How To Make A Fake Instagram Account?

how to make fake instagram account

Instagram lets you speak through your posts as you can post as many pictures and videos as you want. So, you can build a story through your Instagram post or Instagram story. But you cannot visualize your Instagram profile and posts look like from other’s perspectives. For that, you might want to create another fake Instagram account.

Well, it is pretty easy to create a phony account. Most people create it to carry out dirty and illegal activities. But it would help if you understood you could perform legal actions only through your fake Instagram account and make it look real. You fail to hustle if you don’t know how to create it. So, here is a guide on how to make it.

Things To Consider While Creating A Fake Instagram Account

Before creating a fake Instagram account, you must consider a few things that will not look real. So, you may not have any followers, and it seems suspicious. So, the following are the things you need to consider before creating a fake Instagram account.

Sign Up With Fake Email Address And Phone Number

You may use your email and phone number while creating a fake Instagram account. But you should not do that even if you want to use it for stalking. Instead, you should use a fake contact detail because it is not recommended, although Instagram does not display phone numbers. There is still a way for people to view your phone number by doing ‘Forgot Password’ on your account. But it will display five digits only.

How To Get Fake Email Address And Phone Number?

Do not worry if you don’t get a fake email address and phone number. Here we are going to explain it to you. You can create a fake email address on a cybercafé with false details or buy it online. When you make a fake email address from your device, your IP address will be tracked.

So, you can buy it online from trusted sites like AccMarket or BulkAccountsBuy. After you get an email address, the password will be issued. In addition, the phone number you use must be fake too so that you can get it from websites like Kall8 or Freezvon. Here you can buy phone numbers from various countries.

Decide An Instagram Handle To Use

If you create a fake Instagram account to stalk people, you should choose your Instagram to handle wisely. For example, you can use a phony name corresponding to the region where you are stalking. For example, if you are stalking someone in the US, your Instagram account should appear as a US citizen. And it is better to correspond with your email address because it will look suspicious if it differs.

Setup Account Privacy

The smart way to use a fake Instagram account is to keep it private. You can turn your account into private immediately after email and phone numbers are verified. Because if you wait for some time, it might become late.

How To Setup Fake Instagram Account Private?

When you set up an Instagram account, it is by default public. So, you need to change the settings to make it private. Here are the steps to set up your fake Instagram account privately.

Step 1: Launch An Instagram App

Launch an Instagram app on your device.

Step 2: Go To Your Fake Profile

Go to the fake profile that you have created.

Step 3: Tap On Three Horizontal Lines

Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner.

Step 4: Tap On Settings

Tap on the ‘Settings’ menu and ‘Privacy’ option.

Step 5: Toggle On ‘Private Account’

Then toggle on the ‘Private account’ option at the top. Your account is turned into private, which will keep away unwanted people.

Setup Instagram Profile

While creating a fake Instagram account, people use pictures of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, etc., and it looks weird. However, Instagram has a Reverse Image Search Technology that does facial recognition and tracks down fake accounts, criminals, intruding privacies, etc. This feature makes it difficult for hustlers to create fake accounts.

How To Bypass Instagram Facial Technology?

Nowadays, people are so bright that they download your profile picture and use Reverse Image Search Technology to confirm whether your account is real or fake. If they find that your account is affected, they will have a trust issue.

So, you can use this technology while creating a fake Instagram account whether the face is registered on Instagram or not. Then you can avoid using the same picture. If the face does not show up, you can use that picture on a fake account.

Use Attractive Profile Picture

An attractive profile picture can win the hearts of many people. If you upload a unique profile picture, it looks like your Instagram account is real. You can have at least ten photos on your profile. Take a gap for posting it. Otherwise, it will look unreal if you upload them all at once. You have to build your trust on Instagram by yourself.

Join Engagement Groups

If you join engagement groups on Instagram, it looks like your account is real. Do not be hyperactive by likes and comments on every post. Because when Instagram reviews your activity, you might get banned. Be selective when you make followers and not follow unwanted people to make your account look complete.

