How To Add Music On TikTok Without Copyright?

how to add music on TikTok without copyright

TikTok has introduced a copyright policy prohibiting content infringing on any third-party intellectual property. So we must be very careful before using copyrighted content for commercial purposes on TikTok. So, how to add music on TikTok without copyright?

Quick Answer:
To add music on TikTok without copyright, you can use non-copyrighted music, use royalty-free music on TikTok or create your own sound or music on TikTok.

If you want to know further in detail about adding music on TikTok without copyright, then keep reading the article till the very end.

What Is TikTok’s Copyright Policy?

Copyright is like a virtual ownership tag for creative works. It protects the rights of creators by ensuring that others cannot use or reproduce their work without permission. Now, when it comes to TikTok, understanding copyright is crucial for creating content that respects the rights of others.

TikTok takes copyright seriously. The platform has implemented a policy to prevent users from sharing content that infringes on the intellectual property of others. This is to ensure a fair and respectful environment for all creators. Violating this policy may result in your content being taken down, so it’s essential to be aware of and follow TikTok’s guidelines.

While TikTok is widely known for its music content, its copyright policy extends beyond just tunes. It covers a range of creative works. For instance, you should avoid uploading content that includes copyrighted material without proper authorization. Additionally, be careful about using trademarked images belonging to brands without permission. Even reposting someone else’s copyrighted content can lead to policy violations.

The Best Ways To Add Music On TikTok Without Copyright

TikTok is all about expressing yourself through creative videos, and adding the right music can elevate your content. Worried about copyright issues? Fear not! Here are some foolproof ways to add music on TikTok without copyright:

1. Use Non-Copyrighted Music

When you’re making TikTok videos, add music that’s not protected by copyright. It’s like using songs that everyone can share without any problems. This makes your videos better without worrying about breaking any rules. You can find lots of places that have many songs you can use without any issues.

2. Use Royalty Free Music

Did you know TikTok has a bunch of music that you can use without any worries? It’s like a music library right inside the app, and guess what? There are a whopping 150,000 songs you can choose from without fearing copyright issues. It’s super easy – just explore TikTok’s collection and find the perfect music to make your videos awesome!

3. Create Your Music

Ever thought about making your own music for TikTok? It’s like being a mini music producer! Use special apps to create sounds that are uniquely yours. This way, you not only show off your talent but also avoid any copyright issues. Some cool apps to try are GarageBand, InShot, or even Triller. Making your music gives your videos a personal touch and makes you stand out in the TikTok crowd!

Alternative Way To Not Get Copyright On TikTok

If you’re on the lookout for a clever way to dodge copyright concerns on TikTok, here’s an awesome trick to consider. In case the music you’ve added to your video is already copyrighted, try this simple workaround during the editing process. Overlay your video with a different sound, and then lower the volume of the original music to zero. This clever trick acts as a shield, protecting your content from potential copyright issues. It’s like giving your video a new audio layer, ensuring a worry-free TikTok experience.

How To Use Copyrighted Music?

TikTok’s musical domain is vast, offering several sounds to enhance your content. While you’re free to dance to any beat for personal enjoyment or to share moments with friends and family, things take a slight turn when it comes to using copyrighted music for more commercial purposes. So, here are some ways to use copyrighted music on TikTok.

1. Personal Use

When you’re just having fun on TikTok, sharing your cool moments, or making videos for yourself and friends, feel free to use any music you like. It’s like having your own dance party, and TikTok is all about letting you express yourself. So, go ahead and pick your favorite tunes for those personal moments, and don’t worry about copyrights.

2. The Permission Process

If you want to use a copyrighted song for business on TikTok, it’s a bit like asking for permission to join a musical party. Before you make any commercial moves, reach out to the person who made the music – that could be the singer, the company that recorded the song, or someone else who owns the rights. It’s like getting a thumbs up to use their song for your business video. Without this crucial green light, your plans to use the song for business on TikTok will have to wait.

How To Get Permission To Use Copyrighted Music On TikTok?

