How To View Private Facebook Profiles?

How To view Private Facebook Profiles

Facebook allows you to connect with new people and view their profiles as long as their profiles are not private. However, encountering a private account can be frustrating because you cannot view their interaction or post content much. Luckily, I have an article on how to view private Facebook profiles. Read the below article to learn how to view a private Facebook profile.

To view a private Facebook profile,
1. Add Friends of That Person
2. Send Them a Friend Request
3. Use Social Engineering
4. Create A Fake Account
5. Hire Someone Expert

What Is A Private Facebook Profile?

A private Facebook profile is an account you cannot view without being friends. When you view a private Facebook profile, you dont see any user information and, in many cases, do not see a profile photo either. This is because the user has switched off any public-facing profile settings, making the profile not quite anonymous but certainly more private.

In earlier days, several tricks allowed at least a partial view of a private Facebook account. For instance, adding someone as a friend once granted access to that person’s Facebook page, regardless of privacy settings. However, the largest vulnerability is human connections, social engineering, weak passwords, and poor personal security.

What Does A Private Facebook Profile Look Like?

A private Facebook is the type of account that is locked. Even if it is locked, you won’t be able to see any posts or pictures of the user on their profile because of privacy settings. In a private Facebook profile, all the pictures and videos are shared with only friends. If you are not friends with the person on Facebook, you won’t be able to see the posts or pictures.

How To View Private Facebook Profile?

There are methods that you have to execute to view private Facebook profiles. Whether trying to emulate an expert in your field or looking at somebody’s private Facebook profile that you have recently met, you want to see what they are all about.

Here are some of the methods and ways to private Facebook profile,

Add Friends of That Person

The first common way to view private Facebook profiles is by adding that person’s friends to your friend list. Adding their friends to your friends’ list unveils the photos limited under the “Friends of Friends” privacy setup. This feature helps reveal the tagged photos the user shares with friends.

Ince, you add their friends, the private content shared with your friend will be visible to you as you are now a friend of their close friend. So target 4 to 5 persons and go on as you can to increase the chance to find their private content.

Send Them a Friend Request

Only friends can view somebody else’s private Facebook profile as a default setting. To get around, send the person on Facebook a friend request. Once accepted, you can see everything about their Facebook page.

You can even search the archives and look at older posts on their timeline. The issue with this approach is that you do not know how long the profile owner will take to approve your friend request.

Use Social Engineering

Like Facebook’s account privacy settings, they can be tightened or relaxed. For example, some people restrict the ability to view their profile from people who are not friends. However, they do allow access by friends.

To make this work, you must send at least one friend request to one of the target’s friends. The only downside is that the target’s friends list may be restricted, making it difficult to find mutual friends. If that’s the case, you may try sending friend requests to people that are friends with the target outside of Facebook.

Create A Fake Account

Sometimes, sending somebody a friend request to see their private profile will not work, and it will not work if you are trying to be subtle and do not want to reveal you’re true identity. So, this is why where you need to create a fake account on Facebook. All you need to do is create a fake Facebook profile and send a friend request.

Hire Someone Expert

You can hire some experts who specialize in hacking private profiles to gain information and access to the picture posted by the user on their private profile. It can help you see the posts and pictures of the user.

You should also know that you can use the method only to gain information. It is illegal to access and hack into someone’s account, and you cannot provide the information found by the hacker in court as you are using an unlawful method. If you get caught hacking, you will be punished by the law.

How To Check The Past Activity Of A Private Facebook Profile?

There are also a few sideways that you can take to check the past snapshots of a Facebook profile. Here you have a few ways,

Use The Internet Archive

If the profile was previously public, the stuff might be visible. If the Internet Archive has cached the profile, you can check the previous profile snapshot by clicking the link and selecting the date.

Use Google Search

You can Google the person’s username or full name and the result with the person’s DP. The ad, most of the locked or private profiles, have DP on them; you can easily match those and find more stuff about that person.

It does not mean you have to find the details from Facebook upload; rather than on Google, you can find all related photos of the same person from different sources and other social media platforms.

[Note: the method and tips are just for an educational guide. You would be responsible for any action that violates someone’s privacy.]

What Does Facebook Let You See On A Private Page?

There are a few things Facebook allows you to view. The idea behind this is that you must ensure that a profile belongs to the person you were looking for before sending requests. So, you can see someone’s username and profile picture if they have one. If you have mutual friends, you can see this user as well. However, you won’t see much else.

Some users opt to make their work, location, or interests public. So even if the page is private, you may see those if you are not friends with the user.

What Can You See On A Private Facebook Profile?

There are a few things that Facebook lets everybody view. The concept behind this is they need to ensure that the profile belongs to the person you are looking at before sending a request. So as an example, you can always see somebody’s profile picture and username, if they have one.

Also, you can see some private content if you have mutual friends. However, you probably are not going to see too much else. Some people choose to make their interests, location, and work public, which means that even if the page is private, you can see private information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is always something to learn about Facebook. I have some answers to your most frequently asked questions in this section.

How Is It Possible To View A Private Facebook Profile?

Facebook provides users with a feature that helps them to protect their photos and videos from circulating Facebook to everyone. Thus, Facebook had to introduce the feature which is only used to share photos among close friends and families. Now, the feature prohibits other users from seeing photos of that person.

Why Can I See Some Posts And Not Others?

If you are friends with another user, but you see some of their posts and photos but not others, it is likely they are updating their privacy for each other. For example, the user may have shared something, and a friend asked to share it too. So the user could make that one post public while leaving their account in private mode.


There are many ways to view a private Facebook account. First, you must select an effective tool that protects your data. Following the above methods, you would get access to a private Facebook account, but after you get access, the call is yours.

Then, you can better decide whether you want to revisit the information, record the information, delete the fake account and stop the activity.

I hope you enjoy reading the article.

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