How To Reset Instagram Explore Page? [Fastest Way]

How To Reset Instagram Explore Page

How to reset Instagram explore page? Bored of not interesting options on your Instagram explore page? Want to change or reset the explore page? You can easily reset it within a few seconds. Here include the ways, how you can reset it. We would like to clear all of your doubts through this single article. You can learn and clear your questions detailly on the explore page. Keep in touch with us till the end of this article.

It is possible to reset your Instagram explore page. You will have to clear your search history on your Instagram first. You can customize or reset this explore page by liking more photos you prefer to see, by viewing the videos you like the most, etc. According to these activities, Instagram notices your work and then will recommend you plenty of such options which you like to view.

Instagram is famous because of its unique features. It consists of an explore page, which is also a kind of news feed for Instagram users. This app gets a hint from your view to different posts and shows you as per it. Instagram also creates problems for its users, as most people may not know how to use it properly. This app keeps people at a satisfactory level so this is the main reason why people spend most of their time using this app.

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What Is Instagram Explore Page/Feed?

Instagram explore Page/feed is similar to your news feed. Explore feed is just an algorithmic feed, which contains varieties of content, videos, and post which you may be interested in. This explore feed includes all of the content that Instagram detects as your Interest in the app.

The behaviors and activities that you have within this Instagram app are easily detected by Instagram. So, based on your activities and interesting posts, Instagram provides you with a different section to view it, which is known as the exploring feed. Sometimes the feed may contain something beyond your interest. They are just suggestions to you from the app.

Explore feed is denoted by a magnifying glass-like icon on your Instagram. The icon is just matching with the name explore feed. You can watch your interesting content over there, buy something if you are satisfied, and even share it with someone whom you care about. Instagram learns from your recent searches and shows content as per it on your explore page.

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How Does Instagram Determine Explore Feed?

Instagram has control over all of the activities you do on your Instagram. Even if you liked somebody’s post, followed someone, viewed any of the videos, etc. Instagram knows about it. This all is because you are using everything under Instagram so they have a technology that can determine your interest. Every Instagram user’s interest and likes are easily determined.

Algorithms are the main thing that Instagram works on. This Algorithm determines your Instagram explore feed. If somebody follows you and likes your post, their exploration will contain a maximum of your photos and posts. The same thing happens in your case. If you follow someone, like something on Instagram, you may get your explore page full of that kind of information and posts.

All of your activities within the Instagram app help Instagram to determine your explore feed. Your search history is the main thing in this case. If you delete any of your search histories then you will see changes on your explore page. You can see the posts related to your recently deleted search history get removed. Once you refresh the explore page, you get further more similar posts like that.

Instagram Explore also shows you the hashtags you often search on the app

Can You Reset Instagram Explore Page?

Yes, Instagram allows its users to reset their explore page. There are different ways to reset the explore page on Instagram. Every user can change or reset the whole posts and photos that you are getting to see now. You can see the reset button on your Instagram settings option.

Instagram is not just about you and your friend. It is an app used by billions of people worldwide. You may get to see posts beyond your interest. You can reset your explore page in this case. Just refreshing the page also helps you get rid of such things. You can even delete and reinstall the app if your whole explore page is different from your interest.

During the time of resetting the explore page, Instagram even suggests something which is beyond your choice as well. You can easily say no to new or unnecessary things you are getting to see. You can reset it easily, and Instagram will show you the next level of information and posts from your favorite users.

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Steps To Reset Instagram Explore Page

Here we provide you with detailed steps to reset the Instagram page. The guidelines provided to you below are in simple language. So, you can easily understand and apply it on your Instagram account.

Thstepep-step guide to reset your Instagram explore page is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

You have to launch your Instagram app on your mobile phone. You will see plenty of icons and symbols on either side of your screen.

Step 2: Click On Magnificent Glass-Like Icon

Once you are in the Instagram app, you can easily find this magnificent glass kind of icon.

It is available at the bottom left side of your mobile screen. You will see an explore page displayed on your screen.

Step 3: Tap On Post You Do Not Like

You have to click on any of the posts which are beyond your preferences. Once you click on the post you do not like, Instagram will take you to its news feed with the account that posted it.

Step 4: Tap On Three Horizontal Dot

When you enter the post, you can see three dots arranged in a horizontal line.

It is available on the top right-hand side.

Once you tap on it, Instagram will show you a list of different options.

Step 5: Select Not Interested Option

You have to scroll down the list and you will see a not interesting option. Click on it and you will see that the post is hidden for you.

Following these five easy steps, you can easily reset your Instagram explore section. You won’t see the same kind of post or related post anymore. Instagram has hidden the post for you since then. You won’t get interrupted by such unnecessary posts in your future days.

