Can Instagram Be Monetized? [All You Need To Know]

Can Instagram Be Monetized

Can Instagram be monetized? Thinking of earning through Instagram? Wondering if Instagram can be monetized or not? Went through many websites but didn’t get to clear your doubts right? You have clicked on the right website. We provide you with all the information and clear the doubts you have. I make sure when you leave this article, your mind would be full of knowledge and information about monetizing on Instagram.

Yes, Instagram can be monetized. If you are an Instagram user then you have to earn at least one thousand followers, which is the minimum number. You can earn even more as you increase your followers on Instagram. Instagram can be used as a source to earn money. You have to reach certain criteria and then you can successfully monetize or earn through your Instagram account.

Instagram is very famous worldwide because of its features. The features such as earning money, account modes, etc are made allowed to you by Instagram. World wide news, messages, etc are the main activities of Instagram. Even actresses, actors and different role models which people like are mostly active on Instagram. People can follow their idols and easily know about them via Instagram

Can Instagram Be Monetized?

Instagram is used by about billions of users in the present day. This app has become one of the daily schedules of today’s youths. But what is the point of having an Instagram account? You can earn handsome money through this app.

You have to consider some terms Instagram has while using it. The criteria which Instagram has set for the accounts to be monetized must be reached. If you violate any community guidelines or go against the terms and conditions then your account may even get blocked.

So, here are some points which you must consider if you want to earn through your Instagram account. The points are as follows:

  • Your Instagram account must have at least 1000 followers which is the minimum number
  • Your Instagram account must be influencing type or fan-based.
  • Your posts on Instagram must be engaging and dedicated to the followers.
  • The photos and videos you post on Instagram must not go against the Instagram terms and conditions.
  • You should not provide any false information and make it viral without any source.

If you are unaware of how will you get more followers on Instagram, then you are in luck as we have just written this comprehensive guide on how can you increase your Instagram followers.

Things To Know To Be Able To Monetize Instagram

Without any preparation, it is quite impossible to get what you need right? So, if you are thinking of earning through Instagram then you have to prepare your account as per it. You must set your profile in a way that attracts a large number of followers. Followers are the main thing that takes you one step closer to the monetization process.

  • You have to set a snappy bio that peaks up your account with plenty of followers.
  • You must be regular on Instagram such as regular active status, posts, or Instagram stories.
  • Increase the number of hashtags you usually use on your post.
  • Keep on posting qualifiable content and try to make it different from the previous one.
  • You must also try to maintain a good relationship with other famous content creators.
  • You can even affiliate some of the marketing-related posts on your account.
  • Try to be an influencer by creating sponsored posts with brand partners.
  • Advertise some important and useful items people mostly need in their daily life.
  • Express your talents and teach others what you know about any topic.
  • Post videos that are new to others without copying others content.

You can also add your TikTok account link in your Instagram bio to drive audiences from your TikTok to Your Instagram.

7+ Ways To Monetize Your Instagram Account

Through plenty of research and findings, we have concluded some of the best ways you can use to monetize your account. These ways would help you get into the process of monetization.

You can choose any one of them or all of them which depends on you. The ways are as follows:

Sell A Product

It is one of the ways of attracting plenty of users to your account. You can choose to sell any of the products either your local product or any other brands. You can advertise the product you have chosen to sell. Either make the videos or directly post the product on Instagram.

People mostly want the things they see on social media. You can progress a lot through this process. You can easily earn double profit using this way to monetize your account.

This will help you develop a communicable environment between followers and you which can easily uplift your account to the monetizing process.

The eligibility required to sell a product:

  • Your follower count must be at least 10,000 or more, depending on the brands.
  • You should use a “paid partnership” tag on each of your posts related to the product.

Digital Ads

Making videos on digital ads and posting them on Instagram, will help both beginners and advanced-level users. The ads you have created pop up on the site people have visited. So, it is most likely that people might view the ads you have created.

The views that you get on your ad pay you. You can easily make money per click or tap of users on the ads. The more visitors and viewers to your ad, the source of money you will earn.

The Eligibility Required To Make A Digital Ad:

  • You must be aware of all the terms and conditions of Instagram.
  • You must not copy other ads.
  • There must be uniqueness and originality in your performance.
  • Communication skills are a must.

Providing Training

You can post the free training classes related to makeup, cleaning, or designing any other products. It will help you earn a good source of income through this work.

You may get paid per viewer in your post. The knowledge and wisdom you have can make you rich through this Instagram.

The Eligibility Required To Provide Training Via Instagram:

  • You must be professional in the field you choose.
  • Must have training experience in that field.


People almost spend their whole day using Instagram. You can start a coaching class related to different subjects. People might have an interest in such things and you may get to develop your earnings through this.

Try to make your coaching technique better than others. Uniqueness and l creativeness gets to pay a lot in today’s world.

The Eligibility Required For Coaching:

  • Must be an experienced person.
  • Should be confident with proper communication skills.

Start Marketing

If you have quite a large number of followers on your Instagram account, then marketing would be the best option to uplift your account.

You can advertise different products, and make a qualitative and unique content video. You will get paid for every sale of the product by different brands.

The Eligibility Required To Start Marketing:

  • You should have good communication skills.
  • Active voice and confidence.

Sponsored Posts

Different brands might want their product to be known by everyone. They want someone to sponsor their brand name and product.

You can make videos or even just post something related to the brand. If the brand becomes satisfied with your work then they pay you per video and post.

