How To Find Someone’s Instagram From TikTok?

TikTok has become a central platform for creating short-form videos on the internet. The increasing number of users on this platform and the increasing number of video content uploaded per day are at an all-time high. TikTok also made sharing your content easier on other social media platforms. But how can you find someone’s Instagram from TikTok?

You can follow these steps to find someone’s Instagram from TikTok:
1. Open TikTok.
2. Go to the user’s profile.
3. Look for the Instagram icon.
4. Tap on the Instagram icon.

You can create a video in TikTok and share that content on other social media within the TikTok app itself. It is far more convenient for you than downloading the video and uploading it to other social media platforms.

You can find someone’s Instagram or YouTube handle from the TikTok app, as any user can connect it to a TikTok account. So if you are a creator on both platforms, you can save time by directly connecting and sharing the content from TikTok to Instagram.

This article will explain to you the best way to find someone’s Instagram from TikTok and how you can connect yours and share the same video on both platforms. Follow this article until the end to understand how these functionalities work and optimize your content creation and sharing to save more time.

Steps To Find Someone’s Instagram From TikTok

To find someone’s Instagram from their TikTok, follow the below steps:

Step 1:Open Your TikTok App

Open your TikTok app on your device.

Step 2: Login To Your TikTok Account

Login to your TikTok account if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Navigate To The Account

Navigate to the user’s TikTok account whose Instagram you want to find. You can also search their TikTok username from the search bar on the TikTok home screen.

Step 4: Look For Instagram Icon

Once you are on the user’s profile, look for the Instagram icon below their profile picture. If the user has connected their Instagram account to their TikTok, you can find the icon there.

Step 5: Click On Instagram Icon

Click on the Instagram icon. The screen will redirect you to their Instagram. If you are on a mobile device, it will open the Instagram app and direct you to their Instagram profile.

Once you are on their Instagram profile, you can follow them or send them a message to let them know.

Methods To Find Someone’s TikTok From Instagram

Unlike TikTok, Instagram does not let users connect to their TikTok accounts. This makes it hard to find the TikTok account of a particular person specifically. But Instagram users use other forms of informing their followers about their TikTok accounts. 

Some of the other methods you can use to find someone’s TikTok from Instagram are explained below:

  • Link TikTok in their Instagram bio
  • Watermark on their videos
  • Username on their posts description

Link TikTok In Their Instagram Bio

You can look for their TikTok link on the Instagram bio. They may also have mentioned their TikTok username on the bio instead of a link.

Watermark On Their Videos

If the users have TikTok videos posted on their Instagram account, you can also see the TikTok watermark with their username on their video. Search the username on TikTok to find their TikTok profile.

So if you don’t want others to find you through the watermark, you must upload TikTok videos on Instagram without watermark.

Username On Their Posts Descriptions

Some users also leave their TikTok username on their Instagram content post description. So you can look for the TikTok username and go to TikTok to search for their profile. Once you find their profile, you can follow them or watch their public videos.

Why Connect Instagram On TikTok?

All the functionalities built to support content sharing on TikTok may make you question why to connect to Instagram on TikTok. However, there are several benefits for creators to connect their Instagram or other social media handles on TikTok.

Benefits Of Connecting Instagram On TikTok

If you are a creator of TikTok and Instagram, it is beneficial for you to drive your audiences from one platform to another.

It results in more exposure to you and increases the followers’ count.

This can also help get more views on your Instagram content.

Drawbacks Of Connecting Instagram On TikTok

As with any other exposure, connecting your Instagram to TikTok also has its drawbacks.

There can be a security threat as most people use Instagram to connect with friends and family. Any ill-intentioned person can find more information about you and your family on Instagram than on TikTok, which can lead to unintended consequences.

You may want to think twice before connecting the two social networks.

How To Connect Instagram On TikTok?

Connecting Instagram on TikTok is a straightforward way. You can follow the steps below to connect Instagram to your TikTok account within the TikTok app.

Step 1: Open Your TikTok App

Open your TikTok app on your device. Login to your TikTok account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Go To Profile Section

Once you are on the TikTok home screen, go to the profile section by clicking the profile button on the bottom bar of the screen. It will direct you to your profile screen.

Step 3: Click Edit Profile

Click the edit profile button above the bio. Once you are on the edit profile screen, you will find ‘add Instagram to your profile below the social section. Click that option, and the screen will direct you to a login page on Instagram.

In case of any error on the page, you will find a button to go to the login page of Instagram. Click on the button, and it will redirect you to the Instagram login page.

Step 4: Input Your Instagram Login Details

Once you are on Instagram’s login page, enter your login credentials and click login. Make sure to input your login details in a safe environment as it is confidential information and can lead to the unauthorized use of your Instagram account.

