How To Add Music To Instagram Reels?

How To Add Music To Instagram Reels

How to add music to Instagram reels? Want to enjoy your reels with better music? Do not know how to add music to the Instagram reels? Went through many articles and now struggling for answers? Relax, we are here for you. This article may help you a lot with the question you are having on your mind. This article contains all the detailed information about adding music and reels. To make your research even easier, we have mentioned some guide steps over here.

Instagram has newly updated this music system on your reels. So, because of this reason, you may not know how to add it. You have to save the audio clip which you prefer. You can use that music while making a reel. Now, share all of your audio clips to the reel with the help of DMs. Search any one of the music you prefer from the list. Now, play your music and reels at the same time. Using these few steps you can successfully add music to your reels.

Instagram offers you plenty of features to make your experience even better on Instagram. It is possible to use this app in plenty of ways such as video calling, messaging, posting, stories, music videos, and many more. The stories that Instagram has contains plenty of editing features. This music adding on reels while making a story is also an interesting thing. You are free to choose your kind of music to post on the reels.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels are the newly updated feature available on Instagram. It enables you to make any kind of content and videos so that you can post it and make it go viral. It is possible to create reels and post them either on your story or directly make an Instagram post.

The time duration of this Instagram reel is about 15 to 20 seconds. This reel is the same as making a TikTok video. The difference is just that your reels won’t display the take TikTok at the side of your video.

Making qualitative and contentful reels can help you a lot with your future. Instagram is a platform where you can even build your career by giving your best. Reels are short videos, so people may not get bored just watching a video of 15 sec.

Make videos related to the current situation that a country or certain community is facing. You can even earn handsome money through your reels.

Instagram enables you to write highlight words on your reels. You keep on spending the whole day just scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and all. You can make your day productive by making Instagram reels.

Show your talent to the people, and post as many videos as you can. People will get to explore you even more through the reels available on your Instagram account.

Benefits Of Instagram Reels?

Think of making reels with high quality and posting them. This is one of the best ideas and a platform to reflect your personality to the world. You can show off whatever specialty you have, which is either physically or mentally.

People love seeing strange things rather than copied and boring content. Reveal your inner self so that you can get reflected in everybody’s mind. The benefits that you can get from Instagram reels are listed below. They are as follows:

Increasing Followers:

People follow those Instagram users who seem to be talented and unique. Your Instagram profile reflects your whole personality and quality. You can post reels on your newsfeed rather than your stories. Reels on stories are for limited persons. Whereas your newsfeed can be shared and many people can get a chance to view it.

Keep one thing in your mind you have to keep your Instagram account public. Private accounts do not seem much interactive with the public. People mostly check your profile before deciding to follow you. More the followers you will have, the more you can get benefit from them. They may like your reels, share them and even promote you.

If you want to increase your followers on Instagram, we have this article written especially for that purpose.

Promotes Your Business

Boring and repeated content won’t let you get your reels to go viral. Your reels must be interest-based to the public. This is one of the most powerful things which helps your interaction, and followers and increases your potential.

You can gain huge success in your business whether that is local or large scale. But, only when you choose to make Instagram reels as a source of promoting your business. You will inverse the buyers on your products. You may get to collapse with other business partners as well.

Growing Without Ads

If you are a product promoter or you own a product then, making reels would be the best choice for you. You need not make those difficult and expensive ads for advertising your local or branded products.

Make reels and present your product in a way that attracts the public. You will grow in your life very easily. Just be unique and make some qualitative content videos. The

Hence, these are some of the advantages you get from making Instagram reels. Do not limit just these benefits. You can use your creativity and get different levels of benefits.

Aside from growing your business, you can also use Instagram to make money. Follow this article to read “How To Make Money On Instagram”.

How To Add Music To Your Instagram Reels?

It has not become a lot of time since when Instagram launched this new feature of adding music to the reels. As every Instagram user is new to this update, there might be a lot of confusion in your mind.

We are here to help you with this confusion. Instagram provides you with music as same as the music available on TikTok. You can enjoy the same experience as on TikTok making the Instagram reels.

So you want a guide to help you add music to your reels right? Here is a detailed guide step for you that would clear out your confusion. The step-to-step guides are as follows:

Step 1: Open Instagram On Your Mobile Phone

Turn on your mobile phone and search for the Instagram app on your app list. Once you are on the all you can see your newsfeed including stories of your followers.

Step 2: Tap On Instagram Stories

As you can see Instagram stories option once you are on the app. Look at your left-hand side and you can find this icon at the top left corner of your screen.

Step 3: Slide To Your Right Hand Side

You have to click on the add to story option. Look at the bottom of your screen.

You can see options with sliding ability. Slide the options to your right-hand side. There you have to slide until you see reels on the option.

Step 4: Click On Music Note

Once you get reels loaded on your screen, you will get a list of further new icons on the left-hand side of your mobile screen. Tap on the music note to get sounds for your reels.

Step 5: Select Saved Option

You can see an option as saved in your music note list. You have to click on it if you want to use the music saved on your mobile or collection list.

