How To Delete Reddit History?

How To Delete Reddit History?

How to delete Reddit history? Concluded to delete all of your posts and comments on Reddit? Wondering about deleting all of the activities you have done on Reddit? But do you know how to delete all of your Reddit histories? We are here for you. You are here at the right place. In today’s article, we will be discussing all the Reddit apps. This ultimate article is a guide for you that provides knowledge and information to your queries. So let us get started with our topic.

Firstly, be clear that you can never get it back once you delete the history. You can easily delete your Reddit history by following the easy steps:
1. Launch Browser On Your Mobile Phone
2. Search For The Reddit Website
3. Head On To Reddit Profile Page
4. Get Into Your Search Bar
5. Confirm To Delete Search History
It is possible either to delete all of your Reddit histories completely at the same time or one by one individually by choosing your unwanted ones.

Reddit is an app for communicators and the one who loves making groups and talking with them. This app might be a good choice for you in some cases. The taste of an app depends upon the type of personality you have. The process of deleting the Reddit app is permanent, and there is no temporary deleting process. So if there is any reason for deleting history, first, be sure you do not want to get it back forever.

What Is Reddit Used For?

Reddit is also a platform like other social media apps. As for your activities on Facebook and Instagram, you can post your images, posts, texts, etc., and share them with others on Reddit.

Most people download and use this Reddit app to get tuned with daily updates and news. Connecting with other people worldwide, finding new friends, interacting with them, etc., are some useful features of the platform Reddit.

Reddit app can be compared with discord as well. It is because both had similar kinds of communication features. So if you have any problems, you can see how to leave a discord server.

This app is used by many people of different ages and backgrounds. They have their reason for using this app. You can get engaged with many people with the help of this app.

People with the same attitude and personality are available on Reddit, and you can create good relationships with them.

Use Reddit as you like in your style. Enjoy more and let others enjoy it along with interesting features.

Can Anyone Get Access To My Reddit History?

No, the account owner can see all the browsing histories on the Reddit app. The history and all are private and not displayed to other users.

Only you can view the search histories and not others. But you may be questioning your posts and comments, right? Those things do not go under your Reddit search history.

Your posts and comments are visible to all of your members on Reddit. Those Reddit browsers are for personal searches, so you need not share them with anyone.

If anybody took your device and checked for the Reddit history, they could easily view it. So, for cases like this, you may want to delete all of your browsing history and searches on the Reddit app.

Is It Possible To Delete Search History On Reddit?

You may search for something or about someone on the search har of the Reddit app. All those searches you have done on this Reddit platform remain a history. It is shown just below the search bar, which is like a list.

The history is over there to make your search easy. It remains like a stain on the app. You can easily delete your Reddit history. The process and steps are not that long, which might confuse you.

There are high chances that you may use the Reddit app on desktops, mobile phones, etc., devices that you have. So, you will need to delete your Reddit history on every device you have been using.

The deletion process on Reddit is for permanent purposes. You can not get the search history back even after much effort.

Do not delete the history just because you are angry or have mood swings.

Why Delete The Reddit History?

Different people have their reason behind deleting the history of their Reddit accounts. Some may not want the history to be seen by any other user. At the same time, some of you may face problems because of it.

Here we have provided some reasons why people are eager to delete their Reddit history.

Deleting a Reddit history clears up your space and makes your searches smooth and fluent. There won’t be bugs when you search anything on the Reddit search bar.

It will also prevent you from getting unwanted and unnecessary ads related to your recent searches on your account.

If you do not want anyone to see your posts and comments anymore, this is the best way to get rid of them.

Privacy matters a lot on the Reddit app. So, clearing out everything, including the history, makes someone think of you as a mysterious person. They will want to know something more about you.

Delete Reddit History On Your Mobile Phone

You should read this section if you use the Reddit app on your mobile phone. The process of deleting Reddit history differs as per the device you have been using.

So, here is a guide that would help you easily delete your Reddit history on your mobile phone. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Reddit App

Take your mobile phone and turn it on. Go to the mobile app list and search for the Reddit app over there.

Launch the Reddit app on the screen of your mobile phone.

Step 2: Head On To Your Reddit Profile

You will see a small circle-like icon at the top right corner of your screen.

Click on it, and you will be guided toward your profile page.

Step 3: Open Your Reddit History

Once you are on your profile page, tap on your Reddit profile picture.

A new popup will display on your screen. There is a list of options on your screen.

Have a look at the last option from your list. You will see the history option with a clock-like icon beside it.

You are now guided toward the next page, where you can see your browsing history.

Step 4: Choose To Clear History

Right beside your search bar, you can see a three-dot icon. Click on it, and you will get to see the options.

Select edit history as an option from the list. Scroll down the list for a few seconds, and you will get clear history as an option.

You have to confirm it, and your Reddit history gets permanently deleted from your Reddit account.

This process is applicable only on your mobile phone. You can apply this both on your android devices and iPhones.

Delete Reddit History On Your Desktop And PC

To delete your Reddit history on desktop and Pc, you will need a guide. As the process is different, you might develop confusion.

But, we have explained the steps very carefully and elaborated every step for your easy understanding. So let us begin with our step. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Chrome Browser

Turn on your desktop and launch the chrome browser on the screen.

Type google on the search bar and search for it.

Again search for chrome extension on the google search bar.

