How To Extract Audio From Instagram Reels?

How To Extract Audio From Instagram Reels?

How to extract audio from Instagram reels? Looking forward to extracting audio from your Instagram reels? Do you not know if the audio can be extracted from Instagram reels or not? You are here at the right article. This article contains all of the basic and deep information related to this topic. If you are searching for an ultimate answer to the following topic, you should surely read this whole article once.

Yes, it is possible to download or extract the audio from the Instagram reels. The process is quite easy and fast as well. They are as follows:
1. Changing Reels Video Extension To MP3
2. Extracting Audio Using A Link (
3. Use Of Different Websites
4. Saving The Audio On Instagram App
5. With The Help Of Online Converter App

Instagram reels contain music, songs, and audio, just as in TikTok apps. If you like any of the music or songs that a reel has, you would surely want to save it on your device. You may want to save the music, tone, or audio on your device and use it either in the form of a mobile ringtone, alarm, or just to play as a song.

What Is The Purpose Of Extracting Audio From Instagram Reel?

The audio that you have saved on your mobile, from the Instagram reels can be useful during your offline period as well. You can easily download the audio on your android device, iOS, and desktops. Audio, music, and sounds of different instruments are very necessary for entertainment purposes in our life.

When you like a music or audio, you may even wonder where did the sound originated from. You will search for the song or album in youtube for you. Also, you may want to create a reel or video of own self using the same audio. People may add the audio in their youtube videos, while making TikTok, etc.

5+ Ways To Extract Audio From Instagram Reels

You can use different channels or methods to extract audio from Instagram reels. It is possible either to download the audio from Instagram reels or just save the audio on your app.

Here we have mentioned to you some of the ways which you can use to extract audio from Instagram reels. You can use any of the below-mentioned steps to extract audio and music, from the Instagram reels.

All the methods are directly mentioned to you. To explain your details, have a step-to-step guide to clear your questions even more. The methods or ways to extract audio from Instagram reels are as follows:

Changing Reels Video Extension To MP3

This process of changing the reels video extension to mp3 is a traditional method. It is the simplest life hack so you can use it easily. You can use the audio and music of reels without actually converting them into another format. It is possible to use this audio while making TikTok, setting it as a ringtone, using it while editing the videos, and many more.

Here is a detailed guide step that would help you extract audio to your device through this method. The step-to-step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your File Manager

Firstly, you should search for a file manager app after turning on your android or pc device. You have to open the file manager app you have on your android mobile phone.

We are going to use these files with the help of google.

Step 2: Head To Downloaded Instagram Reels

Once you are on the file manager app, you can see a lot of options. You can easily scroll the list up and down.

Scroll it down until you find the downloads option in the list.

Step 3: Tap The Three Dot Icon

When you get the Instagram reels download list in your file manager, you can find this three-dot icon to decide on the downloaded Instagram reels.

Three dots are arranged vertically in a row and are available just next to your file.

Step 4: Click On Option Rename

You have to tap on the three-dot icons from the available Instagram reels. There you can again see a list of options.

At the bottom end of the list, you can see an option marked as rename. Click on it to change the available name.

Step 5: Remove The MP4 Extension

You will see the name marked as an mp4 extension as its previous name. It is possible to change the name that it has.

You should remove the previous name and relax it with another option which is an mp3 converter.

Step 6: Select Option Ok

If you are done renaming the downloaded Instagram file with the next option, you will have to select ok.

Once you click on ok, your changes get set on the device. You can now easily play the music as you prefer from the list.

Extracting Audio Using A Link

The audio which is extracted from Instagram reels contains certain music or tone. It is possible to download and save whole music on your android device without cropping a certain part from the audio. The duration and time interval of each Instagram reel may vary. But, you can easily download the music no matter how long its length is using the link that is

Here are detailed guide steps given to you which would provide you with easy access to the extracting audio process. The step-to-step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open Instagram App

At the very beginning of the step, you have to go on your app list and open the Instagram app.

Along with opening the app, you should also play the reel which you have kept chosen on the app previously.

Step 2: Tap On The Name Of the Audio

When you tend to play the Instagram reel, you will also see three dot icons and other options at its side.

Look at the bottom left of your screen, you can easily find this audio name option which would lead you towards the audio screen.

Step 3: Tap On The Three Dot Icon

As we have discussed the three-dot icons in the previous step, you can tap on them.

When you tap on it, you will get a suggestion to copy the link. You should copy the given link.

Step 4: Open The Browser On Your Device

Get back from the Instagram app and head towards the Browser app. Then get to the link

Step 5: Paste The Copied Link

You should open the given link in the browser. At the top of the screen, you will see a search bar.

Paste the link you have previously copied in the above search bar.

Step 6: Click On Download Link

The site loads for a few minutes and you will see your audio appear over the button. Then you have to press the enter button.

You will get an option to save the given link as. You can download links or save them in the form of a file.

Use Of Websites

There is the availability of various websites which would let you extract audio from Instagram reels. There are own websites of Instagram as well as third-party websites available to fasten this process. You can easily extract just the sound and music track from the reels, by neglecting the option of video.

You can either listen to the audio when you are offline or online. The steps which help you ease the process are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram App

Launch the Instagram app on your device. When you turn on your mobile phone, directly head towards the app list and search for the Instagram app.

