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How to Delete Messages on Kik | Clear Unwanted Conversation 2020

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Kik is a quite interesting instant messaging app where it allows us to talk to any friends as well as meet new random people. But why do you want to delete messages on Kik? Is it because of the annoying friends or dozens of chats that are cluttering in the Kik interface? Whatever the reasons you have, today we are going to learn simple few steps to erase conversation on Kik.

Users can usually choose two options to delete a chat from the Kik messenger. The first option is the entire chat, along with the person profile, and another is the individual message. It’s all on your decision whether you want to clear the recently delivered chat or the whole conversation from the beginning. So, let’s see both of the options and how does it work on Kik in this article.

Hold on before we jump to our today’s main topic, let’s talk a little bit about Kik message.

Are Kik Conversations Private?

Kik messenger is known as the private communication app, which you can use to have a personal conversation with your friends as well as other new people. Whatever the messages you sent or receive, stays on the Kik server. This means Kik won’t leak or share any information or chat with the outside world.

As I already said, when you send any new message on Kik, then it will be stored on the Kik Messenger server. So, a team of Kik can easily view all your messages. But, they state that all the messages will be deleted right after from their server. Therefore, if you are wondering whether the Kik conversation is private or not, then don’t worry, it’s all safe. Continue your chat with your friends or new people by sending exciting videos, photos, gif, or memes from the internet.

How Long Messages Stay on Kik?

As we all know, Kik is the instant messaging app, so all the conversations will be held in real-time, just like on Facebook Messenger. When you send a new message to your friend, then it remains in your chat section until you manually delete them. Even though you logged out from Kik, your entire messages are safe, and you can easily view them when you back log in. However, if you delete your Kik account, then Kik will remove all your current friends along with their messages. So until you don’t make that decision, then you can easily receive and view messages between your friend and you.

Besides, Kik also lets its users view 2 days of older messages if they want. This way, you can check your any miss messages on Kik if it’s not been more than 2 days. But there is a limitation on how many older messages you can access. For the IOS device, users can only check the last 1000 messages, whereas Android users can only view the last 600 messages. As we can say, you can’t see whole chat history or messages on Kik.

Does Other Person Know When You Delete the Chat?

In case you are wondering whether Kik will notify a person about deleting a message or not, then don’t worry. Till now, Kik won’t send any notification when you delete your friends’ chat or your recent delivered message. It only implies your Kik messenger, not on other people, Kik. What I meant to say is that when you delete a whole person chat or delivered message, then Kik only removes from your account, it remains untouched on another person Kik messenger. All the messages are stored locally on each device so they can still view your message, which you have just deleted from your Kik.

Does Blocking Someone on Kik Delete the Conversation?

No, blocking someone on Kik won’t delete any conversation; you can still continue the conversation after lifting the block from that person on Kik messenger. When you block someone on Kik, then they still view your profile as well as your entire previous messages. Even you are in a group; then a person can able to see your message. A person only can’t able to reach or message you on Kik other than that; all your messages are visible to that particular person if you send him a new message.

For the next time, think before you act. You can block your friends when trying to delete a recent short conversation.

How to Delete Messages on Kik?

As for your security concern, you can delete all messages from Kik; why?

Let’s say you are talking to someone on a daily basis, which you have found from the Meet New People feature. Both of you are sharing personal things on Kik, which is not allowed to view by other people. Just think, if someone from your family accidentally sees your messages when you left your phone for one minute, then what will happen next? All your secrets and privacy will be public. So to avoid these things, you can delete your messages on Kik after finish talking.

Moreover, it also frees some space and mess from your Kik home screen.

Besides, the below mentioned two methods are also applicable to delete group messages on Kik.

So, let’s get started.

Individual Messages

As I already said, there are two methods of clearing the conversation on Kik. So this method is the first one.

If you are using this method, then you can erase the recent send message or conversation on Kik. This means you can delete an individual message which is just held to your friends. When you write something vulgar or inappropriate message to your loved one, and if you don’t like to see that message by your other friends to whom you currently are living, then this method can pretty much save your life. It is better than deleting an entire chat that will erase all previous messages from the Kik server.

So, how can you do that? Take a closer look down below.

Note: This method works on both Android and IOS devices. In addition, messages will not be deleted from a person’s Kik account.

  1. Launch the Kik messenger on your mobile devices (Android or IOS)
  2. Open the person chat where you want to clear the conversation.
  3. Now, select which message you want to delete.
  4. Once done, long-press on a message and tap on the Delete option.
  5. Kik asks one more time whether you want to confirm or change your decision. If it’s your final decision, then tap on Delete.

Now, a message got deleted from your Kik account server. You will no longer retrieve that message from now on.

Entire Chat

This method is best if you want to delete the entire chat along with a person profile from your Kik messenger. Once you implement this method, then you cannot undo the changes. If you delete your friend’s entire chat, then there is no way to retrieve any messages from that person until you check your friend Kik account. So once deleted, then you have to start from the beginning.

Besides, if you are going to delete group messages on Kik, then also do follow these same steps. But remember, you are also leaving a group.

Now, let’s see the simple steps.

  1. Open your Kik messenger.
  2. Choose the person profile or chat.
  3. After that, long-press on it and tap on Delete.

The above steps are for the Android users only; if you are an IOS user, just swipe left and tap on Delete.

How to Clear Your Kik Chat History?

Users can also clear the Kik chat history if they want. This process is applicable if you don’t want to remove your friend on Kik but want to delete all conversations.

Now follow these steps.

  1. Open your Kik messenger.
  2. Tap on Setting Gear Icon from the upper right corner.
  3. Now, tap on Chat Settings.
  4. Finally, tap on Clear Chat History.

How to Delete Both Conversations on Kik?

Since all the messages are stored locally on the Kik messenger, so it’s not quite possible to delete both conversations on Kik. If you delete messages on your Kik account, then Kik only removes it from your server, not the other person’s server. So this means another person still able to view your messages, which you have recently deleted on your Kik messenger.

If you want to delete both conversations, then you have to request your friend to delete from his/her side too. Otherwise, it won’t work on this query.

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Does Deleting Kik App Delete Messages?

Deleting the Kik app means you will no longer be able to send or receive a message on Kik. So if you delete your account permanently, then yes, it will delete entire chat messages on Kik. All your previous messages will be gone from the Kik server. If you want to continue with Kik, then you have to start all the way from the beginning.

However, if you deactivate your Kik account for a certain time, then it won’t delete messages. Once you reactivate your Kik, then you can resume your conversation with your friends.

Deactivating means, you will no longer send or receive any messages on Kik. Your friends won’t see your profile on Kik messenger and even can’t find you using your username.


Lastly, Kik is the perfect app to hangout with friends as well as new people all around the world. It is basically considered as a dating app, so privacy plays an important role. So from now on, keep your personal life private and delete the messages on Kik after you finish talking.

Besides, if it’s ok for you to share your personal messages with your friends, then leave it just like that. At last, it’s all your decision.

If you have any queries regarding this article, then feel free to ask or leave a comment down below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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