How To Get More Likes On TikTok [Full Guide 2023]

how to get more likes on tiktok

If you are also a new user in the platform then you may have noticed its stark difference from other platforms. Most new users are not aware of how they can get their audience on the platform and how to get more likes on TikTok to grow as a creator.

The growth of TikTok has been exponential over the last few years. The COVID lockdowns even pushed more people to join the platform to keep themselves engaged.  More new users are joining the platform to keep up with the latest trends and entertainment in the world.

TikTok, like other social media platforms, feeds on the engagement of the users. TikTok itself prioritizes content that brings engagement to the platform. The ForYou page of TikTok acts as the central hub where creators’ videos are featured. To get more likes and comments on TikTok, getting featured on the ForYou page is crucial. You can create great content that can engage audiences and hence, you can get on the Foryou page of TikTok.

Having a massive following does help to get more likes but is not essential if your content resonates with the audience. So try creating better content and focus on engaging the audiences and the TikTok algorithm will reward you by placing your video on the FYP. This will often result in more likes and comments.

To get detailed know-how and tips for getting more likes, follow this article in detail.

Get More Likes On TikTok

Getting more likes on TikTok validates your content and shows that people are engaging with your content. With the short-form video content, it is much easier to keep users engaged as they tend to scroll continuously to the next content.

TikTok is also expanding itself to support long-form content up to 10 minutes but the majority of content on TikTok is short-form videos.

With a completely different approach to social media, TikTok introduced short-form video content to the world. Its addictive and quirky videos are more than enough to glue your eyes to the screen of your device. This helped TikTok to get more screen time and ultimately made it the fastest growing social media platform on the planet.

Likes are one of the different measurements that are used to determine the engagement of content. So, if you want to engage your audience more, you can measure it by the likes it is getting.

The videos you create on social media, especially TikTok need to be guided by some parameters. These parameters can act as a way you can evaluate your content and its quality. It also helps in determining and increasing the chance of getting more likes.

Catchy Username To Get More Likes On TikTok

A catchy username goes a long way in attracting audiences and ultimately, likes. Your TikTok username is the first thing that anyone will notice so it must be rememberable and catchy enough to attract the eye.

Even if you are using your real name, make it as short as possible.

A catchy name can give you leverage over other creators and will be able to attract eyes that have the potential to become your viewers and give you likes.

Attractive Bio To Get More Likes On TikTok

The bio is the first thing that anyone will see when they visit your profile. A great bio acts as an introduction to who you are and what content can a user expect from you. It will push the user to watch your content and like it.

Make your bio short and descriptive and accompany it with a proper profile image.

Following The Trend To Get More Likes On TikTok

TikTok is all about trends and sounds. The discover section of TikTok has all the trending videos on the platform.

Take a look at the section and you will find various tips on what content can get more likes and comments by engaging the audience.

Even if you do not want to create videos based on the trends, you can still have a proper understanding of the current atmosphere of viral content. You may choose to include some elements of the trend in your videos.

This can increase exposure and get more likes on TikTok.

Short And To-The-Point To Get More Likes On TikTok

Since TikTok is a short-form video content platform, a short video gets more views on the platform. You need to find the perfect balance between the length of the video and the content you can include in that timeframe.

To-the-point videos can also have a great impact on how users will perceive your content. A clear message within a short video will get the message across and get you more engagement and ultimately more likes.

Targeting A Niche To Get More Likes On TikTok

Niche audiences are the audiences that resonate with your content. Science-based video content will perform better with people interested in science while pet videos get more views and likes from pet lovers. Each type of content needs to be targeted to its respective niche.

Correct Video Format To Get More Likes On TikTok

TikTok video format is 9:16. This format performs very well as it is a vertical format. The video you create should use the correct video format to be able to perform well in TikTok.

A horizontal format does not perform as well as a vertical format so, make sure you use the 9:16 ratio format.

The performance determines the engagement and therefore the likes and comment on the video.

