How To Find Diamond Balance On TikTok?

How to find diamond balance on tiktok

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media applications. One of the reasons is, that you can earn money on TikTok by withdrawing TikTok diamonds. When viewers send gifts to content creators, creators earn diamonds. Viewers send these gifts by purchasing them using in-app coins later, these gifts are converted into diamonds. Tiktok diamonds are then changed for real money. But, how to find diamond balance on TikTok?

To find diamonds firstly open the TikTok application on your device. Go to your profile on TikTok, and press the three-dot button at the top right corner of your profile. Then go to settings and privacy. Here you will find balance; click balance and you can check your diamond balance on the live gifts option.

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How To Find Diamond Balance On TikTok?

A diamond balance on TikTok is like a virtual balance that is then converted to real money and withdrawn using PayPal. So to find diamond balance on TikTok you have to follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Tiktok App On Your Device

Open the TikTok application on your device

Step 2: Go To Profile Icon

When you open your TikTok, Go to the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your homepage.

Step 3: Hit The Three Dot Icon

In your profile, click the three-dot icon at the top right corner of your profile.

Step 4: Go To Settings And Privacy

Hit the settings and privacy button inside the three-dot icon.

Step 5: Click Balance

In settings and privacy, you will find balance click that button.

Step 6: Go To Gift Revenue

In the gift revenue, you will find your diamond balance.

You can follow the above-given steps to find diamond balance on your TikTok profile.

How To Withdraw Diamonds From TikTok?

Tiktok diamonds are like online currency. These diamonds can be converted into real money and to withdraw diamonds in the form of real money follow these steps: Also check out how to cash out your Tiktok coins.

Step 1: Open The Tiktok App

Open the TikTok application on your device.

Step 2: Select Your Profile

Click profile which is at the bottom right corner of your homepage.

Step 3: Go To The Hamburger Menu

Inside the profile, there is a hamburger menu at the top right corner. Press the hamburger menu.

Step 4: Go To Settings And Privacy

Click settings and privacy.

Step 5: Tap On Live Gifts

In the settings and privacy, you will find the live gifts option. Now tap on the live gifts option.

Step 6: Press Withdraw

Here you will find the withdraw button. Then press withdraw.

Step 7: Login To Your Registered PayPal Account

After that log in to your registered PayPal account.

Step 8: Confirm Withdrawal

Then confirm the withdrawal.

Follow these steps and you will be able to withdraw diamonds from your TikTok account.

Criteria For Withdrawing Money From TikTok

The criteria for withdrawing money from TikTok are discussed below:

The Minimum Withdrawal Has To Be 100$

Your withdrawal request is accepted only if you have a 100$ balance. otherwise, you have to wait for accumulating that amount.

The Maximum Withdrawal Limit Is $1000

This is the most challenging criterion because no matter how much money you have accumulated you can only withdraw a maximum of $1000 per day for 3 days.

How To Get Diamonds On TikTok?

There are 2 different ways to get more diamonds on TikTok and they are discussed below

Through Gifts

You can get diamonds from the gifts that you receive live. If your viewers like your content they can send you gifts as rewards this is a simple and direct method of getting TikTok diamonds. To increase the numbers of diamonds you have to focus on your quality of content and be consistent with the videos that you upload so that the engagement on your channel increases and hence the number of diamonds also increases. So make sure you consistently post quality content and go live on TikTok often.

By Buying Coins On TikTok

You can also earn diamonds by buying coins on TikTok. You can buy them through live broadcast or by going to application settings.

How Much Is a TikTok Diamond Worth?

TikTok diamonds are real earnings or rewards for the creator or the person that is hosting the live session. People can freely gift their favorite creator during live sessions and that balance is deducted from their account and added to the creators. Three TikTok coins or three TikTok roses with a coin value of 1 is considered as 1 diamond earning. Some portion of this is retained by TikTok as commission. So diamond value is worth around $0.005.

What Are The Criteria For Receiving TikTok Gifts?

There is some criterion that you need to meet to receive gifts on TikTok and 8 of them are mentioned below:

  • You are not eligible to receive gifts on TikTok if you use a business account.
  • Your age must be 18 years and above.
  • TikTok gifts must be available in your region.
  • Your TikTok account must be at least 30 days old.
  • You should have published at least one video that is public in the past 30 days.
  • Some videos are not eligible for receiving gifts and these include sponsored videos, duets, stitches
  • The videos that violate community guidelines are also not eligible for this.
  • You need a minimum of 100,000 followers on TikTok to be able to receive gifts on TikTok

If you meet all these criteria then you will be able to receive TikTok gifts from your viewers.

How To Get TikTok Coins For Free?

Sometimes you might want to gift your favorite content creators as a reward for their content but it can be expensive. So how to get TikTok coins for free?

