How To Watch TikTok On Desktop [Easy Step-By-Step Guide] 2023

How to watch Tiktok on desktop

If you are familiar with Tiktok then you might know about TikTok in the web version or in PC/Macs. If you are wondering if it is true or not then the answer is yes. Yes, it is true that you can use TikTok can be used in PC/Macs/Laptops. So, let us learn how to watch Tiktok on desktop.

There are two ways of using TikTok in a Desktop setup. One way is to download the app through the website and the other is using TikTok directly through TikTok’s official website. A brief discussion of both ways is in the article below.

So, read the article further to watch Tiktok on desktop.

Procedure To Download TikTok App On Your Desktop

If you wish to download TikTok app on your desktop setup then it is quite an easy job. You just need to download it through your browser. The detailed process of downloading TikTok on both Windows and Macs devices are below:

Downloading On Windows

If you have been using windows devices for a long period of time then you might be familiar with the process of downloading apps. Apps are basically downloaded from the browser app.

The stepwise process of downloading TikTok on your Windows device is below:

Step 1: Open Your Default Browser

Even though you can download TikTok from any browser, it is much safer to download it from your default browser.

Step 2: Click On Search Bar

Once you will open your browser, you will see a search bar. Drag your cursor to the search bar and click on it. Some of you might know cursor as “mouse pointer” or “arrow”.

Step 3: Search For TikTok Download For Windows

Once you click on the search bar with your cursor, simply type TikTok download Windows. You can also search for TikTok download for PC or Download TikTok for Computer.

Step 4: Click On The First Website You See

Simply click on the first website you see. The reason for this is your browser will show you the safest and most popular website at the top.

Step 5: Look For The Download Option

Once you open the website, you will find a download option somewhere on the website. Usually, it is at the top of the website or webpage.

Step 6: Confirm The Download

Once you will click on the download option, you will be shown a confirmation panel. Simply click download or the option which signifies download.

Installing Tiktok App On Mac

The process of installing TikTok on a Mac is very similar to that of windows. Once you install the Tiktok app, you can then watch Tiktok on desktop. The detail process of installing TikTok on a mac is given below:

Step 1: Open Browser

It will be best if you install TikTok via Safari. It is because Safari is the primary default browser of the Mac. You can also use other browser like Chrome but Safari is the best one.

You can open browser by just clicking on the app and Safari is generally available in the dock menu.

Step 2: Click On The Search Bar

Once you open the the browser(Safari), click on the search bar. The search bar is usually at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Search TikTok For Mac

Once you click on the search bar, type “Tiktok for Mac”. This will show you the website through which you can download TikTok on your Mac.

Step 4: Open The Top Website

The reason to open the website appearing at the top is Safari will keep the safest and most popular option at the top for its users.

Step 5: Search For Install Or Download

Once you open the website, you should find an option to install the Tiktok. It is usually at the very beginning of the website and can be written as install or download.

Step 6: Confirm The Install

The Mac will show a notification pop-up to make sure you really want to download the app. Make sure to confirm the install. The TikTok app will be installed in some time.

Doing so will download TikTok on your Windows and Macs. After Tiktok gets downloaded, you just simply have to launch the app as any other app. If you still have confusion then below is the steps to use TikTok on your PC or Macs.

Step 1: Open Start Menu

The Start menu can be open by pressing ⊞ Win (the Windows key) on a keyboard or clicking window icon on your screen. The window icon is normally in left button side of your device.

Step 2: Launch Tiktok

Once you open the start menu, you will see the list of apps there. Scroll down till you find Tiktok and click it. A click from the cursor should open the app.

If you are using Mac your step 1 will be:

Step 1: Open Launchpad

Usually the launchpad is in the dock menu. Simply click on it and it will open the launchpad.

Step 2: Open TikTok

Once you open the dock menu, you will find all the app you have. Search for Tiktok and launch it by just clicking on it.

Step 3: Log In To Your Account

This process is very simple and very similar to that of a smartphone. You simply need to login using your login credentials.

A QR code scan can also be use to login which you will find once you click on “Use QR”.You need to scan the QR on the screen of your PC/Mac by your phone.

Watching TikTok From Browser

The process of watching TikTok through the website is very simple. You should follow the steps below to open TikTok on your browser.

Step 1: Open Browser

No matter which device you use( Mac or PC), open your default browser. You can simply open your browser by clicking on it.

Step 2: Click On The Search Bar

Once you open your browser, you will see a search bar which looks like a box. Click on it with your cursor.

Step 3: Type

After you click on the search bar, type This will open the TikTok.

{Note: You can use TikTok without logging in your Account too. In case you want to use your own Tiktok simply log into account by using your login credentials}

Advantages Of Watching TikTok On A Desktop

You might think what’s the difference between using TikTok on desktop and using TikTok a smartphone. Well using TikTok on a desktop and not on a smartphone has its own list of advantages. Some of the advantages of using TikTok on a desktop are below:

Watch TikTok On A Big Screen

If you are using a smartphone only to use TikTok, you might get really surprise of how big of a difference can lare screen make. The larger screen will let you see the content in a great view, you will not miss even a single detail.

Editing On A Big Screen

When you edit your TikTok on a big screen, you will have more options to play with your videos. You can even edit the very corners of your videos too. In general editing on a big screen won’t harm your eyes as much as it does while editing on a small screen.

Content Tends To Load Faster

Unless you have a smartphone worth a lot, there is no way a smartphone will be faster than a desktop. Similarly, when you use TikTok on a desktop, the videos will load faster than it does on your smartphone.

Higher Quality

As normally, people use a higher resolution monitor for their desktop and current Macs and laptop comes with a great screen. This will result in you getting higher quality videos while using TikTok on your desktop.

Great Privacy Features

If you have been using PCs for a long time now, you might have an idea of how secure PCs are. All your data will be safe and there is a very low chance of your data getting hacked. So is the case with TikTok, you won’t need to worry about your data getting leaked via your desktop.

Disadvantages Of Watching TikTok On Desktop

As everything has their own advantages and disadvantages, so does using TikTok on desktop. Some disadvantages of using TikTok on a desktop are below:

Must download emulator to run TikTok

As not all the PCs or Laptops supports TikTok naturally due to it being a smartphone app, you might need to download emulator to get excess to the TikTok app. Despite that, you won’t need to download emulator to run Tiktok on a website/browser.

Performance issues when creating videos

If your desktop is not of well specs or is doing other tasks as well in the background, you might have issues using Tiktok. Moreover when you create a video you might it difficult to record video because of use of external video camera.

Unsuitable for a younger audience

We all can accept that using smartphone is way easier than using a desktop. So is the case with using TikTok on a desktop. Similarly, younger children might have problem using a desktop properly as they can use a smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about how to watch TikTok on desktop are below:

Using TikTok On Desktop Or Smartphone?

The answer to this question solely depends on your needs and your preference. If you feel like the above disadvantages won’t affect you then you will be fine using TikTok on a desktop. In case, the disadvantages of above harms your experience than you might be better off using TikTok on your smartphone.


Using TikTok on Desktop or using on a smartphone, both has its own pros and cons. The real question is with which can cope. You might feel using TikTok on a smartphone because it is easily transportable and some might feel using TikTok on a big screen is more easy.

So when you use TikTok on device, make sure you know every pros and cons to watch Tiktok on desktop.

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