PenFed Online Banking Registration [Pentagon Online Banking]

PenFed Online Banking Registration

If you are from a military background or a government officers or just a normal citizen of U.S then you can join the PenFed credit union for the best online saving or banking. PenFed is probably the perfect checking, share certificate, and saving credit union. It allows you to enjoy their various services which you can normally find in a bank.

To access the online banking service of the PenFed credit union, first, you have to join the Pentagon federal credit unionYou don’t need to be from the military or other government employee; if you live in the United State then you can easily apply for the membership. 

After joining the PenFed then you can access it online saving or banking services from your mobile device or PC. In this article, today we will learn about the PenFed Online banking registration process and other overall requirements to access the PenFed online service.

So, without any delay, let’s move on.

What is Pentagon Federal Credit Union?

PenFed which is known as (Pentagon Federal Credit Union) is the second-largest credit union company in the United State. It was established in 1935 with the original headquarters in McLean, Va. When it was first introduced then it only serves military background or government officers. But later on, PenFed was also made public for people who are interested to become their members.

It has now more than 2 million members in the PenFed credit union with an estimated $26 billion in assets. There are over 48 branches all over the United State providing their services to its users.

Pentagon federal credit union provides a wide range of services such as deposit account, personal loans, money market-saving accounts, credit cards, purchase mortgages, student loans, insurance, auto loans, financial advisors, home equity lines of credit.

PenFed is also best for online banking. It offers a saving account with just a minimum deposit of $5. If you don’t have enough money but want to become a member of PenFed then you can still join them. It also had perfect APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on online banking or saving. More, you can earn pretty much good interest on the checking account.

Another best part of the PenFed credit union is their credit card service. You can use the credit card of PenFed with no annual fee at all. It even provides a 0% balance transfer for new accounts for 12 months of the account opening. Members of the PenFed can also choose low annual percentage rate (APR), rewards as well as cashback based on their needs. Till now, PenFed offers four categories of credit cards such as,

  • Power Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card (No Annual Fee)
  • PenFed Pathfinder Rewards Visa Signature Card ($95 Annual Fee)
  • Platinum Rewards Visa Signature Card (No Annual Fee)
  • Gold Visa Card (No Annual fee)

How to Register to PenFed Online Banking?

Opening an online account on PenFed is a simple task which you can complete within few minutes if you have the correct information. You must provide your membership number or social security number (SSN) which you have given during joining the PenFed credit union.

PenFed online banking or saving can be accessed from both PC and mobile devices. If you don’t own a laptop or it is hard for you to use the online banking of PenFed on PC then you can download the mobile app called “PenFed.” The PenFed Mobile banking is, even more, easier and faster to access all the features that PenFed provides to its users.

Download PenFed on Android

Download PenFed on iPhone

Note: While creating a PenFed online banking account on a browser, make sure that you don’t stick on the same PenFed registration page for too long. There is a time limit (Session) on the PenFed online banking registration or membership page. So, if you stay on one registration page for like 10-20 minutes then it will automatically refresh or redirect the page to the default. You have to start once again from the beginning.

Open the Browser

First of all, open your browser whichever you are using right now in your device. You can use any browser you want like chrome, firefox, opera, and safari.

It will be even better and easier if you complete the PenFed online banking registration or sign-up process from your PC. If you go with a mobile device then you will find little be difficult.

Visit PenFed Website

Now, type and hit enter in the search bar from the top. It will redirect or take you to the official website of the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

From there, you can get every information about the PenFed online banking registration, membership registration, mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, saving account, home equity, certificates, personal loans, and more.

Click on Login

Once you are in the homepage of PenFed then click on Login option from the upper right side. If you already a member of PenFed credit union or you have access to its online banking the simply provide your username and password and access your PenFed account.

But, you are creating a new online banking account of PenFed, so move to the next step.

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Select Create an Online Account

Now, click on Create an Online Account option under the First time logging in section. It will redirect you to the online banking registration page of PenFed.

They take their online security seriously so you don’t have to worry about your membership login information.

Select Let’s Get Started

Once you are ready to create a PenFed online banking account then click on Let’s get started green option.

Enter Member Name or SSN

Now you have to verify yourself to the PenFed so that it will be easier for PenFed to identify you that you are an actual member of PenFed, not a fake one.

So, provide your PenFed member number or an SSN/ITIN which you’ve received after joining a PenFed credit union.

You can find your member number on the first page of your PenFed credit union consolidated statement on the top side. Also, remember that your member number is also your regular share account number if you’ve one. So, if just remove “-01-x” at the end of your PenFed share account number, and there you have your member number of PenFed.

Enter Date of Birth

After completing the above step then now type Date of birth in the required field. It will be even easier if you provide the exact same date of birth that you have provided while joining to PenFed. In case, you can’t remember it then it’s also fine, you can use other.

Click on Continue

Now, select the Continue button for the further step to complete the PenFed online banking registration process.

Provide Username and Password

Next, type the username which you want to add in your PenFed online banking account. You can use any name or the one which are using in the PenFed main membership account. Just remember, your username and date of birth so that it will be easier to reset or retrieve back your account in case you forget your password.

After that, type a password to secure your account from an unauthorized person.

Create PenFed Online Account

Finally, follow the further process and create an online banking account of PenFed credit union.

Who Qualifies to Use PenFed Credit Union Online Banking?

If you are a member of the Pentagon Federal credit union then you can easily access its online banking service. You don’t need any documentation or anything else, simply use your member number or ID and request for the online banking service.

Once your created an online saving account of PenFed then you can deposit the money, withdraw the funds from PenFed or transfer the fund to another bank, check your monthly statement, search for the nearby ATM’s machine or other location where PenFed ATM is available, and more.

But don’t forget that, in order to qualify for the PenFed membership, you must be a permanent citizen or currently living in the U.S. You also need your government citizenship or ID to apply for PenFed membership. If you are below 18 then you also can’t join the PenFed credit union membership.


Even though you are not a military or government person, you can apply for the PenFed credit union membership. After that, register to PenFed online banking so that you can easily access its service through your device.

In case, you find any issue while creating an account then you can easily get help from the PenFed customer service number (1-800-247-5626) from Monday to Friday.

If you have any queries related to PenFed then ask them in the comment section down below.

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