How to Fix Windows 10 Internet Connection Issues 2022 [Proper Troubleshooting Guide]

How to Fix Windows 10 Internet Connection Issues

Just two decades ago, only one percent of the world’s population had access to the Internet. But now nearly more than 4.4 billion people are using the Internet – that’s nearly half of the world population. The Internet became one of the most essential parts of our life, which helps to connect all around the world. On the one hand, it makes our daily life a lot easier but on the other hand, also gives sometimes an irritating situation because of the connection issues. So are you having trouble with your Windows 10 internet connection or simply on your laptop? I know that the most frustrating thing to see when you have an important task to finish. Happen to me a lot, but not anymore because I use these helpful tips to fix windows 10 internet connection issues.

Normally the internet issues occur because of the router, which may not properly connect with your modem. A router helps to handles all the network connections between the devices in your house. So basically, if your router fails to supply the connection, then you may see no internet access but connected, not connected secured, or other connection issues.

Besides, there are also other different reasons that don’t let your Windows 10 connect to the Internet. Not only because of the router problem but some other internal issues in your PC also the cause of not internet connection error. Now, let’s see what those errors or reasons that you cannot connect to the Internet, and after that, we will fix those issues with the correct solution.

It might be difficult for you to find the exact core point for your internet issues, but don’t worry, you came into the right article. After reading through this whole article, you will again back online in no time.

So let’s get started!

Reasons for Internet Connection Issues

The reason behind the internet connection issues or any other networking issues is caused by either your PC/laptop, wireless router, or ISP.

If we talk about the router side, most of the connection problems occur due to outdated hardware, damaged cables, irregular signal strength, or too many connections simultaneously (but it’s a rare condition). So it’s a good idea to once check your router infrastructure to make sure they are in good condition. Besides, if you find any problem, then you can contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Now, if we take our router on one side, then your device like PC and laptop is also the reason for internet connection issues. Some of the time, when your network adaptor or a Windows firewall is outdated, then it causes internet issues. Besides, a change in your PC network IP address also leads to no internet connection. That’s because your router sends the data package to the IP address, which was configured in your PC. So if your router cannot determine the new IP, then the packet cannot be delivered to the destination network, result in the failure of the internet connection.

Likewise, internet connection issues can also be caused by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). So if the issue is from the ISP, then it’s beyond your control. You don’t have any other option but to wait until your ISP itself fix the problem.

How to Fix Windows 10 Internet Connection Issues | Solve Windows 10 Network Problem

Okay, now, you know the reasons behind the internet connection issues. So let’s move to tackle the issues with the help of down below helpful tips or methods. First, we start with the simple troubleshooting steps, and afterward, we move to the more advanced solutions.

The reason behind why start with the simple method is – sometimes your internet connection issues can be solved just with the simple troubleshooter, so you don’t have to move to other advanced steps.

Now, let’s move from the first steps or tips to fix your internet connection issues in Windows 10.

Check Your Home Router 

This is the very first step to do if your Internet is not working on your PC. Checking your router means that you can sure the internet connection issues are not from your router.

All you have to do is restart your router or modem. To do so, pull out the power plug from your router/modem device and wait for certain minutes (2 or 4 minutes). After that, plug in the cable which you have removed and let it automatically boot up. So wait for a couple of minutes until both of the devices are ready and working correctly.

Now, if there are any background issues that prevent the flow of internet connection, then this process helps to reset them all. In other words, it will flush out all the content from your router memory.

However, if your internet connection issues are still not fixed, then move to the next steps down below.

Start With Windows Network Troubleshooter 

fix windows 10 internet connection issues


The next tip to fix the internet connection issues in Windows 10 is to run your network troubleshooter. What this does is find/address your network-related issues in your PC, so you can fix them.

Note: Network troubleshooter works if you are only having in your Windows 10 PC. This means if your internet connection issues affect other multiple devices, then it won’t help them to fix them.

