10+ Best Apps To Download Instagram Reels

10+ Best Apps To Download Instagram Reels

Looking to download Instagram reels? Searching for the apps to download Instagram reels? Do you know which app to use for this purpose? You are at the right place. This ultimate guide covers all of the information reacted to the best apps for downloading Instagram reels. We make sure that you will clear all of your doubts and queries from this article. Do not leave this website until you are done reading till the very end line. All of the information that is included in this article is based on our study and research.

You may be in the search for apps that would help you download the Instagram reels. You can search the app’s name on your play store and install it to download your Instagram reels. The best apps available on the play store which you can download for this purpose are the 4K program, Instagram tube, YT Saver, Click downloader, etc. You have to choose that app wisely by considering the reviews on the app. Instagram saver app is the best app to save the Instagram reels on your gallery. Whereas YT Saver is the best app to save the reels offline on the app.

Instagram is full of excitement and engagement. You can watch, react and comment on any photos, posts, videos, or reels you see. Instagram does not show any option to let you download reels and videos. You have to take support from any of the third-party apps for this purpose. So, the downloader tools help you get those stories, highlights, reels, etc on your mobile gallery. There is nothing impossible on today’s date. You can easily download Instagram reels.

You can also download videos on Instagram instead of reels with various tools.

10+ Best Apps To Download Instagram Reels

You need not scratch your head for this silly question. There are plenty of ways to solve your problem. Instagram reels can not be downloaded directly as Instagram does not display you with such an option.

But, you can download Instagram reels by taking help from an alternative process. So, here we suggest you to some of the world’s best apps to Download Instagram reels. The apps are as follows:


The Inflict is a kind of tool which serves you by downloading the Instagram reels. This is a kind of handy tool, as you can use this app easily and download any reels on your mobile phone gallery.

This app is available on both iOS devices and Android mobile phones. Also enables you to transfer reels, highlights, or photos from your mobile phone to your desktop and computers. The link to reels gets pasted by this tool and easily helps you download it on your phone.

But, this Inflict app also comes with pros and cons along with the functions and contributions this app performs. They are listed below:


  • This app allows you to download plenty of videos continuously in a smooth manner.
  • You can get multiple formats to convert Instagram audio and videos.
  • It is possible to download HD, 4K, and 1080P videos while maintaining their originality.


  • This app does not let you download the videos in 360 degrees and 3D.

Snap tube

Snap tube is well known for its unique ability and functions. You may be in the search of an app to download Instagram reels, but this app even enables you to download Instagram stories, music, and pictures.

This app allows you to download a reel in different ways. This app comes into use only on PC but not on mobile phones. You can choose the method as per the way you demand.

You can directly share the reels to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber, etc from this same app. Here you are provided with some pros and cons of the Snap tube app. They are as follows:


  • The process of downloading reels in this app is quite easy and fast.
  • You do not need any sort of additional tools or plugs for this app to work.
  • It decreases the total MB of reels and saves space on your mobile phone.


  • This app is not allowed to be used worldwide as it is restricted in some countries and regions.

Vid juice

Vid%20juice is known for its fast downloading system. This app can download plenty of Instagram reels at the same time by consuming less time. Vid juice is a kind of software that allows you to install reels and videos from various websites.

Once you download the Instagram reels using this app, you can have access to view them without having an internet connection as well. It is possible to cut your favorite part from the Instagram reels and download it on your device.

You can also sync the Instagram reels to other apps. Here, you are provided with some of the pros and cons of this app. They are as follows:


  • This app allows you to watch your favorite reels in different resolutions such as HD, 4K, 8K, etc.
  • It has one of the fastest downloading and converting systems.
  • You can get access to multiple videos and audio on your device.
  • Using this app, you can easily download the private videos which require your logins.


  • You will have to purchase a premium to use this app, as it has just a limited trial.

4K Story gram

4K Story gram is best known for its system of automatic downloading of upcoming Instagram reels. You need not click on each reel to download it. Once you set one of the reels to download, it will download other upcoming reels automatically.

