How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working Issues?

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working Issues?

Instagram Stories have grown in popularity as a method to share photographs and videos on the network. After all, they provide numerous features such as stickers, surveys, and, most recently, music. But are you having problems with Instagram and wondering why the Instagram story music function isn’t working? Is the Instagram story music sticker, for example, not visible? Or does it show no results when you search for songs? Alternatively, you may see the message “Instagram Music Not Working In My Region.” Then how to fix Instagram music not working issues?

To fix Instagram music not working, here are some of the solutions:
1. The first thing you should do is ensure you have the latest app version.
2. If this does not work, try turning the sound off and on again.
3. If this still fails to work, then contact Instagram for help.

Whatever troubles you are now facing and, as a result, being unable to add music to your Instagram story is nothing new. This post will explain why your Instagram story music isn’t functioning. But, more significantly, I will teach you how to cure the problem once and for all in no time. That being stated, this post will address the reasons why Instagram Music isn’t working on your Story, as well as seven solutions to fix Instagram music not working.

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Why Is Instagram Music Not Working?

Instagram introduced a music sticker back in June 2020, allowing users to include their favorite song in the narrative they upload. For individuals who interact with that specific narrative, it gives a distinctive experience.

Unfortunately, because the Music sticker function is not accessible on all devices, you cannot add music to your Instagram story on some or older versions. The error notice “This Song is Currently unavailable” is shown for certain users.

Because Instagram has copyright difficulties with that particular song, you might not be able to hear some music when scrolling through stories. You’ll need to either wait for Instagram to make the music sticker accessible or upgrade the Instagram app if you can’t locate it to add to your stories.

These are just a few of the causes for your account’s inability to play Instagram music. There is nothing you can do if you can’t discover music on Instagram since it’s not available.

There might be a message that reads, “No result found.” You might want to try looking for the song’s true name as you might not be correctly typing it into the search bar. However, any difficulty with Instagram music is typically caused by licensing concerns and Instagram not making it available on your account. As a result, you may either wait or try switching accounts to see if that helps.

Unfortunately, sometimes there may be an issue with fixing Instagram music not working. Fear not! We have the ideal response. We’ll take a detailed look at this problem’s solution in the following section to fix Instagram music not working.

8 Methods To Fix Instagram Music Not Working Issues

You can perform the following steps to resolve this problem. First, carefully read it because it may be difficult and perplexing when encountering this problem for the first time. That is what we don’t want to happen to you. Here are some of the listed methods to fix Instagram music not working issues: 

  • Update the Instagram app
  • Check By Signing In, Out, And Back In Your Account
  • Re-Install Instagram 
  • Switch To Personal Account
  • Change To The Creator Account
  • Use VPN
  • Attempt to Add Music From Another Device
  • Contact Instagram Support

Method 1: Update The Instagram App

Start by confirming that the music sticker is accessible and functional for you. Then, in the dropdown menu, select Story by tapping the Plus button at the top of the screen. Finally, pick a picture or a video to include in your Story.

You can now either press the Music icon or hit Stickers, where you can pick the Music sticker. In any case, Instagram’s music library should display a long list of available tracks. Try some of the troubleshooting procedures listed below if you don’t succeed.

Method 2: Check By Signing In, Out, And Back In Your Account

Log out of the app if the music on the Instagram story is still not functioning.

  • Check out the Profile section.
  • Toggle between the top-right three horizontal lines.
  • Select the Log out option under Settings.
  • Use the same credentials to log in after that. See whether you qualify to utilize an Instagram music story right away! Log out of the app if the music on the Instagram story is still not functioning.

Method 3: Re-Install Instagram

If checking out and back in again didn’t fix the issue, there may be an issue with the Instagram app’s installation, or the app’s data cache may be damaged and preventing the program from operating as it should. In any case, re-installing the software will solve the issue quickly. All the content on your Instagram account will remain there even though you’ll need to log in again using your regular account credentials.

Here is how to remove an app from your iPhone if you have one. On an Android smartphone, you may do the same with Instagram. Install a new version from Google Play or the App Store after that, then log back in.

