HypeSquad: What Is It And How To Be A Part Of It?

HypeSquad What Is It And How To Be A Part Of It.

If you are a daily Discord user, you might have heard of HypeSquad. So you might have wondered what it is and how to be a part of it. You notice that there are several badges next to certain users’ names. So what is this? They received those awesome badges, but how? If you spend most of your time on Discord, you could lose a lot if you aren’t a member of the HypeSquad. So, keep reading the article to know more.

Members of the Discord community are chosen to represent the platform online and in events worldwide known as the Discord HypeSquad. So consider HypeSquad members to be Discord’s ambassadors. And if you want to be a part of it, you will have to complete an aptitude test that contains different multiple choice questions.

So, if you want to be a part of the Discord HypeSquad community and win a lot of different things like cool badges, T-shirts, and giveaways, then read the article below to know how you can accomplish all those things and be a representative for the Discord community.

What Is HypeSquad On Discord?

The online group known as Discord HypeSquad was selected to promote the platform and “rep” Discord. Discord users can join the elite HypeSquad community only after passing a test. The HypeSquad membership test consists of 5 multiple-choice questions from which you must choose.

The Discord app will assess your personality after you’ve answered all the questions. Then, a badge customized to your personality will be given to you. After passing the exam, you will instantly join one of the three houses that make up HyperSquad.

These three houses are known as the “House of Bravery,” “House of Brilliance,” and “House of Balance.” Depending on your degree of enthusiasm, you will receive products and goodies after joining the exclusive membership.

Similar to an affiliate program, you will receive additional benefits if you refer more individuals to it. For example, you will get a T-Shirt, a Super Secret Server, a badge for your HypeSquad profile, and Discord pins and badges if you represent Discord well at an event.

How To Join The HypeSquad On Discord?

You must launch the Discord app and pass an aptitude test to join the HypeSquad community. According to the exam results, you will be placed in one of the three HypeSquad houses. You’ll join the HypeSquad once the personality test results are in.

After that, you can compete with other users from the other two houses to win extra rewards and swag. Remember that the community will be sending you a unique newsletter. Follow the below steps to be a part of the HypeSquad on Discord.

Step 1: Open The Discord Application

Firstly open the Discord application that is on your device.

Step 2: Go To User Settings

After you have opened the application, hover to the user settings by clicking on the “⚙️” icon beside your name.

Step 3: Open The HypeSquad Settings Page

After you are in the user settings tab, click on the HypeSquad option available in the navigational panel on the left-hand side of your screen. When you select the HypeSquad option, a Discord video will be available to view to learn more about the community.

Step 4: Take The Test

So, after watching the video, you will see a list of things you will receive after being part of the community. You will receive the “Super Secret Newsletter,” which will send you regular giveaways and newsletters, “Hype Profile Badge,” which is the badge that represents your HypeSquad house that you’ll be a member of just after joining the community, and “Squad Challenges,” which is the ability to represent your house and challenge the other houses as well.

To begin the test, you must go to the top of the page and press the “Join HypeSquad” button. The button will activate a fresh popup window. Next, you must respond to the five multiple-choice questions in this popup. So when you reach the 5th question, press “Show me my house!”

Step 5: Get Into The Hypsquad Community

When you eventually take the test, it will choose one of the three hours for you. Then, it will deliver a brief letter describing your characteristics as a house member. Therefore, you must always stand up for your HypeSquad home in disputes and challenges.

It would help if you returned to the settings page after reading the warning. It will show your new house badge on the HypeSquad website so you can return to your Discord profile page.

To do so, you need to tap on the “User Profile” option on the Discord Settings page. The little symbol for your HypeSquad home will appear next to your profile photo.

In this manner, you can obtain the HypeSquad for the Discord app.

Also, you can apply the HypeSquad if you’re truly serious about Discord and want to be an exclusive member.

What Are The Discord HypeSquad Houses?

Many users begin to question if they have been placed into the ideal HypeSquad after obtaining their test results. According to individual preferences, some people could believe that all houses have the same facilities. Below, we’ll take a closer look at each of these HypeSquads.

  • House Of Brilliance
  • House Of Balance
  • House Of Bravery

House Of Brilliance

The House of Brilliance stands for the patience and self-control required to contribute significantly to the universe.

