How to Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages? [Tools And Methods]

How to Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages

Snapchat is the new and latest hot messaging app that is mostly used by young users. This app is particularly famous among young users due to its unique features such as disappearing messages after you read it. This makes it hard to search or find messages in the future. If you want to read someone else Snapchat messages such as your kid’s or your partner, it is not possible without third-party tools. So, how to read anyone’s Snapchat Messages?

In short, you can either read anyone’s messages by having physical access to their phone or by using a spying tool installed on their phone. There are various tools that you can use to read anyone’s Snapchat messages. These tools work by spying on the person’s phone and giving you access to their apps and data.

Snapchat is very strict on its privacy. The fact that the messages on Snapchat disappear right after you read them makes it impossible for you to check the phone physically and read the messages. But after all, it is on the internet also makes it vulnerable to data leakage at various points. Read this article to understand how can you read anyone’s Snapchat messages using spying tools.

Can You Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages?

Disclaimer – Reading other people’s Snapchat messages is illegal and unethical. It violates the person’s privacy and may result in legal troubles for you. The information in this article is purely for informational practices and I do endorse this practice and will take no responsibility for any issues.

Reading anyone’s Snapchat Messages whom you are friends with is easy. Once you receive the message, you can open it and read it. Also, if anyone you do not know sent you messages on Snapchat, you can read them in the pending section.

But the difficulty arises when you want to read your kid’s or your partner’s messages. The problem would have been solved if you have access to their phone anytime you want where you can just open Snapchat and read the messages. But it is not possible to have that access to the phone so you need to find something out of the box.

Another method would be to have their username and password. But Snapchat works based on IP addresses and whenever the same username is logged onto two different devices, Snapchat may block access to both of them.

If you tried logging in to the same Snapchat account from two different devices, Snapchat will send an email to the registered email informing them about the unauthorized access to their account. This will make your attempt public and create issues between the person and you.

So, in the end, the best method is to use Spy apps. Also known as Monitoring apps, these apps are designed to track young Kids’ behaviors and interactions on the internet. These tools work by installing an app on the target person’s phone that lets you have access to their conversations, activities, and location. And yes, Snapchat conversations also come under the conversation data you will have access to it.

Therefore, yes, you can read anyone’s Snapchat messages with access to their phone or by installing Spywares on their phones. You may be wondering if they would find out that they have spyware installed on their phone?

Since spyware often has a hidden mode that shields them from appearing on the Menu helps you hide the app.

If you are experiencing any issues with Snapchat loading snaps, messages or stories then this article is written to solve the exact problem of Snapchat not loading.

Is It Ethical To Read Others Snapchat Messages?

If you are trying to read anyone’s Snapchat messages, you need to realize that neither is it legal nor ethical. If another person finds out that you are spying on them using these invasive tools will surely diminish your relationship with them.

It is always better to think about the ramification of such activity in the long run. If you are going to spy on your children or your partner then it would degrade their trust in you and can lead to serious problems.

On another side, the person you are spying on can always take legal action against you and you can be in serious trouble legally.

How To Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing?

Snapchat Messages disappear once you read them. This makes it hard for you to read anyone’s past Snapchat Messages without them knowing even if you got access to their device or Snapchat login details.

The best way to read anyone’s Snapchat Messages without them knowing is to use a spyware tool. First, you need to install the tool on their device, and then you will have access to not only their Snapchat messages but also all of their social media and activities.

Various tools are designed to do this task. Many of them are built for parental monitoring of their children while others are plain spying tools. The dark side of these apps is that they can be used to do some nefarious activities and also illegal things.

Reading anyone’s Snapchat messages without their knowledge is not a good thing and can lead to various outcomes such as degradation in the relationship, trustlessness, legal troubles, and major privacy invasion.

But if you are willing to do while knowing the risks, we have compiled some best spying tools to read other people’s Snapchat conversations without their knowledge below.

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Tools To Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages

The best tools to read anyone’s Snapchat messages are listed and explained below:




mSpy is the easiest tool to use of all. It is mainly designed and developed for monitoring children by their parents. Due to various illegal and immoral activities on the internet, mSpy is used to track the interactions, activities, and consumption of content by children.

Once you set up the target device with mSpy, you can access it from another computer or tablet. It will provide you with information about the various apps that get installed on the device along with the communication done using various apps on the device.

Snapchat messages can also be tracked using mSpy. It is effective, you will get the value for your money and it is easy to use.


  • One of the best spying apps
  • Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Better UI/UX
  • Better customer support


  • Little expensive but you will get quality in return.




TheOneSpy is another spying app that is mainly targeted at Children monitoring and Employees. Although, there is the ethical question in using spyware on Employees. This app can be used to spy on anyone using very high-tech features. It will allow you to monitor Snapchat messages too without them knowing.


  • Different useful features
  • Compatible with older devices too
  • Cross-platform software


  • High power consumption



Spyic is another spying tool that is very popular among parents and employers. It works perfectly with most devices and allows you to monitor and read Snapchat messages without their knowledge.


