How To Get Free TikTok Views [Updated 2022]

how to get free tiktok views

TikTok is the fastest growing app on social media platforms been doing very well since the beginning. Though it is banned in some countries due to various issues, the number of users increases daily in other countries. However, the users are into how to get free TikTok views due to incompetency in the market.

You can use different tricks to get more views on your TikTok video. In addition, there are some third-party tools if you are interested in getting free TikTok views in a very short period. So, here is the complete guide on how to get free TikTok views.

Why Getting Views On TikTok Videos Is Important

Social media has become a huge part of everyone’s life all around the world. Especially a social media platform like TikTok that enables users to create new content on a daily basis and showcase it in front of the world.

Many influencers and content creators depend upon TikTok to earn and some even live a second happy life on this platform by interacting with the viewers.

However, sometimes it proves to be difficult to keep up with the constantly changing trends. And creator that has put a lot of effort into creating videos loves to be appreciated for their work. Sometimes, the lack of views and shares proves to be troublesome for regular TikTok content creators or also some newly inspired creators.

In such a case, free gaining free views to kick start their TikTok influencer career and to attract new viewers.

Importance Of Views On TikTok Videos

People spend most of their time on social media regularly. Although the trends and features keep changing on all the social media platforms, the main objective does not change. That is the interest and interaction since the beginning of the popularity. And TikTok has been the most popular since its beginning and has spread worldwide. So, people are more into getting free views on TikTok videos.

TikTok is a pure video platform, and certain trends are going around all the time. Sometimes, lip-sync, music, dance, speech, behavior suitable for music are trending. TikTok videos are really important for the content owners because they want to be appreciated. But sometimes, it brings the problem of lack of views on their videos. So, getting free TikTok views is a good solution for them.

Why Should You Get Free TikTok Views?

Suppose a content creator created a video on TikTok. But you have not got the right amount of likes and views according to your expectation. Then you might tend to get free TikTok views, which might help you get organic views. Getting So getting on your TikTok video is the start of the promotion.

After you get some number of free views, it gives a good impression to the viewers. They might think that there is something to notice in your video. Also, they will see the number of views and consider the video to watch. So, it is a good promotion for your video. However, if you already have good content on your video, the free views will instantly boost you to gain organic views.

Tricks To Get More Views On TikTok Video

If you are making a video on TikTok and want more views, you can use these tricks. They can help you boost your video’s reach to more users. The following are some tricks to use while making a TikTok video.

Use For You Page

When you open a TikTok app, the first screen you see is the ‘For You’ page. You can find the videos of your interest and new creators while you keep on scrolling. If you post your videos consistently daily your, videos will perform well. And it will be on the ‘For You’ page of others. Then you don’t need to search for free TikTok views.

Upload High-Quality Content

Digital media is very popular nowadays, so people want to see high-quality content everywhere. If you are into business and want to promote anything through TikTok video, low-quality content will not attract users. So, you need to focus on the quality of the content. It might help you to make your video go viral on TikTok.

Add Tags On Your Videos

After TikTok introduced the tag feature, you can add different interest tags to your TikTok video. The tags play the main role in deciding which people will watch your videos on TikTok. But it will not help you if you use the irrelevant tags; rather, you will be taken into the penalty. It is because irrelevant tags do not relate to your videos, and the user might report them. It might turn into your account termination or block.

Edit Your Videos

Even though you are not a professional, you can edit your videos using different tools before uploading. First, it will make your video look professional on TikTok. Then it can gather more likes and views on the platform.

Reduce The Size Of The Videos

When you shoot your video with a good camera, your video size will automatically increase. But if you upload a huge video on TikTok, it will take time to load your video. And the user will not wait for a long time to watch your videos. They might skip your video and go into another. So, it is not worth it to make a big size video and upload it on TikTok. Instead of you various tools to decrease the size of your video before uploading.

Learn From Famous Creators

The more popular creators on TikTok use some strategies to get more views on their TikTok video. So, you can follow and learn from them to get popular on TikTok. You can watch their videos carefully and use the same technique on your videos. It will help you increase your views on TikTok without doing anything extra.

Collaborate With Other Creators

If you want to be more visible on TikTok, you can collaborate with other creators on TikTok. So, the followers of that creator will also start viewing your TikTok videos after that. This is the strategy to get the free TikTok views.

Cross-Promote On Other Platforms

After posting a video on your TikTok account, you can share the link of your TikTok video on other platforms as well. Like this, the people you know on other platforms will start following you on TikTok and watch your videos. As a result, you will also get free TikTok views from other platforms.

Different Third-Party Tools To Get Free TikTok Views

Apart from using tricks to increase the views on TikTok, there are various third-party tools to get free TikTok views. So, below are some third-party tools we will explain to you.


PubTok is an online tool to get free TikTok views which sounds similar to TikTok. It is now giving away 1 million TikTok views daily. So, any creator can get one thousand free TikTok views a day without any verification and survey. If you want to get free views on your TikTok videos, join the views giveaway on PubTok. The following are the steps to use PubTok to get free TikTok views.

Step 1: Open The PubTok Website

Open the official PubTok website on any browser.

Step 2: Enter Username

Enter the TikTok username and email to contact on the respective field.

