What Happens When You Report Someone On Instagram?

What Happens When You Report Someone On Instagram

What happens when you report someone on Instagram? Did you mistakenly report someone? Or thinking of reporting someone on Instagram? Wondering what happens after your report to someone? A lot of confusion, right? You have entered the right website. This ultimate article contains answers to these kinds of confusions you have. Do not break the chain and keep on reading till the very end of this article.

Whenever you report someone on Instagram, the Instagram help and support team considers the report. They check out what is the problem in their posts or wholly their account. If some kind of unusual thing, that is beyond the terms and conditions of Instagram, the account gets banned. Soon after a while, Instagram contacts you via the help and support box or Instagram notification bar, about what action they take.

Instagram has a policy to reduce and eliminate spam, violence, harassment, etc. This is why the problem reporting option is available. Reporting someone on Instagram means complaining about their actions to Instagram. Instagram users report to Instagram when they detect fake accounts, unusual activities, inappropriate content, or any kind of violation. It protects you and your account from further harm. Instagram provides you with report status through a notification bar.

What Can Get You Reported By Someone?

A single mistake towards the app can lead you to be reported by someone. Here is the list of things that can make your account banned.

Consider every point that is mentioned below carefully, if you want to keep your Instagram account secure. They are as follows:

  • When you post copyrighted or duplicate content.
  • Going against the Instagram community guidelines.
  • Creating sexual and inappropriate clips.
  • Violation of somebody’s right.
  • Cases like harassment and bullying others.
  • Spamming or faking to other Instagram users.
  • Irritating and blackmailing the users.

How To Report Someone On Instagram?

You should not confirm that you may not face any kind of problems on this Instagram platform. In case you get to face a violation or harassment, you can report it easily.

Altogether, there are three different reports you can make on Instagram. They are reporting an account, reporting a comment, and reporting an Instagram post.

The different types of reports that you can make on Instagram are detailly mentioned below. They are as follows:

Reporting An Instagram Post

Did you find some posts selling illegal products or some uncensored kinds of posts? You need not further think anything. You can report the post easily.

Here is a detailed step to repost an Instagram post:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Turn on your mobile phone. Go to your mobile app list. Search for the Instagram app over there.

Launch the Instagram app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Head On To The Post

Now, you should search for the post you want to report to Instagram.

Go to the profile of that person and click on the post which you want to report.

Step 3: Tap On The Three Dot Icon

You will get this icon once you display the post on the screen of your mobile phone.

Look at your right-hand side and you will get this icon at the top of the post.

Step 4: Select Report

You will get plenty of options inside the three-dot icon.

In the list, you will see an exclamatory sign like an icon. It is the report icon on Instagram.

You have to tap on it.

Step 5: Choose A Reason

At last, you need to provide a reason to Instagram about why you are reporting the post.

Select an appropriate reason you have from the list. You have now successfully reported an Instagram post.

Reporting An Instagram Account

Are you facing some kind of harassment or violence from a fake Instagram account? You can report that account easily.

Follow the steps that we have mentioned below to report somebody’s Instagram account.

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Turn on your mobile phone and go to your mobile app list.

Search for the Instagram app over there. If you find it out, tap on it and launch it on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Search For The Profile Page

Look at the bottom line of your screen. Over there you will see magnificent glass-like icons.

It is the icon that will help you to search Instagram accounts.

3: Click On The Three Dot Menu

Look at the top right corner of your screen, there you can see a vertically arranged three-line menu.

You have to tap on it and you will get a list of options.

Step 4: Select Report Menu

A red-colored three options are listed over there.

Among them, look at the bottom of the list. There you can see the report option. Tap on it and the account gets reported from your side.

Step 5: Choose A Reason

You have to provide a suitable reason to report that account.

Click on any one of the given reasons and submit it to Instagram.

Reporting An Instagram Comment

It is possible to receive abusive comments which are against the Instagram community guidelines.

Rather than replying to them, directly report the problem to Instagram. Here is a detailed step for you to report a comment.