Do Not Answer To Messages Immediately

It would be best not to accept all the followers that do not match your interest. So, even if you are online, do not answer all the messages immediately. It makes your Instagram look fake so wait for a while answer them calmly.

Why Do You Need A Fake Instagram Account?

There are different objectives of creating a fake Instagram account. So, the following are some reasons for creating the account.

Align With Marketing Goals, Branding, And Strategy

If you have a business account, you must have different themes and colors. So, you can create a fake Instagram account to get an overview of the posts and alignments. Then you can analyze whether it matches the company’s marketing goals, branding, and strategy.

Save Time And Effort

If you do not have time to create a fake email, phone number, and Instagram account, you can use mockup generators. With this, you do not have to turn your Instagram account’s privacy. Instead, you can drag and drop picture ideas to see how it looks.

Pitch Marketing Ideas

Suppose you are a freelancer who needs to pitch their ideas for marketing or presentation. Then you can use a fake Instagram account to live to demonstrate how your profile looks. It will help you enhance your presentations and pitch ideas in a better way.

How To Create A Fake Instagram Account Using Mockup Generator?

There are three steps to creating a fake Instagram account using a mockup generator. So, here are the steps to generate the account.

Gather Your Intended Account Details

You need to gather all your details to fill in the Instagram profile. Like account name, website, a profile description, and profile picture before creating a fake Instagram account.

Prepare Intended Post and Categories

With your branding, color theme, and marketing goals, you need to prepare the mock posts and categories to story highlights. You can have at least six mock posts and three types to make the account real.

Choose The Mockup Template

You can choose any one of the mockup templates to start. Then you can edit your posts from there before posting. The following are the steps to select the mockup template.

Step 1: Open Mockup Generator

Open any browser and open

Step 2: Choose Instagram

Click on ‘Mockups’ from the menu under which click ‘Social Media’ and ‘Instagram.’

Step 3: Search For ‘Instagram Profile and Highlights’

You can then type ‘Instagram Profile and Highlights’ on the search box.

Step 4: Edit Fake Instagram Profile

Then you can edit the picture, text, posts, and highlights.

Step 5: Mockup For Actual Device

Choose the device you want to view the mockup so that you can find it real.

How To Prevent Instagram From Blocking Your Fake Account?

If you don’t want Instagram to block your fake account, you should know how to prevent them. So, here are the tips to follow to prevent Instagram from blocking your fake account.

Report Instagram Violations

If you want to make your fake Instagram account active and trustworthy, you should report violations on Instagram. It will help rank your account as a significant contributor and increase integrity. In addition, Instagram will reward your account with trust while you report them.

Use Private Account

Suppose you make your Instagram account private random users will not access your account unless you accept them. So, you can filter out the followers on your Instagram account whom you want to keep.

Enable VPN

While logging in to your fake Instagram account, ensure your VPN is connected to the targeted country. For example, if you want your Instagram account to look in the US, the US IP address should connect to your VPN.

Engage Your Content

If you don’t want your fake Instagram account to be blocked, make your content engaging. Engaging your account by joining groups, likes, comments, posts, etc., will increase your trust. Do not insult any group while you post or comment to not go against Instagram Community Guidelines.

Block Clients

If you have an issue with any followers, block them immediately not to report your fake Instagram account. But, please do not get the chance to block them because they can be a threat to you.

Disable Your Account Temporarily

If you are having issues with your fake Instagram account, disable your account temporarily. For example, you can disable it once a week, and no one will find your account. Then once the problem is solved, you can enable it again.

Disable Activity Status

If you are showing online 24/7, your clients might want to chat with you. So, you can disable your activity status for a while. You can do that from the ‘Settings’ menu to hide your group on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be specific queries about making a fake Instagram account. So, here we have some frequently asked questions related to this.

What Is The Advantage of Using Fake Instagram Account?

If you have a shop or business, you can advertise your Instagram products in your fake Instagram account. It helps you to gain customers and make it more engaging. You can hide it from your friends and family. Like this, you can boost your business and do content marketing.


Thus, it would help if you considered a few things while creating a fake Instagram account to make it real. Otherwise, people will have the benefit of the doubt on your Instagram account. So, think and act wisely before creating the account.


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