If you want to use a specific song for your TikTok video and need permission, it’s not as hard as it sounds. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Use a Song File

To get permission, start by using a song file. It’s like the key to unlock the music you want.

Step 2. Fill Out a Form

Next, you’ll need to fill out a form with some important info. Tell them how long you plan to use the song and why you want it. It’s like a little note explaining your intentions. Don’t forget to mention your budget – how much you’re willing to spend.

Step 3. Contact Info

Then, share contact details about yourself. This part is like telling them how to reach you, just like making a new friend. Include information about the person or group who owns the song, so they know who wants to use their music.

What Happens If You Use Copyrighted Music On TikTok?

Using copyrighted music on TikTok without proper permission is like dancing on thin ice. Before you hit the beats, understand the potential consequences that may follow.

1. Removal Of Content

If you add copyrighted music on TikTok, and TikTok finds out without proper permission, they might take down your videos. It’s like the app saying, “Hey, you can’t use that music without asking first!” This means fewer people will see your videos, and it won’t be as easy for others to discover your awesome content. It’s a bit like your dance party getting cut short because you played the wrong song. So, to keep the party going, it’s essential to use music the right way on TikTok!

2. Account Restrictions

If you keep using music without permission, TikTok might put limits on your account. It’s like a gentle reminder that you need to follow the rules. These limits can affect your ability to post new videos and engage with other TikTok users. It’s similar to being told, “Hey, take a break and think about how you’re using music on TikTok.” To avoid these limits, it’s crucial to use music responsibly and respect the rights of others.

3. Legal Issues

Using music without permission can lead to serious problems. It’s like stepping into a zone where legal issues can arise. Copyright violation, which means using someone else’s music without asking, can lead to legal action. This is like being in trouble with the law, and it can have lasting effects on your online presence. You might even face penalties, which are like fines or punishments for not playing by the rules. To steer clear of this, it’s important to respect copyright and avoid legal complications on TikTok.

4. Limited Features

If you repeatedly use copyrighted music without permission, TikTok might limit your access to certain cool features. It’s like being told, “You need to play by the rules to enjoy all the fun stuff.” These restrictions can make your overall experience on TikTok less enjoyable. It’s similar to missing out on some dance moves because you didn’t follow the steps correctly. To keep enjoying all the features TikTok has to offer, make sure to use music responsibly and respect the rights of creators.

How To Edit A Video To Avoid Copyright On TikTok?

While editing an existing video or creating a new one, you must follow the copyright rules. First, ensure you have registered your work with the US copyright office. Visit this site to fill out a form and register your authentic content to avoid copyright on your TikTok.

Registering your content ensures that your rights are protected, and nobody violates your content.

How To Acknowledge A Copyrighted Song?

You must have permission from the owner to use copyrighted music on your TikTok. In addition, you must link a clear statement on your website to use this song or sound to acknowledge a copyrighted song. Credit attribution is also required to demonstrate compliance with copyright law.

The use of music in the video must be cleared by the right owner or through a license. Otherwise, you will face some severe consequences.

How To Add Music On TikTok?

Enhance your TikTok creations by adding music to your videos! Elevate your content with catchy tunes that suit your style. Whether you’re dancing, lip-syncing, or showcasing your talents, the right music can make your TikTok stand out. Dive into a world of sounds, from trending tracks to classics, and make your videos truly unforgettable.

To add music on TikTok, open the app, tap the “+” icon, record your video, hit the check mark icon, select “Add Sound,” use the search button to find the music you want, tap on the song, and finalize by tapping the scissors button. Let the music enhance your TikTok journey!

How To Mix Sounds On TikTok?

Wondering how to mix sounds on TikTok? While the app comes equipped with its video and sound editor, not every mixing task can be accomplished within it. Some sound mixing can be achieved using TikTok’s editor, but for more advanced combinations, you might need the assistance of third-party apps. Explore the extensive library of sounds available on TikTok, or add your custom sounds to infuse your videos with a unique vibe.