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Turn on your phone and launch the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Head On To The Post

Search for the post in which you received an abusive comment.

If the post is apart from your post, go and search for the certain post in the search bar

Step 3: Open The Comment Section

You will see a total of comments from to he Instagram users on that post.

Scroll down the comment section and look for that abusive or hateful comment you found previously.

You should pause at the right time when you see that comment.

Step 4: Swipe Left To The Comment

Keep your index finger on the screen of your mobile phone. Hold on for a few seconds.

Then swipe the comment to your right-hand side. You will see two options that are either to reply or to report.

Click on the report icon and the comment gets successfully reported to Instagram.

What Happens When You Report Someone?

When you report an account, post, or comment of any person on Instagram, the Instagram company gets the notification. They will view the report you have made on Instagram.

Firstly, they will review everything about the post of account you have reported. Then they will check how many reports have been made for the same topic over there.

Instagram will have a direct look at the report in case a huge number of users are reporting the same account or post.

Reporting an account to Instagram will provide justice to the people who have been facing harassment and bullying.

The action to that account or post is also taken appropriately. You will get the result very soon after the report.

Just a single report on that account won’t give a good result. Instagram may not consider it.

If the post or account is abusive and against the policies, it requires multiple reports.

When Instagram starts reviewing your report, it sends a notification as we are in the reviewing phase.

Instagram would make their very first look at the reason for reporting. So, you must provide an appropriate reason for the report you have made.

Lastly, Instagram takes a conclusion to the account. They may either deactivate the account or directly ban the reported account or posts.

What Happens When You Report Someone Mistakenly?

In case you accidentally reported the wrong person on Instagram, you need not worry at all. Instagram won’t take sudden action against that account in this case.

If you report someone or something about the person on this platform, you can not delete or undo it. Once the report is gone, Instagram will receive it directly.

As we have previously discussed, at the very beginning of the step, Instagram reviews the account you have reported. If they did not find any violation or abusive things, they will just leave the topic and move on to solve others.

The owner of an account, whom you have reported accidentally won’t even know about this. Instagram will never ban or deactivate the account so suddenly.

You should also be careful while reporting someone. Better have patience. You can take a few seconds and think about it properly.

What Happens When Someone Reports You For No Reason?

You should not worry at all. Instagram won’t hamper or touch your account if someone reports your account for no reason.

It is necessary to break the Instagram terms and guidelines, to get consideration from Instagram for the report made.

You are safe until you post any abusive or hateful content on Instagram.

Instagram may deactivate or ban your account if it finds you breaking rules and regulations. You will lose your followers, posts, and your Instagram account.

It is better to make a post that is friendly to Instagram after getting a report from someone for no reason.

Why Isn’t My Report Taken Into Consideration?

The main reason behind this question is you may have reported random posts or accounts.

Instagram takes action only on those posts and accounts, which are harming others and are fake, and go against Instagram community guidelines.

The Instagram accounts and posts that you reported, because of jealousy or not being able to be like them are worthless.

Surely, Instagram will review every report that you have made. But, if it does not match with the reason you provided along with the report, it gets ignored.

You should never report something which is good to see and inspiring.

In return, Instagram may report your own Instagram account if you keep on reporting usual posts and accounts.

Is Reporting Someone Anonymous?

Yes, reporting someone is anonymous. No matter if you report the scammers, abusers, or anybody they won’t know about it.

But it is not anonymous for you. You can see if the person has removed the post or deactivated their account.

Instagram keeps the reporting information private. It does not provide any notification about their post or account being reported by somebody.

Along with your report, the reason which you provided for reporting someone also gets private. Apart from you, nobody will know about this information.

Only you can view or even recheck the reasons and reports you have made in the Instagram help section.

Even you won’t know if somebody reported your account to Instagram. The information is just between the reporter and Instagram companies.

Will The Reported Account Get Banned?

It depends from post to post. You should not be sure that the account will get bummed after your report. Instagram has its consideration process and it takes action according to it.

