How To See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram?

How To See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram?

If you have mistakenly or purposefully erased any direct messages on Instagram, then do you want to see deleted direct messages on Instagram? Millions users post countless images, stories, and messages daily. It might seem like a catastrophe when you realize it would be difficult to recover essential messages you accidentally deleted on Instagram. Still, this guide will help you to see deleted direct messages on Instagram.

You can see deleted direct messages on Instagram through the following step-by-step guide:
1. Using Instagram account data
2. Asking users whom you’ve sent messages
3. Using an associated Facebook account
4. Using third-party tools

However, we’ve all erased things by mistake and later needed them. Our Instagram messages, unfortunately, experience this occasionally. However, this approach is great if you want to see deleted direct messages or retrieve old DMs on Instagram.

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3 Method To See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram

Whether you prefer to keep things tidy and frequently cleaned up or accidentally delete your DMs, you may want to retrieve them at some point. Below are several solutions to deleted messages regardless of the time and quantity. Even though there are three several methods to see deleted Instagram messages, they are:

  • Method 1: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram Using Instagram Account Data 
  • Method 2: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram From User Whom You’ve Sent
  • Method 3: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram From An Associated Facebook Account

Method 1: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram Using Instagram Account Data

You can download this stored information using “Instagram Data,” including videos, photos, and messages. From this data, you can then extract your deleted messages. Before we get started, it is essential to note that you must follow these steps on Instagram’s web page, as the mobile apps do not allow for this process.

  • See Instagram Account Data For Desktop PC
  • See Instagram Account Data For Android
  • See Instagram Account Data For iPhone

See Instagram Account Data For Desktop PC

Here’s how to see deleted direct messages on Instagram using account data for desktop:

Step 1: Open The Instagram Website

Open the Instagram website on your desired browser, then, if necessary, log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap On Profile Icon

In the top-right corner of the screen, click the “Profile icon,” then choose “Profile” from the menu.

Step 3: Click On Edit Profile Icon

Then, select the icon for editing your profile.

Step 4: Select The Privacy And Security Option

From the pop-up menu on the left side of the screen, select “Privacy and Security.”

Step 5: Locate The Data Download Section

Locate the “Data Download” area by scrolling through the menu.

Step 6: Click On Request Download

Select the “Request Download” located just below this header.

Step 7: Enter Your Email Address

Click “Next” after entering your “email address” and selecting either “JSON” or “HTML” as the format for your download.

Step 8: Tap On Request Download

By entering your “password” and selecting “Request Download,” you can confirm your identity.

Step 9: Sends A Link

Instagram then sends a link to the data files you requested.

Step 10: Check Your Email And Message

Find the email from Instagram with the subject “Your Instagram information” by checking your inbox.

Step 11: Tap On Download Information

Select the “Download information” option.

Step 12: Enter Login Credentials

To download your data, click the link to be redirected to Instagram. After providing your “login credentials,” click “Log In.”

Step 13: Click On Download Information

You see a page load with a link to your data. Select “Download information” to start.

Step 14: Unzip Folder

Extract or Unzip the downloaded folder

Step 15: Click On The “message_html.file”

Go to “messages -> inbox -> [named folder]” and click the “messages_html.file” to access the HTML option. All messages saved on Instagram servers should appear in HTML format in the opened file.

To use the JSON option, locate and open the “messages.json” file in a text editor by right-clicking and selecting “Open With…” or “Edit with…”. The opened file now shows all saved in JSON format on Instagram servers.

In the “messages” section of the compressed download, you can now access all of your Instagram messages.

With this approach, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Instagram can give your data by email for up to 48 hours. So, don’t panic if the email doesn’t appear in your inbox immediately. Additionally, the link in the email you received has a four-day expiration date. The link won’t function if you click it more than four days after receiving the email; you’ll have to follow the instructions again.

See Instagram Account Data For Android

However, here’s how to see deleted direct messages on Instagram using account data for android:

Step 1: Install The Json Genie

Install the Json Genie (Editor) app on an android device.

Step 2: Extract Download File

Extract or unzip the downloaded zip file.

Step 3: Run The Json Genie (Editor) App

Then, open the Json Genie (Editor) app.

Step 4: Find Instagram Data

Now, locate the Instagram data folder.

Step 5: Open The Messages

Open the messages.json file.

This is it; now, you can view all of the deleted Instagram messages here.

See Instagram Account Data For iPhone

JSON Pro Free can be used to see the JSON file if you use an iPhone. However, you must visit the Online JSON Viewer website to see the JSON file on your PC.

Method 2: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram From User Whom You’ve Sent

Are deleted Instagram messages recoverable? Yes, is the response. Be mindful that when you remove a message from Instagram, the discussion is also wiped from your phone, and the other person may still have a conversation record. In some circumstances, it might be useful to retrieve deleted Instagram messages, even if it may not be the best option.