  • Check contact information, media files, and messages.
  • Read outgoing, incoming, and deleted messages.


  • Limited features for iOS devices
  • Expensive.



iKeyMonitor is mostly known for social media hacking. It also allows you to read messages from apps such as Snapchat without their knowledge. Although this tool works fine, it is still not a safe way to do the spying. iOS needs jailbreaking for it to work.


  • A good mixture of features
  • Excellent customer support


  • Expensive
  • iOS devices need to be jailbroken

Which Is The Best Tool To Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing?

Among all the tools that are listed and explained above, the best and the most practical among them is mSpy if you want to monitor your kids or your partner.

The reason it was chosen as the best tool to read anyone’s Snapchat messages without them knowing is that it is easy to use, provides value for your money, and has many good features.

mSpy is also very careful when using the data. It claims that it will not use the data for any other activities. So, if you are going to use a tool to spy on someone, use mSpy for a better experience.

How To Read Anyone’s Snapchat Messages Using Spy Tools Without Them Knowing?

Reading anyone’s Snapchat messages using Spy tools without them knowing is not a complicated process. For this example step, I will be using mSpy as an example. Most of the spy tools work the same way and you can use the below steps to set up other spy tools also.

So, let’s go ahead and set up the mSpy tool.

Step 1: Go To mSpy Website And Buy A Subscription

First, go to the mSpy website and buy a subscription to use the tool

Step 2: Open The Email And Check The Details

The details will be sent to the email that you provided while buying the subscription. Open the email, and check the details and instructions.

Step 3: Setup The mSpy Tool In The Target Device

Next, set up the mSpy tool on the targeted device. Do not forget to use hide the app that is installed so that the user would not notice.

Step 4: Log Into Your mSpy Account From A Computer

Now log into your mSpy dashboard on your computer or a tablet.

Step 5: Select Snapchat From The App List On Dashboard

On the dashboard, select the messaging apps and choose the Snapchat app.

Step 6: Monitor The Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing

Now you can check the messages on Snapchat from the dashboard. The person you are spying on will not notice or know anything about it.

Do I Need To Be Friend To Read Other’s Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing?

If you are trying to read Snapchat messages sent to you by another person then no, you do not need to be friends with them. The message will be in the pending section and you can just go bright onto the chat and read the message.

But if you are trying to read others’ Snapchat messages without them knowing using spying tools then no, you do not need to be friends with them. You can set up the tool on the targeted device and access the messages from the tool’s dashboard.

Do I Need To Sign In To Read Other’s Snapchat Messages Without Them Knowing?

You do not need to sign in to read others’ Snapchat messages without knowing them because you are not using your Snapchat account to access the messages but you are using Spyware to spy on the message conversations done by the other person with his/her friends.

But if you are just reading messages sent to you by other people on your account then yes, you need to sign in to read others’ Snapchat messages without them knowing.

Reading Snapchat Messages Of A Friend Sent To You Without Them Knowing

This is a completely different situation than the above one. If any of your friends send you messages and you want to check the message without them knowing, you can use the below methods.

Read Snapchat Messages Of A Friend Without Them Knowing In Airplane Mode

You can read Snapchat messages of a friend without them knowing. One of the methods you can use to do so is putting your phone on Airplane mode. Once you put your phone onto the Airplane mode, the Snapchat app will lose connection with the internet and whatever you do on the app will not be reported to Snapchat by the Snapchat app.

So, first put your phone onto the Airplane mode and open the chat to read the message. After you read the message, close the app and you can turn off the Airplane mode. This way the sender will not know you read the Snapchat message.

Read Snapchat Messages Of A Friend Without Them Knowing By Half Opening Snapchat Messages

Half-opening Snapchat messages mean just half swiping the chat and closing again. If someone sent you the messages, you can half swipe the Snapchat messages and read them. This is a loophole in Snapchat that will not let the other person know you read the messages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet.

Can Snapchat Messages Be Recovered?

Yes, if you want to recover Snapchat messages once it gets removed, you can use the data recovery page to recover your messages. Snapchat only removes the messages from the chat on your account but it always keeps the data on its server. You can retrieve the same data from the Snapchat server.

Can Snapchat Messages Be Traced?

Snapchat messages are kept on the Snapchat server even after it gets removed from your chat window. In case of any law enforcement agency requires the data, they need to follow the US law and demand Snapchat for the data. You can read more about this at this link.

Can You Save Snapchat Messages?

Yes, you can save Snapchat messages very easily. You can long-press the message and choose any options from Save In Chat or Copy. Once you copy the message then you can save it in a note app on your device.

How To Mass Delete Friends On Snapchat?

Snapchat does not provide any function that can be used to delete Snapchat friends in mass. But other workarounds can be done to achieve it. Read this article on how to mass delete friends on Snapchat?


Therefore, you can read anyone’s Snapchat messages using third-party spying tools. There are several tools that you can use to read the messages and track other activities. While using these spy tools is unethical and illegal, if you wish to do so, this article lists all the solutions to do so.

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