How to Deposit Money in PenFed Account [Step by Step]

Deposit Money in PenFed AccountDeposit Money in PenFed Account

PenFed is probably the best credit union for the military and government officers. It is like a secondary bank that offers deposit accounts, online savings, personal or student loans, money market certificates, credit cards, mortgages, and more. All you have to do it become a member of PenFed credit union and enjoy their services.

You can also access to PenFed online banking from where you can manage all your PenFed transactions, pay credit card bills, search nearby PenFed ATMs location, withdraw money or check from your PenFed account and also deposit money in PenFed account.

If you don’t want to travel or visit the PenFed branches or office each and every time to deposit money then you can easily do it from PenFed online mobile banking or saving.

In this article, today we will learn to deposit checks or money to PenFed account by mobile, mail, and direct visit. You can pick any of the options which you feel the most comfortable with.

So, let’s get started.

Does PenFed Have a Debit Card?

Yes, PenFed offers a debit card to its all members.

If you’ve joined the Pentagon Federal credit union and also have a good saving account then you can request or apply for a debit card. Simply fill up a PenFed Debit card or ATM form and request for your new PenFed debit card.

Once you applied for the PenFed credit debit card then it will arrive at you within 6 to 7 business days. But remember, you must have a saving or deposit account on PenFed credit union to use its debit card. Anyone can open a PenFed account as long as you are a citizen of the U.S.

In order to use a debit card (which is used for ATM) of PenFed credit union, you must have a balance in your saving account. If you don’t have enough money in your account then how will you withdraw or use it, isn’t it?

So, learn to deposit money to your PenFed account in the next topic down below.

How to Deposit Check to PenFed Through Mobile?

You can easily deposit money or check to your PenFed account through online mobile banking. All you have to do it register or open a PenFed online banking service and activate your account so that you can do your PenFed work through online.

You can use the PenFed online banking service from the PenFed website but there is no such option to deposit money or check. It is because you have to submit or show a screenshot of your check to PenFed so that they will collect your account number and the selected amount.

So, you have to use the PenFed online mobile banking to deposit the check or money. Now, let’s see how you can deposit a check to Penfed online.

Note: This process is for electronic deposit only which is from online.

Download PenFed Mobile App on Android

Download PenFed Mobile App on iPhone

Open PenFed App

First of all, download the PenFed credit union mobile app in your device from the above link. Then after, install and open the PenFed app.

Provide Login Credentials

Now, login to your account using your PenFed credit union username and password. You will receive your PenFed login credentials when you register for PenFed online banking. If you still haven’t created online accounts on PenFed then do it right now; otherwise, you can’t complete the further process.

Tap on Three horizontal Lines

After accessing your PenFed online mobile banking account then tap on three horizontal lines from the upper left corner of the screen. It will takes you to your PenFed account settings from where you can deposit & transfer the money, check the statements, pay bills, view their products, and customize your PenFed online mobile banking account.

Select Deposit & Transfers

Now, tap on Deposit & Transfer in order to deposit check to your PenFed account. You can also transfer your PenFed account money to other banks or credit unions from your mobile device.

Tap on Make Deposit

After that, select Make Deposit so that you can finally start the process to submit your check to PenFed.

Select the Account

Next, select your account type such as Access America or Money market savings or Regular savings or Premium online savings.

Choose the right account on where you want to deposit money or check. Once your deposit your money to your selected account then you can’t undo the process. So, pick the right PenFed account.

Enter the Deposit Amount

After selecting an account then enter the deposit amount which is listed on the check (cheque). You must type the exact same amount which was written on the check to avoid fail deposit process.

Take Photo of your Check

Now, take a screenshot of your check both front and back. You must show the complete picture of the available check so that PenFed can ensure that you are not doing any fraud.

So, take your time and take a complete photo of your check. You can also few tips to take a reliable checks photo for depositing money from mobile.

Tap on Deposit Check

Finally, check the photo which you have taken of your check carefully and if everything is fine and correct then tap on the Deposit check button.

How to Deposit Check to PenFed by Mail?

If you don’t have access to PenFed online mobile banking service and you want to deposit the check to your account then you can also send it by mail.

PenFed credit union also accepts the check deposit by mail if their members don’t use mobile banking. There are many retired soldiers and government officers or citizens who don’t know how to use mobile banking. So, it will be quite helpful for them to deposit money in the PenFed account through the mail.

Now, to deposit a check to your PenFed account by mail, simply follow the following Addresses.

Address 1

Box 1400

Alexandria, VA 22313-2000

Address 2

Box 247009

Omaha, NE 68124-7009

PenFed Credit Union Routing Number (#356078446)

PenFed Credit Union Swift Code (It doesn’t have any Swift code so you have to call member services at 800-247-5626)

How to Deposit Cash into PenFed?

If you have cash instead of a check which you want to deposit to your PenFed credit union account then you have to visit the PenFed nearby branches.

You can’t use mobile banking either the mail to send or deposit cash to PenFed so you only have one option which is to visit the PenFed branches. Fill out the cash deposit form, submit your amount and it will be directly transferred or deposit into your PenFed account.

If are traveling far from the home and don’t know the nearby branches of PenFed credit union then visit the page through a browser. There enable your current location on your mobile device and PenFed will automatically track your current location and show it’s nearby all branches.

Just select the suitable PenFed branch which is closer to you and deposit your cash into your account.

How to Get PenFed Direct Deposit Form?

If you’ve taken a loan from your friends or any office member who is a member of PenFed credit union then you can directly pay your loan with interest to their account.

You don’t have to visit them by person to pay your loan. Simply ask their PenFed account number, account type, and their name. After that fill out the PenFed direct deposit form and pay your loan.

And please do submit the direct deposit form in working and business hours.

Visit the below link to access the form.

PenFed Direct Deposit Form


It is easy to deposit money in PenFed account once you become a member of the PenFed credit union. You can choose any deposit methods either by online mobile banking or by mail or by cash directly visiting to the nearby branches.

But I will recommend all the PenFed members to use the mobile banking service of PenFed. It is a more reliable, safe, and easy method to deposit check as well as access other entire PenFed services.

If you have any queries related to PenFed then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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