How Many Community Guidelines Strike On TikTok To Get Banned

How many community guideline strikes on Tiktok to get banned

User account ban in social media platforms is an unfortunate reality that most people face as the number of users grows exponentially. The explosive growth of TikTok also had led to an increasing number of harmful content getting uploaded on the platform. To tackle this issue, TikTok, like any other social media have also implemented their guidelines on what contents are acceptable on the platform and what is not. You can then understand how many community guidelines strike on Tiktok to get banned from the application.

Tiktok does not disclose exactly how many strikes will ban an account from the platform but there are certain limitations based on the violations that are present in accounts. This article will explore all the reasons that can get an account ban in Tiktok and provide you with possible solutions for the problems.

Community Guidelines On TikTok

Tiktok moderates the contents on its platform through its content moderation system. For non-china users, the platform has set up the system in the U.S. which includes its content moderation team. This team is responsible for moderating content in the U.S. and other countries.

Like other social media platforms, TikTok also needs to moderate its content to avoid any harm to its users. For this same purpose, TikTok had published Community guidelines for users to follow to avoid creating such content.

Failure of following the guidelines and create contents that violate it can result in strikes, temporary or permanent ban from the platform itself. When the content violates one or more guidelines of TikTok, Tiktok will flag that content or the account itself. The following are some of the reasons why Tiktok can flag content according to their timeline.


Depicting violent activities and encouragement for such activities is seen as a violation of community guidelines. Your Tiktok videos should not include these types of activities and also should not encourage any person or group of people for these activities.

Many social media platforms are mired in such controversies in past and as a platform with a huge amount of users. Tiktok has been very strict in following these guidelines on violence and its encouragement.

This type of content may get you strikes on your account and even get banned if there are multiple violations.

Hateful Behaviour

With the internet, it is very easy to spread hate and hateful behavior as the internet shields the proponent from any real-life consequences. With this in mind, it is important to protect its users from hateful behavior. For the same reason, most social media platforms do not allow hateful speech and hateful behavior on their platforms.

Tiktok also has issued guidelines to its users to not put hateful content on its platform. Any form of hateful speech and behavior can get you strikes or even get banned from TikTok.

Illegal Activities

Any form of illegal activity is also the cause of a ban in TikTok. Most people put out content that is not in order with international laws and regulations such as selling illegal substances, live animals, medicines, etc. Any form of illegal activity that does not adhere to laws and regulations can get you strikes or banned from the platform.

Contents with these types of activities get removed outright and may result in strikes or a ban from the platform.

Self-harm Activities

Self-harm activities include any form of activities that depicts harm to oneself such as suicide, cutting or physical injuries. These type of activities needs to be avoided in your videos.

Tiktok takes this as graphical content and interprets it as an encouragement to self-harm to other users. These contents may result in unpublishing your video and strike your account.

Issues Of Harassment

Harassment in social media platforms is a huge issue to moderate and mitigate. Harassment includes bullying and abusing other users with content and even comments on other videos. Online abuses particularly to children and females have been documented multiple times in the past. Tiktok does not tolerate these types of activities and may get you completely banned from the platform.

With a huge number of young users in Tiktok, TikTok is more at risk of becoming the centre for these activities. To make sure these incidents do not happen, the community guidelines are particularly straightforward in letting users know that harassment and bullying will not be tolerated in the platform and may get you permanently banned from the platform.

Sexual Activity

TikTok comprises a huge number of teens and the young population. To avoid being exposed to any indecent and immoral activities, TikTok does not let its users promote sexual activities or anything related to it. These guidelines are followed strictly and moderated carefully.

You may not want to include these activities on your videos as it means you are risking getting strikes on your account. Multiple strikes may get you banned from the platform.

Children Safety

Tiktok always looks for the safety of children in its platform. If you include anything depicting activities that put minors and children in danger, you may not only get strikes or banned but also can face legal consequences for it.

If you have already got a strike on your account, you should avoid these activities on the platform.

Unregulated Goods

By unregulated goods, it means the goods that are not legally allowed to be sold. Anything that is not regulated or has no permission to be sold in public can be categorized as unregulated goods.

Sales of these types of goods can lead to strikes or a ban on your account.

Ways To Avoid Getting Strikes Or Banned On TikTok

There are several steps that you can follow to not get banned in TikTok. Most of the useful ways are described below.

Do Not Violate Community Guidelines Of Tiktok.

TikTok community guidelines are the main document that provides clear guidance on how a user is supposed to use the platform and what is not expected to do on the platform. If you are a creator of TikTok then this document is necessary to be followed and adhered to.

