What Is The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App?

SoundCloud is a platform strictly for musicians and music lovers. This platform is responsible for starting the careers of many prominent artists and creators. Newcomers do face difficulty in this platform to take off or manage their promotions. Various tools for auto-follow, auto-likes, etc are available that guarantee followers, plays, likes, and comments. But some are fake and do not work as said. So, what is the best SoundCloud auto-follow app?

This can be a hard question to answer but with extensive research, we have identified one of the best SoundCloud auto-follow apps. It is not just an auto-follow app but a complete social media promotion manager called ‘Somiibo’. Also, it works with various social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and many more. It has an elegant UI and also has good ratings in app stores.

While newcomers on the platform face a lot of challenges to get started and picking up their audiences. These auto-follow apps do help them to find similar people and help them take off on the platform. But since the follows and likes are not genuine, it is always better to do all things organically. Follow this article to learn about the best SoundCloud auto-follow app and how you can do all these things organically which will last for more time than with these apps.

What Is The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App?

We went on to do extensive research about apps that can give you auto-follow, likes, plays, and engagement. During the research, we came across several tools and apps that said they can increase the followers and likes on SoundCloud but failed to do so.

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With some more effort, we came across this tool called ‘Somiibo’ which is a social media marketing management tool that connects various people across several social media platforms that want to increase their followers, likes, and other engagement and makes it easier for them to help each other increase their followers, likes, plays, comments and more.

This tool is free to use for anyone and also has a premium version with additional functionalities. One can just sign up and start using it.

Somiibo – The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

This tool is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be downloaded from their website. You can also create your account from the same website. After the download, you can use it by selecting your platform. In this case, it is SoundCloud. It can also be used for other social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and more.

This tool automates SoundCloud and gives the ability to reciprocate engagement among users. For example, you can like, follow, and get engaged with other people’s content and they will also reciprocate the same to your account.

This way you can be sure that you are not getting fake likes and inactive followers but some genuine interactions from real people. This too may not be your genuine listeners but at least they are genuine people on the platform.

This tool can help you at least pick up a pace and get noticed on the platform. And combine this with good music and you will probably take off your career from the platform. The good thing about this tool is that they do not demand you to pay them a certain amount for followers and likes but let the users do the work and reciprocate it from other users to them.

Somiibo The Best SoundCloud Auto Follow App

Should I Use Auto-Follow Apps On SoundCloud?

The big question in all of this is ‘Is it a good idea to use auto-follow apps on SoundCloud?’. The answer may vary depending on what you want to achieve. But if you are seriously considering starting your career in music and using SoundCloud as a stepping stone then it may not be a good idea to start using the auto-follow app from starting.

The key thing when you start creating any type of content is that you need an effective feedback loop which then can be used for the improvement of your content. And if you start using these types of tools from the start, it may hinder your possibility of getting good at your creation.

It may also demotivate you from a certain point as you will run out of any real engagement and genuine feedback. For any person starting in any type of creation, an effective feedback loop is a necessity and cannot be replaced by any other thing.

So, better start taking some alternative and genuine efforts in gaining your followers instead of searching for the best SoundCloud auto-follow app.

You may ask, what are the authentic steps that you can take to gain genuine followers. Follow the next section of this article to understand the strategies you can apply.

Best Ways To Increase Followers And Plays On SoundCloud

Increasing followers and plays is important for any creator to grow on SoundCloud. There is already enough competition that most people feel defeated even before starting. But as with the competition, the size of the audience has also grown and that makes it even with the high competition.

All that remains to be done is to attract enough audience for you to keep making music for a long time and get paid in return.

Below are some of the strategies that are identified for you to start gaining more followers without the use of the best SoundCloud auto-follow app.

Creating Better Content Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Having great content goes a long way than any other marketing strategy such as finding the best SoundCloud auto-follow app. If you have good music then it may not be too long before you start getting noticed on the platform and getting more and more followers and plays.

So, start focusing on your content and implement the feedback you get from your existing followers. This will get you more engagement and ultimately more reach on the platform.

