How To Clear Your Browser Cache Data? (Fix Issues)

How To Clear Your Browser Cache Data?

Browser cache data creates most issues on apps and devices. Are you facing lags while using the browser? You are here at the right place. Read the article below to clear your browser cache data and fix the issues. So, let’s start with today’s topic.

To clear your browser cache, open the browser app and tap the three-dot menu icon. Select “History” then “Clear browsing data” to access basic or advanced settings for deleting cached files and cookies within a custom time range. Select the time span of the cached content to clear, such as within the past hour or every time period, then tap “Clear data” to instantly remove temporary Internet files and purge your cache.

Browser is one of the platforms to search any social media platform you want. There are plenty of browsers available according to the device you use. When it comes to a smooth and perfect browser, every user may think to clear the cache data. Clearing your browser’s cache data frees your browser from excess file size and viruses. If the cache data on your browser exceeds its limit, your browser may slow down, and it will not function as usual.

What Does Browser Cache Data Mean?

The browser cache data means the collection of files that stores the data of resources you have downloaded on your device as it stores some amount of data and files from those apps and websites that you enter. The browser cache eases the opening of apps or websites the next time you open it.

Caches are a very small amount of data that covers very little space on your mobile and desktop. But, when you go on opening different websites and applications, the caches go on increasing on your browser. It creates a lot of space as compared to the database of websites. Slowly, it hinders the smoothness of the app and slows down its functioning.

You can quickly access the files in the future because of the data stored by the browser cache. There is not a single type of cache on your browser. Cookies, search history, cache, etc., are also the data in your browser. Every browser user around the world is in search of clearing the browser cache data. As per the browser, the methods are also different from each other.

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What Are The Different Types Of Browsers?

Clearing the questions and confused mind is the mainly focused task in our life. Browser is an app to search your queries and get the answers. You may interact with different types of browsers depending on the type of devices you are using. Not just one, but you can also download more browsers on a single device.

Some famous browsers people mostly use are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. Among these browsers, the Google Chrome browser is widely used by people worldwide as it provides many more websites to help you with the confusion.

All of them are mostly similar in their functioning as well. Mobile users, mostly Android devices, use the Google Chrome browser and Mozilla Firefox browser form for searching purposes. Whereas if you are a Mac or iPhone user, the Safari browser is the perfect one, as it may not be suitable for mobile phones.

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Why Clear Cache Data In Browser?

Clearing the cache data in your browser is one of the most important methods to solve issues. When you think of getting rid of troubles when you search for something, clearing browser cache data is the first step you should go for. It can remove most of the errors your app is facing, such as lags, internet problems, error messages, etc.

Excess cache data causes your browser to misbehave. As many websites and apps you keep on opening, that frequent time you need to focus on clearing cache data frequently. There is nothing important stored over here. Every cache is just the data that eases your access to the websites.

So, once you clear the cache data, cookies, and search histories from your browser, you may not get to open the previously used sites and apps frequently. It will take a few seconds, and again, cache data will be stored. The process of storing data and clearing it keeps on rotating. At least once a week or a month, a browser user should clear the cache data.

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How To Clear Cache Data In Google Chrome Browser?

If your mobile phone has a Google Chrome browser, here is a method for you to clear cache data inside it. Whether you are using an iPhone device, Android device, or desktop user, the process is also the same. You can learn everything through the separate steps as per the devices. They are as follows:

Method 1: Using Mobile Phone

Here is how you can clear your cache data of the Google Chrome browser. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Google Chrome

Turn on your mobile phone and head on to your mobile app list. Scroll down the APO list and look for the Google Chrome app icon.

Tap on the icon and launch the browser on your mobile phone screen.

Step 2: Tap On The Three Dot Icon

Look at the top right corner of your screen. Over there, you can see a three vertically arranged dot icon.

Click on the icon, and then enter the page with a list of options.

Step 3: Select History As An Option

You will see a short list of options. Over there, look at the middle of the list.

You can seeHistories” as an option. Tap on it, and you will get inside the browser history page.

