How To Recover Your Deleted Instagram Messages

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?

As Instagram is becoming famous day by day, it adds many new features for a better user experience. It has become one of the best apps on social media to share pictures and videos. Also, Direct Messages options on Instagram add value to the app. But what if you do not know how to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

While using an app on your device might accidentally delete the message, but you need them. Then you might face a problem because there is no option to back up your DMs directly from the app. But wait, here is a guide on how to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

Methods To Recover Your Deleted Instagram Messages

There are various methods to recover your deleted Instagram messages on your device. So, below are the methods explained in detail.

Get Back Deleted Instagram Messages Online

Unfortunately, many Instagram users face the issue of deleted Instagram messages but no need to worry. An Instagram employee discovered this method to recover the erased DM online.  Because here are the steps to follow to get back deleted Instagram messages online on your device.

Step 1: Go To Instagram Message Recovery

Open your browser and find

Step 2: Enter The Username Or Profile URL

Enter the username or the profile URL of the account you want to recover the deleted message.

Step 3: Click On Recover Messages

Now click on the ‘Recover Messages’ button.

Step 4: Click On User Verification

Click on the ‘User Verification’ option. And after verification, it will recover your Instagram messages.

Recover DM Using Instagram Download Feature

You can download all the data from Instagram, like comments, messages, photos, profile information, etc. But you can request it only once from an account. So, it may take 48 hours to gather all the data. The following are the steps to recover DM using the Instagram download feature.

Step 1: Launch An Instagram

Launch an Instagram on your device.

Step 2: Tap On Profile

Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right corner or upper left corner.

Step 3: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines

Then tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.

Step 4: Tap On Settings

Now tap on the ‘Settings’ option and ‘Privacy and Security.’

Step 5: Search For Data Download

Scroll down and find ‘Data Download’ and tap on the ‘Request Download’ option.

Step 6: Enter Email

Now enter your email address and tap on ‘Next.’

Step 7: Go To Link

You will receive a link to your email address after your data is ready. Then you can click on the link and download a copy of your information, where you will find your Instagram messages.

Get Back Instagram DM From User You Have Sent

Here is another method to get your Instagram message deleted from your device. If you do not want to go through a long process, you can ask the user to whom you have sent the message. They are only gone from your side, but they will be available from the account you sent.

It is the easiest way to get the deleted Instagram messages by taking help from others. If they have not deleted those messages, you can get them without effort.

Recover Deleted Instagram Messages From Connected Facebook Account

You can connect your Instagram and Facebook account as Facebook owns the Instagram app. So, if you do not get any way to get those deleted messages from Instagram, you can get them from a linked Facebook account. You can manage your Instagram DM from Facebook as well. Therefore, the steps to recover deleted Instagram messages from your connected Facebook account are below.

Step 1: Go To Facebook

Go to Facebook and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Check Your Inbox

Open your Facebook inbox from the top right corner.

Step 3: Click On Instagram Direct Icon

On the left panel, click on the ‘Instagram Direct’ icon, and you will find all the DMs here.

Retrieve Deleted Instagram Direct Messages Using A Third-Party App

If you do not find any way to retrieve your deleted Instagram direct messages, you can use different third-party apps on your Android and iOS devices. Among them, some of the apps are explained below in detail.

Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is one of the best tools to get your lost messages on Instagram. You can retrieve your Instagram contacts, photos, videos, text messages, call logs, etc. The following are the steps to recover your deleted Instagram messages on Android.

Step 1: Download Android Data Recovery

Open your PC and download Android Data Recovery software.

Step 2: Connect Your Android Device

Connect your Android device to a PC with a USB cable.

Step 3: Launch Android Data Recovery

Launch an Android Data Recovery software on your PC and choose ‘Data Recovery.’

Step 4: Enable USB Debugging 

Make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your Android device while connecting.

Step 5: Choose File Types To Scan

After your device is identified, you can find the types of data. Then select the required data to recover.

Step 6: Scan For Files

If your device is rooted, you can see two options ‘Scan deleted files’ and ‘Scan for all files.’ Choose the option.

Step 7: Tap On Next

Then tap on the ‘Next’ button on the bottom right to continue the process.

Step 8: Preview Lost Data

After some time, you can preview recovered data one by one.

