How To See Your Recent Followers On Instagram?

How To See Your Recent Followers On Instagram

Whether you use Instagram for personal use or to grow your business, you might be curious about the most recent Instagram followers. You might want to see who has followed you recently and also want to know if you know the user or not. If you want to know how to see your recent followers on Instagram, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss how to see the followers list with the step-to-step guide.

Answer: To see your recent followers on Instagram, hover over to your profile first. Then tap on the followers’ option available in your profile section. After tapping on the followers’ option, the Instagram app will itself show the list of followers that have followed you in chronological order. To see the recent followers of someone else you can use third-party apps and traditional ways.

So, if you are eager to know about your recent followers and don’t know how to. Then don’t worry, I have provided all the necessary step-to-step guides in this tutorial. You will be able to filter your followers’ list and keep your profile safe and clean. Have a good read!

How To See Your Recent Instagram Followers On Instagram?

Since the latest Instagram update, you are not able to know who someone recently followed the target user as the list’s categorized based on who that person knows the most. It is very easy to see your recent followers. Instagram directly lets you the option to see followers sorted by date to view your list of followers.

To see your recent followers on Instagram, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

Firstly, open the Instagram application on your device.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Then go to your profile page by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 3: Tap On The Followers Option

Once you are inside your profile, you will see posts, followers, and following options on your profile. Tap on the “Followers” option.

You will then see a list of your most recent followers. You will see every account that has recently followed you, and they can interact with you by liking and commenting on your posts.

However, there is another method as well if you want to see recent followers on Instagram. You can go through the notification section of your Instagram profile. There you will see all the notifications who have followed you recently in order.

Also, if your profile settings are set up to private, you can see all the accounts that have requested to follow you in order. You can allow those who can follow you by approving their follow request.

How Is The Followers’ And Following Lists Organized On The Instagram App?

Your Instagram followers are listed in chronological order. You’ll find your most recent followers at the top of the list. Your first followers can be seen at the very bottom of your followers’ list (if they are still following you). The ranking of your Instagram followers does not reveal much about your interaction with one another, nor is there much to be learned from it.

On Instagram, you’ll see that your “Following” list is not organized chronologically. You might also see that the first few accounts you follow are those of your closest friends or people with whom you frequently communicate online. On Instagram, the list of your followers is chronological, but the list of people you’ve followed most recently is not.

Is It Possible To View Someone’s Instagram Recent Followers?

No, it is not possible to view someone’s recent Instagram followers directly. Instagram does not let you see other’s recent followers directly. However, Instagram gives you a direct option to see your recent followers.

As Instagram does not give you such options if you haven’t followed the other user yet. So, you will need to use various third-party apps to see other recent followers. Move on to the next part to know how you can view someone’s recent followers on Instagram.

How To See Other’s Recent Followers On Instagram?

Instagram does not let you see other’s recent followers directly. Even though there are a ton of apps that offer to help you keep track of your most recent Instagram followers, these programs can be frauds. In truth, a huge percentage of the apps you find on Google PlayStore and AppStore are designed to scam users.

However, a couple of applications allow you to see others’ recent followers on Instagram. Those applications areSnoopReport and KidsGuard Pro. They are both paid applications, and also I have mentioned Iconosquare and Follower Analyzer which are free applications to know others’ recent followers.

Also, there are traditional methods which I have mentioned below that you can try to view someone’s recent followers.


With only a few clicks, you can monitor the behavior of more than 100 Instagram profiles, and Snoopreport doesn’t just monitor followers. The software notifies you of all the Instagram actions of your target, including the most recent posts, people they have recently followed, and the Instagram activity they have liked the most.

You don’t need to download the app to your smartphone or enter your Instagram login information to view the data because the tool operates online. The program will offer you the “New Follows” list after combining the information from the target user’s most recent followers and total followers once you have entered their profile.

Naturally, Snoopreport charges a fee for these services. To gain access to the necessary data, you must select an appropriate subscription package. The cheapest option is $4.99 a month, but just two pals can be tracked. To see what it looks like, you may look at the example report on the website.

KidsGuard Pro

This one is for people who need to monitor their children’s activities or someone else’s Instagram activity, as the name would imply. Since the software will be loaded on the target’s phone, there is a chance that they will be aware that you are spying on them. It would be ideal if you could install the software and conceal it in a different folder.

Numerous tracking options are available in the program, including who the target liked, who they recently followed, those who followed them, and other Instagram actions. Verify that this software is exclusively intended for minors before using it.

This feature is fantastic if you want to monitor what your child is doing on Instagram. Adults who have it installed on their phones will likely be aware that someone is watching them. Additionally, tracking an adult’s Instagram account is prohibited in many areas. Therefore, be careful not to break any laws.


You can schedule posts with Iconosquare and track the progress of your channels and content! If you use Instagram Stories as a channel in your channel plan, you must use the analytics tool for Instagram Stories. Also, it keeps the track of your profile which includes recent followers as well.

From its humble origins as a free Instagram analytics tool, Iconosquare has come a long way. Both Facebook and Instagram are now supported. Additionally, it helps you schedule posts and manages your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Follower Analyzer

You can get relevant analytics on your Instagram followers using Follower Analyzer. You can track new followers, locate people with whom you have something in common, and check who has unfollowed you and who has not followed you back.

Also, you can see which of your followers have never liked or commented on one of your posts, as well as who has consistently done so on postings from your friends. You can view your most popular status updates, comments, and frequently tagged users with the help of the follower analyzer application.

Try Traditional Methods

So while it may appear that this method does not work, many users like myself have had success with it. Keep an eye on the other users’ postings if you want to know who the person’s most recent followers are.