If the account is full of uncensored posts and is harming others, it is sure that the account gets banned from your report.

But, if the account is a kind of spam and all of the posts are Instagram-friendly then, you should not confirm the account will get banned.

The reasons that you have made while reporting, must be strong enough to ban an Instagram account. Instagram takes reviews of an account as per it.

Instagram will take necessary action after your report. And then the matter is, you can not force Instagram to ban an account.

How Many Reports Are Needed To Ban An Account?

The real thing is you can not estimate the number of reports to ban an account. It is something that we can not even predict or guess.

There are some cases where only two reports made an account banned. Whereas there are also cases where there are 58 reports but still the account is not banned.

You must provide an appropriate reason to make an account banned.

If the posts or account has accepted all the terms and guidelines of Instagram, no matter how many people report it gets, the account won’t be banned.

Instagram normalizes the account and removes the report from it. You will get a notification if it gets deleted or released.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, have you completed reading the above headings? If yes, you are hearty welcome to the question and answer section of today’s article. Over here we are discussing the confusion and queries that most of our Instagram users have.

Being a human, it is usual to develop questions and confusion in our minds. Looking to clear those confusions becomes the main target after that. We are here to clear the most asked question which is related to this topic. They are as follows:

Does Instagram Delete The Account When You Report Someone?

Instagram decides among the staff in headquarters either to delete the Instagram account or not. At the very beginning, they will tally the Instagram guidelines with your posts. If you clear out and your posts seem friendly with Instagram, your account is safe. They will stop their investigation at the right time. But, if your account along with posts seems abusive and full of scams, there is a high chance of your account getting banned. You violate the guidelines of Instagram.

How Do I Get The Instagram Account That Was Taken Down?

It is quite hard for you to recover or regain the Instagram account that has been banned. You will have to go through a list of processes and conditions in this case. Go to the help center of Instagram and you need to request Instagram to give your Instagram account back. We would suggest you to better create a new account. You will lose all of your followers and posts from your previous account. No matter about it, you will again need to work hard to gain it.

Can I Undo A Report Made On Instagram App?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to undo a report once it is made. But, apart from searching to delete the account report, you have made, there are other best ways. The Instagram app has an email account. You can directly go to your email box and send an email message to [email protected] about withdrawing the report. Using this method, Instagram officers would consider your email messages within a short period. The Instagram department would again send you a reply email with a confirmation of your request.

How Long Does An Instagram To Take A Report?

The length of days which Instagram requires, to take down a single report depends. They take time as per the type of report which is made. Like as if you reported something related to harassment, violation, uncensored activities, abuse, or spam, it does not take even a single hour for Instagram to take down your report. Whereas, if the report you have made is related to comedy videos, or pranks, which you feel disgusting, it will take a way long time for Instagram to take down your report.

Can Instagram Delete Your Account For Fake Followers?

Faking followers or buying fake followers is illegal on Instagram. If any of the Instagram users find it out, you may get reported by them. And then, if you get lots of reports, it is sure that Instagram would consider it. Your account won’t get banned or deactivated in this case. Instagram may remove all of your fake followers leaving just the real followers behind. It won’t take even a minute for Instagram to delete fake followers. It would be a great loss for you ad your Instagram account.


Reporting the posts and accounts, when people feel disgusted, has become a normal thing on Instagram. It is quite really hard to regain an Instagram account, once your account gets banned.

When you use Instagram, the only thing you guys should keep in mind is Instagram community guidelines. You should not make others likely to report you. Reports with no issues will never affect their account.

Analyze the information properly, before you think to report somebody. Every time you post something, you should be friendly with the guidelines of Instagram.

Hope you guys are done reading today’s article. I think you guys can now tell what happens when someone reports you on Instagram.

If you still have any further queries, be free to contact us. We have our comment section open for you guys. You can share your confusion over there.

We are at the very end of today’s article. Thank you for being here and giving your time. We will be posting another latest and new article with even more interesting topics. Until then, stay tuned.

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