Method 4: Switch To Personal Account

After upgrading to an Instagram Business account, several users say they no longer have access to music. Whether you’re currently hooked into a Professional account, you may easily return to your account to see if it fixes the issue.

In addition, you may move back and forth whenever you wish, so don’t worry about losing access to your professional account.

Step 1: Select Your Profile Page

Select your profile page from the menu in the bottom right.

Step 2: Tap On Settings

Tap on Settings under the three-line menu in the upper right corner of the pop-up menu.

Step 3: Choose Account

Then after, select the account.

Step 4: Switch To Personal Account

Select Switch to Personal Account from the list of options at the bottom. Unfortunately, the music function in your account might not start working immediately.

Method 5: Change To The Creator Account

Many people have successfully used this technique to resolve Instagram Music Not Working issues. You’ll be able to enjoy music again in your tale if you do this. The procedures listed below can be used to switch to the creator account:

Step 1: Go To Instagram Settings

Firstly, access to the Instagram settings.

Step 2: Tap On Account

Please get to the Account area by navigating and clicking on it.

Step 3: Enable To “Switch to Creator account

Select the “Switch to Creator account” option. You’ll soon be able to use the Instagram Music Story sticker again, so have patience!

Method 6: Use VPN

Unlocking Instagram Music can be done with the use of a VPN. Want to know how? You may substitute your real IP address with one from any location where Instagram Music Story is accessible by using a VPN program on your Android or iPhone to mask your real IP address.

Instagram Music is presently only accessible in a few nations, including the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Australia, Iceland, and some parts of India, due to particular license limitations.

Method 7: Attempt to Add Music From Another Device

Try adding music using a different device if none of the workarounds seem to work for your device. For example, if there is a hardware problem or a setup fault with the first device, you should be able to add music from another device.

If so, you might want to attempt factory resetting or upgrading the OS on the original device.

Method 8: Contact Instagram Support

It might be necessary to contact Instagram customer service if none of these troubleshooting techniques were successful in re-installing Instagram Music on your smartphone. Instagram features a toll-free hotline for customer service and a comprehensive help section with FAQs, support articles, and a way to report issues.

This solution might or might not work for certain users, but it’s worth a shot to repair the Instagram Music Not Working issue too fast. You never know when the team behind the screen will be able to assist you, so try consistently getting in touch with them. You can resolve Instagram Story Sound Not Working if your problem is acknowledged.

Step 1: Go To Your Instagram Profile

Firstly, access your Instagram Profile

Step 2: Tap On Settings

Go to Help by tapping Settings.

Step 3: Click On “Report a Problem”

Press the “Report a Problem” button.

When writing to Instagram, follow the on-screen directions.

To solve the Insta Story Sound Not Working issue, you may also email fix the Instagram music not working at support

How Long Can Music Be Posted On Instagram Before It Expires?

Any music made accessible by the artist for use on Instagram Stories may be utilized. In addition, a maximum of 15 seconds of audio can be added to an Instagram Story.

What Should You Do If This Song Is Currently Unavailable?

This song is unavailable; messages may show when you read someone else’s Story because certain songs might not be accessible in your area. This error message often happens since not all songs are available in every location.

The only thing you can do is wait for Instagram to make it available in your location as well. The fact that the song’s creator erased it but Instagram didn’t remove it from its database might also be a factor in why you saw the “This song is now unavailable” statement.

How Can I Use The Music Sticker On Instagram To Add Music To My Stories?

To compete with, Instagram has launched the music sticker. was a well-known app among teenagers when this functionality was made available. Like a poll, a location, or a gif, you may add a music sticker to your Story. Be sure you use the most recent version of the Instagram app.

Step 1: Login To Your Instagram Account

Log in to the Instagram app after launching it.

Step 2: Tap On The “+” Icon

Tap the “+” symbol next to your profile image after logging into your account, or select the camera icon in the upper right.

Step 3: Choose Or Record Video

To capture pictures or record a video, press the upload button. Let go of the button once you’ve finished shooting the picture or recording the video. Additionally, you can submit a photo from your mobile device.

Step 4: Choose Stickers

Next, press the sticker symbol to reveal the music sticker.

Step 5: Pick A Song

Pick a song you enjoy. The search option is also available. Then, after listening to the music in advance, choose the part you prefer and cut it.