Step 4: Click On The Clear Browsing Data

Once you enter the history page, you can see a list of histories. All of them are the searches that you have made using the browser.

Above the recent search history, which is at the top of your browser, you can see “clear browsing data..” written in blue. Click on it and move to the next slide.

Step 5: Choose Basic Or Advanced Settings

Now, you will get two sections that are basic and advanced. The basic section included fewer options to clear the data than the advanced section.

You can easily switch from one section to another by tapping on it. Depending on which quantity of browsing data you want to clear, select the section.

Tap on every kind of data you want to remove. Then, head on to the next section.

Step 6: Select The Time Range

Inside the selected browsing data from the basic and advanced section, you can select the time range.

You have a choice of time. That is to delete the browsing data from your last week, today, 3 hours ago, recent searches, etc.

Step 7: Tap On the “Clear Data” Button

When you finish selecting data and time as you want, you have to confirm to delete them.

All you have to do is tap on the “clear data” button, which is available at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Method 2: Using Desktop

Here is how you can clear your cache data in the Google Chrome browser using a desktop device. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Your Chrome Browser

Turn on your desktop. Then, launch the Chrome browser, which is at the bottom line of your screen.

Step 2: Click On The Three Dot Icon

At the top right corner of your screen, you can see three vertically arranged dots. All you have to do is click on the icon and enter the next section.

Step 3: Tap On The More Tools Option

Now, you can see a list of options. Please scroll down the option until you reach its end.

On the last list, you will see more tools. So, tap on it using your mouse and head on to get more options.

Step 4: Choose Clear Browsing Data

When you enter the more tools option again, you will see the list. So, among the options, you will see a privacy option.

Click on the option, and then you need to select clear browsing data. Inside the browsing data, you will get a list that lies inside the cache data.

So, you can select whatever you want to clear, such as history, cookies, cache, etc.

Step 5: Select The Time Range

Also, browsers allow you to delete the data per the time range. It means you can remove the recent search history from a few hours, a week ago, or the recently searched one.

So, set the time range you want to clear from your browser for permanent purposes.

Step 6: Tap On The “Clear Data” Option

When you complete all of the processes, you will get “Clear Data ” at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Using your mouse, tap on the button, and it will take a few seconds to clear all of the chosen data.

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How To Clear Your Cache Data In Other Browsers?

Previously, we discussed clearing the cache in the Google Chrome browser. Now, I will be providing you with the guide steps to clear the cache data in other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Safari. They are the second most used browsers after Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox Browser

It is the browser available for Android mobile phones and desktop users. Here is how you can clear the cache data from your Mozilla Firefox:

Step 1: Open The Firefox Browser

Turn on your device and head on to the mobile app list. Please tap on the Firefox browser icon and launch it on your screen.

Step 2: Tap On The Three Lines Icon

At the top right corner of your screen, you can see three horizontally arranged lines. You will enter a page full of options.

Step 3: Head On To The Settings

You can see the new pop pop-up, which you get to see inside the three-line icon.

Scroll down the list and look for the option.OnOnceoOncend, tap and launch it on your device’s screen.

Step 4: Select Privacy And Security

Now, you will enter the settings page of your browser. Again, you will get to see a list of options.

Look for the privacy and security options in the list. Tap and get inside the option.

Step 5: Click On The Clear Cache Button

Over here, you will see cookies and site data as a cache to remove. So, scroll down and reach the end of that page.

You can see the clear cache button at the bottom of the right-hand side. Tap on the button.

Once again, the browser asks you to confirm to clear the data. You will see a clear and cancel button. So, tap the clear button and successfully clear the cache data from the Firefox browser.

Safari Browser

Here is a detailed guide to clearing the cache data from your Safari browser. If you are a desktop, Mac, or iPhone user, this is the right section to remove the issues.

Step 1: Open Your Safari Browser

Turn on your Mac or iPhone and head on to the app list. Scroll down and look for the Safari browser icon. Tap and launch it on the screen of your device.

