How To Follow Back In TikTok [2023]

How to follow back in tiktok

If you enjoy making new friends on TikTok, you might consider following back those who have recently followed you. But how can you follow back on TikTok? And what should you consider before following back?

To follow someone back, navigate to their profile page and click on the follow-back button at the center of the screen. The button will transform into “Message,” “Friends,” or “Say Hi,” signifying that you have successfully followed them back.

Each of these messages means that you have successfully followed them back. This article later describes the detailed process of following back in TikTok.

What Does Follow Back Mean On Tiktok?

Follow Back on TikTok means reciprocating a follow from someone who follows you. This is often done to connect with others, boost interactions, and grow your followers. But remember, only follow back if you genuinely enjoy their content, not just to increase your follower count.

Now, you know the Follow Back Tiktok meaning. Now, let’s deep dive into how to follow back someone on Tiktok and how we can use it to gain more engagements on Tiktok.

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How To Check If Someone Followed You On TikTok?

There are multiple methods to determine whether someone has followed you on TikTok.

Once a person follows you, a notification will be sent to your device. This information will be directly displayed on your lock screen or in the notification bar.

If, for any reason, you have disabled TikTok notifications, you can still locate them in the “Inbox” section within TikTok. This section is positioned between the “+” icon and the “Profile” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Every TikTok-related notification is stored within the “inbox” tab. You should scroll down gradually to observe those who have recently followed you.

For example, it will appear as follows: “Harry started following you.”

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How To Follow Back In TikTok?

Now that you know that “Harry” started following you. You may want to say “Hi” to him.

This is where the importance of the follow-back icon comes in, and it allows you to start the conversation.

Follow the steps given below to Follow Back anyone On TikTok:

Step 1: Open TikTok

Navigate through the phone screen and find the TikTok app.

Please tap on the TikTok icon to open it.

Step 2: Login Or Sign Up

Enter your login details on TikTok, i.e., your email and password.

You can also log in by Facebook or Google.

You can sign up if you don’t have an existing TikTok account.

Pro Tip: Make sure to make your TikTok password strong, and don’t share it with anybody else. If you have, then reset the TikTok password today.

Step 3: Go To the Inbox

As soon as you log in, you can see an Inbox option on the lower right corner of the screen.

It consists of all the latest updates on your profile.

Step 4: Look For Anyone Who Followed You

You can slowly scroll down to see who followed you recently.

For instance, it will look something like “Harry started following you” with a follow-back icon on the right.

Step 5: Click On The ‘Follow Back’ Icon

You can directly press the ‘Follow Back’ icon on the right to follow them back.

A message ‘Say Hi’ will replace the initial ‘follow back’ option.

You can also first visit their profile and follow back.

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Difference Between Followers And Friends In TikTok

Followers are individuals who track your updates. They can like your posts, comment on them, and engage.

However, they are unable to send messages or share content with you.

If you want to boost your follower count, I’ve already written an article detailing how you can gain free followers on TikTok.

Conversely, friends can interact with each other’s content, exchange messages, and tag each other in comments.

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How To Follow Back On TikTok?

For example, upon receiving a notification about a new follower, you can promptly follow them back directly from your lock screen or notification bar.

You can also perform a follow-back on TikTok by navigating to the follower’s profile.

Follow Back from the Lock Screen

Tap the notification that appeared on your lock screen, unlock your device, and you’ll be taken to their profile. Press the ‘follow back’ option, and you’re now connected as friends.

Follow Back from the Notification Bar

Swipe down the notification panel on your home screen, and tap the follower notification.

You’ll be directed to their profile; tap the ‘follow back’ option.

Follow Back from the Follower’s Profile

You can also access the follower’s profiles and follow them back from there.

Upon visiting the follower’s profile, you’ll find the Follow button below their username on the screen.

Click the button, and you’ll be following them back.

This also implies that you both are now friends.

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How To See Who Doesn’t Follow You Back On TikTok?

To keep track of your followers and those who haven’t followed you, you can take the following steps:

1. First, launch TikTok and log in. Then, go to the “Profile” option in the screen’s bottom right corner. From there, tap on the “Following” option on your profile.

2. This will display a list of users, each with either “Following” or “Friends” written to the right of their username.

3. Users with ‘Following’ or ‘Requested’ written to the right of their username have not followed you back.

4. To visit a person’s account, click on their profile picture or username anywhere on TikTok. This action will take you to their profile.

5. If you see the “Following” icon on someone’s account, you are following them, but they have not followed you back.

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How To Make Someone Follow You Back On TikTok?

Following back is a matter of personal interest for anyone on TikTok. We cannot compel someone to follow us or like our content if it isn’t compelling enough.

However, the following two approaches might assist you:

1. Craft an Appealing Bio

You can begin by writing something as simple as “Hey! I’m new on TikTok. Could you consider giving me a follow back?” in your bio.

If someone you are following visits your profile, they might read the bio and contemplate giving you a follow-back.

2. Unfollow and Follow Again

The person whom you recently followed might have missed the ‘follow notification.’

Therefore, unfollowing and following them again will trigger another notification.

This way, you can draw attention, and the user might reciprocate with a follow back.

3. Directly Ask for a Follow

You can also directly ask the person to follow you back. This straightforward approach usually works when you have an existing connection.

Individuals, you don’t know personally are less likely to follow you back, even if you request them.

4. Create Outstanding Content

Producing remarkable content is a surefire method to garner follow-backs.

If your content resonates with viewers, you will naturally witness a surge in your follower count, even from users who haven’t followed you previously.