Okay, now let’s get started.

  1. Go to the Windows search bar located on the bottom left side.
  2. Now, type Network Status and open the settings by clicking on it.
  3. After that, click on the Network troubleshooter and follow the steps to rectify the issues.
  4. Once the diagnosis is complete, then it will show you the errors. To solve the listed error and see whether your internet connection issue is solved or not.

The troubleshooter method may not be completely useful to fix the internet connection issues in all computers. But it can fix the problem in some Windows 10 PC. It depends on your connection issues.

So if the troubleshooter method doesn’t work for you, then we still have other advanced helpful tips down below.

Restart Your Network Adapter 

windows 10 device manager

Your network adapter is also another cause of internet connection in your Windows 10. If the Windows network adapter is not working properly, then you can face the problem on the Internet. So restarting your network adapter or network card helps to solve the problem.

To restart your network adapter, just follow the simple steps down below.

  1. On the Windows search bar, which is located on the bottom left side, type the Device Manager.
  2. Now, open your device manager and search for the Network Adapter.
  3. Once you find it, expand the network adapter and check whether you have a yellow exclamation sign or not beside your network adapter. If you didn’t find the sign, then your network card is working properly, but if you find the exclamation sign, then you are having a problem with your network card.
  4. So, to solve the problem, right-click on the network driver and choose the Disable device option.
  5. After that, wait for a couple of minutes and then enable the device.
  6. Now check your internet connection, whether it is solved or not.

Besides, after following the above procedure, if the yellow exclamations sign still there, then it’s a problem with your Network card. You don’t have another option either to restart your PC or show it to the professional computer technician to fix the network card.

Update the Network Adapter or Drivers

fix windows 10 internet connection issues

This is another step you can also take before taking your PC to the computer technician. What I mean is to update your Network adapter or driver. Sometimes old or outdated drivers can be the cause of the internet connection.

Why do you need to update the driver? That’s because the computer driver helps to provide information about the interaction between your OS and your PC hardware. If your computer hardware is not properly communicating with your Windows Operating System, then there might be a problem.

So the updated computer drivers are important to send and receive the correct data from the hardware devices. Now let’s move to update your Windows 10 drives to fix the internet connection issues.

  1. Open the Device Manager and search for Network Adapter.
  2. After that, right-click and choose the Update Driver option.
  3. Now, select one of the options either Search automatically for the updated driver software or Browse my computer for driver software.
  4. If you don’t have updated installed software, then choose the first option; otherwise, choose the second one.

After some time, your Windows 10 PC will update the new driver according to your chosen option.

[[Alternative Option]]

You can also use third-party software to update your drivers on your Windows 10 computer. For that, I recommend the Driver Easy software for the latest driver.

Driver easy is the free tool that easily updates your old Windows 10 drivers. It automatically searches for the outdated drivers in your PC and asks you to update it. You can either let the driver easy to automatically update the driver or you can do it manually according to your needs.   

Check Your IP Address

There’s a high possibility that your PC is connected to your router but still not have an internet connection. That’s because your router is getting trouble connecting with your PC IP address. If there is no valid public IP address in your network, then the router cannot send the data packet, resulting in no internet connection.

So you have to change your IP address to the public, where it will be easier for your router to connect. You might have a static IP address in your PC network, and sometimes the router won’t allow that IP address and can’t be able to send the data packet.

Now, let’s move to the simple steps where you can change your IP address of Windows 10.

  1. On Windows search bar and type Network and Internet.
    fix windows 10 internet connection issues
  2. Click on the Network and Sharing Center, which opens the internet settings.
    network sharing
  3. Now, right-click on your Wi-Fi and choose the properties option. It depends on your internet connection – if you have an Ethernet, then you that one.
    wifi properties
  4. Here scroll down and click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select the properties option.
    TCP/IP protocol
  5. Now, mark on both Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically. Once done, click on the OK button.
    obtain IP

Now your router will automatically assign the IP address. So check the internet connection, whether it’s working or not, by changing the IP address.  