The Eligibility Required To Sponsor The Posts:

  • You must be a partner with different brands.
  • Must have obtained proper training.
  • Followers account is about 1,000 or more than this.

Online Course

Teaching and learning processes through social media apps are most popular nowadays. You can start an online teaching course where every student feels hard.

You can make videos related to accounts, science, history, etc. Create unique content for your online courses and post the videos on your account.

The Eligibility Required For Conducting Online Couse:

  • You must be a teacher or the one with proper knowledge and wisdom.
  • Should have enough qualifications.
  • You should not provide wrong or false knowledge.

Create Your Product

Advertising your product and selling it gets the most priority on social media. You can create your product such as scrunchies, foods, clips, clothes, handicrafts, etc. People loved local products rather than those expensive things.

People mostly support the products that are created themselves. These products are more durable and easy to afford. You can start your business with little money and you will get to develop it on a large scale. Creating any product to start this monetizing process is a good move.

You can see many more people on social media, who have started their small businesses with few incomes. They are now successful and earning a huge income through Instagram. You can be an influencer through this act and earn a large number of fans.

Develop An Event

You can bring your idea and utilize it in the field of earning money. Collect all of your contents together and mix all of them to create uniqueness. You must present your even making videos and posting them either in stories or direct a post.

Try to start from a small scale and if people are satisfied with your work, you may get to develop it on a large scale. You may be an influencer and can develop a large number of fans worldwide.

You can choose any one of the above-mentioned tips for leading your account to the monetization process. There are plenty of opportunities. You can wisely pick any one of them at a time. What have you chosen to bring a source of income in your life as an influencer?

How Much Money Can You Make From Instagram Monetisation?

You can make a lot of money from Instagram. It’s about millions per post or thousands which depends on your account and post. The money-making process fully depends on you and how Instagram sees it. The brands and sponsors you are working with pay you. The income varies as the account and content vary.

The average income of an Instagram user with one million followers and only a single sponsor is about USD 156 to USD 1,700. As the money varies as per your connection with brands and the way you sponsor them. Some of the creators are also eating about USD 4000 per post on Instagram. If the content creators perform well and post high performance on reels then they even get a huge bonus.

The people who have the highest influence on mankind get to earn a lot in actuality. Just examples are Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, etc are worldwide influencers. They earn a huge amount of money per post on Instagram. The celebrities have a huge fan base in the whole world. They charge a large amount per post on Instagram.

You can use Instagram hashtags to get more likes and reach the audience. This article will help you understand how to use hashtags on Instagram to grow on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People are really curious about this monetary system Instagram has. They have left a lot of comments related to the topic “Can Instagram Be Monetized”. We have picked some of them and tried to give our best answers.

All of the below answers are the conclusions of our research and findings. Please don’t miss any of the questions and answers. This would help you improve your knowledge about Instagram. They are as follows:

What Is Instagram Monetization?

Instagram monetization means making money through Instagram. Your Instagram account becomes a source of income. Depending on the type of account you have that is influencing, content, role model type, etc Instagram pays you. Instagram pays you by looking at each of your posts and activities on Instagram.

Can I Monetize Instagram Post?

Yes, of course, you can easily monetize your Instagram posts. But, your post must be affiliated with any brands or post sponsored by any brands. You must post some qualitative posts with plenty of comments, views, and reactions on them. Once you start earning through the posts, it will be easy to earn for the next time.

How Much Does Instagram Pay?

No, Instagram doesn’t pay you directly with a sum of money. In actuality, you get paid by the brands with whom you have been working. Your payment also depends on your engagement with the brand and the type of relationship with the brand. The brand pays you as per your work on Instagram.

How Many Followers Do You Need On Instagram To Get A Verified Tick?

To get a verified blue tick on your Instagram account, you will need a minimum of 10,000 followers on your account. You may not get this even after attaining the requirement. It depends on Instagram itself as it checks your account first before providing a verified blue tick. If you are a content creator, influencer, or any other artist, your account gets verified automatically because of your fan base.

Can I Make Money On Instagram With 1,000 followers?

Yes, you can make money through 1,000 followers. If you are highly engaged on your Instagram or playing the role of influencing others then you can easily get monetized on Instagram. You get to pay by Instagram itself or the brands you have been working with as per your work type.

How Long Does It Take To Monetize An Instagram Account?

The process of getting a verified mark on your Instagram account, and getting income is all on Instagram itself. You cannot predict it just by looking at the followers and posts. Your post must be serving different people which are most of the fan’s base. You have to keep on posting and engaging your followers.


Monetizing the Instagram account is not an easy task as we see. But, we know every person wishes to get a monetized Instagram account. Everyone wants Instagram to pay them as per their active status and posts on the app. You can even become a nano influencer which would help you get attention from different brands.

It is likely for you to develop a career on Instagram. You can work with different brands and sponsor them to earn handsome money. You can monetize Instagram easily.

Once you start the process of minimizing Instagram it would be easy for the next time to earn.

We have mentioned the ways to monetize Instagram as well as some criteria you must reach to earn.

Hope you are now clear about monetizing Instagram and got the answer to “Can Instagram Be Monetized?”.

I think you are now ready to monetize your Instagram account. Follow as per what we have guided and you can earn.

If you have any other questions about this topic “Can Instagram Be Monetized” you can comment without any hesitation.

How did you feel about our article? Was it helpful for you? Keep supporting us and we will be posting even more interesting articles.

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