Why Can’t I See When Someone’s Last Active On Instagram?

Why Can’t I See When Someone’s Last Active on Instagram

Do you ever wonder why you can’t see someone’s Last Active On Instagram?? Despite being a widely used feature, it is not without its share of faults and issues. This article will discuss the most frequent causes of not showing a particular person’s “Last Active” on Instagram. When it first debuted in 2018, network users received the functionality to see the active users well. But occasionally, a user’s “Activity Status” can be unavailable or concealed, as you may have noticed for yourself.

You might not be able to see someone’s last active on Instagram:
1. Users are not following you.
2. Activity Status Is Not Turned On.

3. You Have Never Direct Messaged Them
4. The 25 Conversations Rule and so on

What Does Instagram’s Last Active Feature Mean?

In January 2018, Instagram introduced the Last Active function. But unlike Facebook, this platform’s use of the last seen is restricted to the DMs section and has no impact on user profiles. As a result, their active state may also be visible inside the DMs area. When you enter your DMs section, you’ll see a section of all of your active followers, each with a green dot next to the thumbnail of their profile image.

You’ll discover the Messages section underneath this one. Every chat with an active member on the site will also have a green dot next to their profile icon. Accordingly, this is how Instagram’s Last Active feature functions in a perfect world. There are several reasons you might be unable to see someone’s Last Active status on the platform, though. To assist you in determining which scenario applies to your situation, we’ll go through these options in more detail in the following section.

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What Do You Mean By The Last Active Feature On Instagram?

In January 2018, Instagram added the Last Active function. However, this platform’s implementation of the last seen differs from Facebook’s in that it is limited to the DMs portion and has no impact on user profiles. For this reason, their active status is also visible within the DMs section itself. The If you open your DMs section, at the top of it, right below the search bar, you’ll find a section of all your active followers, with green dots under their profile picture’s thumbnail.

Below this section, you’ll find the Messages section. A green dot will also be visible under the profile icons of all the conversations with active users on the platform. So, this is how the Last Active feature works on Instagram under ideal conditions. But if you aren’t able to see someone’s Last Active status on the platform, there can be multiple possible reasons behind it. In the next section, we’ll explore these possibilities to help you figure out which one is true in your case.

Why Can’t You See When Someone’s Last Active On Instagram?

You might not be able to see someone else’s Instagram “Activity Status.” We’ll go over each one in turn below to discover why you can’t view someone’s Last Active on Instagram:

Here are all the possible reasons to see where things could have gone wrong.

They Are Not Following You

Although your options are quite limited, “Activity Status” should theoretically allow you to determine when users last used the program. To begin with, you can only see a user’s status if they follow you.

Even if someone has the functionality turned on, you won’t be able to see when they last visited the app if they aren’t one of your followers.

The Activity Status Is Not Enabled.

The “Activity Status” feature must be enabled on both ends for Instagram to display. To view another user’s online activities, you must also enable the option. You won’t see the other user’s status even if they activate the option, but you don’t.

This basically functions like WhatsApp’s “Last Seen” feature, where both parties must have the functionality turned on. Follow these instructions to make sure “Activity Status” is activated on your device:


  1. Go to your profile on the Instagram app by opening it on your phone.
  2. In the top right, tap the hamburger menu to open it.
  3. The pop-up menu will display; choose “Settings” from it.
  4. Press “Privacy” once.
  5. Locate and select the “Activity Status” option.
  6. Turn on “Show Activity Status” in the menu.


  1. From your computer, you may also activate the option.
  2. Use your browser to visit Instagram.
  3. In the top-right portion of the screen, click on your profile photo.
  4. Decide on “Settings.”
  5. From the menu on the left, choose “Privacy and Security.”
  6. Check the box next to “Show Activity Status” on the right.

You Have Never Direct Messaged Them

If you haven’t had a private discussion with a user, you may not be able to see their “Activity Status.” The only way to see their Instagram habits is to send them a Direct Message, even if you both follow each other and have the option enabled.

Only Direct message allows you to view “Activity Status.” You cannot access it by simply visiting your friend’s profile and taking a quick look at their profile photo. Go to direct message instead, look up your conversation there, and you’ll be able to tell when they were last there.

The 25 Conversations Rule

You haven’t messaged your friend on Instagram in a while. That could be why their “Activity Status” is hidden in direct mesage. The first 25 persons you’ve spoken to most recently on Instagram are the only ones who can see your “Activity Status.” If you want to find out where your friend is, send them a brand-new message. You should be able to see their “Activity Status” as long as they haven’t disabled the feature or unfollowed you in the interim.