Reset Your TCP/IP Protocol

reset TCP/IP protocol

TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is the communication protocol that helps to connect the PC network devices on the internet. They are also used to specify how the data are exchanged within the server.

When you reset your TCP/IP, then it will rewrite all the essential keys into the registry and remove the corrupted keys. So basically, it might help to fix the internet connection issues in Windows 10.

We will use Command Prompt (CMD) to reset the TCP/IP in the PC.

  1. Open the CMD as run as administrator from the Windows search bar.
  2. Once you inside the CMD, type netsh int ip reset and then hit enter.
  3. After that, wait for a couple of minutes to complete, and once done, exit the CMD.
  4. Finally, restart your computer and check your internet connection.

Reset DNS Settings

reset DNS settings

DNS (Domain Name System) is the name for the system of the computer or other services. They are connected to the internet to helps internet users discover the websites. So by resetting the DNS, it might fix the internet connection issues.

  1. Once again, open the CMD as run as administrator.
  2. After that, type ipconfig /flushdns and then press enter.
  3. Wait for a minute to let it complete the process.
  4. Once it successfully completes, restart your computer and see whether it solves your internet connection.

Turn Off Windows Firewalls

Your computer firewall also another cause of the internet connection in your Windows 10. It prevents your computer from getting back online or have an internet connection.

It usually happens when the firewall blocks the unwanted network traffic from entering your PC and blocks the genuine traffic. Likewise, if you also have two different firewalls on your PC, then the conflict can occur between them; the result blocks the internet traffic.

So, the only way solution is to disable the firewall for a certain time (temporarily) and see whether the internet connection is solved or not.

To do so, follow the procedure down below.

  1. Open the Windows Defender Firewall from the search bar.
  2. After that, select the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off option from the left side.
    fix windows 10 internet connection issues
  3. Now, turn off both private and public network settings firewall.
  4. Finally, click on the OK button once done.
    disable windows 10 firewall

Use Network Reset

windows 10 network reset

Resetting your network is the last option if your internet connection still won’t work in Windows 10 after implementing all the above methods. Network reset will erase all your saved data and take it back to its default settings.

More>> How to Easily Reset Network Settings in Windows 10

Follow the few simple steps down below.

  1. Go to the Windows search bar and then type Network Reset.
  2. This will directly open the network reset section, so you don’t have to follow other more steps.
  3. Finally, click on the Reset Now button and then OK.

Wait until it successfully completes the reset process. Once it’s done again, check your internet connection. This time you might have a proper connection to your PC.

Why My Windows 10 Wifi Keeps Disconnecting?

If your internet is not working or keeps disconnecting on your PC  then the problem might lie in your device or the Wi-Fi adapter. So there you have to update your adapter driver to solve the issues. Scroll up and look at how you can update your drive on method 3.

However, if the internet itself doesn’t work in the device too then most like the issues can be with your router or the internet connection. Check your router and modem to confirm, if they are separate then restart both – otherwise, call your internet connection office to fix the issue.

Why Does My Laptop Say No Internet Access But is Connected?

Well, if your internet is connected to your laptop but shows no internet access on your Wi-Fi signal then it means your laptop is fully connected to your router but cannot connect to the internet. So check your router and modem whether they are correctly connected or not. That’s because a modem is like a bride who connects to the internet and your home router.

Besides, if you still cannot solve the internet issues then move to the above-mentioned helpful other tips to fix the internet connection.


So follow all the above-mentioned helpful tips to fix the internet connection issues in Windows 10. You may have to use either two methods or all to solve connection issues because all computers won’t solve with just the same methods.

Besides, if it’s your router problem then once try to use the USB network adapter. For that contact your ISP provider for the adapter. In some cases, corrupted Windows OS also prevents your PC from connecting to the internet. So there you have to reinstall Windows 10 but choose this option in last if other methods fail.

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