How To See Comments You Liked On Instagram?

How to see comments you liked on Instagram

If someone comments on a post on your Instagram profile, you certainly want to know how to see comments you liked on Instagram. It’s easy because you need to go to your Instagram and surf through some options.

We have a way for you to view your likes if you are curious to see all the comments you have made over the years.

If you’re wondering how to see the comments you’ve liked so far, you can view all the comments you’ve liked and the responses you’ve made to the posts.

To see comments you liked on Instagram, first you need to check the comments you liked using Instagram Activity, you can use the Instagram data after downloading it and surf through your posts to check the comments you have liked. 

What Are Liked Comments On Instagram?

Liked comments are those that you or any of your followers liked while going through your posts and profile.

These are the appreciation you give to anyone complimenting you on your posts.

Anyone can express appreciation for your comment or post by clicking the like button on one of your comments.

It’s a quicker option than writing out your admiration in a different comment.

Why Do People Like Comments On Instagram?

People like someone else’s comment, or you might get likes on the comments you did on others’ posts because people like to appreciate compliments on others’ posts.

So it’s a gesture that people do after getting admiring or complimenting comments.

Your followers give you support, appreciation, friendliness, or mutual attraction whenever they like comments on Instagram.

Can I See Comments I Liked On Instagram?

Yes, you can view the comments you’ve liked on Instagram in the past. However, comments are naturally visible because Instagram doesn’t have a feature that makes it simple to scroll through your liked comments.

You can download your Instagram data to see the comments you’ve liked on Instagram.

When you save the post, you will also see the comments you have liked. At this time, it was just for reference.

However, doing so will reveal which comments on the post you liked.

To save every post as a favorite simply because you want to return is time-consuming and exhausting.

Why Are Engagement On Instagram Comments So Important These Days?

Instagram comments are a fantastic way to increase engagement with your posts. In addition, it can significantly aid in your audience growth, particularly if you are new to the platform.

There are a couple of things that you should remember, though.

It is crucial to show respect when leaving comments on other people’s posts. It entails refraining from making crude or insulting remarks and leaving the comments open for others to respond.

Remember that readers may be keeping an eye on their comments history, so only post uplifting and helpful comments.

Next, remember that there are two different ways to comment on Instagram. Direct (the blue “Add” button) and Direct Message (the orange “Message” button).

Before posting anything, know which one you use to avoid unintentionally saying something offensive or inappropriate.

Finally, it is critical to remember that only some people who like your post will automatically follow you.

How To See Comments You Liked On Instagram?

There are more complex ways to scroll through Instagram and check the comments you like.

You can view various information on Instagram, including the comments you’ve liked under other users’ posts. You must download your Instagram data.

Check the activity tab in your account settings to see which comments you have liked.

Also, check your posts, and you’re sure to find the comments you liked.

Some of the ways to see the comments you liked on Instagram as listed below:

Check The Comments You Liked Using Instagram Activity

One of the best ways to view comments you’ve liked on Instagram is through this method.

You can find the posts you’ve interacted with in the “Your Activity” section, which keeps track of everything you do on the app.

Scroll through the posts you liked on the Interaction page to see if you can find the conversation or the comment you liked.

  1. Open the Instagram app,
  2. Click on your profile photo at the bottom right corner of the screen,
  3. Click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner,
  4. Select Your activity,
  5. On the following page, click Interactions.

You can scroll through the posts you’ve liked and commented on this page.

Use The Instagram Data After Downloading

Since there is yet to be an official way to quickly scroll through all the comments you’ve liked on Instagram, using Instagram data is the only surefire way to do this.

It is a repository for your Instagram information, including photos, search history, posts you need to save, etc.

You can download your Instagram data to your phone or computer.

However, you must request Instagram to prepare the file for your download before you can access your data.

  1. Open the Instagram app,
  2. Click on your profile photo at the bottom right corner of the screen,
  3. Click on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the screen,
  4. Select settings from the open bottom menu,
  5. Select security,
  6. Click download data,
  7. Enter your password,
  8. Verify your email address before choosing Request Download,
  9. The security section once more lacks the Download Data button,
  10. Select Your Activity from the bottom menu list,
  11. Scroll to the bottom,
  12. Select download your information.