For a comprehensive guide on mastering the art of sound mixing on TikTok, check out our detailed article, “How To Mix Sounds On TikTok.” Discover insider tips, and step-by-step instructions, and unleash the full potential of sound blending to captivate your audience and take your TikTok content to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Can I Use Copyrighted Music If I Give Credit?

No, giving credit doesn’t grant permission. Using copyrighted music without proper authorization is still a violation of copyright laws on platforms like TikTok. Always seek permission from the copyright owner.

How Much Of A Song Can I Use Without Copyright?

The answer to this question is tricky as you can use any part of any music on TikTok, even if it is copyrighted, as long as you are not using it for commercial purposes. In addition, you can use any music on TikTok to share with your friends for entertainment.

However, if you are using someone else’s content for commercial purposes, then several fair uses allow you to use portions of the music or sound even though you dont have the permission of the owner.

How To Use Whole Sound On TikTok?

While making TikTok videos, you must have noticed that you cannot use the whole sound simultaneously. So how to fix this issue?

To use Whole Sound on TikTok, you can adjust sound using the TikTok application or use Whole Sound using other third-party applications like CapCut. You can also try using other editors for your PC or your phone. If you want to know more about this topic, we have a detailed article on how to use whole sound on TikTok.

How To Add Sounds To TikTok’s Favourite Section?

It is fairly simple to add sounds to your TikTok’s favorite section. To do so, you must first launch the TikTok application on your device and ensure you log in to your TikTok account. After that, search for the sound you want to add to your TikTok’s favorite section. Then, tap on the sound under the sound tab and add to your favorites.

You can also add to favorites using video. When you see a sound you like on a TikTok video, tap on the right corner. Here you will find the add-to favorites option. Hit this button. If you want a detailed description of how to add sounds to TikTok’s favorite section, then we have a full article on that topic.

How To Save Sound From TikTok?

While scrolling through TikTok’s FYP, sometimes, we like the music or sound used on it, and we want to save that sound on our device. But how do you do it?

You cannot save a sound directly from TikTok. But what you can do is download that video on your device using the TikTok app itself and then extract that sound using a third-party application. Although, sometimes, the save option is not available on some videos. You can also use converter websites like; Snaptik, Flixier, SSSTIK, etc.

If you want to learn more about how to save sound from TikTok, then we have a full article on that topic.

How To Find Popular Hashtags And Songs On TikTok?

Using trendy songs and hashtags will make it easier for you to get popular on TikTok. But how do you find popular hashtags and songs on TikTok?

To find popular hashtags on TikTok, you can try analyzing hashtags used in popular content; you can also try checking hashtags of your competitors on this platform, and you can also try creating your own hashtags.

To find popular songs on TikTok, you can scroll through your FYP for trendy songs on this platform.

If you want to learn more about how to find popular hashtags and songs on TikTok, then we have a full article on that topic.

How To Fix “This Sound Is Not For Commercial Use” On TikTok?

To resolve “This Sound Isn’t Licensed for Commercial Use” on TikTok, try switching to a personal account, restarting the app, or reinstalling TikTok. Experiment with using a different version of the same song or explore alternative songs from TikTok’s extensive music library. If the issue persists, consider creating your unique sound.

For a detailed guide, check out our article, “How to Fix ‘This Sound Isn’t Licensed for Commercial Use’ on TikTok?

How To Make Slideshow Photo Videos With Music On TikTok?

To make a slideshow photo video with music on TikTok, open the app, tap the plus icon, choose “Upload,” select “Image,” pick your photos, click “Next,” choose “Sounds,” search for and select your desired music, then finalize by tapping the checkmark icon – you’re ready to go!

For in-depth instructions, check our article “How To Make Slideshow Photo Videos With Music On TikTok?


Hence there are ways in which you can save yourself from getting copyrighted. For example, the article above discussed how you could even use copyrighted music by asking for permission and other alternative ways.

You can follow through with the article above and get the necessary information about copyright infringement on TikTok and how to avoid it.

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