3 Ways To Reset Instagram Explore Page

There are plenty of ways you can use to reset the Instagram explore page. Here are some of the ways we have collected for you. You can choose and apply any one of the ways to reset your Instagram explore page. They are as follows:

Marking Posts You Do Not Like

Instagram explore feed is automatic. You get to see all of the contents, videos, and posts according to your interest. Your interest is easily detected by your activities on Instagram. The posts that you are seeing in your explore section are randomly picked by Instagram depending on your activity.

You can get rid of the posts you do not like or posts that are beyond your type. You have to mark that post as not interesting. Once you tap on this not interesting button on such a post, you won’t ever be disturbed by such content anymore in the future. The post from that person will be hidden for you.

Clearing Search History

Removing all of your search histories is also one of the ways to reset your explore section on Instagram. You can also remove the search history by two different methods. The first method is by deleting certain or any of the profiles or tags that you have recently searched. The second method is by deleting or removing the whole search history completely and permanently.

You will see a search bar at the top of your explore page on Instagram. There appears all of your history and searches you have done. You can delete certain searches one by one. You should go to the settings and delete all the search history directly if you do not want the history anymore.

Reflecting Your Activities

Instagram shows the posts and videos to you on the explore page as per your activities. Every action you perform within Instagram is easily detected and the explore feed is determined as per it. You can reflect on your activities to change the content in your explore feed.

You will have to show you have an interest in certain things off the Instagram app. It is possible to do so by liking and searching the posts most of the time. You can view the videos you like and Instagram will recommend you related videos on your explore page.

These are some of the ways you can use to reset your explore page on Instagram. Use one of them at a time which you found to be easy and more convenient. Choose and enjoy your explore page full of interesting content and posts.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Exploring available pages on Instagram is something that people look for. The videos and photos of the idols, actresses, stars, etc are shown over there. People are forced to see unnecessary things which are beyond their preferences. They want to solve those problems.

Plenty of questions are here with us, which are provided by Instagram users. They want us to provide them with answers to those questions. You are also a question to consider the below question and gain some new information. There are as follows:

How Do I Reset My Instagram Explore Page 2021?

Exploring the feed or page available on Instagram is something related to your interest and choice. Instagram even suggests something which may be beyond your interest. To reset the explore page, you can simply remove your history and refresh the page once. Just go on the explore page and use your thumb to pull your mobile screen vertically downward.

Can Someone See If I View Their Instagram Story Through An Explore Page?

Yes, in case you view somebody’s Instagram story via the explore page, they can easily detect you. If you follow and have more likes on their posts then they will be shown to you on the explore page. Instagram detects it as your thing of interest. Viewing a story normally through Instagram or an explore page, the thing is the same.

How Do I Manage My Instagram Explore Page?

Instagram enables its users to share their videos, photos, and even more. You may search for some of the actresses, models, or any of your role models. Instagram detects it and thinks that you have an interest in them. So, your explore page is full of those kinds of photos and videos that you have recently searched in the search bar. You can manage these things by deleting or removing the search history from the search bar.

Why Is My Instagram Explore Page Full Of Photography?

There are mainly two reasons for this kind of photography appearance on your explore page. Instagram shows whatever you have searched for or mostly liked in the whole within the Instagram app. If you have searched or mostly liked photography-related pictures then this is one of the reasons. Another reason is the popularity of photographs. In case any photograph is getting popular, it is shown on your explore page.

Can I Just Refresh My Instagram Explore Page?

Yes, it is possible to refresh your Instagram explore page or wholly Instagram app. You have to go on your explore page and place your thumb on the screen. Then just pull your thumb vertically downward. Your explore page will get a refresh. Every time you refresh this explore page Instagram shows you different photos and videos. You can get to see different posts as you prefer.

How Do I Change The Algorithm On Instagram?

The algorithm is designed by Instagram for its users. This algorithm helps to show the users different posts according to their interests and most likes. Instagram can easily detect your interest in your activities and posts. You have to search and view the things that you like the most on Instagram. Instagram will show you according to this and you can easily change the algorithm on Instagram.

Is Resetting The Instagram Explore Feed A Good Idea?

The idea of resetting the explore feed is half good and half bad. Once you reset the whole feed, you won’t show the post you were getting to see before. Your interest and activities on Instagram may be interrupted. Whereas on the other hand, you won’t see any unnecessary or further things you are not interested in. You can experience a wholly new thing on your explore page.


As we have concluded, you can get away from irrelevant or unnecessary content that you get on your Instagram explore page. You can customize this explore page by changing your search history, views, and even likes on the posts. It will show what you prefer to Instagram through your day-to-day activities in the app. You will get to enjoy Instagram even better after this.

We people do not like those things which border us, which we are forced to see beyond our choice, unnecessary content, etc. You are free to express it and customize it in the same way.

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