Step 2: Tap On The Safari Button

Enter inside the browser and look at the top section of your device. You can see a button written as Safari. Just click and enter inside the new page.

Step 3: Select The Preferences Option

When you enter the Safari button, you will get a new pop-up menu on your screen.

Scroll down the list until you reach the preferences button. Tap and enter into the new section.

Step 4: Click On The Gear Icon

Now, you can see a gear-like icon, the way to advanced settings in the Safari browser.

Step 5: Choose “Show Develop Menu”

Reach the end of the advanced settings lost by scrolling it down. You can see the “show develop menu” in the list.

You have to look at the right side of the menu to see a checkbox. So, click over there, and a tick mark will appear. It means you have selected the menu.

Step 6: Tap On The Develop Button

Once you get a tick mark on the menu, a develop button appears at the top bar of your screen. Tap on the develop button.

Step 7: Head On To Empty Cache Option

Click on the empty cache option, which appears after you tap the Develop button.

Lastly, confirm to clear the cache data by tapping on the empty cache button, which is at the bottom right side.

This way, you can clear the cache data from your Safari browser.

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Does Clearing Browsing Data Clear The Cache Data?

Yes, clearing the browsing data will clear the cache data that you have on your browser. When clearing browsing data, you can see a list where you must select the data. At that time, you have to click on the cache data and select it. Then, only clear or delete your browser cache data while clearing browsing data.

Not only the cache data but clearing the browsing data even clears other unnecessary data. All data is available in the same section. But, when you reach the advanced section, there you can select as well as undo the data. You can clear the cache data of recent searches or limited time as well.

This process will smoothen your browser and provide you with good output results. Not only your browser but other apps that you use in your daily life also contain cache, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. The users must keep an eye on cache data and clear it in time.

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What Will I Lose When I Clear My Browsing Data?

Nothing important information, data, and files get cleared out when you clear your browsing data. Every data that you lose while clearing browsing data is unnecessary. They create a bad impact on your browser app. If you do not clear it out on time, your device may misbehave and won’t function properly.

If you think you may want the search histories back, you should be careful while deleting them. Some of the data that get deleted along with browsing data are cookies, cache, and search histories from your browser. These are nothing but very less important things on browsers. After a while, the data gets restored from the activities you conduct with the browser.

Anyhow, you have to lose the browsing data. All of those losses are good losses. These data are just a collection of your activities. Long storage of data is harmful to your mobile phone as well as your desktop. Whenever you get free time, you must keep yourself busy clearing the cache data of your apps. Not only the browser but your other apps also contain cache data.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will discuss the questions related to the browser and its cache data. I have also provided appropriate answers to the most asked questions over here. They are as follows:

Why Does My Google Chrome Say “Waiting For Cache?”

Whenever you see this kind of stop while using Google Chrome, it means you clear the cache data. Your browser has a compact form of cookies, cache, and browsing data. So, because of it, your app lags and slows down with the error message. Please hurry up and clear all of the unnecessary data as per the instructions I have provided to you above. You will clear out the “waiting for cache” issue.

Are Caches And Cookies The Same Thing?

No, cookies and cache are different from each other. Regarding cache, it stores the data from sites and apps to lessen the time of loading or opening. At the same time, cookies are the data that store your choices and preferred ones. Users should clear the cache from time to time to prevent issues. At the same time, cookies have an expiry date and get deleted automatically.


Browsers store a lot of data as compared to other apps. Everyone wants their search app to run smoothly by being free from lags and bugs. Most people suffer from browser issues due to cache data. One who is careless and does not clear the browsing data may face many problems. So, follow the above steps to clear the data as per your browser type.

I hope you have completed reading and acquiring information from this. Was this article helpful for your confusion? Please let us know about it via the comment section available below.

As my consideration, now easily clear your browser cache data. Also, share this article with your friends and family as much as possible.

You have reached the end, so I would like to end this topic right here. Meet you soon with a new and updated topic on this same website. Until then, stay tuned.

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