The conversations or messages we delete from Instagram are still accessible to the recipient even after we have deleted them. The choice to ask recipients to forward these communications will always be available to you. So, if he has the texts, request that individual to resend them to you for a simple solution.

Method 3: See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram From An Associated Facebook Account

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and linked the company’s operations to its own. So, if you have accidentally deleted important Instagram messages, you can get back the messages from your connected Facebook account’s inbox. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open The Facebook Webpage

Go to the Facebook webpage on any browser and sign in with your account linked with your Instagram account.

Step 2: Check The Inbox

Then, check the Facebook Inbox.

Step 3: Tap On Instagram Direct Icon

On the left menu bar, tap on the “Instagram Direct” icon, and you will find your Instagram Direct messages here.

Notes: This method seems ineffective right now. Deleted Instagram messages cannot currently be viewed on your associated Facebook account due to recent Facebook modifications. If your Facebook app isn’t updated, you might get this method easily.

Why Did My Instagram Messages Disappear?

Instagram has a function called “Disappearing messages,” where messages are sent but vanish after a few hours or days. A blue camera symbol to the right of your direct message mailbox denotes them. Contact support and confirm that you are utilizing your Direct Messages inbox to send messages.

If you aren’t inadvertently using the vanishing messaging tool or the Instagram stories, feature to send messages, images, or videos.

Blocking is one of the main causes of the disappearance of direct communications. All communications between you when someone bans you on Instagram are instantly deleted. You cannot view someone’s account in Search if they have blocked you on Instagram.

It is one of Instagram’s privacy guidelines that aids users in safeguarding personal whenever they want. You can also check how to check direct messages on Instagram.

Can You See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram?

You can find yourself in a situation where you need to see the deleted messages if you use Instagram to send private messages. The good news is that if you discover how to retrieve your deleted Instagram messages, you can do so easily.

You can use tools or software to see deleted direct messages on Instagram, but remember that this is not a secure method.

Reaching out to the people you communicated with and asking them to send you the messages you didn’t remove from their account is the simplest technique to recover lost Instagram messages. Read on to find out how to see deleted direct messages on Instagram.

What Are Instagram Messages Recovery Tools?

Even though many Instagram users copy DMs, comments, and captions for preservation, it is possible for them to occasionally lose a critical message and search for a safe and secure method to See deleted messages on Instagram.

This section will offer some techniques for recovering deleted Instagram messages. Instead of using Instagram message recovery websites, which are fraudulent and not legitimate methods.

You can use Instagram message recovery tools and be certain that you won’t lose any crucial information via your Instagram account.

Top 4 Best Third-Party Tools To Recover Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram?

You may be aware that programs are available for recovering deleted Instagram messages. To learn about some of the greatest Instagram message recovery solutions, keep reading if you would rather utilize them than the Instagram message recovery website.


A well-known iPhone data recovery app is U.Fone. U.Fone can be set up on Windows and Mac computers. All of your crucial data may be recovered from your iPhone or iPad with this app. For example, with it, you can easily recover lost Instagram messages. In addition, it can retrieve data from iOS devices like contacts, text messages, notes, WhatsApp, photographs, and videos.

iMyFone D-Back

An iPhone data recovery app is called iMyFone D-Back. When trying to restore data from an iOS device, this software comes in helpful. It offers a very simple way for you to retrieve your deleted Instagram interactions. Both Windows and Mac PCs may use this program. It may assist you in recovering data from WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Kik, Line, notes, Safari History, contacts, call logs, images, videos, messages, and more.


One of the greatest Instagram message recovery solutions is DMpro, which is used as a hero by all marketers and aspirant influencers to deal with DMs.


IBeesoft is software that can help you recover Instagram direct messages from your iPhone. It is an iPhone data recovery solution.

However, many of these websites require you to complete surveys and questionnaires and have a rather shady appearance. These polls can fail to launch or function in certain areas. Some of these websites assist you in recovering your Instagram account data and jokingly mention that your deleted Instagram messages may or may not be included in the data. There is so no assurance.

Do Deleted Messages Appear In The Instagram Data Download?

Yes, a representative for Instagram informed TechCrunch that the researcher had discovered a problem in which users’ deleted Instagram photos and conversations would show up in a duplicate of their data if they utilized Instagram’s Download Your Information function. “The problem has been resolved, and no signs of abuse have been found.

How Can Instagram Messages Be Deleted Forever?

There are a few easy actions you must do to erase a message from Instagram. First, move the “tap point” to the “Delete” line by tapping the “+” icon in the conversation’s bottom-right corner. A confirmation menu will show when you’ve chosen the proper line. Either confirm the deletion or cancel it.

