Can You Share Instagram Reels On Facebook?

Can You Share Instagram Reels On Facebook

Can you share Instagram reels on Facebook? Thinking of sharing your Instagram reels to your Facebook news feed? Do you know if it is possible to do or not? You need not scratch your head for this kind of question. You are at the right place. Today’s article is all about the same topic. Keep in touch with us till the very end and fill your mind with plenty of knowledge. This ultimate article contains all of the information which you required about.

Yes, you can share your Instagram reels to your Facebook newsfeed, store,y, or even on highlights. If you are a creative person, this action will help you a lot for your success. So, you can easily share the reels you have made on your own or the reels you have downloaded from others’ profiles on Instagram. You are free to post them considering the terms and without violating the community guidelines of both apps.

As we know, Facebook and Instagram are similar kinds of social media platforms. Both of them are controlled by the same owner. Both of the apps allow you to post and share the same kind of reels, videos, or photos. It is possible to make a post and share them. You can share a Facebook post on your Instagram account and Instagram posts or reels on your Facebook. You can share your content and reels with more even people on Facebook.

What Does ‘Recommend On Facebook’ Means On Instagram?

‘Recommend On Facebook’ is the newly updated feature on Instagram. As we all know, Instagram and Facebook are synced with each other. Instagram just has some modifications as compared to Facebook. You can share anything such as posts, reels, photos, etc from Instagram to Facebook and vice versa.

You have to allow this recommendation on the Facebook option by going to the Instagram settings. Once you allow this, you can see the reels and video from Instagram while you are using your Facebook too. This can help you to explore your talent or anything you have.

Allowing the recommendation option on your Instagram, you can link two social media platforms. You do need not have a Facebook account to do so. This is the best way to go viral increasing the popularity of your Instagram reels.

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2 Ways To Share Instagram Reels On Facebook

There are two ways that you can use to share Instagram reels from Instagram to Facebook. This is one of the best ideas which you can use to develop your business, talent or other unique things. We have tried our best to explain to you clearly the methods.

There are several steps as well as a proper explanation of each heading. You can learn easily just in a single revision. A simple guide to you on each of the ways to share Instagram reels on Facebook is as follows:

By Turning On Recommended On Facebook Option

When you are strolling along with your Instagram newsfeed, you may have noticed some of the recommendations. Those recommendations are marked as recommended on Facebook. This is one of the features of the Instagram app. This is the section that allows users to share any kind of Instagram reels on their Facebook accounts.

Instagram will show you this recommended option even if you do not have a Facebook app as well a Facebook account. As we know, Facebook and Instagram are connected. And it is usual to show such recommendations.

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You should make your Instagram account public if you want this kind of recommendation. Through those recommendations, which you get to see on your Instagram newsfeed, you can share reels to your Facebook account and newsfeed.

You may be in search of a guideline to turn on this option. Some of you may not I’ve seen this as well. So, you do not have to worry at all. Here are simple guide steps that will make your search more easy and fast. The step-to-step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Launch Your Instagram App

Turn on your mobile phone and go into your app list. In the app list, you can search for the Instagram app.

Click on the app and your Instagram will display on your screen.

Step 2: Head Into Your Profile

Once you are inside the Instagram app, it will show you plenty of options. You can see the newsfeed along with stories of your followers.

Look at the bottom right corner of your screen. There you will see a small circle with your Instagram profile picture.

Tap on it and you will get into your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Click On The Hamburger Menu

Your screen displays plenty of options for you. Look at the top right corner of your screen.

There you can see the horizontally arranged three lines, this is a hamburger menu. You have to tap on that icon.

Step 4: Choose The Settings Option

Instagram will show you a list of options after your tap on that menu.

At the first line of the list, you can see settings options. You will have to click on it to get inside the option.

Step 5: Select The Privacy Option

You will again get the list of options inside the settings option. You can easily find this privacy option from the list.

It is at the fourth line in the given list. You have to tap on privacy.

Step 6: Tap On Reels And Remix

Reels and remix option is available on the given list.

