How To Get Free Followers On TikTok [15 Possible Methods]

How to get free followers in Tiktok

Gaining a lot of followers on TikTok requires a lot of creativity, effort, and planning. However, if you want to get free followers on TikTok in a short period of time, we will teach you some tricks to get ahead in the competition.

To gain more free followers on TikTok by following methods:
1. Make Your Profile Look Attractive
2. Be Consistent And Post At Magic Hour
3. Respond To Comments
4. Post Your Videos On Other Social Media Networks
5. Collaborate With Others
6. Comment On Other Videos
7. Use HashTags
8. Be Innovative And As Unique As Possible
9. Use Video Editing Apps To Make Impressive Videos
10. Participate In Viral TikTok Challenges

There are a lot of strategies that can be used to grow followers on your TikTok account. Some of them are shortcuts, and some are long-term strategies. This article will show you both ways to get free followers on TikTok.

How Do You Get Access To TikTok?

Assuming that you want to get access to TikTok from a different region, you can use VPNs like VeePN with multiple browser extensions. Depending on your new geo-location, TikTok will display video clips from a different location. New styles and concepts that aren’t yet available in your area can be discovered in this way.

If you use the web version of TikTok, simply download the VeePN extension for Chrome or Firefox. For the app, get VeePN from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Afterward, follow these three steps:

  1. Open the VeePN app and sign in with your account.
  2. Choose the “Access TikTok” mode, among other options.
  3. Connect to a server in the country where you want to get access to TikTok content.

Once done, go to or launch the app – now you can watch videos from any region!

Shortcuts To Boost Your TikTok Followers

Getting a lot of free followers on TikTok is not a very easy task. You could be creating interesting content and engaging in promotion, but your efforts could turn out to be fruitless.

This eventually leads you to lose interest. If you are in this situation, do not worry!

There are a variety of applications and platforms that can help you gain free followers on your TikTok account.

If you are closer to becoming a well-known TikTok influencer or even a beginner creator on TikTok who needs an original audience, use one of the cool apps mentioned below to get the initial audience or spin a lot of subscribers on your TikTok account with a very minimal effort.


Social Followers Free is an application that helps you increase the number of followers on your TikTok account. It helps in engaging a lot of people on your TikTok account and gets more people to view and like your videos.

It is a perfectly safe application that helps you get more free followers and also get more likes on your videos without having to spend a single cent. The application does not ask for any hidden monthly fees, there is no hacking and no fake followers.


Tik Followers is an application that helps you gain free followers and likes on your TikTok account. It has three major tools; Earn Followers, Send Likes, and Post A Comment.

Earn Followers is a follower posting tool that you can use to instantly send followers to the number of users you choose. All of the followers that are posted to your TikTok account are real users.

Send Likes is another posting tool that helps you send likes to one of your desired posts. All of the likes that are posted on your video using Tik Followers are real users.

Post a Comment is yet another comment submission tool that you can use to instantly send comments on your desired post. It helps you post comments in the number and content of your personal choice. And once again, all the comments posted are by real users.


Tik Fans is an application where local TikTokers help each other boost accounts and gain followers within a very short period of time. Tik Fans is an application that helps you gain popularity in the large TikTok community all over the world.

The local TikTokers help you boost your account in different aspects like growing free followers and free likes on your TikTok account.

The most important part is that this application is free to use.


InstaFollowers is a tool that was first introduced to grow Instagram followers. However, it can also be used to boost your account on TikTok by getting free followers and likes on your videos.

This application is not free. But the good part is that you can easily get a free trial before deciding to buy followers for your TikTok account.


InstBlast is another application that will help you get an authentic fan base in a very short period of time. This application has been providing free TikTok followers for a very long time and has worked with many successful TikTok influencers.

However, InstBlast is not a free application but has a free trial for you to get an idea of its real services. If you are satisfied with this application in the free trial, you can sign up for it to buy TikTok followers.

Methods To Get Free Followers On TikTok

The shortcut methods of getting followers on your TikTok account sound really interesting and attractive as it happens in no time. But have you thought about the engagement rate on your content if the followers are not real?

Even though the applications and tools mentioned above promise to provide you with real users and followers, how long will it be effective for? Also, who are those real users?

Every coin has two sides. That is why our suggestion is that you invest in something that will work effectively in long run.

Here are some methods to get free followers on TikTok that could skyrocket your growth.

Take a look!

Method 1: Make Your Profile Look Attractive

Make Your Profile Look Attractive

The first impression matters the most. Every single little detail is important when it comes to optimizing your profile on TikTok. You can start with having a good quality profile picture, username, and good bio to leave a strong impression on people who visit your profile.