You can remove a message if you unintentionally send someone a humiliating or irritating message. The other person won’t be able to view it after you do this. You won’t be able to retrieve a discussion that was mistakenly deleted in its entirety, though.

You can erase numerous chats at once if you’re using an Android phone by using the Auto Clicker app. But remember that deleting the entire chat will also delete all the messages. If you remove a direct message from someone on Instagram, you’ll never know if they also deleted it.

Despite what the method’s name implies, any more communications you may have sent will not be deleted. The recipient will be notified that you have sent an uninvited message, but they won’t be able to read it. You may still send the recipient a fresh message to inform them if they haven’t yet gotten the notification you’ve sent them something.

How Long Can We See Deleted Messages Stored On Instagram?

You might not be aware that Instagram keeps deleted conversations and pictures on its servers for up to 90 days. A security researcher has been rewarded $6,000 for revealing how this flaw affects users. Fortunately, the corporation has provided consumers with a data download function that enables them, at their discretion, to recover their erased data.

You should be aware that your messages will only be deleted from the app if you manually delete them, even if you uninstall the app or all of the data associated with it from the network.

So the first step in recovering your messages and photos is to create a backup. But be aware that not every backup includes a copy of your deleted texts. You can use the “Siri Search” program to recover deleted Instagram messages.

To locate the message, enter either the name or stage of the message. This approach is ineffective since, occasionally, the message could be on the other person’s profile. This approach might not work if you wish to send the message to another user. You will need to go through the process again.

Does Instagram Delete Messages On Both Sides?

Yes, Instagram deletes both sides of communications. Possibly not. The messages you send and receive are saved on Instagram’s servers; barring a person will not cause their communications to be deleted, but it will prevent them from viewing your message history.

You can either choose to delete your chat or choose to unsend your messages. Unsending messages are the best course of action if you wish to safeguard your privacy. A straightforward method to erase a message is to unsend it.

It won’t be visible to the person you’re attempting to erase, so you’ll have to request that they do the same. You may even remove your message by pressing and holding on to the message bubble if they didn’t send you one. Tap the “Unsend” button at the bottom of the screen after that. You will have successfully removed a communication from both parties after you have finished this step.

When delivered to other users, deleted messages do not get the notification. As long as the other user hasn’t yet un-sent the message, you can choose to remove the entire discussion or just a specific message.

You must go first into your Facebook account before you can accomplish this. Then, choose the messages tab by clicking on the paper airplane symbol. Right-click a communication now and select “Unsend.” Both parties’ messages will be permanently deleted in this way, and neither party will be aware of it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some of the most asked questions are listed below:

Does Instagram Allow You to View Deleted Comments?

A red banner displays as soon as you tap to delete comments, allowing you to retrieve deleted comments. Tap on this banner to do so. If you also want to pin your comments on Instagram, then read how to pin comments on Instagram.

Can I Delete Instagram Messages?

If you decide that you no longer want your Instagram private messages to be stored in your inbox, you may delete them. You may remove Instagram messages by opting to unsend any of the messages you’ve sent, removing a complete discussion, or both.

Can Deleted Instagram Posts Be Restored?

Yes. Open up your Instagram app first if you want to recover a deleted post. It appears to be a camera with a rainbow-colored background. Go to the app drawer from the Home screen and type in “Instagram” to find it. Find it, then choose the content and confirm.

How Can I Get Back Instagram Draft Reels That Were Deleted?

Reels on Instagram may be saved as drafts, which is a useful tool. After that, you may create your final Reels using these drafts. The draft version of your text will remain available even if it vanishes in a Reel.

Can You Still See Instagram Photos From a Deleted Account?

Find the photographs you erased; that is all you need to do. These are often found in the “photos” category. If you can’t find it, touch the Instagram folder in the file management app on your phone. As an alternative, you can look for the deleted photographs in your computer’s “Photos” folder if you’ve deactivated your Instagram account on it.

How Can I Get My Instagram Account Back?

You must go to the Instagram website. Use your username and password to log in. After that, select “need assistance signing in” and adhere to the instructions. You can still retrieve your account if you unintentionally destroyed it. Following this, Instagram support will email you your recovery code and instructions.


You can see that there are several methods for restoring deleted Instagram messages. Since the receivers’ computers are not erased from your message, asking them for your message is one of the simplest methods to get them back. If you are unable to do so, if you have connected your accounts, you might be able to recover them using your Facebook account.

The third choice can appear the toughest, but the hardest part is waiting. Read the material above if you are an Instagram user who accidentally deletes a crucial direct message and is unsure how to retrieve it. Everything you need to know about seeing deleted Instagram direct messages, how to do it, and which programs work best for this task is included in the post mentioned above.

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