What is Faceapp? What is Face app pro? What are Faceapp privacy concerns?

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Recently a photo editor app has taken the world by storm. Many people around the globe are using this face changer app. If you are active on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, your feed must be full of photos with old age filters. There are several other app features, but the main feature everyone is enjoying is the aging features. The app edits your picture and shows the older version of yourself. Everyone is having fun and posting their photos with the old filter. But some privacy concerns about the app are also speculating in the media. So, what is Faceapp?

What is Faceapp pro? How to download Faceapp?

How to use Faceapp?

What are Faceapp privacy concerns?

Is Faceapp secure?

Faceapp security concerns, Faceapp privacy issues, Is Faceapp safe? Let’s talk about the Faceapp in detail.

What is Faceapp?

Faceapp is a mobile application for Android and iOS. A Russian company, Wireless lab developed it. This amazing AI Face Editor app was initially released on January 2017. The app is most famous for its realistic image transformation features. The popular features of the app include its ability to make a face look younger, look older, and change gender. These fantastic features of the app have made the app popular among a vast mass of people once again in 2019.

People from every age group have been using this face changer app.  Everyone seems to enjoy this app. Millions of people across the world have been posting their filtered image on different social media platforms. You can use some app features for free, but if you wish to use more additional features, then you have to go for Face app pro.

Why is Faceapp Popular now?

These photo editor applications tend to fall and rise in the popularity waves over time. Many people were unknown about what is Faceapp until mid-July 2019. But suddenly Faceapp searches are increasing vastly in google trends. People see a vast number of people using the app in different online platforms. They get interested in the app and start searching “what is Faceapp” on google and other search platforms.

Celebrity influence is enormous in this type of apps. When a celebrity uses any products or apps, it is no wonder that their fans also follow similar steps. In the case of Faceapp, some rumors on the internet say that it became popular recently because celebrities like the Jonas brothers and Drake[1] used this face changer app.

How to use Faceapp?

You must be triggered to use Faceapp. Using the Faceapp to look older is not a complicated task. Just follow the following steps carefully to download Faceapp and use it.

Step 1: Download Faceapp

For Android go to Play Store and search Faceapp. For iOS go to the app store and search Faceapp. You will see Faceapp- AI Editor App in the search results. Click on the app and install it.

Step 2: Launch Faceapp

Once you install the app on your device, it’s time to open it. Open the app and allow permissions.

Step 3: Take a picture

When you open the camera, a specific frame appears on your screen. Adjust your face and the frame in such a way that your face is totally inside the frame. Now take your picture and tap on “old”. Now, the image will load for some seconds, and a new model will be formed where you will look old. This is your probable picture in the next few decades. You can also use the same process to make your face look young or to change gender.

[ Note: Your face must be seen clearly. Otherwise, the app will be unable to transform your face]

Step 4: Save the picture

After the app turns your image, you need to save the picture. For this, look towards the top right corner of your screen. You will see a download button there. Click on it to download the image. A new folder named “Face App” will form in your gallery and your image will be saved in that folder.

If you have a difficult time editing two or more faces in the same picture, select a face which you want to transform. The app will change that face for you. Now, to edit another face on the image, select the image where you’ve just edited one face. Select the unedited face and start editing. Continue the same process for transforming more faces. Hope your queries on “how to use old Faceapp” are solved.

What is Face app pro?

Faceapp has some features which you can access only after you buy its access. Face app pro is a paid service that the app provides. If you wish to use these features, then you must purchase the subscription. You can make the payment via paypal account and gain access to Face app pro.

Is Faceapp safe?

Everyone is having fun using old Faceapp. But do they know about the privacy policies? Along with the app popularity, the privacy concerns of Faceapp are also circulating all over the internet. Queries like “Are Faceapp safe? What are Faceapp privacy concerns? Is Faceapp secure?” have been raised by different parties. Many people have even uninstalled the app. Various sources believe that the app uploads and stores our images and information to a different server. When another company accesses the stored data, our information can be weaponized and could be used for cyber-attack campaigns.

What are Faceapp privacy concerns?

After the recent bump in Faceapp’s popularity. The Forbes investigation[2] found that the photos you upload on Faceapp for transformation purposes are being uploaded to a different server. Elliot Alderson, a French cyber expert, agrees on Forbes investigation. Alderson left a comment to Faceapp about their privacy. In the return statement, the company said that you could request the company to delete all your data from the server. For that, you need to go to the “Report a bug” feature in the app’s settings.

ABC News’ Chief Correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis says that the users might be agreeing to more than they realize[3]

Jarvis explains “Faceapp’s privacy policy also says that they might share user content and information to business companies which are legally a part of the same group of companies”. She added “It’s a Russian company, so once you grant access to Faceapp, you are granting access to those companies as well”.


Faceapp is all over the internet these days. If you were wondering about what is Faceapp, Face app pro, Faceapp privacy issues, then your queries must have been solved. Here, I’ve given detailed information about old Faceapp, download Faceapp, how to use Faceapp, Faceapp privacy concern, and almost everything about this trending topic. So, enjoy the Face changer app at your own risk!

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