Attractive Profile Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Whenever anyone visits your SoundCloud profile, the first thing they will notice is how have you maintained your profile and the information they can get about you and your profile. This impacts so much so that it determines if they will listen to your music or not.

So you need to keep your profile attractive and informative. It includes making your profile picture attractive and definitive. The bio of your profile should also be made as informative as possible which can convey who are you and also what type of music you produce.

And also if you want to verify your SoundCloud account, click here to learn more about the requirements and process.

Attractive Album Arts Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Album arts are an important part of your music. That is the first thing the audience notice before they even listen to your music. Your album art needs to be attractive and say what the music is about.

You can pick a designer who has experience in designing album arts or simply consult with them and design by yourself. The final product should incorporate both music and attraction in it.

A greatly designed album art goes a long way to tell your audience about your music and place an image of the art in their brain. And whenever they encounter the cover again, they will know the music.

Social Sharing Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Social sharing refers to sharing of your content on social media. You can share the link to your SoundCloud music on your social media accounts, and ask your friends and family to share it with you.

Social sharing is a powerful method of amassing new audiences and increasing the play of existing content. This can also help in retaining audiences as they will know you as a creator are connected to their social circle.

Various social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Whatsapp, etc can be used to share your content link which will drive all the audiences to SoundCloud and many of whom are on SoundCloud will start following you.

To share your SoundCloud music on Instagram, click here to learn how.

And to share your SoundCloud music to Snapchat, click here to learn how.

SoundCloud Community Engagement Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

The Soundcloud community is another powerful method you can promote your music and introduce yourself as a creator. These communities are built to support SoundCloud creators. These communities can be found on various social sites and can also help you in getting feedback for your content.

You can search for these communities across the internet and actively participate in them. This will validate you as a creator and you will end up expanding your audience and increasing your plays.

Correct Tags Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Tags are keywords that you can include in your music when uploading. These tags help you to get into search results when anyone searches for music using the keyword. Most people tend to search for music on SoundCloud with keywords representing the genre.

For example, if you are an EDM musician then you can use tags such as electronic music, EDM, etc in your upload. And when someone searches for music using ‘EDM’ there is a high chance that you will appear on the search result.

Regular Uploads Instead Of The Best SoundCloud Auto-Follow App

Consistency is key. Consistently uploading music can help you get noticed by your audience oftentimes and hence increase your following and plays.

So, you can make a schedule of uploads and upload accordingly. This will help you gain more and more followers and also perfect your craft.

With these strategies, you can increase your following without using the best SoundCloud auto-follow app. You can make a proper plan on how will you apply all these strategies and use the same plan for all your uploads. This may not result in instant gaining of followers but is surely a tried and tested method of success in any creative field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to ‘What is the best SoundCloud auto-follow app’ are taken from the internet. Please go through these questions and their answers to understand more about the platform.

How Do You Get SoundCloud Followers Fast?

To gain SoundCloud followers fast, you need to consistently upload good music and share it on different platforms. Also, proper optimization of the uploaded content helps you get noticed.

How Much Are 100k Plays On SoundCloud?

100k plays will pay you $250 to $400 if you are monetized using the Soundcloud Premier Monetization Program.

What Happens When You Get A Million Plays On SoundCloud?

If you get a million plays on SoundCloud, it may result in you getting more followers, likes, and comments. And if you have monetized the track then it will pay you from $2500 to $4000.

Can I Get Famous On SoundCloud?

Yes, you can always get famous on SoundCloud. If you amass a huge number of followers, get lots of plays, and got monetized using the SoundCloud Premier Program, you are on your way to success.

In addition, If you are wondering how can you download podcasts from SoundCloud, click here to learn the steps.


Therefore, the best SoundCloud auto-follow app is ‘Somiibo’. It has a feature that lets users like, follow and comment on each other’s content so that they can increase their presence on the platform. Still, it is not a genuine way of gaining followers. It should be avoided.

This article provides a list of strategies that can be used to gain more and more followers genuinely. Please provide any more information if you are aware of it in the comments below.

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