then, you will get to see a three-line icon. Tap on it, and then you will get a settings page. Inside the settings page, there is an option marked as mode. Click on it, and you will get private and public as two options. Enable private mode by tapping on it.

Your Instagram business account has turned into a fully private business account. You will get top privacy and security for your work from the Instagram app. But, just a reminder that you won’t get to grow your business as before. You may get limited buyers and orders from people. A private business account restricts other users from viewing posts and products without following them.

You may have your selfishness behind confirming to do this act. So, understand the pros and cons of a private business account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Over here, we will discuss some of the most asked questions about the Instagram app.

Can I Switch Back To A Business Account On Instagram?

Yes, you can easily switch from one account to another on the Instagram app. You have to follow the same process in both cases. Firstly, go to your Instagram profile page. Then, tap on the Three horizontally arranged lines. Over there, you can see settings as an option. Click on the settings and open up the settings page. Again, you can see a huge list of options.

Scroll down the list until you reach the very end of the list. Among the list of options, tap on “switch account type.” Your account gets successfully switched.

How Do I Make My Business Private?

You can make your business private on Instagram. There are a few ways to do so. One of the ways is by creating a separate and private company on your own. You can consult with the consultancy and choose a limited liability company for this work.

Secondly, you can also use a trade secret and keep your business information locked within you. It will also provide advantages for you as you can eliminate your competitors. However, the profit and advantages you get from your business may gradually decrease.

What Happens When I Switch To A Professional Account On Instagram?

You will get some changes when you switch your account to a professional account on Instagram. The changes are related to access and freedom. You will enjoy some extra Instagram features restricted to another account type.

Now, you can contact your followers and get information about them. There is a feature to add links to your website. Follow whoever you want and get followed in return. Some of the features you enjoyed on other accounts also disappeared. Instagram creates an environment that helps you develop your business.


Instagram is an app for influencing, communicating, teaching, etc. Therefore, good utilization of such apps may lead you toward a good future. There is a lot of freedom and privacies for Instagram users.

You can switch accounts, chat with anyone, call, etc. But, you must not only switch accounts but also know how to do it and its drawbacks on the other side. I hope you have completed reading today’s article. You can now easily turn off a business account on Instagram.

However, do not forget to share this topic with your friends and family members who are in the same confusion as you were before. Thank you for being here and spending your precious time. Keep on loving and supporting us.

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