What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Instagram 

Instagram is one of the popular social media applications recognized worldwide. Instagram has turned into a community of more than a billion users. Though this application has become popular among its users, there are downsides to using Instagram daily. Here, we look into what are the disadvantages of using Instagram.

Instagram, like most social media applications, can cause problems when misusers. With a plethora of privacy, addictive, and compatibility problems, Instagram use can be disadvantageous to users.

Purpose Of Instagram

Instagram is a free social media application that is used for sharing photos and videos. This application has become a popular way to connect with users throughout the world. You can connect with friends, family, colleagues and follow celebrities, brands, and influencers with a single tap on your device. Instagram has multiple features, including live streaming, photo and video posts, short video posts, and content engagement.

Types Of Instagram Account

There are different types of Instagram accounts that one can use. Unfortunately, Instagram users always have trouble choosing what kind of account they should use.

There are two types of accounts that Instagram let’s you create- Personal Account and Business or Creator Account. All these accounts have distinctive cons individually. The disadvantages of a Personal and Business or Creator account are vast. Another type of Instagram account within the private profile is a public profile accessible by all users on the platform.

Disadvantages Of Using Instagram

How To Cultivate A Healthy Approach...
How To Cultivate A Healthy Approach To Instagram

Instagram is a top-rated photo-sharing app. However, this app has its pros as well as cons. Below we will be discussing the downsides and disadvantages of using Instagram.

Addictive Mobile-Friendly Layout

Instagram is a mobile-friendly app as it was created for mobile use only. Therefore, when it comes to mobile viewers, Instagram influences the highest percentage. Instagram does have a desktop version, but it has narrow features compared to that of a mobile version. The drawback of having a mobile-friendly app is the ad experience that users can face if they have a smartphone only which can be a major disadvantages of using Instagram.

Instagram Is Addictive

Similar to other social media apps, Instagram is also addictive. If you are addicted to Instagram, mind it, this may cost you wholly. From the act of taking pictures to gain rewards, Instagram drains your valuable time. About 200 million people are using Instagram today, which is a significant number. In addition, Instagram addiction is now linked to mental health risks and depression by some researchers.

Relies On Images and Videos

If you use Instagram, you might have an idea of how Instagram depends on images. If you post attractive pictures and videos, you will get many followers, likes, and comments on the post. And if your post is dull, you won’t have enough followers. The same goes if you are starting to use Instagram for business purposes. If you put unappealing pictures, your business may fall. The reliance on images and videos can have a negative impact on some user’s headspace as well.

Image Stealing Trouble

On Instagram, your followers can easily view your stories and posts, which means that anyone can have access to what you post and share as their own. You can not control all your posts and keep them private just so that others can not steal. There are no copyright issues, so you will always have a fear that someone may abduct your images.

No Image Privacy

Image Privacy is another disadvantage of Instagram that many haven’t noticed yet. There is no option in Instagram where you can set the privacy button to any of your photos. All the posts that you make on Instagram are viewed publicly unless you have a private profile. As stated above, this will help people steal your posts. Even within a private profile, your followers can easily access your photos and videos.

Fake Advertising

Many businesses depend on social media platforms to launch and promote their services and products. Unfortunately, Instagram does not verify any accounts, which may lead to fake advertising to attract clients’ attention. In easy words, this means Instagram provides false advertising to users as a scam.

Instagram Has Very Limited Features

Instagram has limited features as users can not resize and add filters to their pictures and videos. There are about 18 effects in the application at one time which is a small number. For editing your picture, you have to use third-party tools as some filters on Instagram have to be paid.

Instagram Is Not Compatible Across All User Interfaces

The Instagram app is only available on the Apple Store and Play Store. The photo-sharing app eliminates the mobile users who have Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, or Linux. The app is specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. Although many companies have tried to design a replica of Instagram, nothing is better than the original one.

Disadvantages Of Using Instagram App For Young Users

Instagram is a top-rated app among youngsters these days. As mentioned earlier, the app is very addictive due to its photo-sharing features. Instagram has an age limit, but there is no official way to track the age limit. Therefore, young users can easily lie on the application to use it.

There are explicit posts on Instagram, and one can not concentrate due to its addictive nature. Hence, young users can be negatively impacted by the nature of the content on the application. Therefore, despite the informative nature of the content on the application, the use of the application by young users can be a disadvantages for using Instagram.

Complains Of Impact On Mental Health

The most pressing complaint and disadvantage of using Instagram are its impacts on the users’ mental health. Multiple users have complained of the addition of the application. Another downside is how the application focuses on likes, comments, sharing, and saving to increase the level of reach of each post. Some users can get sucked into the lifestyle of trying to push their content out to many viewers.

Hence, be wary of the impact this application is having on your mental health. Do not spend more time than necessary scrolling on the application. Most importantly, do not obsess over the number of likes and comments you have on your posts.

Should We Run Away From Instagram?

Instagram is a great app and an excellent platform for opportunities to earn. But one should always be careful while using social media platforms. Now that you have learned about the downside of Instagram, you will have a basic idea of how social media can be dangerous when used in the wrong ways. The need and obsession with being famous and the app’s addiction are toxic attitudes that everyone should be aware of.

As long as people are aware of the negative bounce and are trying to use it appropriately. Instagram would be a massive platform for passing the time. To use Instagram beneficially, know about Instagram from the basics. If you are starting to find which Instagram account is lousy and awful, work on the kind of content you surround yourself with on the application. Or you could simply deactivate your Instagram or delete your Instagram account entirely if you wish to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions regarding the disadvantages of using Instagram are below.

Why Is Instagram Not Good?

A survey stated that users found Instagram to have the most negative effect on young people’s mental health. It expressed how the app negatively clashes body image and sleep, leading to much greater feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Is Instagram Free to Use?

Yes, The Instagram App, which allows one to share and edit photos and short videos, is free to use. You can download the app from the play store and is currently also available on the desktop. However, the app requires money to keep ads into your feed and watch.

Which Is Better- Facebook or Instagram?

To know and understand which app is better- Facebook or Instagram, one should look at the goals and preferred posts. According to the internet, the text posts are better on Facebook, whereas the image posts are clear and impressive on Instagram.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Social Media?

The major disadvantage of social media platforms is the lack of emotional connection to the real world. This media has made everyone lazy and has created a disconnection of face-to-face interactions. It also helps in conveying an inauthentic expression of feelings.


In conclusion, Instagram is a great platform to use for informative and fun time spending. There are a large number of influencers and users whose livelihoods base on Instagram content. Comparisons with such users and obsessions can become a part of the Instagram lifestyle and be one of the major disadvantages of using Instagram. However, despite the user-friendly nature of the application, users must be wary of how the application is impacting their lives. Hence, use Instagram wisely and make sure you see it as it should be – a social media platform and not your entire life.

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