Step 6: Click On Magnificient Glass-Like Icon

Look at the top of your screen. There you can see a magnifying glass icon which is a bar.

Here you can see each piece of music as per your choice. It is possible to search and find out your favorite artists and songs you prefer.

Step 7: Add Music To Your Reel

Tap on the music or song you liked. There will be a sliding bar that allows you to crop the part of the song.

Click on the done button in case you have finished with the selection and cropping of the song.

You can also find a pink dot or bar available on the chosen song. The pink dot indicates the most popular lyrics or tunes. This makes it easier to edit and choose music.

Using these seven easy steps you can add music to your reels. Follow the guidelines sexually without disturbing the series. Try these steps with your Instagram reels. Now, you are successful in adding music to your reel video.

3+ Ways To Find Perfect And Trending Music For Your Instagram Reels

You might be in the search of trending music for your Instagram reels. You may want your reels to be perfect by adding trending music to those reels.

We have also prepared an article explaining how the Instagram reels algorithm works.

There is also a separate way you can use to find perfect music as per the nature of your reels. The ways are as follows:

Browse Instagram’s Music Catalog

When you are in the process of creating your Instagram reels, you can see an option to add audio to your reel. There you can find some recommendations. You will see Instagram has suggested you some music and videos. You will see the audio people have used when making videos.

Sometimes Instagram may also share with you an option of trending music.

Look For The Arrow Symbol

The arrow the symbol is one of the handy icons for you to show trending music. You will see a red arrow on your screen. When you tap on it, you will get a set of music. But, you should be using Instagram on your mobile phone to get this icon.

If the song is on top trend you will again see a green arrow beside it. The trending songs are arranged serially in a row. It is the easiest way to get the song by saving your time.

Scroll Down Your Explore Page

Explore page also contains the reels of different people. You can scroll down the page and listen to the music that you would prefer. Instagram allows you to save the music from explore page and use it on your reels.

You can first search if this section includes the music you are looking for or not. If the music is in trend then you will find it on your phone for a free explore page.

If you are having issues with Instagram explore page then we have written an article for restoring and resetting Instagram explore page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here with the collection of a few of the questions which people have asked us reacted to this topic. This whole topic is new to us and there is a high chance of getting more confusion while using it. We have done deep research and found the answers.

Even our own experiences are also included over here. So, please give your time to these questions as well. You may gain extra knowledge too. Please do not miss any of these. The questions are as follows:

Why Can’t I Add Music To The Reels On Instagram?

Instagram has different choices based on accounts. There’s a private account, public account, and business account. If you are logging in to your Instagram account using a business account then, Instagram won’t give you access to use music for the reels. You will get a copyright issue in this case.

So, Instagram won’t let you enjoy any kind of feature and you will get notifications as copyright issues. You must have either a private or public account to enjoy this feature.

Can I Add Music To My Reels After I Finished Recording?

Yes, Instagram allows you to add music to your reels either at the beginning or after finishing it. You have to tap on the edit option where you can see mixed audio options. On your left-hand side, you can see the music button.

You will get lots of different music from their artists. You have to tap on your favorite music and select done, once you finish choosing. In this way, you can easily add music to your reels.

I Can’t Find Songs On Reels, Why?

The main reason behind this kind of problem is updates. You should go and check your play store and check if you are late for the latest update or not. If yes, you should update Instagram.

As adding music is a newly updated feature on Instagram, you won’t get it until you installed the new version of Instagram. If you do not get the music of the reel even after you updated the Instagram, the feature may not be available in your location.

Is It Possible To Change The Music From Reel After Posting?

Yes, you can change the music from the reel after getting posted as well. But, once you changed the music from the reel too will have to repost it again. You can either delete the previous one or add the reel with the next music. The next option is you can post both of the reels but with different music on each. Instagram will repost your reel with a recent timetable on it.

How Do I Edit Music On My Instagram Reels?

You will need a reel maker to edit music on your Instagram reels. Select the song as you prefer. Hold your index finger on the song and have a long press on it. The music you have selected gets set into your reel. You can replay or review the music by clicking on the back arrow icon.

If you have finished editing your reels, you can select done. Now your reel is ready to get posted.

Can I Add My Own Recorded Sound On Reels?

Yes, rather than choosing the music from the list, you can easily make your recordings through your talent. Adding your own recorded sound on the reels may gain more popularity. The priority of the reels you have posted gets increased.

You have created a video full of talents, so you may get more views and share it on the reel. Own recorded sound means your product and even Instagram may suggest your reels to other users.

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Instagram reels allow you to post a short-duration video including different music and sounds. This audio and music on Instagram reels are trending. You can see many people posting these reels rather than adding photos. The viewers get more attention to these reels rather than those images. Make reel videos, add music to them and enjoy the latest feature.

If you want to download Photos from Instagram, we have compiled some solutions for the same. Read this article for more information.

We tried our best to make you understand this reel and music. We also hope that you easily understood our article. Did you learn what you were in search of this topic?

Did you enjoy reading this article? All of the information that we have mentioned above depends on our dense research and funding.

Was this article helpful for you? Still, have some queries about Instagram reels? You are free to ask us. Please comment down below in our comment section.

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