The Ultimate Guide to Become The Best Player In COD Warzone

The Ultimate Guide to Become The Best Player In COD Warzone

Experience the intense world of Call of Duty Warzone 2.0, the ultimate multiplayer game featuring fast-paced FPS gunplay and exciting battle royale mechanics. Our comprehensive guide caters to all skill levels, from rookies to experts, and will help you become a true Warzone master and also help you to become the best player in COD Warzone. Join millions of players worldwide and embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey today!

How do I become a better player in Warzone?

Who is the #1 player in Warzone? Ben ‘Almond’ Rosendahl was the clear choice for the best Warzone player of 2022 – just ask anyone. Whether it was killing races, customs, duos, or trios, he dominated against the top players. His natural talent and game IQ were on full display all year, making him the one to watch in the coming seasons.

Other players like Aydan, Biffle, and ScummN also had impressive years, but Almond stood out as the best of the best. His example should inspire you and raise a reasonable question, how do I become a better Call of Duty player? To play better, follow the tips in this guide.

#1 Be a team player

To become the best player in COD Warzone, you must have to be a team player.

Improve your gaming experience by joining a squad. Playing with friends is great, but don’t forget that you’re part of a team. Solo play can cause issues and put you in danger. Instead, stick with your squad and strengthen the team dynamic.

As the strongest player, you can provide leadership, and your less experienced teammates can learn from you. Keep communication lines open by pinging targets, sharing the loot, and dropping together.

#2 Highlight your strengths and develop them

Learn about the different gameplay modes available in Warzone, which are centered around the number of players on each team. You can opt to play solo, in a duo, trio, or four-man squad, regardless of whether you choose to play on the main map or the smaller one.

To ensure a positive gaming experience, play to your strengths. If you prefer to fly solo, stick to that method. However, if you have a skilled teammate, consider running with them. If you are not comfortable playing in a four-man team, you may unintentionally slow them down. Find your niche and dominate the game.

#3 Learn to move faster

Discover the quickest weapons in Warzone 2.0! Our statistic guru has conducted research and found that the knife is unsurprisingly the fastest weapon for movement.

However, for those looking for alternative options, look no further than the Lachmann Sub, Kastov-74u, and Fennec 45. These standout weapons are the keys to moving at top speed around Al-Mazrah.

#4 Eliminate any delays

Your connection may be unstable or cause delays due to ping when connecting to different servers. Use VPN South Korea to eliminate lag and ensure the smoothest gaming experience. There is a Korean VPN that has a positive effect on anonymity and privacy and optimizes the connection.

This South Korean VPN is VeePN which has everything to be the perfect gaming VPN. Among other advantages, it has a free trial version.

What you need to do: VPN download free, and then VPN on and select the appropriate server. Ready! You are safe and can experiment with the servers to achieve the best level of gameplay.

#5 Master the mechanics of movement

In Warzone, your movement skills are crucial. But it’s not just about moving from one spot to another. To dominate the game, you need to master several movement mechanics, including the powerful ‘slide cancel’ technique.

This technique not only helps you evade enemy fire but also allows you to traverse open ground faster than ever. To excel in this fast-paced game, you must constantly finesse your movement, whether it’s leaping from rooftops, sliding in and out of windows, or utilizing zip lines. Remember, standing still and moving slowly are not options. Always keep your escape options in mind and keep on the move!

#6 Play aggressively where you need It

Looking for high-kill games? Combine a vehicle with a contract. Start by landing on a helicopter and taking a Bounty contract. With a target marked nearby, you can wipe out a squad in no time.

Plus, with a full squad, you can take down four targets. Keep hopping from Bounty to Bounty, and you’ll rack up the kills and earn a lot of cash. Spend your rewards at one of the many vendors on the map.

#7 Don’t be afraid to step back

When playing Call of Duty, it’s easy to get caught up in the competition and feel like you have to fight no matter what. However, sometimes the smartest move is to retreat, especially if you’re outmatched. Don’t be ashamed to regroup and come at the fight from a different angle.

For instance, imagine you’re part of a trio, and your teammates are down. The enemy is coming for you, but you have an advantage – two smoke grenades. Toss them in their direction and quickly move in the opposite direction, using slide canceling to get away from the danger zone. This could give you the chance to come back and take them out when they least expect it.

#8 Don’t ignore contracts

Maximize your financial success in Warzone by taking advantage of the various contracts available. From Bounties to Supply Runs, each serves a unique purpose for players. For a quick cash boost, start with a Scavenger contract.

Play with a full squad and have the first player land on an out-of-the-way Scavenger contract while the rest quickly land on the remaining boxes as they unlock. Within seconds, your team will have a pile of cash to use for UAVs and taking down enemies. Don’t run aimlessly – strategize with contracts for maximum success.

#9 The effect of surprise is your trump card

Don’t charge into a fight blindly. If you see an opponent through a doorway, consider alternative options instead of rushing in. You can use tactical equipment like stuns or flash grenades to your advantage or ‘fake out’ your opponent by entering through a different entry point. It’s crucial to stay unpredictable and avoid taking the most straightforward path.

Make use of the ‘re-chall’ mechanic to turn the game in your favor. When being shot at, don’t give up. Instead, take a moment to reassess and re-engage with a different tactic. Thinking like a hunter means being resourceful and finding new ways to overcome challenges.

#10 Diversification is your key to success

Adapting your techniques and tools is key to overcoming unique obstacles in each situation. A one-size-fits-all strategy just won’t cut it. Be flexible and victorious. This pertains to your actions, postures, and agreements and your selection of weapons and equipment.

Rather than relying on a single firearm, selecting the appropriate weapon for each circumstance is essential. For instance, relying solely on a sniper rifle during hand-to-hand combat may prove ineffective.

Using these tips, you can turn every situation into yours. Master every basic of the game, and who knows, you might become the Best Player in COD Warzone in 2023.


Playing Call of Duty: Warzone requires more than just good aim and reflexes. You can turn every game into a victory by following the tips above and can also become the Best player in COD Warzone.

Win in this fast-paced battle royale demands strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and an understanding of the game’s mechanics. Master these skills, and you’ll be unstoppable!

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