15 Best Android TV Box of 2022 [Updated]

15 best android TV box of 2020

Today we will be discussing about the best android Tv box of 2022 on our article along with its full specification.

It has probably been many years that people have been using a computer, from portable devices to smartphones to tablets, ipads, you name it. But, still, while sitting back, slapping the arm of your couch, grabbing popcorns, and emerging yourself in the world of movies isn’t quite the same as watching it on your laptop as it is watching on your Television. Yes, that’s right, people haven’t been able to give up the world of TVs just yet.

TVs demand your attention; maybe it’s because the remote is too comfortable, or you’ve got a bigger screen, or perhaps only the location is much convenient to watch? Whatever it might be, if it’s movies, it has to be on your TV, not on your laptop. That said, the smart world demands a smarter TV, i.e., it can’t just be a dull TV that plays your favorite treks at their time, right? You want an on-demand experience, perhaps would like to interact with it, play games, and much more stuff. But what if you can’t afford an entirely new set, what options do you have?

15 Best Android TV Box For the Year for 2022

An android TV box is a piece of hardware that connects to your old or just about any TV and turns it into a magical piece of smart tech. It lets you play games, stream movies through the internet. Once the box is connected to the TV and configured to internet connect(e.g., WiFi or ethernet), then it pretty much behaves like your android smartphone. Apps can be installed and interacted with via the remote.

That being said, with the rapidly evolving and demanding technology, newer upgrades, and enhancements to these techs are done daily. So it’s kind of hard for people to get the best out of their buy, so here we present a list of 15 best android TV box for the year of 2022:

The Amazon Fire TV Stick

This will probably be the choice for your buy.  It enables you to watch your favorite shows whether it be from Netflix, youtube, prime video, Disney+, HBO, Apple TV, and many more. As far as the comparison goes, the amazon fire TV stick has greater storage for apps and games than any other streaming TV stick. If you’re worried that you can’t watch live TV and sports, this stick has got you covered. You can watch your favorite live shows, operas, and sports with a subscription to Hulu, Sling, Youtube TV, or any other live TV provider. Not only this, it helps to lean to your privacy and allows you to pair Bluetooth headphones to listen to movies and music.

Minix Neo U1

If you’re looking for an excellent cinematic experience, you won’t go wrong by choosing the MINIX NEO U1 media hub. Minix Neo as U1 is probably the Ultimate Home Entertainment Media Hub. On top of streaming videos, it has some more perks like local media playback, internet radio, and podcast streaming services, screencasting capabilities, android gaming. Not only this, but it also allows you to skype along with other VoIP services. It runs on Android Lollipop and is super responsive and also has a no-disturb policy, so implements a thermal management system that keeps those zzzzzzzing noise down while you enjoy your shows.

WeTek Hub Android Smart TV Box

WeTek Hub Android Smart TV Box lets you discover a new world of entertainment with online streaming and IPTV. It provides content in up to 4K resolution using the H.265 codec tech, high-quality audio 5.1 Dolby, and DTS. WeTek Hub is small and can just about fit anywhere and also has support for Bluetooth 4.0; hence you can connect anything that supports Bluetooth, be it a mini keyboard or a mouse, headphone, and many more.

SkyStream Two Streaming Media

If you are looking for a quick and straightforward to set up TV Box and that lets you STREAM FROM ALL OF YOUR APPLICATIONS  in 4K UHD for the best-in-class television experience, then you can’t go wrong by choosing the  SkyStream Two Streaming Media. This TV box also like most let you install apps and has full support for google play services. It has one of the largest streaming libraries, which means getting this box is killing your boredom.

AirTV 4k Media Streaming Player

This box stands out from the rest in the market in one major point: It lets you combine streaming with live Television.  It supports streaming services like NetFlix & Sling TV and also has a voice-search-compatible Remote. The small disadvantage is that you’re going to have to buy the adapter for this separately, but the features of this dude are likely not going to disappoint you.

Zidoo Android TV box

Running on the Android 7.1 OS, the Zidoo is designed for a fast lag-free interface, assures compatibility with the latest android application. Zidoo has dual WiFi 2.4G and 5G, and a powerful Dual Antenna design for enhanced connectivity and extended stability. It supports a 3D video playback feature that gives you a realistic view while enjoying your 4K ultimate high definition videos. In addition, it also plays thousands of android games on a large 4K screen.

Xiaomi Mi box

Running on the Android TV 6.0 and Quad-Core processor is the Xiaomi Mi Box with 4K HDR support and HDMI 2.0a support, which is a faster way to communicate video/audio data with the TV. Additionally, with up to 18Gbps speeds, the Xiaomi Mi Box strives to improve picture and sound quality, making it perfect for watching 4K UHD and HDR video content.

Q Plus Android 9.0 TV Box

The new Q plus android Tv box comes with an Android 9.0 OS. The H6 Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU powers it. It is all in all an HD media player that supports almost all popular audio and video formats, bringing you to enjoy not 2k, not 4k, but a 6K UHD video watching experience. So, this is probably a significant stand out in the market.

T95Z Plus

This box really stands out from the rest in terms of storage capacity, speed, and stability. It provides you 3GB DDR3 RAM, 32GBB EMMC ROM, which ensures that you have more than enough space to download your favorite apps and stream along as much as you like. Coming with Android 7.1, it provides you with 4K playback support and 2.4G/5G Dual Band WiFi support that gives you seamless streaming.

Roku Ultra | HD

Roku ultra HD provides you with ultimate connectivity with dual-band wireless and an ethernet port. They had over 500K movies and TV episodes with voice over search across 1000+ channels, popular shows, and more with no subscription or fees on the Roku Channel. If you’re looking for 4K streams and want to get the best out of your buck, then Roku is the choice to go for.

MECOOL New Generation Smart TV

MECOOL is not just a streamer. Running on Android 9.0 allows you to control your home appliances by using the google assistant function. It supports Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Music, Google Movies, Google Play, and many more. Mecool smart Tv also comes with a 4GB RAM+ 64GB ROM Quad Core DDR4 processor. It lets you stream in 4K and has support for H.265 HD decoding.


Using the latest advanced NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor delivers up to 25% faster performance than the previous generation and is probably the world’s fastest streaming media player. It supports 4K HDR streaming from any of your favorite apps, even from your Chromecast in 4K!. It also supports voice control, making it really unique for streaming.

Fire TV Cube

It is probably the fastest and most powerful fireTV with Alexa built-in. It supports 4K UHD streaming, Dolby Vision and HDR, HDR10+, and instant access to content.

HAOSIHD T9 Android 9.0 TV Box

With Android 9.0 OS, this android BOX is designed with plentiful room for RAM and ROM with 4GB and 32GB packet spaces for each respectively. But that’s not it, you can expand it by the expansion slots available. It supports decoding and playing almost all popular audio and video formats which brings you to enjoy 4K ultimate HD video and guaranteeing your streaming satisfaction.

SkyStream PRO 8K Streaming Media Player

The SkyStream Pro supports a native 4K content by default, which is where it shines over something like a Chromecast or an AppleTV. With over 500K apps out of the box, you can think of it as a bigger version of your android smartphone and can do almost anything that a smartphone can. On top of streaming the internet, you can also plug in a compatible hard drive or even a microSD card to view content on your Television.


Here we have listed the best 15 android Tv boxes of 2022. Now make a decision and get your hands on one of these android boxes for the best android experience on your Tv. You will never get disappointed by the android Tv box which we have mentioned above in this article.

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