What Is The Photo Dump Trend On Instagram?

What is the Photo Trend On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the social media platforms that allows users to express themselves by sharing photos and short videos. Unlike other apps, Instagram is popular for its ability to put on things in pixelated form rather than textual. As a result, many trends come and go on Instagram; likewise, the “Photo Dump” trend has come forward. Let’s learn about it.

A photo dump trend is an act of posting a collection of unrelated images on Instagram gathered at a certain duration ranging from snaps of a bouquet and random selfies to shots of an aesthetically pleasing workspace. It’s up to you what you wish to choose and post. Either such collections explain a story/mood or randomly portray one’s life.

Though Instagram supports chatting, it is mainly popular for sharing photos and videos and for trends such as “#picoftheday,” #tbh,” and “#repost,” as examples. Similarly, the hashtag #photodump has become popular with over a million posts and still counting. So, if you are looking up to dumping your photos and following this trend, you have found the appropriate article. Then, get ready to hop on the board.

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What Is A Photo Dump?

Simply an act of randomly collecting photos that are unrelated to one another is a photo dump. The photos may be random workout selfies, snaps of your dog or nail art, and many more. Photo dumping could be helpful sometimes as it enables you to combine old photos without needing to relate them to one another.

But, make sure your photos are at the same aesthetic level and have similar filters to look comely.

What Is The Photo Dump Trend On Instagram?

Photo Dump is a common Instagram trend where users combine disparate photographs into a single post. The hashtag #photodump serves as the trend’s foundation. There have been over a million posts, and it is still counting. The photo dump collection consists of four or more expertly manipulated images that somehow capture an attitude or a way of life.

People seem to be loving this trend because of how authentic it is, and there is fewer false

representation of one’s life. It not only has to contain photos but can also include short, appealing videos. Try what best suits you and give it a go.

How Did The Photo Dump Become A Trend On Instagram?

This “Photo Dump” trend started advancing during Lockdown when all individuals were locked up in their homes. Nothing new happened during such a period, and people wanted some spice in their life. That’s when everyone started uploading all the photos randomly about when they were having fun outside.

This “Photo Dump” trend gradually became more popular among youngsters and is still practiced. Nowadays, people tend to “dump” their photos which they collect every month, and name them based on the month, such as “July Dump.”

Characteristics Of A Cool Looking Photo Dump Post On Instagram

The “Photo Dump” is a fun and engaging trend allowing anyone to post their unassociated photos and videos appealingly. You may want to consider putting the ensuing points for leveling up your post:

  • First, describe a story, mood, or lifestyle through the photos/videos.
  • Next, choose an appealing cover photo so that people will swipe left and view all the photos/videos in your post.
  • Next, try putting the photos/videos with similar filters and edits.
  • Keep the photos and videos in an appropriate order.
  • Finally, write short but catchy and related captions to your post.
  • Try keeping photos as real as possible. The idea of a dump post is useless if you attempt to keep the post more put together and edited.

Why Should You Consider Hopping On a “Photo Dump” Trend On Instagram?

This trend allows you to flex all your unrelated photos together without being an exhibitionist. The main reason why people love this trend is because of how authentic it is. So, if you want to put yourself as much as real as possible, this is your type of trend. Since it is one of the popular trends, you can take advantage of it as a creator, advertiser, or influencer.

The advantage of following these trends are:

  • Get sponsored by businesses for advertising them and their products. You can post behind-the-scenes product developments, their working environment, and many more.
  • If you are an influencer, you can interestingly put your daily influencing activities using these unrelated photos and videos to encourage others.
  • Casually as a normal user of Instagram, you may reap the advantage of this trend by posting your daily lifestyle on your Instagram account and gaining more followers.

Ways To Use The Photo Dump Trend On Instagram As A Brand Or Business

A photo dump can be a perfect opportunity to deliver content related to your brand and business without letting people know you are advertising. This trend is a loophole to put your somewhat boring and unrelated photo fascinatingly. Here are some of the few creative ways to use the photo dump trend in favor of your brand and business:

  • Put BTS (Behind the scene) contents
  • Show off your events
  • Express fun

Put BTS (Behind the scene) Contents

Throw some behind the scene contents there. For example, you can add a carousel of how some perfectly presented products on display get prepared behind the people’s eyes or how people work backstage to lure the customer to visit your warehouse, store, or office.

Show Off Your Events

You might also try posting about the meetings held in your organization or the party you attended with your colleagues. In addition, random snaps of the day when you launched a new product or adopted a new technology can indirectly positively impact the customer circle.

Express fun

Putting up videos and photos of you and colleagues having fun from time to time can subconsciously set your brand on people’s minds and vision. Give it a try.

How Do You Make Photo Dump Posts On Instagram?

Before posting photo dumps, make sure you are clear about what concept you are trying to illustrate. Plan your cover photo since it is what compels people to swipe left to your post and view all the photos till the end. Also, ensure that the photos in your carousel tell a story or sketch a mood.

If possible, add photos with a similar degree of aesthetic and editing, making your post more comely. When you are all done with these, you can now proceed to the following steps for creating a chic-looking dump post:

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

First, open the Instagram app and sign in to your account.

Step 2: Click The On Button

On the home page, you will see a plus button in the middle of the bottom menu bar or the top-right of your screen. Click on that button and proceed.


Now, you will have access to choose photos and videos from your gallery. So, tap on the “SELECT MULTIPLE” option available on the right side of your screen.

Step 4: Select All The Photos You Want To Add

Then, select all the photos/videos you want to add to your dump post. Here, you can decide the orientation of your videos and photos (landscape/ portraits/ square).

