How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story?

How To Make A Photo Collage In An Instagram Story

The Instagram app is known for its features. On Instagram, Making a photo collage in an Instagram story is its best feature. So, if you are looking up for a way to learn this, In this article, you’ll know everything about how to make a photo collage in an Instagram story. Answer: To Make a photo collage in an Instagram story, 1. Using Sticker Feature … Read more

How To Stop Getting Message Requests From Strangers On Facebook?

The “Message Requests” are the easiest form through which strangers can contact you. Have you ever got a message request on Facebook from an unknown person? Are you annoyed by such messages? If yes, how can you stop getting message requests from strangers on Facebook? If you are curious about learning “message requests” and know how it works, read this article thoroughly. Answer: Two methods … Read more

How To Fix “An Unexpected Error Occurred” On Facebook?

How to Fix “An unexpected error occurred” on Facebook

It can be annoying and frustrating when you’re trying to access Facebook and see the message “An Unexpected Error Has Occurred.” After all, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites, and you’re probably wondering what’s going on. While the message may be unclear, a few things could be causing the problem. First, it could be a problem with your browser or app. … Read more

How To Fix “Your Account Was Permanently Banned” On TikTok?

How To Fix “Your Account Was Permanently Banned” On TikTok

You open your TikTok app and get a notification saying, “Your account was permanently banned” from the TikTok app. There might be a reason that you have violated the community guidelines. To fix the “Your account was permanently banned” issue on TikTok, you need to take a screenshot of the issue, submit an appeal and wait for their response. And if you have no idea … Read more

How To Change The Cover Of Spotify Playlist?

How to change the cover of spotify playlist in a few easy steps

With over 80 million tracks, Spotify is one of the most popular audio streaming apps. Apart from the endless possibilities for a playlist, the ability to customize your music library makes it loved by many people. For instance, you can change the cover picture of the playlist to set the mood for your tracks. Answer: To change the Spotify playlist’s cover: 1. Open Spotify App … Read more

Why Can’t I Tag Someone On Instagram?

Why cant i tag someone on instagram?

Have you ever had trouble tagging someone on Instagram? If so, this page has all the information you need to resolve the issue. When tagging someone, it frequently disappears, according to Instagram users. Some people said the tags didn’t show up after submitting the picture. It can be annoying because Instagram makes tagging important because users want to know who is in your photo. In … Read more

What Is A TikTok Handle?

What is a TikTok handle

It might confuse many how TikTok handle is different from TikTok username. But, there is no difference, really. TikTok handle is also known as Tiktok username. Answer: The TikTok handle is your TikTok username, which always starts with @. For example: @onlinehelpguide. Also, the TikTok username must be unique, or the name will not be accepted. What Is A TikTok Handle? As mentioned above, TikTok … Read more

How To Fix “Not Eligible” On TikTok?

How To Fix “Not Eligible” On TikTok

Many users complain on TikTok that they are getting a “Not Eligible” error when trying to sign up for an account. So why does the error occurs, and how to fix “Not eligible” on TikTok?” Dont worry a bit; we have got you a full cover. Read the below article and learn how you can fix the “Not Eligible” on TikTok. Answer: To fix the … Read more

How To Add Two Effects On TikTok?

How To Add Two Effects On TikTok

Effects are used primarily to create regular videos into engaging and entertaining. So, if your videos are not interesting, you can use many amazing effects on your videos to make the audience follow you. One can also say that adding effects to a video on TikTok can be pretty life-changing. TikTok recently included a time limit of ten minutes only since previously, the maximum time … Read more

How To See Unsent Messages On Instagram?

how to see unsent messages on Instagram

Have you ever got a notification of a message on Instagram, but when you open the chat, there is no message, and the notification is also no longer available? It may be because the sender unsent the message. Are you willing to see such messages? How to see unsent messages on Instagram? If you are curious about it, this article will answer all your queries. … Read more