If you didn’t use an email address when you created your account, type it in now, then select request download.

Within 48 hours, Instagram will send you a link that you can use to download your data.

Open the downloaded link from your email by going to your email account. You can view the various folder types by unzipping the file.

Click on the comments folder inside the unzipped file to find liked comments.

There are two file formats: .json and .html. To view the comments you have liked, tap anyone.

Check The Comments You Have liked Under Your Post

The first place you should look for comments you’ve liked over the last few years is inside your post.

Look through your post for any comments; if you like one, it should be near the top. You can also hide offensive comments on Instagram if it affects you.

You can tell you liked it by the red heart you’ll see next to the comments.

Look Back At The Previous Posts Liked

If you frequently like posts on Instagram and often like comments on posts that you like, looking at all of the posts you’ve liked on the app is another fantastic way to see all of the posts you’ve left a comment on.

If downloading your liked comments archive is too time-consuming, you can use this method to view all of the comments you’ve liked on the app.

Is There A Section On Instagram Where You Can See Liked Comments?

No, the Instagram settings do not include a section that lists all the comments that you have liked.

Instead, the procedures mentioned earlier in this article define ways to view liked comments on Instagram.

There is only a system that saves which comments you have liked or interacted with unless you want to download the data and go through it.

Then, you can find the post again to see the comments you’ve liked through your feed, the person’s page, or your favorites if you have favorited any post.

Favoriting the post with which you interacted so that you can return to it later is one way to reference comments you’ve liked.

Your profile’s favorites tab can be found on the right side, just below the flag banner icon.

To find the comments you have liked, go through the process and download your data because this is not a section, and the feature won’t be available on Instagram.

You can also use Instagram’s My Activity section to view your posts.

Why Can’t I See Who Liked My Comments On Instagram?

Instagram is a visual social media platform where users can upload pictures, videos, and frequently interesting captions.

Connecting with your followers is simple when you allow comments on your posts.

However, there are some good reasons you might be unable to see them.

For instance, you won’t be able to see comments if Instagram has banned you or your account, which may happen if your profile violates the platform’s terms of service.

In addition, if someone else has commented on a particular post, you may also be prohibited from commenting.

If this occurs, no one else will be visible to you, and only the original commenter will be.

It may also occur if an account has been made inaccessible to the public, such as if Instagram suspends it for breaking its community rules.

Instagram will delete all the posts associated with them in these circumstances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have additional inquiries regarding seeing comments you liked on Instagram, we have addressed some of the most frequent inquiries below.

So please take a look at it.

How Do You Find Your Liked Comments?

Log into your account first, then select the “comments” tab to see your liked comments.

Then you can view all of the comments you’ve liked using the “Liked” section.

Can I See My Comments Like History On Instagram?

Yes, you can see your comments like history on Instagram.

However, it would be best if you went to the main screen of the Instagram app to see your previous comments.

Then you must tap on the hamburger icon at the top right corner of the screen. Next, go down the page and click “Comment History.”

What Will Happen If I Like And Unlike Posts On Instagram?

A notification will appear in the app if you like or dislike a comment on Instagram.

In addition, the person who commented will be able to tell whether or not you agree with them.

Will Anything Happen If I Accidentally Like A Comment On Instagram?

No, nothing will happen if you accidentally like a comment on Instagram. However, the app will alert the commenter if you unintentionally like a comment.

As a result, the person will be able to tell that you appreciated their comment.

Did Instagram Remove Comments?

Instagram changed how comments are presented, but comments have not been entirely removed.

Previously, comments were displayed in chronological order.

Now they are displayed according to their level of popularity or if you pin your comments, given that it can be challenging to locate older comments.

How Do You Recover A Comment On Instagram?

There is no way to get back a comment that you or any other follower unintentionally deleted from Instagram.

However, you can restore the comment from your account if you have one.


The app has yet to add different ways to see comments you liked on Instagram.

Normally, you’ll have to search through the comments and go back to find this post.

However, looking through your user data, which includes any comments you have liked, is one of the best ways to accomplish it.

It should be fairly simple to locate and browse through those comments once you have downloaded your data.

However, to avoid using this method, you must browse your feed or any previous posts you liked.

So, this article shows how to see liked comments on Instagram.

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