You can use this app on your PC, Mac, and Linux. This app offers plenty of features for its users. You will get the Instagram reels downloaded in an exact form without degrading their air originality and quality.

You can purchase a premium account for this app. This app even provides you with a huge discount on your purchase. It supports plenty of formats. Here are some of the pros and cons of this app. They are as follows:


  • This tool may help you download plenty of videos just by a single selection.
  • You can unknowingly or secretly download the stories of other Instagram users.
  • This app can even download fully private videos which require your logins.
  • You will get different folders for each download of Instagram reels and videos.


  • You may get interrupted by commercial ads in the trial or free version of this app.

Instagram Save

Instagram Save is one of the easiest and simplest tools to download Instagram reels and videos. You will have to copy the links at first to use this app. Copy and paste the link of the Instagram reel on Insta Save and download the reels as you wish.

All of the reels that you have downloaded from Instagram get saved in this app. Along with its unique features and activity, it has some cons as well. Here we provide you with some pros and cons of this app. This would make your findings for this app more lenient They are as follows:


  • This app also provides you with a dark mode that might be comfortable for you.
  • You can even use this app while you are having a slow network offline or without any internet connection.
  • It is possible to repost the content which you have previously copied from Instagram.


  • This app requires a login, so you cannot use this app without providing your information.
  • You may get interrupted by ads until you purchase a premium account.

All Downloader

All downloaders are apps with multiple features. You can use this app for multiple purposes. This app is the same as above mentioned apps but has a little difference in its features.

All downloader apps allow you to download reels and videos not only from Instagram but also from other social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. The process is very simple and you will have to follow the same process as above.

Here are some of the pros and cons provided to you about this app. You can be even more clear studying these points. They are as follows:


  • This app is more versatile compared to other apps.
  • You just need a certain link to make this app perform its work.
  • This app has the highest reviews and downloads among these kinds of apps in the play store.
  • You can find some extra features in this app than the above-mentioned apps.
  • It is possible to copy everything, even the captions, and hashtags from the reels.
  • You need not do any logins and all to use this app.


  • All of the downloaded videos get mixed max and you get to face problems selecting them.

Instagram Video Downloader

This video downloader has one of the batch download features. It is possible to download as many Instagram reels as you want from Instagram TV. You can download all of them in a single shot together.

The pros and cons of this app are presented to you below. Please get clear about this app through the below section. They are as follows:


  • This app saves your time and downloads the Instagram reels within less period.
  • It is possible to view the downloaded reels in a landscape mode using this tool.
  • You can share the Instagram reel on any of the social media platforms.


  • This app can be used only on android mobile phones and not on iOS and desktops.

Click Downloader

This click downloader app is best known for its high-quality service providing. This app shows you advanced options and features for downloading the reels from social media. This is software and makes your work easy.

You just need a single click and boom your reels, stories, and videos get downloaded. Along with its popularity, this app contains some advantages and cons. Here you are provided with a list of pros and cons. They are as follows:


  • This app gets updated frequently which provides extra features to the users.
  • You can choose the total space and quality of the reels you want when it gets downloaded.
  • The steps to use this app are too easy and quick in the process.


  • You can use this tool or app on iOS and Android devices but not designed to be used on Mac and Linux.

Winx Video Downloader

Winx video downloader is best known for its quick downloading process and easy operation of the tools. Once you use this app as an Instagram video or reels downloader, you will have a different experience.

This app makes you feel effortless in the downloading process. You can also save lots of time using this app. Here are some of the pros and cons provided to you. You can get clear about this app through this section. They are as follows:


  • This app can easily download HD, 1080P, and other high-quality videos.
  • It allows you to change the format of whole reels you have downloaded from Instagram.
  • You can easily reduce the size of reels and save space on your mobile phone with this tool.
  • It is even possible to edit the reels you have downloaded.
  • You can customize the format of videos and reels as per your demand.