Characteristics Of The House Of Brilliance

The bear representing the house’s personality, “Urdim,” is based on a wise old sage. This bear symbol meant how the “houses” would fall apart without brilliance. Without these essential components of the house, all HypeSquads would disintegrate into chaos and cease to exist.

The House of Brilliance is largely regarded as the most important HypeSquad on the platform precisely for this reason. However, the group’s purpose for distinguishing it from rival organizations is more than any particular duties.

Symbols Meaning Of The House Of Brilliance

The term Ursidae, the family of mammals symbolized by bears, and the name Dim are the sources of the character’s name for the house. A mole from the video game “Fates Forever” goes by Dim.

The color of the house is light red, or hex #F47B67. The color selection embodies the daring, energy, and enthusiasm that defines this HypeSquad.

Generally speaking, patience, discipline, and clarity are examples of these values. Representatives of the house frequently emphasize that brilliance is useless without peace of mind.

Joining The House Of Brilliance?

Even if you’re already a member of Bravery or Balance, you can still join this HypeSquad if you’re interested in doing so. First, you must choose “HypeSquads” under “Settings,” where you must navigate.

Although you might believe that after passing the exam, Discord would assign you to a random HypeSquad, and you won’t be able to select your favorite choice, this is untrue. Instead, the app divides users into houses according to their psychological traits.

Because of this, people have gathered their knowledge and discovered a method for letting you join any team by selecting particular responses. You must avoid providing responses that exhibit selfish tendencies if you want to enter the House of Brilliance.

Personality characteristics determine a user’s placement in the Brilliance HypeSquad by Discord. After being selected, you will be able to track your group’s activities wherever in the globe.

House Of Balance

The HypeSquad with the most members on Discord is House Of Balance. Because most test-takers exhibit a mixture of intelligence, courage, and peace qualities, they are placed in this house.

The most significant and conclusive value of the house is this balance.

Characteristics Of House Of Balance

It takes harmony, composure, and cool-headedness to bring about the universe’s urgently required balance. In this sense, the members of this house have significance and purpose because they uphold harmony and peace in one another’s lives.

Symbols Meaning Of The House Of Balance

Light teal, the color of the house, is a color that blends the renewing qualities of green with the relaxing qualities of blue, making it a perfect representation of the qualities of the group.

On Discord, the function of Balance House is to uphold stability and order while serving as a support system for others. The justification behind the crystal structure serves as the group’s symbol.

Joining The House Of Balance?

When completing the HypeSquad Quiz, aim for responses that demonstrate a tendency for caring for others if you want to be placed in the House of Balance. As a result, these individuals are more frequently chosen for the House of Balance.

House Of Bravery

Courage and confidence are traits shared by members of the House of Bravery. They are the ones who fill the universe with toughness and hope, which is also essential for preserving harmony and order among the other squads.

Characteristics Of House Of Bravery

Being a member of this HypeSquad indicates that you are a person of discipline, leadership potential, and courage. These qualities distinguish members of the house from their counterparts.

Although this house’s features are necessary for retaining optimism, users typically place it last since the other two houses stand for traits essential to Discord’s continued existence.

Symbols Meaning Of House Of Bravery

The purple represents the house’s essential values: luxury, power, and ambition.

The milder shade of lilac was chosen as a royal color to symbolize the heroism and bravery of knights and warriors, a notion also reflected in the house’s shield-shaped symbol.

“Renwil,” the name of the house’s frog-like figure, is similar to the name of another character from the video game “Fates Forever.”

Joining The House Of Bravery?

If you wish to be put in this house, try to choose responses that you believe reflect brave and bold actions taken during the test. You’ll almost always get put in the House of Bravery if you do this.

Each HypeSquad represents a small community that can collaborate and plan events worldwide. Therefore, the ideal choice for you will be the one you feel most comfortable with, regardless of how each house’s significance is placed in order of importance.

What Are The Advantages Of Joining HypeSquad?

The advantage of joining the HypeSquad is that there are three HypeSquad tiers you can be a part of and get many exciting things from, which are listed below:

Online Tier

  • Be a part of either Bravery, Brilliance, or Balance houses.
  • HypeSquad house badge suitable for your Discord profile.
  • HypeSquad email updates.
  • Competitions and merch giveaways.
  • House Challenges.

Event Attendee Tier

  • Access to a server is only available to HypeSquad Events.
  • HypeSquad events badge
  • HypeSquad T-shirts, stickers, and pins.
  • Meet and hang out with Discord staff at events.