Step 9: Tap On Recover

Check the items you want and tap on ‘Recover’ to save them on your PC.

Step 10: Transfer Files

Then you can transfer the recovered file to your Android device.

FoneLab Android Data Recovery

Fonelab is another Android data recovery software to recover your deleted messages from Instagram. In addition, you can use this software to recover the data of other apps. For example, you can recover photos, videos, contacts, messages, call history, etc., from your device. Here are the steps to use FoneLab to recover your deleted Instagram messages.

Step 1: Go To FoneLab Website

Open your browser and go to the official page of FoneLab.

Step 2: Download FoneLab For Android

Download ‘FoneLab For Android’ from the website.

Step 3: Install FoneLab Software

After the download completes, install the software on your PC.

Step 4: Open FoneLab Software

Then open the FoneLab software and connect your Android device to the PC.

Step 5: Enable USB Debugging

Then enable the USB debugging mode on your Android device and click on ‘Ok.’

Step 6: Select Messages

Then select ‘Messages’ and other required options to recover.

Step 7: Click On ‘Next’

And click on the ‘Next’ button below.

Step 8: Allow Permission

Allow the app to access your information.

Step 9: Select Messages To Recover

Under the ‘Messages’ option on the left panel, you can see a list of messages. Select the messages you want to recover.

Step 10: Click On ‘Recover’

Then click on the ‘Recover’ button at the bottom. It will complete the message recovery process, and you can save it on your PC.

Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery

It is the best choice to recover your deleted Instagram messages if you are an iOS user. You can extract your data by using this software on your iOS device. So, below are the steps to use Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1: Download The Software

Download ‘Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery’ software on your iOS device.

Step 2: Choose ‘Recover Data From iOS Devices’

Connect your iOS device to PC via USB cable and choose ‘Recover Data From iOS Devices.’

Step 3: Select The Data Type

Select the data types like photos, videos, messages, and others. Then click on the ‘Scan’ button.

Step 4: Preview The File

After scanning, you can preview the files that you want to recover.

Step 5: Recover File

Select the required files and click on the ‘Recover to PC’ button.

Scam Data Recovery Tools

Along with the best data recovery tool, some scam tools may pretend to recover your deleted messages from Instagram. They look like real ones, but they are fake and can hack your Instagram account as well. You will be asked to enter your username and password, and your data will be leaked.

Reasons For Deletion Of Instagram Messages

There could be many reasons for deleting your Instagram Messages. Some of them are listed below.

Accidental Deletion

While deleting unwanted messages from your DMs, you might accidentally press the delete button of other messages as well. So, you have to read the message and press the delete button carefully.

Virus Infection

When a virus infects your device, it may corrupt your essential files and lead to the loss of your Instagram messages. So, you have to be aware while downloading files and going to different sites.

Root Failure

When you root your Android device, you can access the device’s system files. But root failure can cause messages lost on Instagram. So, do not root your device without having good knowledge about it.

Existing Infected Files

If your device already has an infected file, it may corrupt other files, including Instagram DMs. So, it would help if you scanned your device time and again to check whether your device is safe or not.

Resetting Device

You may reset your device without knowing the result. If you face any problem with your device, you should back up your device before resetting it. Otherwise, you will lose all your data on the device, including your Instagram messages.

Apart from these, there may be other reasons that may lead to the deletion of Instagram messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some frequently asked questions regarding the topic. So, below we have explained some of the related issues in brief.

What Are The Scenarios In Which You Can Recover Instagram Messages?

There are two cases in which your messages cannot be seen. Either you have deleted the messages or unsend them. If the user has deleted the message, it remains on the other side. But if the user ‘unsend’ the message, it cannot be restored because it is not available on both sides.

Can You See Deleted Messages On Instagram?

Instagram does not give the option to see the deleted messages on Instagram. You have to recover the message first to view them.

Does Deleting Or Uninstalling Instagram App Delete The Message?

No, deleting or uninstalling the Instagram app does not delete the messages. However, it will be safe until you delete them.


Thus, you can use different methods or third-party tools to recover your deleted Instagram messages on Android. Also, you need to be aware of the scam tools available online which pretend to recover your data and hack your Instagram account.

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