5. Duet with Their Content

Participate in duets with their content. This will prompt them to follow you if they’re interested in seeing how you engage with their videos.

This strategy is widely recognized, and many creators employ it to gain follow-backs from other prominent creators.

By creating duets with their content, you will likely experience an uptick in follow-backs.

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Why Should You Follow Back On TikTok?

You might have wondered should I follow back on tiktok; if you do, then here is the reason why you should follow back on Tiktok:

1. Connecting on TikTok

Following back people who follow you is like being friendly on TikTok. It’s a way to make connections and friends in the TikTok world.

2. Saying Thank You

When someone follows you, they say, “Hey, I like your stuff!” Following them back is a way to say thanks and show you appreciate their support.

3. Seeing More Stuff

When you follow each other, you get to see each other’s videos on your TikTok. This can lead to more likes, comments, and shares. More people interacting with your videos means more people noticing your stuff on TikTok.

4. Growing Together

Following back is a natural way to get more followers. When you follow someone, they might follow you back. It’s like making new friends.

5. Finding Common Ground

Following people who make similar videos to you helps you connect with others who like the same stuff. This can help your profile become more popular and let more people see your videos.

6. Real Connections Count:

Only follow back people you really want to connect with. Don’t just follow a bunch of people to have a big number of followers. It’s about making real connections.

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How To Auto Follow Back On TikTok

There is no such thing as auto-follow back in TikTok. But you can make the following process a lot easier by going to the “Profile” icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can then open the “follower” option on the screen. A list of followers appears on the screen, and you can swiftly tap the follow back option on the right while you scroll downwards to make the following process much faster.

You can try some tap-app to follow back faster; here is a nice example for you:


Auto follow guna apps #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #follow #fypシ゚viral

♬ Dance Geter – BkuCucu🎭 – VaGoo🐣

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How To Follow Or Unfollow Someone On TikTok?

When you see good content on TikTok, you wish to see some more of that good stuff in the upcoming days.

This is the main reason why you should follow a user.

How To Follow Someone In TikTok?

The following someone comprises of following steps.

Step 1: Open TikTok

Locate the TikTok app on your phone and open it.

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

You need to log in to your TikTok account to begin.

Additionally, you can also sign up using your Google or Facebook account.

Step 3: Tap the ‘+’ Icon Below the Profile Picture

If you wish to directly follow a user from the ‘For You’ page, tap the small ‘+’ icon below the circular profile picture on the right. The button will change to a checkmark and then disappear. This signifies that you have successfully followed the creator.

If you want to follow someone on TikTok, tap on their profile picture or name. This will take you to their profile page, where you can find the ‘Follow’ tab on the screen. Tap it to follow the creator.

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How To Unfollow Someone In TikTok?

You may not immediately see the ‘unfollow’ option on someone’s profile page, which can make unfollowing a somewhat challenging process. You can unfollow someone either by visiting their profile or from the ‘Following’ section in your own profile.

Below are the steps to unfollow someone using the ‘Following’ section on your profile page:

Step 1: Open TikTok

Locate the TikTok icon on your device and open the app.

If you can’t find it, go to the app store or Play Store to download the application first.

Step 2: Log In or Sign Up

Enter your login details or sign up with your Facebook or Google account to get started.

Step 3: Go to Profile

You’ll find a profile menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap on it, and you’ll be directed to your profile page.

Step 4: Open the ‘Following’ Section

Your profile has a ‘Following’ section displaying the number of people you follow.

Tap on the ‘Following’ option.

Step 5: Unfollow

This page will show a list of users you follow. You will see either ‘Following’ or ‘Friend’ next to each profile. Click on the ‘Following’ or ‘Friend’ text to unfollow them.

You can also unfollow a friend by tapping on their profile picture or username, visiting their profile, and tapping the ‘Friends’ logo located beside the message option.

If you want to hide the followings, I have written a quick guide on hiding the following list on TikTok.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Other people on the internet also searched for the following questions related to following and getting a follow back.

Should I Follow Back In TikTok?

You should follow back with someone if you personally know them in the real world or if you want to chat with each other. Following back will also make their videos show up on your for-you page. If you don’t want any further interaction with the user, you must not follow back. Your followers can still see the videos you post and join your Livestream.

What Happens When You Unfollow Someone On TikTok?

When you unfollow someone on TikTok, you will not see their videos anymore on your For-You page or the following page. You cannot send them messages, share anything or mention them in any comment. Unlike, following unfollowing won’t send them any notifications. They can only know this once they visit your profile.

How To See Who You Are Following In TikTok?

In order to see who you are currently following on TikTok, you must visit your profile page. You can do so by touching the ‘profile’ icon on the screen’s bottom right corner. Next, touch the ‘Following’ option on your profile. You can now see a list of people that you are following at the moment.

If You Follow Someone On TikTok, Will They Know?

Yes, TikTok will send a notification to someone whom you have recently followed. If they have disabled notifications, they can access them later from the inbox tab within the app. They will see your username and can visit your profile by clicking on the same notification.


In a nutshell, following back can enhance your likability and approachability within your TikTok follower community. Its functionality resembles the ‘Friends’ status on other social media platforms.

Although following back may be simple and enjoyable, especially during your initial days, it doesn’t guarantee substantial growth. Your profile could become inundated with unwarranted notifications and messages, potentially causing you to overlook important ones.

Prominent creators often avoid following too many individuals due to the same rationale; however, doing so in your early stages can be advantageous.

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