Step 6: Add Image

Overlay your image with the music segment. Make sure everything is set up correctly.

Step 7: Upload Story

Publish the Story once you have finished editing.

Why Isn’t The Music On My Instagram Updated?

Most frequently, it’s because you still utilize an earlier version of Instagram. Verify that you are utilizing the most recent version. If not, you might want to install the upgraded version. It’s possible that your current version doesn’t support Instagram music.

Will My Instagram Music Sticker Let Me Post Copyrighted Music?

It would be simple to utilize any song from the Instagram music library in a story. If an artist hasn’t made music available in your area, you would be breaking copyright regulations, but you still want to include it in your Story.

Why Can’t I Add Music To My Instagram Story For My Business?

It’s possible that business accounts aren’t permitted to upload songs for free to their Instagram stories while promoting their brands. You can only post music to your Instagram stories on a personal account.

Due to requests from music labels and owners for royalties to use their music on business accounts, Instagram’s music search does not function for accounts with business settings. Instagram doesn’t let users with business accounts utilize music for this reason.

Why Is There Just A Limited Amount Of Music On My Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking site where users may upload photographs and videos and share them on other social media sites. The bulk of Instagram’s over 700 million monthly active users is under 30.

To maintain a young and active user base, Instagram restricts the amount of time a user may spend viewing music on their app. The maximum length for each song or video is 15 minutes.

How To Add Music To My Instagram Stories?

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where Instagram music is available, you may use music to add interest and appeal to your Instagram stories. Fortunately, the procedure is rather straightforward.

Step 1: Install The Instagram App

Install the most recent version of the Instagram app if you are still using an older one.

Step 2: Sign In To Your Instagram Account

Activate the Instagram app and sign into your account.

Step 3: Select ‘+’ Sign

After logging in, select “Plus” from the menu that appears directly next to your user name.

Step 4: Tap On The Camera Icon

Tap the “Camera” icon to take images or videos before uploading them as your tales; otherwise, select the photo or video from your chosen album.

Step 5: Click On Smiley Square

Tap the “Smiley Square” symbol at the top of the screen after selecting a photo or video to see the “Music” sticker.

Step 6: Choose A Song

You can pick from dozens of tracks in Instagram’s music collection after clicking here. Use the “Search” box to find another music if you’re looking for one.

You can now select a specific area of your choosing. This segment might last up to 15 seconds.

Step 7: Choose Music Segments

Verify that the music segment is located correctly.

Step 8: Upload To The Story

Post the Story if all the necessary components are present.

Why Doesn’t Music Search Function On Instagram Reels?

If you can’t find any music on Instagram Reels, it’s either because you don’t have a private account, the song isn’t available where you live, or there are bugs in the app version you’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions that are related to the topic fix Instagram music not working are listed below from the internet.

Why Is It That I Can’t Add A New Account On Instagram?

How many accounts have you created so far? You’ll see that you can only add five accounts. It is a temporary problem if you have fewer than five accounts and cannot add a new account. Experiment more. It’ll work.

Why Can’t I Post Spotify Music On My Instagram Story Even After Reinstalling The App?

InstaStory may be accessed by tapping the three dots > Share option. On iOS, it ought to be the third choice and the second on Android. Make sure you reinstall both Spotify and Instagram if you’re having trouble viewing this. Whether you notice a button to show more sharing choices, always click it to see if the option you want is at the bottom of the list.

How Can We Get Instagram’s Blue Checkmark?

At present, you cannot request a blue checkmark on Instagram. Instagram gives celebrities, renowned individuals, companies, and others blue checks. They offer out the blue checks after conducting their study to avoid the verification of bogus brands/profiles. You will most likely need to gain thousands of followers while being visible in public to get a blue mark. If you want to get a blue checkmark on your profile, read how to get verified on Instagram.

How Can I Grow My Instagram Followers Organically?

It’s best to respond to every remark on your posts, even if it’s only with an emoji, but keeping the dialogue continuing can offer even greater results.
Also, try to like and comment on posts your followers share. It motivates them to return the favor. High interaction will almost certainly increase your exposure on Instagram. Check out our other guide to know how to get more followers on Instagram.

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