You Have Been Restricted

If they have restricted you, you won’t be able to view someone’s “Activity Status.” Instagram users can limit bothersome profiles without unfollowing or blocking them.

Because it doesn’t involve removing them from your follower’s list, this is a more covert method of ignoring someone on the app. You won’t be able to see if someone has viewed your messages once they restrict you because their chats will be transferred to the “Message Requests” section. Additionally, this denies you the right to know when they were last online.

You Have Been Blocked

Another possibility is that the individual in issue blocked you. Oddly enough, if someone really does block you, you might still be able to view their texts in Direct message, just not the “Activity Status.” You can determine if someone has blocked you. For example, you won’t be able to view anything they publish on your feed anymore.

What To Do If You Can’t See Someone’s Last Active On Instagram?

Here are some of the suggestions that will assist you to fix the problem when you can’t see someone’s Last Active on Instagram.

Restart The Instagram App

Restart the Instagram app by closing it and reopening it on your phone. See whether the problem is resolved after that.

Reset your phone

Perform a device reset if you think there may be a short-term problem with the Instagram app. That could provide an immediate solution.

Update The App

If your Instagram app has a glitch related to “Activity Status,” an update might be able to fix it.

Reinstall the app

If none of the suggestions above work, consider doing so. Remove it from your device first, then go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download it again.

Enable the “Activity Status”

Ensure your “Activity Status” option is still active; individuals are more likely to forget stuff. Make sure you enabled the “Activity Status” as you believe you did by checking again.

Send DMs

Send a new direct message (DM) to the other person. The issue of no longer participating in their chat sessions will be resolved. Additionally, this will build a bond between you and them if you have never spoken to them.

Check Out Instagram For Computer

If you’ve followed all the instructions but are still unable to access a user’s “Activity Status,” you want to check your PC to see if you can. It’s possible that a glitch in your mobile app prevents you from viewing status updates.

See Whether You Are Blocked Or Restricted

If so, try contacting the service and asking them why. The fact that the other person is no longer listed as a follower, that their profile lacks a picture, and that you cannot comment on their posts are additional signs that your access is restricted. If the other user’s profile is blank or if you need to access it through a different profile, you can find out if you are blocked.

How To Tell When Someone Was Last Active On Instagram?

In theory, the “Activity Status” option on Instagram should display the date and time a user last used the app. Use your preferred browser to access Instagram on your PC or the mobile app to view this information. Go to your Direct Messages in the app and look for a tiny green dot in the lower right corner of a user’s profile image to get started.

In addition, by reading the information displayed beneath the username, you ought to be able to access further information. You can determine if a user is now accessible to talk by reading the texts that follow:

  • Online
  • Typing
  • Active X minutes or hours
  • Active day

When you access a user’s Direct Messages thread and glance at the top of the window beneath the username, you should also notice the user’s “Activity Status.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked common questions related to the last active on Instagram:

Is There Another Method For Tracking An Instagram User’s Activity?

Use a third-party app that informs you when a user logs into Instagram, like InstaOnline (Android | iOS). The app’s performance in our tests was uneven. The program occasionally sends false notifications; other times, it would precisely alert us when the targeted user entered the app. We don’t advocate paying for Pro; instead, try out the free version to see what it can do for you.

What Happens To Activity Status After 24 Hours?

The Activity Status is refreshed every 24 hours and displays the user’s most recent online or “Active today” time. After 8 to 24 hours of inactivity, the first choice becomes available. The Activity Status will become “Active Yesterday” following a 24-hour period. The Activity Status usually goes out of sight after 48 hours have passed.

What Should I Do If Someone Disables Their Instagram Activity Status?

Sadly, there is no reliable way to determine. If you are close to them, you might attempt to get in touch with them. If you want to be sure the feature wasn’t already disabled, you can follow the steps to ensure you weren’t blocked or restricted.


However, the “Last Active” status is essential if you want to determine whether a person is purposely avoiding your direct messages. You can also check to see if the person is on Instagram right now. However, not every user has the “Last Active” status. You know Instagram’s four excuses for hiding the “Last Active” status.

Before making any conclusions, thoroughly consider each of those aspects. Then, relying on their data, ascertain the reason why the “Last Active” status is lacking. Only then can it be verified whether the “Last Active” status is gone.

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