Instagram would show you different options and icons once you are on the app.

Step 2: Play The Instagram Reels

The reels that you have kept for downloading audio need to be on your screen.

Play your favorite reels from the options shown to you by Instagram.

Step 3: Click On the Three Dot Icon

Directly look at the bottom right side of your screen. You can see a vertically arranged three-dot menu.

Click on it to get further options for the next step.

Step 4: Copy The Link

The given three-dot icon would help you copy the link.

You have to copy the given Instagram reel and paste it over the next section of the app.

Step 5: Head-On Towards Any Third Party Website

Open the third-party website which is developed to extract audio from Instagram reels.

Paste the audio link you have copied from Instagram.

Step 6: Tap On Convert

Click on the convert button once you are down with pasting the copied link.

The process continues to extract the audio from your reel. Once it is done, tap on download the audio to the device.

Saving The Audio On Instagram App

By the way, this method is only applicable to android mobile phone users. Whereas it is not for those with iOS and desktop device users. This is one of the oldest tricks to extract audio from Instagram reels. You need the Instagram reel downloaded on your Instagram app on your mobile phone first.

You need not download the whole reel and then crop the music on your device. Without even downloading it, you can directly save the music on Instagram and use it for other external purposes. Here is a simple guide that would help you in this process. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Instagram App

Turn on your android mobile phone. Go to your mobile app lists. Search for the Instagram app over there.

Select the app and launch it on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Play The Reels

You have to go on your explore page or search for the reel which you are good at.

Click on the reel and play it. The app also shows you different icons along with the reel.

Step 3: Select The Audio Title

Look at the bottom left side of your screen while playing the reel.

Tap on it, and you will get the audio of the reel on your screen.

Step 4: Click On Save Audio

You can see a three-dot icon once Instagram displays audio of the reel on your screen.

Choose the save audio on the app option. The audio of the reel you have selected gets downloaded on the Instagram app.

Online Converter App

The Instagram reels video gets converted into an audio or mp3 through the online converter app. This app is widely used to crop video and just extract audio from it. There is the availability of a website as well as a whole app on the play store. You can choose any one of them to extract the audio from reels.

This process becomes more easy and quick for you when you already have an Instagram reel die loaded on your phone. You can easily download the reel using the third-party apps available on the play store. Here is a detailed guide to you that would help you use this online converter app. The step-to-step guide is as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Mobile Browser

You should turn on your android device and enter it into the mobile browser app.

The apps get open and then visit the given link provided to you

Step 2: Choose On Select File

The given link is a way to convert the files or reels into audio form.

You will get a list of options. Choose Select files from the given list.

Step 3: Tap On The Reel

You have an option to choose the reel either from the gallery, drive, or your file manager.

Select any one of the mediums to get the downloaded reels.

Step 4: Choose Convert Option

When you display your reel on the mobile screen, you will get an option to convert from one form to another.

Select the convert option, and your reels get cropped and provide you with audio. You can easily convert video to audio form when your audio can not be converted into a video using the same converter.

So, the highly preferred and most used ways are presented to you. You are free to try and use any of them. Choose the method which you feel to be effective and less time-consuming. You can now easily extract the music from the Instagram reel.

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How Do I Save Instagram Reel With Sound In Gallery?

The thirdparty apps available on the play store will easily help you to get rid of this problem. Open your Instagram app and head on towards the favorite Instagram reel you want. Then, tap on the three-dot menu and you will get an option to copy the reel.

Copy it and paste it into the third-party app you have installed. You can see a bar that tells you to download the reel. Click on download and choose the gallery app where you want to see the reel. Lastly, you can successfully downloaded or saved the Instagram reel with sound on your gallery.

If you create an attractive Instagram reel, it becomes a site of focus for may users. They may save it and share it with other users. You can also check who saved your Instagram post very easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This was section is included in every article on our website. This section seems much helpful for the ones who want to clear want doubts.

We have collected answers to those questions through our great research and study. Some of them are represented to you over here. Please separate your time and dedicate it over here. They are as follows:

Can I Save Reel Audio Without Sharing?

Yes, you can easily save the audio from the reel without even sharing the copied link on other apps and websites. At first, save the reel on the Instagram app. Instagram allows you to limit the reel within the Instagram app only.

You can either screen record your reel with audio on your device. Saving draft is also the best way to keep your reel with audio safe. Instagram will preserve it until you delete it or the original creator deletes it.

Where Can I Find Reel Audio On Instagram?

When you tend to create a reel in the Instagram app, you will have to tap on the music icon. It will help you add the audio from the library of the Instagram app. You will get a screen with an audio recommendation from the app itself.

You can see the search bar at the top of your screen. It is displayed over there to help you find the music and sounds you prefer to use. You can easily get access to your saved music from this section as well.


Instagram reels are possible to get extracted and downloaded on your device. We have mentioned to you all of the handy and easily available tips for you to extract audio from your favorite Instagram reels.

The steps that we have provided may even make you clear the steps. The links are attached with the methods. You can save a lot of time with this process.

We are glad you were till the end of this article. Thank you for reading it and for your kind appreciation for this article.

I think you get to fill up your mind with the information we have provided to you guys through this article. Hope you are now capable to teach others in the same way.

Keep on supporting and loving us. We will be back with our next new article. Until then, stay tuned.

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