Also, let the visitors know what type of content you are posting on your TikTok Account. Mention that you love making vlogs or fitness videos, or you are there on TikTok to showcase your dancing or singing skills.

Your profile is the first step to establishing a good relationship with your followers. Do anything that makes your profile look attractive and makes the users want to hit the follow button.

Method 2: Be Consistent And Post At Magic Hour

Be Consistent And Post At Magic Hour

Figure out a posting schedule that works best for you. Keep in mind the time when you get most interactions on your content throughout the day. The magic posting hours in TikTok are between 1 am and 5 pm. Also, get to know your audience and understand how frequently and at what time they use the TikTok app.

Make a routine of posting your content at the highest engagement time. Your followers will eventually start waiting for the time you post, which will boost your performance.

Method 3: Respond To Comments

Respond To Comments

TikTok is social media application that requires you to be as social as possible with your audience. Get engaged in conversations with your followers through the comments. Interacting with the followers is the best way to know them and what they want next. You can enable your comment section to make sure it is accessible to all the users in the Tiktok app.

This will help you boost your performance as you will be able to provide what your audience really wants.

Method 4: Post Your Videos In Other Social Media Networks

Post Your Videos In Other Social Media Networks

It is always better to not limit yourself to just one social media platform. Posting your TikTok videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube will help you reach the audiences in those platforms as well.

As a result, the audiences will start following you in TikTok. Posting your videos on other social media platforms also means that they will be shared and viewed by a larger number of people as it will not only be limited to TikTok.

Method 5: Collaborate With Others

Collaborate With Others

If you are new to TikTok, working alone sometimes does not pay as much as you want to. Recording a duo with someone talented and making other collaborations can have a big and positive impact on the size of your followers.

Choose the people who share your passion for the type of video you are trying to create. TikTok Duet is a very easy option that offers you easy ways to create videos with someone who shares the same interest with you.

This way both of you can equally benefit from the duet video.

Method 6: Comment On Other Videos

Comment On Other Videos

The For You page in TikTok is a great place to find ideas for quality videos before you gain a lot of followers on TikTok. It will benefit your TikTok account if you get to the comment sections quickly and be the first one to comment in other TikToker’s videos. You are more likely to get a lot of attention from the video’s creator and start a conversation with them.

Making friends on social media platforms is very important to grow.

Method 7: Use HashTags

Use Hashtags In Your Content To Get More Views

A lot of people make the mistake of throwing a lot of hashtags at the end of their captions in hopes that they will get more interactions and their videos will be discoverable.

Do not make this mistake! You need to use hashtags on your video captions strategically. TikTok’s algorithm actually works against the videos that have a lot of random hashtags at the end of their captions.

The trick is to use a couple of popular hashtags paired with some unique or lesser-used hashtags. This will make your videos more discoverable which in return could help you with gaining more likes and followers.

Method 8: Be Innovative And As Unique As Possible

Be Innovative And As Unique As Possible

Find your perfect pitch and voice as yours is the most unique. Add your own distinctive style into your work and creation so that your followers can see that you are really enjoying what you do.

Choose the topics that you are most passionate about and do not be afraid to think out of the box.

Posting something out of the box once in a while will help you get an insight into how your audience will react. This way you can find what your fans absolutely love and adore. Being innovative and adding your unique personal touch to your videos will surely attract new followers that have eager to try out new things.

Method 9: Use Video Editing Apps To Make Impressive Videos

Use Video Editing Apps

Your short videos on TikTok could benefit massively from a video editing process. We are not suggesting you use professional video editing software.

We mean to say that TikTok lacks some of the more advanced video editing options that are more available in applications like MuStar and VideoStar, as they have a wider range of video editing tools than TikTok.

Method 10: Participate In Viral TikTok Challenges

Participate In Challenges

Participating in popular TikTok challenges is a great way to get discovered by a whole new set of audiences. The good part about challenges on TikTok is that you can ask for other users to collaborate with you.

This way you can get more exposure to some of their followers.

Additional Tips To Get Free Followers On TikTok

Here are some additional tips that could work for you to get free followers on TikTok. Take a look!

  • Write engaging captions.
  • Add popular sounds and music.
  • Create shorter videos.
  • Choose a cover image that has a text title.

Last Verdict

The key to gaining free followers on your TikTok account for the long term is to be unique and different and provide the ultimate form of entertainment to your followers. You also need to consistently grow your skills and learn new ways to engage with your audience.

We talked about two ways of gaining free followers on your TikTok account. One is a shortcut method that might not work for a very long period of time.

The other is more hard work and patience to grow followers on your TikTok account. You can choose any of the methods that you like.

We hope this article helps you. If you have any confusion, queries, or suggestions on this article, feel free to write them in the comment box below.

Thank You!

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