Step 2: Download The Reddit Extension

There are plenty of extension apps for Reddit. You can download the Nuke extension as well.

Simply download it on your browser app, which is just a website.

Get the extension from the Reddit extension link.

Step 3: Open Reddit And Go To Your Profile

Launch your Reddit app on your screen and head on to your Reddit profile page.

So now you can have an overview of all of your Reddit search history.

Step 4: Delete Your Reddit History

When you delete your Reddit history by using desktops and PCs, all of your posts and comments also get deleted.

The process is somehow the same. But, you have used the Reddit extension, so because of it, the deleting process extended, and along with your history, all of your posts and comments are also deleted.

So think twice before you decide to delete your Reddit history from desktops and Pcs.

Will My Posts And Comments Get Deleted Along With Reddit History?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete your posts and comments along with your Reddit search history. You can not delete those at once.

When you delete your Reddit search history, just your browsing data gets deleted from the app. To delete those posts and comments, you have done on Reddit. You will have to choose another way.

Deleting your Reddit history won’t clear out your every data from the app. Separate data on this platform has its kind of deleting process.

You are free to delete your Reddit history if someone is checking your app and you do not want them to reveal it. Delete one by one or wholly at once on the Reddit app.

How Long Does Reddit Keep Browsing History?

Reddit has its limit to storing your activities on the platform. Your information, like addresses, phone numbers, passwords, emails, etc., is saved by Reddit permanently.

Reddit keeps your browsing history for a maximum of 90 days. Taking from the day you search for anything on the Reddit app to the next 90 days, your history is automatically saved on the app.

It is possible to delete the history on your own. But, we just predicted that the app stores your search history till the end of 90 days.

After the completion of the 90th day, go and check the history. You will not find any of them as Reddit has already deleted them from the platform.

You can easily do it when you think about deleting your Reddit account or all of the history. Reddit won’t store your data and activities for further more days now. You have cleared your sign from the Reddit platform.

You will Be like a new member to them. But you can not use the same IP address, phone number, email, etc., while creating your next Reddit account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reddit is a fun app for those who are well known for it. Histories and all about this app has created a kind of confusion among the users. You can not get even a single thing back once you decide to delete the history.

People regret their mistakes and have asked us a lot of questions. We are here in the question and answer section of today’s article.

The answers to those questions are provided to us from our research and findings. So, they are as follows:

Does Reddit Restore My Search History After Deleting Them?

Unfortunately, Reddit does not restore your search history. Once you delete anything, it is for a permanent purpose. Like if you delete or deactivate your Reddit account, it is for a permanent purpose. You can not regain anything back from this platform.

So before you delete anything, the app asks you for plenty of time if you are sure or not to delete histories. In other apps, there is a restoring box where you can see the deleted items and regain them. But, Reddit does not have such features updated.

How Do I Get Rid Of Reddit Lags?

Easily get rid of Reddit logs by deleting the Reddit history. Clear out all of your posts and comments as well for the smooth running of the Reddit app. Your browsing data and its history create bugs and logs on the app. You will feel pleasure using the app only when the app cooperates and runs smoothly.

On your Reddit settings icon, look at the bottom line of your page. You will see an option to clear the history. You have to agree to the option and clear out your searches. Since then, using the Reddit app without any lags.

Is Reddit Keeping Track Of My Previous Posts And Activities?

Yes, Reddit keeps on tracking the posts you have shared on the platform. By looking at the type of post you are interested in, Reddit suggests you with even more posts like that. Such activities are detected on your Reddit searches as well. Whatever you search or is on your Reddit browsing history, Reddit shows you ads and videos. So if such irritating ads and videos piss you off, kindly delete all of your history, posts, and comments. Once you delete, Reddit has no relation with those posts and leaves keeping track of them.

How Do I Delete Hidden History On My Reddit Account?

When you delete the history on Reddit, you may either choose to delete one by one or all of them at once. No matter how you delete your Reddit history, there are some hidden histories you may not even know. You can not see them as they are hidden and far from your touch.

When you click on the three-dot icon, you can see a drop-down menu. Inside that, scroll down and choose history. Over there, you will see history as an option. Those are the list of searches that are kept hidden by Reddit. Delete them one by one and clear out your activities.

How To Recover My Reddit Posts, Comments, And Search Histories?

There is no way you can recover your deleted items on the Reddit platform, as this app warns you many times before letting you delete all of those on Reddit. Every activity deleted on Reddit is for permanent purposes. This is what you should know about Reddit. It is different from other social media apps.

No matter how much you request with Reddit to give your deleted items back. They will never agree to your request as they have warned you before you confirm to delete an item. Kindly move on and accept the fact that you can not regain.


Reddit is a platform for building communities and interacting with them. You can share as many posts as you want on this platform. People will trust you, and you may be invited into many more communities and get popular.

The feature to search for something on the Reddit app is to build yourself on the platform. You can search for something you like, which stains as a history on the app. Easily delete the history by following the steps if you are unlikely to save it.

I hope you have completed reading our article. I also think you can now delete history from your Reddit Account. Follow the guidelines as we have instructed in this article.

Thank you guys for being here and reading our article. Keep on reading, loving, and supporting us.

We have reached the very end of today’s topic. We will be back soon with this website’s new and updated topic.

Until then, stay tuned for getting notifications from our website. Visit our official website onlinehelpguide.

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