Opportunity To Engage To Get More Likes On TikTok

The video you create needs to allow the viewers to engage. As useless as it sounds, calling out to audiences to like and comment on your video has shown to work.

So, do not forget to call out the audiences to engage with your content by liking and commenting on it.

Frequency In Posting To Get More Likes On TikTok

The frequency of the content upload is an important factor in how TikTok will determine if your videos will be shown on the ForYou page.

If you constantly engage and upload content on the platform, TikTok will help show your content to more audiences and that will result in you getting more likes.

Catchy Titles To Get More Likes On TikTok

Titles are the first thing that anyone will notice about your video when they search or find on a list. The click-through rate has shown to increase with a catchy title. The title should also be related to the video and emphasize the key point of the video.

As bad as clickbait titles sound, they do work in the world of the internet. So, do not see click-bait as bad but rather use it fairly without completely misleading the audiences.

This will increase your viewers and ultimately likes and comments.

Share It To Get More Likes On TikTok

Sharing your content can be a major factor in increasing your viewership and engagement.

Do remember that sharing the video with the link is always better than reposting your video. This will drive the audience to your TikTok video and increase in likes and comments.

Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit are some of the major social media platforms that can be used to share your video while also expecting to drive traffic to TikTok.

Quality Content To Get More Likes On TikTok

Quality content can never be beaten by any other trick. It is the ultimate deciding factor on how your content looks to the audience and therefore how will it perform.

Try creating quality content with better camera quality and correct positioning. Centering the subject on the frame and correct lighting will also increase the focus.

The quality of the content will decide the engagement i.e. likes, watch time, shares, and comments.

Use Correct And Relatable Hashtags To Get More Likes On TikTok

The use of correct and relatable hashtags on the content is crucial to be found by people searching for similar content. Hashtags are important on TikTok as it is used to sort out similar content.

Hashtags should not be used randomly as a random or incorrect hashtag will create a bad impression of your content.

You can also look for other similar content to get an idea of what hashtags are popular among your niche.

Trending Sounds/Own Sounds To Get More Likes On TikTok

Trending sounds are an important part of getting a good engagement. You can use the trending sounds on the videos you create or it is also a better idea to create your sounds.

This will allow you to add your touch to the sound your audiences listen to.

You can upload your sound from the sound option in the video editing tool of TikTok.

Collaboration With Other Creators To Get More Likes On TikTok

Collaboration with other creators will help you attract more audiences and engagement. The cross-promotion from the collaboration will often result in more likes and comments on your videos. It also increases your followers.

Increase ForYou Page Ratio To Get More Likes On TikTok

ForYou page ratio is the ratio of your views coming from the ForYou page of TikTok. You can access the ratio from the Analytics section of the TikTok app. It helps you understand and track how your content is performing. The increase in the ForYou page ratio will increase your likes and comments on videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Following questions are frequently asked on the internet which is similar to the topic. Go through the questions and their answers to understand more about TikTok.

How To Get More Views On TikTok?

You can get more views on TikTok if your content gets featured on the ForYou page of TikTok. The best way to get more views is to create engaging content which will be promoted by TikTok on the ForYou page. This will result in you getting more views.

Can I Make Money On TikTok?

Yes, if your content gets a high number of views and creates enough engagement for people to stay on the platform, TikTok will pay you a share from the TikTok creators fund. You can also find other ways to make money on TikTok. Refer to how much do you earn from Tiktok for more information.

How To Get More Shares On TikTok?

Getting more shares on TikTok can be done by directly asking your viewers to share your content. If you are successfully convinced then that sharing your content can bring more value to others, many people will likely share your video on other platforms.

Can I Upload TikTok Without Music?

Yes, you can create and upload TikTok without music. While on the editing section of the TikTok video, click on the music icon and lower the volume to the lowest, it will make your video without sound.


Therefore, to get more likes on TikTok, you can make use of the tips explained in the article. While other tips are good, the main point is to create quality content that drives engagement. It will ultimately result in more likes by TikTok promoting it onto the ForYou page.

Some frequently asked questions are also answered within the article to give you more information about the platform.

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