You should not violate the community guidelines to avoid strikes or bans on the platform. Every content you upload needs to be thoroughly checked for violations.

Create More Engaging Content.

Creating more engaging content may help you gather more audience and present your view. Accounts with more audiences can also help ask for manual review if there are any strikes or bans.

Having a broad audience can be leveraged for solving any unintended violations. Tiktok usually considers removing any minor violations for creators with a huge following.

Check For Copyrighted Materials Before Uploading.

Copyrighted materials in your content can be a major issue in monetizing or even publishing your videos. Avoiding copyrighted materials is a must for several reasons such as for being promoted on the For you page of TikTok and having multiple exposures in the platform.

Create Consistently.

Consistent creation of content in TikTok is also a great way to stay afloat as a creator. Tiktok does consider the review in detail for any consistent creator if your account gets struck or ban.

How Long Does Tiktok Ban Lasts?

There are various forms of the TikTok ban. The most instituted bans can be divided into two types.

Shadow Ban

Shadow banning can be described as Tiktok not promoting your content. The simple way to check your account if there is a shadow ban is to go to the analytics section of the profile and check the source of traffic. If your traffic source from the For you page is too low or almost none, then your account is being shadow banned by Tiktok.

This banned is done for minor violations of community guidelines on TikTok. Shadow ban lasts up to one or two weeks. Once Tiktok confirms the account is no more violating guidelines, it will reinstate the account to the previous stage.

Live-Streaming Ban

The streaming ban is the ban on the live stream that is available for users. The account banned cannot do live streams and mostly lasts for 24 to 48 hours. This ban may be caused by any offensive comments made on previous live streams.

Temporary Ban

A temporary ban of TikTok accounts results in users not being able to upload new videos, post comments or go live. This can be confirmed by visiting your profile page and if the Followers & Following is replaced by the ‘-’ sign, you can confirm your account is suspended.

It may last from one to two weeks. After TikTok lifts the ban, you can operate your account as usual. You need to be careful not to violate the community guidelines further.

Permanent Ban

A permanent ban is imposed on accounts for serious violations of the guidelines. This ban can make you lose access to a TikTok account and is very hard to get unbanned from.

You can confirm this ban by visiting your profile. Tiktok will display a message informing you about the ban if it is imposed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions that are related to the topic of ‘How many community guidelines strike on TikTok to get banned’.

What Happens If You Get Multiple Community Guideline Violations On TikTok?

Multiple community guideline violations may result in a temporary or permanent ban on your account depending on the severity of the violations. You can also apply for a review if you believe the ban is done incorrectly.

Why Am I Permanently Banned From TikTok?

You may be permanently banned from TikTok due to severe violations of TikTok community guidelines. You can also get banned from multiple violations of the guidelines. If you believe the ban is not correct then you have the option to ask for a review of the ban through TikTok support or TikTok help. You can forward emails to the support emails of TikTok and ask for them to review your account.

How Long Is A Permanent Ban On TikTok?

A permanent ban on TikTok can be forever. And If you think the ban is incorrect, you can ask for a review of your ban through TikTok support.

If the review concludes your ban is correct then you may not get your account back but if the review concludes the ban is incorrect and a mistake, TikTok will reinstate your account as soon as possible.

Do You Get Strikes On TikTok?

Tiktok strikes are the result of one or more violations of community guidelines. These strikes are done once Tiktok reviews your content and finds out that it violates the guidelines. Multiple violations may result in a ban of the account committing these violations.

Users do have the option to ask for a review of the account if they deem the ban is unjust and a mistake.

How Many Reports Does It Take To Delete A TikTok Video?

The number of reports that takes to delete a video content by TikTok may vary depending on the video itself. Any video which violates the community guidelines may not even need any reporting, TikTok itself will delete these videos. But Tiktok may not remove any content which does not violate the TikTok guidelines.

Even if the video gets removed, users do have options to ask for further review of the content if they are confident enough that there are no violations done.

How Do I Get My Permanently Banned Tiktok Account Back?

You may not be able to get back your permanently banned TikTok account but if you are sure that the account did not violate any community guidelines then you can ask for a review of the ban. This can be done through email to the support staff of TikTok.


Therefore, Just like any other platform, Tiktok also has its own set of rules on how they moderate its content on their platform. Even if Tiktok bans your account, you can apply for a review to get your account back. It is important to follow through with the review to get your account back with ease.

The article provides users with an easy guide to understand Tiktok violations and bans. The possible solutions to apply to ensure Tiktok lifts the ban.\

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