Step 5: Connect To Your Instagram

Once you are logged in to Instagram, You can ensure that your TikTok account is connected to your Instagram. To verify the connection. Go back to the edit profile page and look in the social section. Your Instagram username will accompany the Instagram button.

How To Share TikTok Videos On Instagram?

Sharing your TikTok videos on Instagram is a very easy process. There are two ways how you can share TikTok videos on Instagram.

  • Directly Share Your TikTok Videos On Instagram
  • Indirectly Share Your TikTok Videos On Instagram

Directly Share Your TikTok Videos On Instagram

You can follow the following steps to share your videos on Instagram.

Step 1: Open Your TikTok App

Open your TikTok app on your device. Login to your account if you haven’t already.

Step 2: Click the ‘+’ Button.

Once you are on the home screen of TikTok, you can see the ‘+’ button on the bottom-middle part of the screen. Next, click on the button which will direct you to the recording screen of TikTok. You can record your video on this screen.

Step 3: Edit The Video

Record and edit your video as you prefer and customize it accordingly. Click next, and you will see the post screen of TikTok, from where you can post your videos.

Step 4: Select The Instagram Icon

Once you are on the post screen of TikTok, you can fill in all the needed information like descriptions and tags. Then, you will see the Instagram icon on the bottom part of the screen. Click on the icon, and it will turn on, which means you can now share your video on Instagram.

Step 5: Post Your Video

Now click post on the screen. This will post your video on TikTok and direct you to another screen where you will be given the option to share the video on Instagram story or feed.

Step 6: Share To Your Instagram

You can choose where to post your video and click the option. This will share your TikTok video on Instagram.

Make sure you have already connected your Instagram account to TikTok. If you haven’t connected Instagram to your TikTok account, follow the steps on the ‘How to connect Instagram on TikTok ’ topic of this article.

There is also another way to share your TikTok videos on Instagram.

Indirectly Share Your TikTok Videos On Instagram

To share your TikTok videos on Instagram indirectly, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Download Your TikTok Video

You can go to your TikTok app and navigate the video you want to download. Long-press the screen and click ‘Save Video.’ This will download your video on your device.

Step 2: Upload The Video On Instagram

Go To Instagram and log in to your account. Click on the ‘+’ icon to upload your video. Select your video and upload it to your Instagram account with descriptions.

Why Can I Not Share TikTok Videos On Instagram?

Suppose you are unable to share TikTok videos on Instagram. Unfortunately, there can be some issues that haven’t been solved yet. The possible issues and solutions for this problem are described below.

Issues When You Cannot Share TikTok Videos On Instagram

Examine the below issues to find out why you cannot share TikTok videos on Instagram.

The Account’s Privacy Is Set To Private

This issue can also occur if your account privacy is set to private. Check your privacy settings on the TikTok app to ensure your account is not private.

The Account Is Not Connected To Instagram

This can also occur if you haven’t connected your Instagram account to your TikTok profile.

Solution When You Cannot Share TikTok Videos On Instagram

If your privacy is not letting you post videos on Instagram, you can edit them to make them public so you can share them on Instagram.

Also, if you haven’t connected your Instagram to your TikTok profile, follow the steps in the previous part of this article under the headline ‘How to connect Instagram on TikTok.’

Even after troubleshooting with the solutions above, if the problem still exists, then you can restart your phone or log out of your TikTok account. Then, log in again to your TikTok account, which may solve your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the frequently asked questions related to these topics are also answered below.

Why Can’t I See People’s Instagram On TikTok?

If you cannot see people’s Instagram on TikTok, they might not have connected their Instagram to their TikTok or have made their TikTok profile private.

If you are sure that none of the reasons above is applicable, this can also happen due to an error on your app or phone. Try restarting your phone or try logging out and again logging in to your profile.

How Do You Find Out Who Is On TikTok?

You can find out who someone is on TikTok by searching their TikTok username. Additionally, there are other ways to find someone on TikTok without a username which include: by visiting their profile or searching through their contact number on TikTok. You can also use the QR code of their profile if you have access to it.

Can You Search Someone On TikTok Without An Account?

Yes, you can search for a username in TikTok without having an account. You can just go to the home screen, click the search icon on the top-right part of the screen, and search.

You can also watch their public videos without an account.

How Do You Search TikTok Without The App?

You can use the TikTok website to search for videos or accounts. However, TikTok doesn’t require having an account to search or watch videos on their platform.


Therefore, to find someone’s Instagram on TikTok, you can follow the steps provided in this article. In addition, this article also explained how you could connect your Instagram to your TikTok and how you can share videos on Instagram from the TikTok app itself.

Connecting both platforms is easy and is beneficial if you want to have more exposure and gather more audiences.

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