Take your eyes directly to the bottom of the list. You will find this option on the fourth last line in the list.

Step 7: Turn On” Recommend On Facebook”

When you enter into the reels and remix, you will again see options. There you can also see recommendations on Facebook as an option.

If the option is marked as dark, you have to tap on it and it will turn blue.

The blue mark indicates that you have successfully turned on the recommendations on your Instagram. Now you will get recommended on the Facebook option, on your Instagram newsfeed at the time of scrolling it.

You can share the desired reels on Facebook. The reels or videos that you share on your Instagram also get shared on your Facebook. Your Facebook friends can easily view them.

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Downloading The Reels And Sharing On Facebook

It is possible to download Instagram reels. But not by the options on Instagram. Instagram doesn’t let you download it and because of it, you will need a third-party app to download those reels. Using any of the third-party apps you can easily download reels on your mobile gallery.

The downloaded reels that get saved on your mobile gallery, can be posted or shared within your Facebook story or Facebook newsfeed. The process is all the same as you post photos and videos on usual days.

Here, we have mentioned a few steps for you which would make your mind clear. The detailed guidelines for you are mentioned step by step. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

At the very beginning of the step, you will have to go to your app list and turn on your Instagram app.

Search for your Instagram app in the app lost and launch it on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Go To Your Instagram Profile

You have to head on towards your Instagram profile now.

You can see an icon at the bottom of your screen to get into your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Select The Reels

You will see all of the reels, videos, and photos you have posted on your account.

Choose the reels which you want to download on your mobile phone.

Step 4: Tap On Three Dot Icon

You will see three dot icons at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Click on the copy link option you see after that one tap.

Step 5: Open Your Third-Party App

You have to open the third-party app which would let you download the reels from Instagram.

You can download it simply from the Internet.

Step 6: Paste The Copied Link

The reel that you have previously copied from Instagram needs to be pasted over here.

Once it is pasted, you can tap on it and download it on your device.

Step 7: Share The Reels On Your Facebook

You have successfully downloaded the reels on your mobile gallery.

You can now share it on your Facebook by the same process as you do on usual days.

This method of an alternative way to share your Instagram reels on your Facebook app. Sometimes you may fail to find the recommended Facebook option in your Instagram. So, you can use this indirect method in place of that. But you have to remember one thing, your Instagram account must have to be public to use this feature on your device.

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Share Instagram Reels To Facebook Story

It is possible to share your Instagram reels either in your Facebook newsfeed or Facebook story. We have discussed the two methods to share the reels and they are by saving the reels using third apps and another one is by turning on the recommendation option. These two ways are easily applicable if you want to show the Instagram reels you love to your Facebook friends.

So, now then without talking about further any kind of topics, let us begin with our steps to add Instagram reels to your Facebook story. The steps are too simple and easy to understand. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

At the very beginning of our steps, you should search for the Instagram app on your mobile phone.

Turn on your phone and launch the Instagram app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Head On To Your Profile Page

Secondly, you need to look at the bottom right corner of your screen. Over there, you will see your Instagram profile displayed in a small circle.

Click on it and it will lead you to your Instagram profile page.

Step 3: Go To The Reel Section

Now, with the help of your profile page, you should search for the reel you liked.

Play the reel after you find out the Instagram reel as per tour demand.

Step 4: Tap On The Three Dot Icon

On your right-hand side, you can see a list of icons given to you.

Among the lists of icons, you have to tap on the three-dots icon which is an ellipse button.

Step 5: Select Copy Link Option

After you click on the three horizontally arranged three-dot three-doctor can see a list of other options.

From the list, you should select to copy the link. Your link gets copied to your clipboard.

Step 6: Open Your Third-Party App

You should get back from the Instagram app and open the third-party app you have downloaded from google websites.

Step 7: Paste And Download The Copied Link

On the Instagram link field of third party app you have downloaded, paste the copied link over there.

You should click on the download the Instagram reel to mobile phone gallery button. Then you can enjoy the reel in your gallery.