Step 3: Submit Username

Then click on the ‘Submit’ button below and confirm the profile.

Step 4: Choose A Post

Next, choose a post for 1000 free TikTok views. You can select only one post.

Step 5: Check Your Video

And check your video on TikTok after 10 to 30 minutes. It will increase the views on your videos for free.

Step 6: Visit Again

After 24 hours, you can visit the site again to get free views for the same or another video.


InstaFollowers is another tool to get free views on the TikTok videos. Though it is for Instagram it also has the feature to increase the views for TikTok. So, here are the steps to follow to use InstaFollowers for TikTok views.

Step 1: Open InstaFollowers

Open InstaFollowers on any browser.

Step 2: Select TikTok Service

Scroll down and hover on TikTok services.

Step 3: Click On TikTok Views Option

You will see the TikTok views option on the list. Click on it.

Step 4: Enter The Video Link

You will see two bars; enter the link of the TikTok video to the first bar.

Step 5: Enter The Number Of Views

Then enter the number of views you want on the video to the second bar.

Step 6: Click On Get Free Views

Lastly, click on the ‘Get Free Views’ button. It will instantly increase the views on your TikTok video.

Freeway Social

It is another third-party application to get 100 free TikTok views without apps. So, the following are the steps to use a freeway social tool to get free TikTok views.

Step 1: Open Freeway Social Website

Open freeway social website on any browser.

Step 2: Click On Get Free Views

Then click on the ‘Get Free Views’ option and you will be directed towards the ‘TrustPilot’ website.

Step 3: Write A Review

Now write a review about the freeway social website.

Step 4: Contact Via Email

Then go back to the freeway social website and contact them via email.

Step 5: Mention TikTok Video Link

You need to TikTok video link on the email, and 100 views will be applied within 24 hours.

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TikBooster is an application that is available in Google Play Store for Android fans that offers you free views for viewing other people’s videos.

All you need to do is go to Google Play Store on your device and download the TikBooster application.

Once you download it, launch the app on your device and enter your TikTok username on the text field. TikBooster works on the principle of exchange; which means that you get views on your videos in exchange for viewing other people’s videos for free.

You can watch other content creators’ TikTok videos which help you earn coins. Later on, you can use those coins to gain views for your own TikTok videos.

Seek Socially

Seek Socially is one of the most popular websites that claim to be one of the real providers of TikTok engagements and views. All you need to do is open Seek Socially’s website on your favorite website and enter your email address on the next field and tap on the blue Next button.

Seek Socially helps you select your target audience that will help in gaining views and gain interactions on your TikTok videos. It helps grab the audience’s attention by working on your behalf and gaining free views on your TikTok videos.

Tok Upgrade

Tok Upgrade is an application that is available for iPhones, iPads, and also for Android devices. You just need to go to App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the application on your device.

Once you are done installing the application, launch it on your device and sign in using your TikTok username and password. Tok Upgrade helps you gain views on your videos by manually engaging with your ideal influencers.

It will help you gain insight into your target audience and auto-engage with your audiences on behalf of you. This will instantly help increase free views on your TikTok videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any questions in your mind regarding how to get free TikTok views then, below are the solutions to those queries explained to you in brief.

Can You Fake TikTok Views?

Yes, definitely but TikTok has a very strict policy regarding fake views. If TikTok finds that the bot has watched your videos, the views count will be taken down to zero. So, it is a very risky job to get free TikTok views using tools.

Can You Get Banned On TikTok For Botting Views?

Using TikTok auto followers, views or likes can get you suspended. This is because social platforms do not like these kinds of services. So, you can get banned without any official proclamation, and your views might go to zero.

Is It Illegal To Buy Views On TikTok?

This is the biggest myth about paid social media followings. It is not illegal to buy TikTok likes, views, and followers. When you run ads on any social media platform, you buy views. So, purchasing TikTok views is legal.

Do Views Matter On TikTok?

Yes, views do matter on TikTok if you want to share your videos with thousands of people all around the world. If your content is good, your TikTok video will take place on the ‘For You’ section of the app. This means that others will be able to see your videos in this section of their accounts.

Does TikTok Notify You When Someone Shares Your Video?

Yes. You can adjust TikTokj settings in such a way that you will be notified. TikTok will send you notifications when other users interact and share with your content.

Is It Safe To Get Free TikTok Views?

It is safe to get free TikTok views as long as you use trusted third-party applications. The websites and applications mentioned above are the most trusted ones. However, do not use websites and applications that look suspicious and look like a scam.

Can Others Realize That I Got Free TikTok Views?

It is not really possible for others to realize that you got free TikTok views as it is difficult to understand TikTok’s metrics.

What Are Other Ways To Get Views On TikTok Videos?

As discussed above, it is not possible to naturally get thousands of free views on your TikTok video until and unless it does not go viral. Other ways to get free views on your TikTok videos using trending and popular hashtags, following TikTok trends or creating memes, or partnering with other content creators for a duet.


As we discussed above, there are many ways to grow the views on your TikTok videos without doing anything yourself. You can just leave it in the hands of some of the most trusted applications and websites that help kickstart your TikTok influencer career. They will certainly help you gain the right organic audience that will appreciate your work in the long run.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any confusion and questions, please feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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