There is no one definite way to get TikTok coins for free but one of the ways is by watching videos. Every 10 videos you watch you will earn 1 coin. You can also earn free TikTok coins by referring your friends to signup for TikTok and once they sign up and complete even a single video you earn 10 coins.

How Long Does It Take For The Money To Get Transfer Money From TikTok?

It takes around 15 days or even more in some cases for TikTok to review your withdrawal application. and it will take more than 20 days for your money to be available on PayPal and from there you can receive your money which again will take more than a week. So this is not the platform if you want your money urgently.

What Are The Other Ways Of Earning Money On TikTok?

Tiktok has proven to be a great platform for creators to earn money online, doing what they love and also with minimum effort. Also check how much you can earn from Tiktok.

7 proven ways to earn money on TikTok are:

Quality Content

The quality of your content is your determining factor on how much you will grow on TikTok and hence make money out of it. One viral video can increase engagement on your profile but to sustain it, you need to consistently provide quality content. So your content plays a major role in earning money on TikTok.

Sponsorships On Tiktok

You can earn money on TikTok by getting sponsorships from brands. TikTok has also become a big marketing platform and different brands are willing to collaborate with the content creators. But for this, you need a decent amount of follower count. Sponsorship is one of the most direct ways of earning money on TikTok.

Running Ads On Your Videos

One of the other ways of earning money using TikTok is by running ads on your videos. This will help in monetizing your content on TikTok. Again, the amount of money you get from this depends on your view count.

Sharing Your Knowledge

You can earn money on TikTok by sharing your knowledge in the field of your expertise. You can teach people how to do certain things. And once your followers count starts to increase you can use this platform to promote your business here.

Selling Merchandise

You can do this once you get popular on TikTok. You can create merchandise related to your content and sell them by promoting it on your TikTok. Depending on the engagement on your video you will earn money.

Marketing Your Products

Use this platform to market your products. You can promote stuff and also sell them via TikTok. And the more engagement you have on your profile the better it is for you to sell your product and earn money.

Selling Your Account

Another way of earning money on TikTok is by selling your TikTok account. Firstly grow your followers count and then sell your account to someone else to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions on the web regarding the topics related to this one are picked and answered below.

Which Is The Most Expensive TikTok Gift?

There are Many TikTok gifts, depending on the number of coins you like to spend. And if you would like to know about the most expensive TikTok gifts then some of them are mentioned here. The most expensive TikTok gift include drama queen(5000), Unicorn fantasy (5000), castle fantasy(20000), Golden car(29999), Lion(29999), and the most expensive one is the Tiktok universe(34999).

Does It Cost Money To Send Gifts On TikTok?

Yes, it costs money to send gifts on TikTok. The gift you will like to send costs a certain amount of coins and you have to pay to buy these coins. There are ways in which you can send TikTok gifts for free and they are discussed above in this article. And when the creators receive the gifts they can exchange TikTok coins for diamonds and withdraw money.

How Many Diamonds Do 100 Coins Yield?

100 coins are equivalent to 50 diamonds. Diamonds are worth 50% of the value of coins. and each diamond is worth 5 cents. and when you withdraw these diamonds half of their value goes to TikTok as commission so you will not receive the full amount.

How Many Follower Counts Are Required To Verify Your TikTok Account?

Getting verified on TikTok comes with a lot of benefits. It makes it easier for the content creators to collaborate with brands, play ads, and monetize their videos. Mostly it improves the way people perceive your account. Getting verified on TikTok also provides exposure to the content creators. Tiktok users are verified based on the consistent growth in followers count, basically accounts that are gaining 500-2000 followers daily.

What Is TikTok’s, Creator Fund?

TikTok’s creator fund is a monetary fund created by TikTok. In this fund, TikTok shares its income with the creators that are helping them to expand the platform. This is based on engagement, views, and overall performance.

What Are The Risks Of The Creator Fund?

While the creator’s fund is an opportunity for content creators on TikTok to earn more money it is not completely risk-free. There are many risks. Since the creator fund is new there is much more we don’t know about this platform. Also, this fund lacks transparency which makes it even riskier. Many creators are also saying that the view and followers count has decreased after

Joining this fund.


Therefore, TikTok is one of the widely growing platforms that provides a lot of credibility to its users. People can easily earn money using this application. You can convert virtual diamonds into real money. After that, you can easily withdraw money using Paypal. We have discussed how to withdraw money from TikTok in this article.

This diamond feature on TikTok has become a boon for all content creators. You can earn money via the gifts that your viewers or followers send you. Now they convert the gifts into TikTok diamonds and then to real money and it is very simple to do this. and to increase your diamond count you should be consistent on your profile.

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