Step 8: Open Your Gallery And Share The Reel

Share Hutton is available at the bottom right of your mobile screen.

You will get a list of the apps where you are allowed to share the reels. Select share the reel to the Facebook story and enjoy it with your friends.

Besides sharing the Instagram reels to your Facebook story, you can also share it on other platforms that are beyond or inside the Facebook app.

What Happens After You Share The Reels On Facebook?

Once you share the Instagram reels on your Facebook account, it gets posted as a video. You may have seen people posting TikTok on Facebook stories and news feeds. So in the same way, the Instagram reels also get posted but without the mark as TikTok.

Reels are short and sweet videos just like TikTok. You can insert songs and music on it as you do on TikTok. So, since the time TikTok has been banned in some regions, reels were updated on Instagram. Taking TikTok as the main base, these reels came on Instagram.

All of your Facebook friends will get to see the reels you have recently shared. You can even limit the eyes of friends who can view it. It is possible to switch or change your default audience from public to only my friends, some of my friends, and only in my eyes option.

Your Facebook friends can even download the reels you have shared recently. You may get plenty of reactions and share on your reel which explores your talent and creativity on social media platforms. Your reels can even be shared on other platforms by your Facebook friends.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

You guys are in search of this kind of article because you do have confusion in your mind right? Everyone will always want to clear it and fill their mind with answers. People like you have asked us a lot of questions about these Instagram reels and all other processes. They have requested us to provide them with answers.

So, taking this article as a medium we are trying to give you answers. All of the answers are based on our study and research. So please have a few minutes to read it. They are as follows:

Is It Possible To Share Instagram Reels To Facebook Stories?

Yes, you can share your Instagram reels with your Facebook story. You will just need a few easy steps to post it on your story. You will have to download the favorite reels you want to share with your Facebook friends. Then save it into your mobile phone gallery. Then you have to repeat the same process as you do on usual days. The process is quick and really easy. You are free to customize it and edit it with some of the stickers and headings.

Is It Safe To Share My Instagram Reels On Facebook?

The exact answer to this question is that it depends on the type of reels you have. Reels can be of different types. You can dance, sing, create content, and even show your talent by making reels as a base. So, if you share the reels which include your talent with unique content then it is safe to share it on other okay firms such as Facebook. But, in case your reel contains some unusual dance and other content videos then we suggest you not show it on other platforms.

What If I Clicked Do Not Allow Recommendation On Facebook By Mistake?

You should not have to worry about it at all. You can easily turn on the recommendation bar again. Some of you may have already turned on the recommendation bar as per the account they have. Whereas in some Instagram accounts, you will need to turn on the recommendation bar to get the reels on Facebook. You may mistakenly turn off the recommendation bar while following the above-mentioned steps. You must be careful at first.

Can I Share Specific Instagram Reels To Facebook?

It is possible either to choose and post reels on Facebook or post every reel. If you want to post just the specific reels on your Facebook account, you have to follow different steps. You will need a third-party app that would let you download the reels on your mobile phone. Just after downloading it, you can post the reels on Facebook as you demand. Recommendations on Facebook won’t let you choose and post the reels.

Do Instagram Reels Expire?

No, Instagram reels do not get expired. You have a choice either to post the reels on your Instagram story or dire toy make a post. If you choose to add it to your story, your reel gets expires within 24 hours. But, you can restore the story very easily. Whereas if you made a post of the reels on your account, it won’t get expire unless you remove it by yourself or Instagram does. You need not worry about it. Just create plenty of reels and post them.


Instagram reels are getting popular recently as a short video maker. The process of making, posting, and adding music is different from on TikTok. But, the feeling you get while making reels is as same as you make TikTok. Instagram has let its users free to make the reels and post them even on other social media platforms. Many people are loving this feature. Instead of posting TikTok people have changed to posting reels on their stories and newsfeed.

Hope you got the exact point about this article. I think you have learned a lot of knowledge through our above-mentioned hearings and steps.

Was this article really helpful for you? What did you find more interesting? Still, have some confusion? You can be free and just comment down below in our comment section.

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