How To See Your Contacts On Yubo? 

How To See Your Contacts On Yubo? 

If you’ve been using the Yubo app for a while and want to know how to see your contacts on Yubo, we’ve described some processes to check on your Yubo friends and contacts. Yubo is a social media app specifically designed for GenZ to make it easy for this generation to expand their social circles online with new friends from around the world. This app is common among teenage users and makes it fun for them to use the app because of its chatting, live streaming, and swiping features. It never fails to improve its features with each update.

To see your contacts on Yubo, 

1. Open the Yubo app,
2. Log in to your account,
3. Go to the “Friends” tab,
4. Search for a specific user by their username.

Why Does The Yubo App Ask For Contacts?

For several reasons, the Yubo app could request access to your contacts. One purpose is to make it easier for you to locate friends or acquaintances already using the app.

The email addresses and phone numbers in your contact list can be compared to the email addresses and phone numbers of other Yubo users by Yubo by accessing your contacts. Due to this feature, you will find it similar to connecting with friends who have already downloaded the app.

Yubo may also ask for access to your contacts to give you a more customized experience. For example, Yubo can recommend new people to connect with based on who you already know.

It’s vital to understand that allowing Yubo access to your contacts is optional; if you’d like, you can deny the request. If you do give your contacts access, Yubo will only use the data as described in their privacy policy.

Why Do People See Contacts On Yubo?

To keep track of whom they have linked with on the app, users can view their contacts on Yubo. Users of the social media app Yubo can connect with friends, make new friends, and take part in live video streaming. They can access a list of people they have interacted with, view their profiles, and keep in touch with them by viewing their contacts on Yubo.

Yubo users can find and connect with people they know or have recently interacted with more easily on Yubo when they have a contact list. It can improve user satisfaction and make the app more entertaining and engaging.

Having a list of contacts can also make it easier for users to track who they have requested friendship from and who has requested friendship from. In addition, managing friend requests and ensuring that users only connect with people they trust can benefit from this.

How To See Your Contacts On Yubo?

After using Yubo, the users want to know how many of their contacts use the app. So, the steps to see your contacts on Yubo are listed as follows:

Step 1: To See Contacts Through The Friends Tab

To find the contacts through the friends’ tab on Yubo, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Yubo
  2. Log in to your account,
  3. Go to the “Friends” tab at the bottom of the app,
  4. You will be able to see a list of all your current friends in the “Friends” tab,
  5. To add new friends, you can search for a specific user by their username,
  6. Or you can swipe through the profiles displayed in the “Discover” section of the app,
  7. You can send the user a friend request by clicking the “Add Friend” button,
  8. You can accept the friend request you received by clicking the “Decline” button,
  9. Once you are friends with someone on Yubo, you can message them and start chatting with them.

Step 2: To See Contacts By Searching For A Specific User

You can also see contacts on Yubo by searching for specific users. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Yubo app on your device,
  2. Tap on the “Search” icon at the bottom of the screen,
  3. Type the username or name of the person you’re looking for in the search bar,
  4. Tap on the “People” tab to see a list of results that match your search criteria,
  5. You can tap on the user’s profile to view their information or tap on the “Add Friend” menu to send them a friend request.

To see your contacts on Yubo, you must first connect with them. You can do this by sending or accepting friend requests from other users. Once a friend request is accepted, the app will add the person to your Yubo contacts list.

How To Manage Friend Requests On Yubo?

To manage your friend requests on Yubo, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Yubo app on your device,
  2. Login to your account,
  3. Tap on the “Friends” tab from the bottom navigation bar to access your friend list,
  4. You can see “Requests” in the friends’ tab, which will show you requests received from other Yubo users,
  5. Tap on the confirm button located next to the user’s name,
  6. You can decline the request of some other user if you don’t want to accept theirs,
  7. After accepting the request, the user can view your profile and send you requests.

You can manage the requests on the Yubo app in these simple ways.

What Are The Tips For Safe Usage Of The Yubo App?

Though Yubo has a variety of safety considerations and procedures to protect the users, it also has a safety feature that doesn’t allow users above the age to use the app and recognizes them easily with the help of AI.

Here are the tips for safe usage of the Yubo app:

Protect Your Privacy

Users must be careful about the information they share on Yubo, especially personal information like their full name, address, email, and phone number. You must only share the information with the people you trust.

Be Mindful Of Who You Add As A Friend

Users must only add the people they know and are comfortable interacting with. You must not add people you don’t know and be careful of friend requests from strangers.

Use The Privacy Settings

Yubo provides several privacy settings that you can use to control who can see your profile and interact with you. Make sure to set your privacy settings to a level that makes you feel comfortable.

Report Any Inappropriate Behaviour

If you encounter inappropriate or offensive behavior on Yubo, report it to the app’s support team immediately. It helps keep Yubo a safe and positive environment for everyone.

Be Respectful

Users must treat others on Yubo like they want to be treated themselves. You must be respectful and polite in your interactions and avoid spreading negativity and hate among each other.

By following these tips, you can use Yubo safely and responsibly and have a positive experience on the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some more queries regarding how to see your contacts on Yubo and safety measures of the Yubo app are listed as follows:

Can I See Who Has Sent Me Friend Requests On Yubo?

You can see who has sent friend requests by going to the “Requests” tab in the “Friends” section.

In addition, you can view pending friend requests and manage them as needed.

How Do I Accept Or Decline Friend Requests On Yubo?

To accept or decline friend requests on Yubo, go to the “Requests” tab in the ‘Friends” section.

From here, you can tap on a friend request to view the user’s profile and then tap “Accept” or “Decline” to manage the requests.

What Happens If I Delete A Friend On Yubo?

If you delete a friend on Yubo, the app will remove the connection from your and the other user’s friends list.

You can no longer view their profile or receive notifications about their activity on the top.

Can I Report Someone For Inappropriate Behaviour On Yubo?

You can report anyone for inappropriate behavior like bullying, scamming, or harassment.

Go to the user’s profile and select the report option to report someone.

Yubo’s team will review the report and take appropriate action if necessary.

Is My Personal Information Safe On Yubo?

Yes, your personal information is safe on the app. Yubo takes the security of its user’s personal information seriously.

The app uses encryption to protect sensitive information and implements strict privacy policies to ensure user data is not shared or misused.


This article describes how to see contacts on the Yubo app and its security issues and features. When using Yubo, it is important to be mindful of your personal information and to report any inappropriate behavior you encounter on the app. However, with its user-friendly interface and robust security features, Yubo is a great tool for making new friends and building online communities.

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