Check out who has liked their Instagram posts and whether any new users have added likes and comments. You could also look at the person’s list of followers and following. There is a significant probability that you will be able to identify new followers with ease if you are familiar with the individual profile.

Select the user’s most recent three posts, then click the “like” button. Compare the list of “likes” from their earlier post to the list of persons who have liked the current post that you are checking. You could learn more about their most recent followers from this on Instagram.

Note: Additionally, there is a significant risk Instagram will restrict or ban your account if you use the apps to keep track of people. Additionally, never use any applications that request your Instagram login information since they may end up gathering your Instagram data and gaining access to your Instagram.

Does The Instagram App Display Followers In Chronological Order?

Suppose you are someone who has been using Instagram for a while now. In that case, you must have already noticed that the application displays the list of the followers in chronological order, allowing you to check and see who has recently followed someone on Instagram and who is the oldest.

The people who most recently have followed your account will be displayed at the top of the list, and the older ones will be displayed on the lower rank, depending on how long they have been following you on Instagram followers.

Additionally, Multiple account sign-ins, an endless profile analyzer, and the removal of your ads are all features of an optional premium purchase of the application.

How Can I See The People That I Recently Followed On Instagram?

The app now makes it incredibly simple to examine who you recently followed on Instagram if you’re curious. You can view the accounts you followed in the app in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest, with only a few taps.

Step 1: Open The Instagram Application

Firstly, open the Instagram application on your device.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

After opening the Instagram application, open your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. The profile icon will show your image if you have a profile picture. In the absence of a profile photo, this icon will show a person’s silhouette.

Step 3: Tap On The Following

You can see how many posts, followers, and accounts are being followed by you at the top of your profile. To view a list of all the users that you have followed, click the number above the Following option.

Step 4: Tap On The Up And Down Arrow

Two arrows pointing in opposite directions will appear as an icon in the list of following. By default, these accounts are arranged in your following list according to how you engage with them. To alter how these accounts are arranged, tap on this symbol.

Step 5: Tap On Sort By Latest Date Followed

When you tap the arrow, a “Sort by” menu ought to appear. Choose the Date followed: the latest option from the options available. Your following list will automatically sort itself so that the most recent accounts you’ve followed are at the front of the list.

In that section, you can also arrange this list such that the earliest accounts you followed are at the top. Simply press the “Following” box next to an account name in this list if you want to stop following that account.

Post consistently excellent content to gain more followers. In your posts, tag and mention other people. Encourage other users to like, share, and mention you in their posts to boost your Instagram account.

Is It Possible To See When Someone Started Following Someone Else On Instagram?

On Instagram, it can be surprisingly difficult to determine when someone began following you or another account. Although it formerly was possible to view any Instagram user’s followers list by chronological order, that function is sadly no longer available.

However, there are several other ways to discover this info. In this section, I’ll go through various popular techniques and workarounds, such as checking your push notifications and utilizing data tracking services provided by third parties.

Message The Person To Ask When They Started the Following Someone

Direct communication is sometimes the best strategy. You can always try asking them whether you truly need to know when someone started following you or someone else on Instagram.

Ask the person directly in a direct message, “Do you happen to remember when you started following this account?”

Be Cautious Of Third-party Apps And Websites

Some services say that they can scrape Instagram’s follower information. Before utilizing one of these apps or websites, read the reviews carefully. Additionally, some users claim that Instagram can flag users who allow access to these apps.

If you’re interested in trying one of these services to monitor users’ Instagram behavior, think about downloading a program like Reports: Followers Tracker or Followers Track for Instagram. Also, registering for a service like Snoopreport or Social Blade can produce reports on Instagram activity to see when someone started following the other user on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to seeing your recent followers on Instagram and other things related to Instagram which can help you to know more about the Instagram app.

How Do I See Someone Who Recently Viewed My Profile On Instagram?

Instagram does not currently allow you to see who has looked at your profile. However, you can find out who watched your Instagram stories. You can discover who cares about your content by checking who regularly watches your stories. These people probably know what you post even if they do not respond to your posts. Your profile must be very interesting if they also watch every Instagram story you post.

Can You See Who Liked And Commented On Your Post On Instagram?

Yes, you can see the users who have liked and commented on your post and Instagram. Just hover over your post and click on the “Liked by” option under your post to see who has liked your Instagram post. And press on the comment icon beside the heart icon under your post to see who has commented on your post.

How Do You See The Posts That I Recently Liked And Commented On Instagram?

You can view all the posts that you have liked and commented on Instagram by going to your profile and pressing the hamburger menu at the top-right of your screen. Then on the pop-up menu press the “Your Activity” option. There you can see all the past activities that you have done from your profile including the post that you have recently liked and commented on.

How To See Your Instagram Password If You Save It?

You can easily see your Instagram password by going to your google profile settings. Then go to the security section and click on the password manager. Verify yourself and select the Instagram icon and tap on the eye icon to view your password.

How To Hide Your Instagram Post Or Story From Someone?

You can hide your Instagram posts from someone by switching your account to private, blocking an account, and restricting their account from the Instagram settings. You can also use the close friend’s option to hide your story from certain users.

How To See Deleted Direct Messages On Instagram?

You can see deleted direct messages on Instagram by using Instagram account data, asking users whom you’ve sent messages directly, using an associated Facebook account, and using third-party tools.


So, there are other options available to you if Instagram does not always provide the specific solutions you need to observe new followers without an activity tab. Instagram has made it easy to see your followers in chronological order but it is hard to see the other user which can be done by the methods that I have mentioned above in this article.

Follow the simple guidelines mentioned above and you should be able to solve the problem you are having. I hope this article helped you and provided the answer to all the queries that you were having. To know more about the Instagram app and its amazing features read our Instagram Tips.

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