Optional Step: Add Filters To Your Photos

Consider adding a filter to your photos if the photos look different from one another. By doing this, you will make your post more put together.

Optional Step: Change The Order Of Your Photos

You can choose one of the best pictures as a cover photo so that it makes your post more appealing to the viewers. You can also change the order of your photos to depict a story.

Step 5: Add Caption, Location, And Tag People

Now, add an appropriate and catchy caption to your post. You may also add a location or tag people if you want.

Step 6: Click On The “Share” Button

After you have performed all these steps, click on the “Share” button at the top right of your screen, and you have successfully added a photo dump post to your profile.

How To Use The Photo Dump Trend On Instagram for your business

As a business person or someone attempting to improve the business’s outcome, you can try adding a carousel of some random snaps of your product, workspace, or staff working together to lure customers. Simply adding some unrelated videos and photos can help a good exposure of a business to existing or new customers. So why not give it a go?

First, it is a perfect opportunity to earn money indirectly. For example, if you think of earning as an advertising agency, you can add a carousel of snaps and videos of a business and earn as a paid promotion.

Using photo dump trends makes your business look more up-to-date and relatable. In addition, adding #photodump increases the visibility of your post. If you are trying to post creative and interactive content on your business page, the photo dump trend is a perfect trend to adopt.

Can You Transform Your Photo Dump Into An Instagram Reel?

Yes, you can transform your photo dump into an Instagram reel. It is as simple as creating a normal reel. Here are certain steps that might help you to create an Instagram Reel from your photo dump easily,

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

First, open the Instagram app and sign in to your Instagram account.

Step 2: Click On Plus Button

Now, click on the “Plus” button in the middle of the menu bar at the bottom or the top-right side.

Step 3: Select the Reels Option

Then, select the “Reels” option available there.

Step 4: Click On The “Audio” Button To Add A Music

Click on the “Audio” button available on the left-hand side of the screen. You can choose one audio among all the available audios there to add to your reel.

Step 5: Set A Duration, Add Effects, Set Timer, etc

You can set the duration of your reel by clicking on the “Duration” button on the screen’s left-hand side. The duration varies from 15,30 to 60 seconds. In addition, you may add effects by clicking on the “Effects” button and setting a timer using the “Timer” button.

Step 6: Click On the “Plus” Button

Now, click the “Plus” button on the lower left side of the screen to access your gallery’s photos and videos.

Step 7: Select Picture

Tap on the “dump” picture you want to add to the reel.

Step 8: Click On “Add” To Add More Pictures And Videos

If you want to add further unrelated dump photos and videos, tap on the “Add” button at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 9: Edit Your Reel

You can put text on your reel and add other effects and stickers from the buttons at the menu bar on the top of the interface.

Step 10: Add A Caption, Tag People, Add Location, Select Cover Photo, etc.

After you have completely carried out all the steps mentioned above, add a captivating caption. You may add location, tag people related to the reel, and so on.

Step 11: Click On the “Share” / “Tick” Button

When you are satisfied with the reel you have created, click on the “Share” or “Tick” button at the top of the screen to share it with friends and followers.

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How To Caption Your Photo Dump On Instagram?

The caption is something that provides a background story to your post. Choosing the appropriate caption can sometimes be tough, but we are here to guide you to find the caption that best suits your photo dump. Take the following points into consideration while creating your perfect caption:

  • Keep it pleasantly brief. Try explaining the theme of your dump in short words.
  • Put some mystery with a question or comic jokes in there.
  • Or, make it simple. For example, you can add a single word to your mind when you see your post.
  • Maybe try a single emoji; what say?

Is the Photo Dump Trend On Instagram Here to Stay?

The “Photo Dump” trend started during the pandemic when people captivated themselves and were trying to spice their life by simply posting random pictures and videos. Since then, this trend has got the eyes of Instagrammers and gained more than a million posts. However, there’s no prediction of whether this trend will stay or fade away.

The main theme of Instagram was to create a sense of togetherness among its user, but little by little, fame and popularity took over people and started creating rivalry. So, at present, Instagram has introduced some quality features that try to retail Instagram’s main theme, such as hiding the likes of your and others’ posts.

Likewise, the photo dump teaches people to show their true selves. This trend may fade, but we should learn what it offers society. With this trend, people have become more realistic and less conscious about making their life standardized. It’s the moral that the photo dump trend can carry on for a long time after the trend leaves the feeds.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

What Number Of People Can You Unfollow At Once On Instagram?

Initially, users were allowed to unfollow any number of users, but now, Instagram has put some limits on it. The new users of Instagram can unfollow 50 users in a day, while those over six months old can unfollow up to 200-400 users daily.

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What Are Hashtags On Instagram?

Hashtags on Instagram are the collection of hashtag symbols with other appropriate keywords without the use of white space in between them. These hashtags are clickable. The most trending hashtag on Instagram is #love which has around 1.835B posts. If you are thinking of posting a photo dump post, consider using #photodump.

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What Happens When You Report An Instagram Account?

When you report an Instagram Account, Instagram’s Analytics and the Help and Support team thoroughly review the account’s activity.

If any of their action is against the Community rules of Instagram, the user of such account is restricted/ kept away from using the app for a certain period as per the degree of violation of the rules. On the other hand, if they have not violated the rules, Instagram Help and Support team takes no action.

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Hence, if you want to gain more followers, earn or simply put your pictures and videos on Instagram, following any trending ideas can help you display your content in a very appealing and engaging manner. For example, you might consider the “Photo Dump” trend to add your memories of a certain day or time in a randomized yet storytelling way.

I hope you went thoroughly through this article and now have no queries related to Instagram’s photo dump trend.

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