Event Coordinator Tier

  • Quarterly swag box for distributing at events.

What Are The Requirements To Join Discord HypeSquad?

Not everyone is eligible to join HypeSquad. At least, to a certain extent, it is a closed-off neighborhood. In addition, you must be at least 13 years old to register as a member online. Although you must be 13 years of age or older to use Discord, this isn’t necessary.

You must be at least 16 to participate in gaming-related events, conferences, and competitions to join the events tier. Regarding the work events, if you want to be in charge of them, you must apply with a 3-minute (or shorter) video in which you demonstrate your personality, your face, and your ability to respond to inquiries.

Oh, and to get this job, you’ll need to win over the Discord staff members.

Should You Join HypeSquad?

Yes, you should join the HypeSquad community. There are many benefits and no drawbacks to becoming a member of the HypeSquad. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in competitions, win prizes, and make many new friends.

In life, networking is crucial, and Discord is no exception. So feel free to take the aptitude exam, visit the HypeSquad link on your profile, and participate in the fun.

Is Discord HypeSquad On Mobile Application?

The mobile app does not contain Discord HypeSquad. However, you could use a web browser on your phone to visit Discord HypeSquad. Then, all you have to do to access HypeSquad is connect to your Discord account on the website and convert your device to desktop mode.

And when you sign up for the server specific to your HypeSquad House (Balance, Brilliance, or Bravery), you can use your mobile device to access that server just like you would any other server.

Just the first setup is not accessible on mobile devices.

Does HypeSquad Give You Nitro On Discord?

Yes, depending on your involvement in the Discord HypeSquad group, you could receive a Nitro gift if you are a member. However, you must first get the Nitro as a gift from someone, after which you must redeem it on your Account.

You must click on the “Accept” button to do this when you receive the gift. The individual who sends it to you will eventually let you know it is intended for you.

How To Leave The Discord HypeSquad?

If you want to leave the HypeSquad community and don’t know how to, I’m here to guide you. Follow the below step-to-step guide if you want to know how to leave the Discord HypeSquad community.

Step 1: Open The Discord Application

Firstly, open the Discord application on your device.

Step 2: Click On User Settings

After you have opened the Discord application, click on the “⚙️” icon to get to the user settings tab.

Step 3: Select HypeSquad Option

When you are inside the user settings, you will see a navigational panel on the left-hand side of your screen. Scroll down until you see the HypeSquad option and click on it.

Step 4: Click On Leave The HypeSquad

Near the bottom of the page, select the “Leave the HypeSquad” option in blue text.

It will remove from the Discord HypeSquad after you click this option. However, you can always rejoin if you change your mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to Discord HypeSquad and the users’ other things related to Discord. Have a look to know more.

Is Discord HypeSquad Free?

The HypeSquad on Discord is free to join and take part in. In addition, members promote Discord in return for goods and exclusive badges for their profiles as part of the company’s marketing campaign, which is a win-win situation for both parties.

Which Is The Best Discord HypeSquad?

The House of Balance is the greatest Discord hype squad since they have the most active members on their server; however, what someone considers the finest Discord hype squad will differ from person to person. Because they are smaller or because they have distinct qualities, some people might choose other Hypesquds.

What Is BetterDiscord And How To Use It?

BetterDiscord is available through the BetterDiscord website. Installation is a quick and easy process. First, download the setup from the website, then add your Discord account. After installation, you can customize your Discord account by downloading additional themes and plugins from the BetterDiscord website.

How To Archive A Discord Channel?

Mouse over the channel you wish to archive in Discord to start the process. After that, navigate to its settings and scroll down to discover the archive options, from which you may archive the channel as desired. In your server, you may also establish an ” archive ” category where you can place all the channels you wish to save.

How To Join A Discord Server Without Invite?

You have two options if you want to join Discord servers without being invited: either sign up for public servers, which are simple and cost nothing to join. If you know the server names and have access to links, you can also decide to join servers through third-party websites. Again, discord server membership is free.


Discord HypeSquads are a fantastic way to connect with others in the Discord community. Consider joining the HypeSquad and becoming HYPED if you enjoy Discord and its community.

So, in this article, we learned what Gypesquad on Discord is and how you can join the community. I hope you got the answer to the query that you had. To know more about the Discord application, read our Discord Tips.

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