How To Filter Spam And Offensive Comments In Tiktok [Step-By-Step Guide] 2022

If you’re a Tiktok user who is on the app for some times in a day, you must have noticed that your posts and other video posts also have a lot of spammy comments in their comment section. Moreover, the posts can have offensive comments that can have bad terms or terms that are directed towards discriminating or bullying an individual or groups of individuals. In most cases, you can report the comment in someone else’s video. However, if you are posting the content then how is it that you can filter spam and offensive comments in Tiktok from appearing in your videos? Here, we provide you with a full guide on this.

In order to filter any spam and offensive comments from your comment section, you can set the filter on from your privacy settings. In your profile, you can directly go to the comment limits and turn on the filter by toggling the button on. So, let us get into how you can do this in your Tiktok app.

About The Comment Section In Tiktok

You can find the comment section in Tiktok videos on the speech bubble icon which is in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you tap on the icon, the entire comment section opens up with users who can interact with your content. You can even set up the privacy of the comment section and manage who can comment in your posts.

You can set the commenting in your posts to Everyone if you have a public profile. In this case, all users on the Tiktok app will get to comment in your post.

On the other hand, if you have a private profile, then you can set the commenting to either Followers which includes all the users who follow you on the app, or you can set it to Friends which includes all the users that follow you and you follow back too.

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So, once you set these in your comments, you can make sure that the comments are not flooded with bad terms and phrases.

Types Of Comment Limits In Tiktok

Now that you know how to manage the comments, what are the kinds of comment limits and restrictions that you can place in your comment section? You must be aware that Tiktok greatly focuses on the curation of people’s profiles so they can have better experiences while using their app. So, keeping this in mind, there are multiple types of comment limits that you can put up for your comfort and safety while using the Tiktok app.

  • Comment restrictions for underage users on the Tiktok app.
  • You can restrict comments based on specific keywords.
  • Comments can be limited based on the type of profile you have.
  • Restrict and limit spam and offensive comments.
  • You can filter all comments in your posts.
  • Users can also directly disable the entire comment section.

What Does Filter Comments In Tiktok Mean

You must be wondering what it means to filter comments in Tiktok. Keep in mind that this is different from when you restrict the comments to only specific users as we mentioned earlier with the included groups being everyone, friends and followers.

When you filter comments in Tiktok, that means all your comments that have any spam, offensive terms, specific flagged keywords will be hidden unless you review the comment and approve of it. With spam and offensive terms, the comments can even get directly removed from your video posts as well. So, this is how you can curate your comment section to make sure it is a safe space for interaction.

What Are Spam And Offensive Comments

Now that we are more focused on the spam and offensive comments section, you must be wondering what these mean?

Spam comments are the kinds of comments that appear without context to promote someone else’s profile or content on the Tiktok app. These comments are usually large in number and are spread all over the comment section making it unnecessarily crowded.

Next, there are the offensive comments which are comments that include terms that can be discriminating, bullying or bad in any possible way. You can even set your own keywords and terms that you find offensive and ensure that other users cannot putup such comments in your video posts.

How To Filter Spam And Offensive Comments In Tiktok

Now, let us get into how you can filter spam and offensive comments in Tiktok.

Step 1: Launch Tiktok App

First, launch the Tiktok app in your device. You can then log in to your account usign your login credentials.

Step 2: Go To Profile

Next, tap on the Me icon on the bottom right corner of the screen to get to your profile in Tiktok.

Step 3: Open Privacy Settings

In your profile, tap on the three lined hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen. There, tap on Privacy to open up privacy settings.

Step 4: Go To Comments Filters

In your privacy settings, tap on the Comment Filters option to access comment settings.

Step 5: Turn On Filter For Spam And Offensive Comments

Under the options, you can then toggle the Filter Spam And Offensive Comments option ‘on’ and the feature is then activated in your profile immediately.

How To Filter Comments By Offensive Keywords In Tiktok

You learnt how to filter comments that are spam and offensive. However, what if the comments includes words that can be offensive to you for your specific reasons. These kinds of comments are not going to be considered by the above filter. So, in this case, you can filter the comments by specific keywords. Follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Launch Tiktok App

Open the Tiktok app in your device by tapping on it. Then, log in to your account with your login credentials.

Step 2: Go To Profile

From the home screen, get to profile by tapping on the Me icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Tap On Privacy

Tap on the three lined hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen. There, choose Privacy to open your settings.

Step 4: Enable Filter Comments

From the tab, choose the Filter Comments option. Next, toggle the option Filter By Keywords to on.

Step 5: Add Keywords

Next, add all the keywords in the option on the screen. You can add as many keywords as you deem necessary. Once the keywords are set, then any comment with these keywords will get hidden in your profile’s video posts.

How To View Hidden Comments In Tiktok Posts

Now that you know the comments will get hidden from filters and limitations, but how is it actually displayed in the comment section?

First off, you cannot post any comments that have restricted terms in them. Moreover, if you are from a group that is not allowed to comment then it shows the message ‘the user has limited comments to certain users’ to the other users.

If the comment section is disable entirely then no one can access the speech bubble icon on the video and it is not available for anyone to interact in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how to filter spam and offensive comments in Tiktok are below.

Can You Block Comments On Tiktok

Yes, you can block comments on Tiktok by placing limits and restrictions based on your desires. There are various kinds of restrictions and limits that you can place in Tiktok comments and each one of them are easily accessible through the privacy settings in your profile.

Why Am I Getting Spammed On Tiktok

If you are using any third party site or third party application for your Tiktok app then it can cause for your content in the Tiktok app to get spammed. Moreover, if you click on links from other users that are corrupted then you can get spammed because of that too.

How To Turn On Tiktok Comments After Posting

To enable the Tiktok comments in your posts, you can go to the ‘who can comment on your video posts’ option from the Tiktok privacy settings. There, you can enable the commenting section if you had disabled it previously.


So, to conclude the article, you can directly place the filters for spam and offensive comment sin your profile from your profile settings. Moreover, these filters will help you to make sure that your Tiktok profile is not a place where users can do whatever they like or say whatever without any repercussions. You can also add specific keywords that you find offensive and then place a filter based on that. Either way, you can directly curate your comment section and even choose to entirely disable the comment section too. Overall, we hope you enjoy your time in the Tiktok app without these things being bothersome.

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