How Many Reports It Takes To Delete Instagram Posts

Instagram has become a staple in the lives of the average internet user. However, as we scroll through social media and consume the content there, we come across some posts or content that are not appropriate. In such cases, Instagram provides its users the right to report posts and send them to review. Here, we look into how many reports it takes to delete Instagram posts.

A few requirements will cause Instagram to remove a post once you’ve reported. The Instagram team reviews the violation under which the report is made after several reports from the same post. So, instead of thinking that reporting a post a lot of times will ensure it gets deleted, it’s essential to know the violations the post is making.

What Does It Mean To Report An Instagram Post

An Instagram post report is a feature that is built in the application itself. When reposting an Instagram post, you are provided with a set of categories based on which you can report the post. This list consists of all the guidelines that Instagram content adheres to and users cannot violate. So by reporting a user reporting an account, you’re letting Instagram know their guidelines are violated through the content on the page.

Why Report An Instagram Post

There can be multiple reasons you report an Instagram post, but the most basic reason is if the content violates the guidelines provided by Instagram. You need to be mindful that Instagram does not consider personal beliefs and opinions to delete a post. However, there are instances when a personal belief of one user can be hurtful or harmful to another, as Instagram is a multicultural and dimensional platform. Hence, report an account in the right category you deem fit as per the guidelines that Instagram already has set when you use the application.

The Requirements For A Reported Post To Be Deleted On Instagram

As we look into the actual action to report a post on Instagram, Instagram has a list of subcategories on the ‘Report’ list. Each category is a violation of the community guidelines that Instagram adheres to when letting users post content on the application.

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When you report a post on Instagram, you can go ahead and block the Instagram user if their content is not acceptable to you.

Report Spam Content

The first category includes reposting spam content. You can report any content posted for the sole purpose of clogging the content space on Instagram under this category.

Nudity Or Sexual Activity

Instagram does not allow extreme shows of nudity or sexual activity. Any form of art or self-expression is not considered within the category, but extreme cases of inappropriate showcases are considered a violation.

Hate Speech Or Symbols

Any form of hate speech or symbols directed as a form of cyberbullying or harassment is another violation on Instagram.

False Information

Next, the spreading of false information, especially related to health, is considered a violation too.

I Just Don’t Like It.

Then, Instagram also lets the user report content if they don’t personally like it. In such cases, Instagram gives you the option to block or restrict the user if you do not wish to see their content.

Bullying Or Harassment

Instagram also deletes posts that bully or harass any individual, collective, or organization.

Scam Or Fraud

If the information provided on the Instagram post is a scam or fraud, the post violates Instagram guidelines.

Violence Or Dangerous Organizations

Any information or content directed to show violence or is in regards to a dangerous organization, including mobs and cartels – is all a violation.

Intellectual Property Violation

Copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial design, and trade secrets all fall under the category of intellectual property. Therefore, if the post consists of violations of any of these categories, it goes against the community guidelines on Instagram.

Sale Of Illegal Or Regulated Goods

Instagram prohibits the sale of any illegal items or regulated goods as content on the application. These items are considered in terms of international listings of illegal and regulated commodities.

Suicide Or Self Injury

In case of content that hints at suicide or shows self-injury is also removed on Instagram. However, Instagram urges users to notify local authorities in such cases, so it helps with preventing any harm to an individual.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are another sensitive topic that is a trigger or harmful behavior. Therefore, content pointing to or instigating eating disorders is not acceptable.

Something Else

Instagram will show a text field where you can type out any other reason such as animal abuse, abuse, or even personal bullying that are violations. The main reason for this option is to make Instagram a safe space for interactions and posting for all users on the application.

How Many Reports To Delete An Instagram Post

Once you report a post, users may be curious about how long it takes for Instagram to review the post and how many times you need to report a post. Once you report a post on Instagram, the notification is sent for review to the Instagram team. After that, however, it requires 3 to 4 reports for Instagram to delete the post to maintain a safe space for other users to interact in.

How To Report A Post On Instagram

Now that you know the requirements and subcategories to report a post on Instagram, the following is how a user can report a post on Instagram.

Step 1:Launch Instagram On Your Device

First, launch Instagram on your device. Then, tap on the text field on the login landing page and type in your username and password to log in. Instagram will then open to the homepage of your account.

Step 2: Go To The Post You Wish To Report

On the home page, go to the post you want to report.

Step 3: Tap On The Three Dots

On the post, tap on the three horizontal dots on the top right corner of the post.

Step 4: Tap On ‘Report’

In the dialog box that opens up, choose the ‘Report’ option.

Step 5: Choose The Category To Report In

A new dialog box will open up with the category in which you are reporting the post. First, choose the appropriate category you see the post violates. You will see a notification in place of the post how you will not see the post anymore on your feed.

Report Post Multiple Times

If you want the post removed as soon as possible and want to report it again, it is possible. For this, follow the given steps.

Step 1: Follow The Above Steps To ‘Report’

Follow the steps above to the option to report a post. The final action will be when Instagram removes the post from your feed.

Step 2: Tap On ‘View Post’

On the post, you will see a message disclosed showing how Instagram removes the post for your convenience. You can then choose the ‘View Post’ option to see the post again.

Step 3: Report The Post Again

Then, follow the same steps to report the account again. You can even choose a different category to send to review to the Instagram team.

What Happens After You Report A Post On Instagram

When you report a post on Instagram, it will notify the Instagram review team, and Instagram flags the post for inappropriate content. If the review team concludes the post goes against the community guidelines, then Instagram deletes the post.

When you report a user or the post of the user, the report always remains anonymous. Therefore, users will not see who reported them but will notify them once Instagram removes the post. So, you can know how many reports it takes to remove a post on Instagram and follow the guidelines to ensure that Instagram deletes the post.

How Long Does It Take A Reported Post To Be Removed

Once you report a post, within the time frame it requires to review the post, Instagram will remove it within 30 days of the overall report. Usually, the Instagram review team removes the post after reporting up to 3 to 4 times, respectively. However, there are instances where Instagram reviews some posts within hours, a couple weeks or a month of the report.

Can You Report A Post Multiple Times From The Same Account

Once you report a post, Instagram will remove the post from your feed. However, you can choose the ‘View Post’ option to see it again. As mentioned in the steps above, you can follow the same process to report the account. Similarly, you can also report a post for multiple offenses under the categories of violations of the Instagram community guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on how many reports it takes to delete Instagram posts are below.

Does Mass Reporting Work On Instagram

Users mass repost when an individual notifies a group to report a post or account on Instagram. This sends a flood of reviews to the Instagram review center for reports. In such a case, the reporting process is the same as for a single report, but there is a chance the review center looks into such an issue earlier.


In conclusion, the process of reporting a post on Instagram is simple. The action to post the report will cause Instagram to delete the post after 3 to 4 reports on the post. So, look into the category the post violates against the Instagram community guideline and send it to report.

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