  • It is impossible to download the 3D videos and 360 degrees videos or reels with the use of this tool.

YT Saver

YT saver app is an Instagram reel video downloader tool for downloading free videos from your favorite social. Media sites. It is known for its multipurpose task. This tool helps you download Instagram reels. Along with downloading the reels, you can even customize the formats of reels. There are altogether 20 formats available in this app.

The videos and reels which are downloaded using this app also have high resolutions. This app is getting popular and its craze is increasing day by day. The features that the app provides are the best.

In this app, you can receive a high-quality output reel along with a surprising offline video and reel playback. Here are some of the pros and cons of this app. Be even more clear about this app by reading this portion. They are as follows:


  • This app even has a private mode that protects all of your downloaded reels and videos through the password.
  • It has 15 times the maximum speed of the video and reels the downloading process more than other apps.
  • You can easily browse the reels and videos you demand as per your choice.


  • This app requires a subscription package to download a video or reels in bulk.

So, these are the best apps that help to download Instagram reels, videos, stories, and even highlights. You can use any of them at a time. You may even be scammed by the fake apps, so be wise while choosing the app from the play store. Read the pros and cons carefully and start downloading the app from your play store. Also, consider the device required for the above tools. You can also search for alternative best apps for downloading Instagram reels.

And in case you want to save Instagram stories with music in your gallery, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Instagram reels is a newly updated feature on Instagram. People are new to it. The reeks are too interesting and you may want to download them. Many Instagram users like you have asked us plenty of questions to us. They are unknown about reels and also want to download them. They have shared their problems with us and requested to answer them.

So here, in this section, we have collected some of those questions and answered them. The answers below are from our study and research. Please read and learn from it as well. They are as follows:

Is Downloading Instagram Reels Illegal?

Instagram does not provide the users with an option to download the reels right? This is the reason why you get to develop such things in your mind. The process is legal. You do not have to worry about it. Instagram reels are a recently updated feature on Instagram. The app may take the next update to allow this download option in the same app. You can use those reels for personal use only. If you go beyond it, you may even get punished.

Why Are There Too Many Apps For Downloading Instagram Reels?

Yes, there are more than 20 apps altogether, which perform the task of downloading Instagram reels and videos. As we all know that Instagram does not provide you with an option to download Instagram reels. So, people have developed software and apps which would let you download those reels and videos. Those apps allow you to preserve the video quality of reels. You can watch them when you are offline with no internet connection.

Which Is The Best App To Download Instagram Reels?

You can find plenty of apps that serve as Instagram videos and reels downloader. Among the above-mentioned apps, YT Saver and Snap Downloader is the best app to download Instagram reels. These two apps have the highest points of pros or advantages as compared to other apps. The cons are not that level of bad as you can not use certain features without purchasing the subscription package.

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Why Can’t I Save Reels On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow any of the users to download or save the reels on the gallery. Instagram lacks an in-app feature that allows you to download content videos and reels. This is the reason why you are not able to save reels on Instagram. Instagram may not have planned to let the users download those reels and other stuff. In the upcoming days, they may even unlock the system and allow you to download them.

How Do I Download Instagram Reels To My Phone Gallery?

You can either download the Instagram reels just in the app or directly in your phone gallery. You will have to use third-party apps in this case. There is a third-party app called In saver. This In saver app has an option that asks you to keep the reels within the app or in the mobile gallery. You can choose to save in a mobile gallery and easily download it on your phone.


Instagram reels have become most popular in today’s social media. People are running behind making reel videos and posting them. You may like some of the reels on your Instagram explore page and may want to download them. But, as we have previously discussed, Instagram doesn’t let you do so. You will need a third-party app to perform this function.

In this article, we have discussed the best apps which would help you download the Instagram reels. We have also included some of the frequently asked questions from our comment section.

Hope our article was useful for you. Did you get to clear out all of your doubts and queries? Still, stuck with some confusion in mind? You are free to tell us. You can comment down below in our comment section.

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